July Events...

  • AltFest New York
  • GLITTER! Oklahoma's LGBT Film Festival
  • Hotter Than July Film Festival
  • Houston Qfest
  • Motovun Film Festival
  • Pride in Hull Film Festival
  • Queer Arts Festival
  • Reel Desires
  • The Palace International Film Festival
GLITTER! Oklahoma's LGBT Film Festival

GLITTER! Oklahoma's LGBT Film Festival

Thursday, 27 July 2017 until Saturday, 29 July 2017

Join us as we celebrate the LGBT community through Film, Screenwriting & Photography.   We will be showcasing micro short, short, documentary, full feature, music videos, screenwriting & photography.  All projects that are submitted will only be considered if they contain LGBT content or are from an LGBT artist.


2017 films...

Area 98 - Stephen Hess

5a-5b -  Michael  Cicetti

A Delicate Love - Rachel Dax

A Tale With Christ And Jesus - Oldren Romero

A Wig & A Prayer "The Peaches Christ Story - Jeff Schlags

Aleph Melbourne "Celebrating 20 Years" - Michael Barnett

American Pride   - Tamzin Merchant

Becoming Johanna - Jonathan Skurnik

Bed Buddies -  Reid Waterer

Billy's Blow Jobs - Jean Donohue

Boy Meets Boy- Mike Azevedo

Brace - Jake Gaff

Breakfast - Tyler Byrnes

Brotherly Love   - Anthony Caruso

Chance - Jake Gaff

Checking Out.   - Yousef Kazemi

Cheers & Queers -  Rodrigo Demedeiros

Counting - Dan Pal

Dawn - Jake Gaff

Dickeaters - Katsuhide Yamago

Dickinson Avenue "The Mostly True Story Of The Paddock Club"  - Micheal Bojtos

Dress To Express - Stone May

Dusk   - Jake Gaff

Easy, A 3 Minute Love Story   - Robert Guthrie

El Canto Del Colibri (The Hummingbird Song) - Jean Donohue

Equal Justice Under Law   - Dan Goldes

Exchange  - Dorian Carli-Jones

Gender Troubles : The Butches- Lisa Plourde

Grid   - David Hastings

Help - Sean Mcelhose

Heterox - Francoise Doherty

In The Woods - Grace Martin

Killing Time - Tiffany Gibson

Leadbeater - Tyler Peterson

Lez Be Honest - Tiffany Gibson

Like Father -  Jason Stuart

Mask - James Bowers

Matthew & C.J.   - Michael Yellope Jr.

Nocturnal - Alfonso Guevara

Not Throwing In The Towel - Sandra Pfeifer

Nune - Ji Strangeway

Open -  Paul  A. Hart

Out Here In Kansas - Adam Knapp

Politically Correct - Savannah Rodgers

Queen Of Hearts - Monique Velasquez

Queer Ghost Hunters   - Stu Maddux

Rejection - Juan Aguilar

Rite Of Passage - Tyler Peterson

Seven Drinks - Kevin Gabel

Sex + Friend - Katsuhide Yamago

Silence - Olan Montgomery

Silence - Tiffany Gibson

Sketches -  Savannah Rodgers

Soft Voice - Afshin Hashemi

Something Like Summer   - Carlos Pedraza

Stripped - Matkai Burmaster

Symphony Of Silence - Cedric Thomas Smith

The 3rd Try - Stone May

The End Of My World - Kamil Krawczycki

The Girl Bunnies. Rocketship - Francoise Doherty

The Last Fitness Instructor - Michele Williams

The Last Gospel Of The Pagan Babies - Jean Donohue

The Last - Michele Williams

The Pursuit : 50 Years In The Fight For Lgbt Rights  - Ilana Trachtman

Then - Sonja Isabella

Ub2 - Dan Goldes

Unimagineable - Cedric Thomas Smith

Upstairs Inferno - Robert L. Camina 

Waving A Wand.   - Renee Sotile

Weed Witch - Tiffany Gibson

Your Way Back To Me - Alexandra Dietz 

Yune - Rodrigo Larios


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