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Fajr International Film Festival

Fajr International Film Festival

Thursday, 18 April 2019 until Friday, 26 April 2019

Founded in 1982, Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) is Iran’s largest annual film festival held in Tehran. It is an event that celebrates cultural exchange, displays creative achievements of highly acclaimed cineastes and pays tribute to quality local and international films. Since its establishment, Fajr International Film Festival has played a vital role in the development of the Iranian Cinema. Every year, veteran directors and new filmmakers devotedly present their works in the festival.

Over the years, Fajr has been honored by numerous great film figures who have also worked closely with the festival as respectable Jury Members, such as Volker Schlondorff, Krzysztof Zanussi, Robert Chartoff, Semih Kaplanoglu, Bruce Beresford, Percy Adlon, Paul Cox, Shyam Benegal, Bela Tarr, Jan Troell, Helma Sanders-Brahms, Elia Suleiman, Agnieszka Holland, Andrey Zvyagintsev, Rustam Ibragimbekov, just to name a few among other influential figures.

Furthermore, a few of the most unforgettable and groundbreaking films, made by great filmmakers in the prime of their career, that were honored and awarded in different sections of the festival include, MABOROSI NO HIKARI by Hirokazu Kore-eda, LA PROMESSE by Dardenne Borthers, CLOUDS OF MAY by Nuri Bulge Ceylan, 23 by Hans-Christian Schmid, RESSOURCES HUMAINES by Laurent Cantet, NAPOLA by Dennis Gansel, THE RETURN by Andrey Zvyagintsev, LIVES OF THE OTHERS by Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck and so forth.

During different editions of Fajr, brilliant auteur filmmakers such as Costa-Gavras, Francesco Rosi, Theo Angelopoulos, Mario Monicellli, Moustapha Akkad, Darius Khondji, etc… have taken part in the festival and have been presented with lifetime achievement awards.

This year we will celebrate the 35th edition of Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran.

<> Feature Films in International Competition:
• Golden Simorgh for Best Film (awarded to the film director) + 600.000.000 IRR Cash Prize (jointly to producer and director)
• Silver Simorgh for Best Director + 300.000.000 IRR Cash Prize
• Silver Simorgh for Best Script + 200.000.000 IRR Cash Prize
• Silver Simorgh for Best Actress
• Silver Simorgh for Best Actor
• Silver Simorgh for Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Artistic Contribution in the categories of camera, editing, music score, costume or set design
 In the verdict of International Jury, the prize list must not contain joint awards and no film can receive more than two awards.
<> Short Films in International Competition:
• Silver Simorgh for Best Short Film + 50.000.000 IRR Cash Prize (awarded to the film director)
<> Asian Film Awards:
• Trophy for Best Asian Film (awarded to the film director) + 300.000.000 IRR Cash Prize (jointly to producer and director)
• Trophy for Best Asian Director
• Trophy for Best Asian Short Film + 50.000.000 IRR Cash Prize (awarded to the film director)
 Note: In the verdict of Asian Film Awards Jury, the prize list must not contain joint awards and no film can receive more than one award.
<> First Film Award:
• In case of nomination of at least 10 First Feature-length Films, three designated jury members will decide on the following award.
<> Trophy for Best First Feature Film + 100.000.000 IRR Cash Prize (awarded to the film director)

• Muhammad Al-Ameen Award for Reflection of Prophetic Ethics and Morality (for one of the films selected for the main sections of the festival):
 Trophy + Diploma of Honor + 200.000.000 IRR Cash Prize (awarded to the film director)

<> Other Awards:
• Inter-Faith Award
• NETPAC Prize
 (NETPAC stands for “Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema”)

 Note: The payment of Cash Prizes will be based on the currency rates available during the festival period.

Eligibility and Formats
 World premiere films and international premiere films are of higher priority respectively.
• Accepted formats: Non-encrypted DCP, Apple ProRes 4444 or Full HD File (plus a blu-ray backup) with English subtitles.
• Year of completion (for main sections): 2018-19
• Date of Completion for Special Screenings, Popular Genre Films, and Docs in Focus: 2017-19

 Illegible films for main sections:
• Feature films (fiction, documentary, animation) of at least 70 minutes running time, intended for theatrical release.
• Short films (fiction, documentary, animation) of at most 15 minutes running time.

 All films have to be registered through the online film entry link in the festival website (www.fajriff.com).

 The submission form must be completed by the producer or international distributor of the film. In case of theatrical release or any international screenings, Iranian films will be illegible to enter International Competition and Eastern Vista sections of the festival.

 International films, already premiered in the Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasia and Anatolia (with the exception of the country of origin), will not be selected for the main competitive section.

 In case of submission in previous editions, the film is not eligible to be submitted again.

Selection Process and Programming
 The Festival Director selects and officially invites films to participate in the festival.
 The Festival Director might use the consultation and recommendations of filmmakers and film experts for the selection and invitation of the films and guests.
 All films submitted to the festival may be considered for all sections unless specifically instructed by the applicant.

 The duly completed online entry form with tracking code as well as the previewing versions for selection must reach the Festival Office through the website before the assigned deadline (February 20th, 2019). All forms must be signed by the producer.