January Events...

  • Dorian Awards: GALECA
  • Flickerfest International Short Films Festival
  • Göteborg International Film Festival
  • Iris on the Move
  • Midsumma
  • Mumbai International Film Festival
  • Pinx Festival
  • Pride: Bloomington's LGBTQ Film Festival
  • Queer Contact
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival
  • Slamdance Film Festival
  • Sundance
  • Tromsø International Film Festival


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Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival in Kingston

Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival in Kingston

Thursday, 01 February 2018 until Saturday, 10 February 2018

Reelout exists to celebrate queer media arts and to contribute to community vitality by programming materials that focus on issues of sexuality, race, culture, religion, class, gender, ability, health and age, thereby purposefully drawing together and initiating challenging dialogue among disparate members of the queer communities in Kingston and the surrounding area as well as between the larger Kingston community and the queer community.

Reelout is:

    • Access to artistic work that would otherwise not be screened in Kingston;
    • A forum to engage in discussion and debate on issues relating to the
      practice of film and video making as well as issues relating to the queer community;
    • A celebration of Kingston’s diversity and an increased awareness and understanding of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, questioning and intersex communities;
    • Exposure to a broader range of Canadian and international media arts that include short film and video, experimental work, documentaries, and independent feature films;
    • Diverse and financially accessible programming of independent film and video;
  • A unique community event that draws disparate members of the community together through a common appreciation of quality cinema


2018 films...

ABU - Arshad Khan / 80min / Canada / 2017 / Documentary

SATURDAY CHURCH - Damon Cardasis / 82min / USA  /2017  / Musical / Narrative Feature

THE GARDENER - Sebastien Chabot / 88min / Canada / 2016 / Documentary

PRIDE DENIED: Homonationalism and the future of Queer Politics - Kami Chisholm / 62min / Canada / 2016 / Documentary

REBELS ON POINTE - Bobbi Jo Hart / 9omin / Canada / 2017 / Documentary

PORCUPINE LAKE - Ingrid Veninger / 84min / Canada / 2017 /Drama / Narrative Feature

Two Spirit Archives and Imaginaries Indigenous Video 1994-2017 - Curated by Jordan Arseneault Queer Media Database


STUMPED - Robin Berghaus / 72min / USA / 2017 / Documentary

GIRL UNBOUND: THE WAR TO BE HER - Erin Heidenreich / 80min / Canada / 2016 / Documentary

THE FABULOUS ALLAN CARR - Jeffrey Schwarz / 90min / USA / 2017 / Documentary

THE FEELS - Jenee Lamarque / 90min / USA / 2017 / Comedy / Narrative Feature

SCREWED - Nils-Erik Ekblom /110min  / Finland / 2017 / Comedy / Narrative Feature

ALASKA IS A DRAG - Shaz Bennett / 90min / USA / 2017 / Comedy / Narrative Feature

VENUS - Eisha Marjara / 95min / Canada / 2017 / Comedy / Narrative Feature 

Short films...

CROSSROADS: International & Intersectional Shorts Program

The Streets Are Ours: Two Lives Cross in Karachi d. Michelle Fiordaliso /16:44/USA/Pakistan/2017

When Fawzia Mirza, an American actress meets Sabeen Mahmud, a world-renowned Pakistani activist and founder of a progressive cafe (T2F) in Karachi, Mirza’s life purpose gets clarified.

Intersection d. Angela Tucker/9:32/USA/2017

A road trip forces a young woman and her two besties to examine their identities and place in the American South.

BobyAnna d. Jackson Kroopf/19:33/USA/2017

A contemporary interracial love story between two young women gets interrupted when street singer Bobby loses her home. BobbyAnna contrasts the thrill of falling in love with the pitfalls of unexpected homelessness. Combining narrative and documentary techniques, the film is a lyrical exploration of race, privilege, and music.

The Other Side d. R.A. Flores/14:51/Mexico/2017

Felipe and Claudio form a very particular relationship, somehow destiny pulls them apart taking Claudio to the United Sates, now Felipe must embark on a journey where he will risk everything in his pursuit of happiness, so he can finally meet Claudio at the other side of the border.

Mai d. Marta Gonzalez/7:16/Spain/2017

The mysterious arrival of a pair of girls turns into the main topic for three old ladies who spend every afternoon sitting on a bench in their village.

Y d. Gina Wenzel/23:00/Germany/2017

Laura is a self-confident young woman who one night meets Safi, who has fled her homeland. Their encounter gives Laura a possible new outlook on life.

Sign d. Andrew Keenan-Bolger & Adam Wachter /14:56/USA/2016

Sign is a short film that, through vignettes, music, and sign language, uniquely tells the story of a relationship between Ben, a hearing man, and Aaron, who is deaf.

