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Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival

Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival

Thursday, 10 January 2019 until Sunday, 13 January 2019

Rainbow umbrella has been set up to encourage actors and film makers from the LGBT community to have a platform to express their hopes, fears, desires and experiences and share them with new audiences. We aim to allow anyone with a voice, an opinion, a vision, a calling, to be free to write, act, direct and be free to express themselves through the medium of film. From first time film makers with little or no budget to the films with more experience and financial clout, they are all welcome under our umbrella!

We want to share films that show every emotion of someone experiencing life as an LGBT person.


2019 films...

Call Me Sis

Dir: Lee Sang-woo

Republic of Korea

Mi-ae, a middle aged woman is facing a midlife crisis. A mother of three, the wife of a relatively prosperous bank executive, and a woman who enjoys a comfortably middle-class existence, Mi-ae grows increasingly frustrated by her two sons’ demeaning behavior towards her, her boorish husband’s unforgivable cheapness, and her own sadness at never having felt for herself the joys of true love — something she becomes acutely aware of when observing her estranged daughter’s loving relationship with another woman.

Devil’s Path

Dir: Matthew Montgomery

USA, 87 mins

In the early 90’s, two strangers meet in a wilderness park where gay men cruise for sex. What seems like an innocent and random meeting quickly descends into a horrific nightmare. With recent disappearances and attacks, the two men soon find themselves in the terrifying position of being the next victims in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Will these two strangers be able to work together to defeat the darkness that has settled in on Devil’s Path? Or will their own secrets and lies lead them to be the next two missing persons in this perilous park?

Evening Shadows

Dir: Sridhar Rangayan

India, 102 Mins

While gay rights and marriage equality has been embraced by most countries, a small town in Southern India lives within a cocoon of traditions and social morality. In such a milieu when a young gay man Kartik, comes out to his mother Vasudha, her entire world comes crashing down. She has no one to turn to dispel her fears and doubts, to understand her loving son’s truth. Moreover as a woman, trapped within a patriarchal conservative society, her biggest challenge is to deal with her dogmatic husband Damodar, and the conservative society around her. ‘Evening Shadows (Surmaee Shaam)’ is a universal story about a mother-son bonding and its emotional strength to withstand the ravages of time and harsh realities.


Dir: Angela Matemotja

USA, 93 mins

Trina’s job gets the best of her as she tries to complete just one day of healthy eating. Harassed by her cruel boss and overwhelmed by the trapped elevator occupants that reach out to her for help, her only escape is Lola, a fitness guru who she desperately tries to emulate. In this slow building drama of intertwining stories about people trapped in elevators, our heroes and villains must fight to overcome their struggles with homophobia, food addiction and racism.

Guilty Prejudices

Dir: Jean-Philippe Tranvouez France,

84 mins

Léon, 22, and David, 27, are getting ready to celebrate their first couple's birthday. But during this evening, one is savagely stabbed, the other accused of the crime. That night is the gear. The police station, the police custody, the cell, an interrogation tinged with a barely maskedhomophobia ... In a face to face behind closed doors, with Lieutenant Fred Darrieu, atypical and mysterious policeman, Léon goes back the wire of his memories and tells his story. "Guilty prejudices" is a drama without label, the story of a mourning to do, a thwarted love, evanescent memory ...

Shorts 1

Chaos Toad (Dir: Carlos Lopes, UK)

My Baby (Dir: Kim Jarred, UK)

Homecoming (Dir: Jennifer Blair, USA)

Unsent Letter (Dir: Christian Gordine, UK)

Eden (Dir: Jedrzej Gorski, Poland)

Rouk (Dir: Jay Russell, UK)

Shorts 2

Dragtivists (Dir: Savannah Rodgers, USA)

T.I.M (Dir: Peter Heppelthwaite & Philip L Moore)

Double Date (Dir: Patrick Gratton, Canada)

The Way You Saw Me (Dir: John Sylva, USA)

Love Does Not Exist (Dir: Fernando A. Fisher, Mexico)

Shorts 3

Dix (Ten) (Dir: Villette Franck, France)

Turn It Around (Dir: Niels Bourgonje, Netherlands)

Risk (Dir: Tina Novak, Slovenia)

Two (Dir: Kenneth O'Toole, UK)


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