GENDER BENDERS: Shorts Program

Handsome and Majestic d. Jeff Lee Petry & Nathan Drillot/12:08/Canada/2017

“Handsome & Majestic” follows the story of Milan Halikowski, a teenager from the rural city of Prince George, BC. As a recently transitioned transgender boy, Milan deals with discrimination and abuse from his peers and teachers at school, as he seeks to find other kids like himself. Throughout these hardships, he becomes a role model and an advocate for trans people in his small community and beyond.

Limina d.Florian Halbedl & Joshua M. Ferguson/15:00/Canada/2016

A magical gender-fluid child named Alessandra, led by innocence and intuition, is so curious about the lives of the inhabitants of a small town that they decide to play an active part in an unknown woman’s mourning process.

In My Mother’s Closet d. Adri Almeida and Carolyn Wu /12:50/Canada/2017

A film that explores the intersections of being brown, trans, and a woman. Through song and the support of her best friend, Adri reconciles the struggle of wanting to belt out her truth while not wanting to risk her relationship with her religious mother.

Home Made d.Diana Khong/14:44/Canada/2017

Home Made is an intimate, contemplative portrait of two queer tattoo artists navigating an industry traditionally dominated by white, straight, cisgender males. Through their trials and triumphs, the film weaves together the parallel narratives of Jasmine, a shop owner in Philadelphia, and Sally, a stick-and-poke artist in Brooklyn.

Do I have Boobs Now? d. Joella Cabalu & Milena Salazar/6:30/Canada/2017

In 2015, Victoria-based trans activist Courtney Demone launched the viral online campaign #DoIHaveBoobsNow, in which she posted topless photos of her transition on social media while undergoing hormone replacement therapy. One year later, Courtney revisits the global conversation she catalyzed on social media censorship policies and the sexualization of feminine bodies, and reflects on the impacts of being thrust into the critical spotlight as a visible trans activist and queer feminist.

Medulla Oblongata d. Roberto Nascimento/7:31/New Zealand/2017

Granted refugee status in New Zealand due to the persecution he faced for being gay in the Maldives- student Abraham Naim creates his alter ego – the powerful and sassy drag queen Medulla Oblongata, a notable figure in the Auckland LGBTQ scene.

Take A Walk on The Wild Side d. Lisa Rideout/14:56/Canada/2017

This charming documentary short provides viewers with a glimpse into a day in the life of Paddy, a caring independent business owner, and her Toronto store called Wildside, one of the only places to offer a full male to female transformation through makeup, clothing and hair.

Dusk d.Jake Graff/15:00/United Kingdom/2017

This short film is told through flashbacks over several decades of our protagonist ‘Chris’’s lifetime, exploring how the choices we make can change our lives fundamentally.

C’EST LA VIE: French Shorts Program

A Taste in Men vol 3 d. Syril Tiar/13:24/Canada/2017

A day in the life of a Canadian nurse who specializes in STI testing and HIV prevention.

Un jour dans la vie d’un infirmier canadien qui se spécialise dans le dépistage des maladies et infections transmises sexuellement, ainsi que dans la prévention du VIH.

Check Out d. Benoit Masocco/5:00min/ France

Lucy and Josephine have been together for a long time. To keep their love intact, they have their own special strategy.

Lucy et Josephine ont formé un couple pendant longtemps. Pour préserver leur amour, elles ont développé leur propre stratégie.

Relics d. Benoit Masocco/8:00min/France

While preparing for his move, Johann finds objects that remind him of an old love story with Boris… and he decides to get in touch with him one last time. Pendant qu’il se prépare à déménager, Johann trouve des objets qui lui rappellent une vieille histoire d’amour avec Boris… et il décide de le contacter une dernière fois.

Noodle d. Benoit Masocco/5:00min/France

It’s hard to get hard when you’re straight and you cheat on your girlfriend for the first time with a lesbian who wants revenge. Il est difficile de bander quand tu es hétéro et que tu trompes ta copine pour la première fois avec une lesbienne qui veut se venger.

Dylan Dylan d. Sylvain Coisne/17:00/France/2017

Dylan, Yanis and Hugo’s foster son, passed away a few months ago. The men struggle to understand each other’s emotions and dealing with their loss seems impossible.

Dylan, le fils adoptif de Yanis et Hugo, est décédé il y a quelques mois. Les hommes ont du mal à comprendre les émotions de l’autre, et gérer le deuil leur semble impossible.

Calamity d. Maxime Feyers/22:00/Belgium/2017

France meets her son’s girlfriend for the first time. She loses control…

France rencontre la copine de son fils pour la première fois. Elle perd son sang-froid…

The Fruit of our Womb d. Laurie Mannessier/29:07/France/2017

Andrea is pregnant but has never had sex with a man. Is it a miracle? Andrea est enceinte, mais elle n’a jamais couché avec un homme. Est-ce un miracle?

GAYS OF OUR LIVES: Shorts Program

=   d. Wrik Mead/7:30/Canada/2017

Making use of a dizzying array of anti-gay protest footage captured and posted on the internet, Mead’s protagonist bears witness to the fractures, shifts and resistances that have brought us to this time in LGBTQ history.

Rebirth d. Zehra Gokcimen & Gokce Oraloglu /4:00/Turkey/2017

Rebirth reflects the transformation of a performer with every move on stage. They tear apart the veils that society has stitched on them during the ritual.

Curtain Down d. Tristan Scott/16:00/USA/2017

A queer love story that takes a surreal but tender look at gender, identity and aging as our hero is forced to choose between career and love in the Hollywood hills.

Rusalka d. Wes Hurley/8:35/USA/2017

Burlesque icons Luminous Pariah and Chris Harder star in this Tom of Finland inspired queer retelling of ‘The Little Mermaid’.

The Daytime DoorMan d.Fabio Leal/23:00/Brazil/2017

After exchanging glances between “good mornings” and “good afternoons”, Marcelo realizes it’s time to try to go further with Márcio, the doorman in his building. Two worlds will collide through these men’s bodies.

A Bed Day d. Peter Knegt/5:00/Canada/2017

Two boyfriends who recently moved into together spend the entire day in bed.

Get The Life d. Sue-Ellen Chitunya/11:55/USA/2017

A transgender teenager faces an unwanted pregnancy and risks losing everything he loves in order to live courageously.

Marz d. Bobby Yan/11:20/USA/2017

A childhood friendship is put to the test after a fleeting encounter stirs up uncomfortable feelings and emotions that neither are equipped to answer.

Little Potato d. Wes Hurley/13:55/USA/2017

Wes Hurley’s autobiographical tale of growing up gay in Soviet Union Russia, only to escape with his mother, a mail order bride, to Seattle to face a whole new oppression in his new Christian fundamentalist American dad.


I Want to Kill Myself d. Vivek Shraya/8:32/Canada/2017

Contemplating suicide: a biography.

An Extension Of You d. Nelly Matorina and Xiaoxuan Huang/4:37/Canada/2017

An extension of you is a short film that looks at what it means to be separated from the one(s) you love by distance and a generation’s worth of years.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark d. Julia Carrie/10:13/Canada/2017

An intimate and gripping rural ghost story, surrounding a young gay man named Cyrus who unravels the mysterious drowning death of a youth in his community years before.

The Promise d. Jason Karman/5:24/Canada/2015

Set in an open field, the two men dance, jumping from reality to dream, as they follow a path, a metaphor for structure in their pursuits, giving meaning to their struggles.

Helium d. Daniel McIntyre/3:57/Canada/2017

Helium was originally presented as a dual-projector work, digitally transferred, that explores the worlds of competitive bodybuilding and balloon fetish.

Welcome to the World d. Albert M. Chan/7:00/Canada/2017

A troubled man records a video message for his pregnant sister. Taking place on the brink of a new life, the film explores what it means to be human and the courage it takes to be fully alive.

Beat d. Anastasia Szymanski/9:17/Canada/2017

Caleb is a dancer. He’s also deaf. Caleb listens by feeling, and when he meets Thaddeus, a local musician, he begins to feel a lot. A mutual interest in music (and one another) brings the two together. Sometimes, love doesn’t have to be complicated.

Sweet Night d.Jessie Short /6:53 /Canada/2016

A young Métis woman reconnects with her Indigenous ancestry and begins a journey of self-discovery when she learns about sweet grass from her non-Native friend.

Plus One d. Peter Knegt/8:57/ Canada/2017

Two strangers form an unlikely bond when they meet at the singles table of a lesbian wedding.

Older Than What? d.Steen Starr/12:46/Canada/2017

Aging has a tendency to fade people out of the picture. Older Than What? brings LGBTQ elders sharply back into focus, with humour, wit and charm. 12 seniors answer 10 questions about aging and share stories about how they made history.

Lions in Waiting d. Jason Karman/17:00/Canada/2017 min

The newest member of a minor league hockey team, Ray, experiences hazing by his teammates as he struggles to fit in both on and off the ice. Ray will have to find the courage to accept himself first-and maybe even inspire a fellow teammate.  Watch the TRAILER

Brunch Queen d. Sean Horlor & Steve Adams/10:59/Canada/2017

Brunch Queen is a hybrid film that follows a hilarious gay couple (who can’t stand each other’s company but are still very much in love) as they prepare for the opening night of a musical based on their infamous insult diner.


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