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Leeds Queer Film Festival

Leeds Queer Film Festival

Friday, 23 March 2018 until Sunday, 25 March 2018

Leeds Queer Film Festival platforms and promotes LGBTI&Q artists, filmmakers and other cultural producers.

We are creating a space to showcase queer cinema with a focus on independent and DIY films. We will be screening films that centre on the experiences and are the voices of queer and trans, people of colour, sex workers, and those with non binary queer experiences. We also welcome films from queer people that don’t explicitly have a ‘queer’ focus.

We are not for profit and will be making the festival as cheap and accessible to you all as we possibly can!


2018 films...


(Michael Del Monte, USA, 1:19:23) [D]

Professional bodybuilder Janae Kroczaleski shares her experience, including how transitioning has affected her career and her work to support other trans bodybuilders.

A Moment in the Reeds

(Mikko Makela, Finland, 1:47:00) [F] [S]

While helping his father renovate their summer home, Leevi meets and falls for Tareq, a Syrian architect turned handyman who is building a new life in Finland. A sensual and romantic take on human connection.

Alaska is a Drag

(Shaz Bennett, USA, 1:23:14) [F]

Leo and his twin sister Tristen make their own magic to cope with the monotony of rural Alaskan life. Margaret Cho guest stars as their surrogate mom/bartender.

Paris Is Voguing

(Gabrielle Culand, France, 1:07:18) [D] [S]

Meet the funny, fierce and fabulous queens of the Paris drag ball scene.

The Wound

(John Trengove, South Africa, 1:28:08) [F] [S]

Every year Xolani joins the men of his community to initiate a group of teenagers into manhood. But this year a newcomer discovers his best-kept secret - a forbidden love.


(Anatol Schuster, Germany, 1:31:00) [F] [S]

A languorous and dreamy tale of first love where studious Manju falls for class rebel Louk. A refreshing romance featuring queer young women which manages to avoid Dead Lesbian Syndrome!

Battle of the Sexes

(Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, USA, 121:00)

The true story of tennis legend Billie Jean King who takes on self-proclaimed sexist pig Bobby Riggs in the match of the century. A fun-filled drama capturing the 1970s women’s liberation movement as well as Billie Jean’s exploration of her sexuality.

Apricot Groves

(Pouria Heidary Oureh, Armenia, 1:19:40) [F] [S]

Aram, an Iranian Armenian trans youth, emigrated to the USA in childhood. On returning to Armenia to propose to his girlfriend, he encounters cultural, religious, and national differences, though harder obstacles are ahead.

Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things

(Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Yara, Canada, 1:11:00) [D]

As a Pride gathering is planned in Nunavut, lost stories are reclaimed, and Inuit beliefs are explored. This moving documentary is about growing up queer in the Canadian Arctic, the importance of community and the effects of colonisation.


My Gay Sister (Lia Hietala, Sweden, 14:50) [F] [S]

A tween takes a shine to her older sister's girlfriend.

Nước (Water/Homeland) (Quyên Nguyen-Le, USA, 5:10) [E] [S]

A queer Vietnamese American teen tries to understand their mum's experience as a Vietnam War refugee.

She (Anthonia Onyejekwe, USA, 14:35) [D]

Tanesh, a trans woman from New Jersey, talks about life, activism and God.

CN: discussion of trans/homophobia, infant intersex surgery, HIV and substance abuse, strobing

Spark (Aharonit Elior, USA, 5:47) [A]

Ana's flame is dying out, until a few special deliveries help reignite it.

Atlantic is a Sea of Bones (Reina Gossett, USA 7:29) [E]

A haunting and otherworldly film set to an original score featuring small every day acts of refusal, resistance, and existence.

The Personal Things (Reina Gossett, USA, 3:04) [A] [S]

Black trans elder and legendary activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy describes how everyday personal acts fuel her political activism. 

DiAna's Hair Ego Remix (Ellen Spiro and Cheryl Dunye, USA, 8:47) [D]

A visit to DiAna DiAna and Dr. Bambi Gaddist in the hair salon in South Carolina where they first began their innovative safe sex education work.

Historical Erasure as Violence (Hope Dector and Dean Spade, USA, 4:27) [D] [S]

Reina Gossett talks about learning and sharing histories of trans women of colour.

Blood Out of a Stone (Ben Allen, UK, 13:39) [F]

An intimate, realistic story of almost connections, exploring the dating scene, gay identity and loneliness.

The Ravenous Femme: Victoria Sin (Amrou Al-Kadhi, UK, 5:49) [E]

A faux queen talks about how to take up space in the drag scene as a femme.

Duo Impacto (Molly Harding, Cuba, 7:49) [D] [S]

Two Cuban lesbians talk about LGBT rights, wanting children and performing as drag kings.

Because I Am (Lawrie Zidyana, UK, 5:57) [A]

A brave challenge to homophobia in Zimbabwe.

If You Dare Desire (Debalina Majumder, India, 51:29) [F] [S]

Two Indian women dare to be together showing resistance through desire and a politics of hope.

Tailor (Calí dos Anjos, Brazil, 9:47) [A] [S]

Trans cartoonist Tailor shares the experiences of the trans community.

I M U R – Swirl (Nancy Lee, Canada, 3:48) [E] [S]

Black masculinity and bisexuality explored through intimate movements.

Burton Before and After (Courtney Hermann, USA, 14:59) [D] [S]

Burton looks back at footage of himself from 15 years ago at the start of his transition.

Naughty Amelia Jane (Risheeta Agrawal, India, 11:30) [F] [S]

An offbeat satirical portrayal of two women swimming against the tide of society's expectations about what is ‘proper’.

POW (Piss Off, War) (Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli, Italy, 8:22) [E] [S]

A soldier passes the time by drinking a hallucinogenic concoction, with unexpected -or perhaps expected- results.

UR Dead To Me (Yonoko Li, New Zealand, 10:00) [F] [S]

A quirky yet poignant story of two girls cycling round delivering dead flowers.

Joey (Helen Wright, UK, 9:32) [F] [S]

A young woman with telekinetic powers goes out on the queer scene for the first time.

Breaking Down My Translation (Kai Fiáin & Azara Meghie, UK, 4:17) [E] [S]

Female masculinity expressed through spoken word and break dancing. 

Beached Whale (Becky Farrall, UK, 16:40) [F] [S]

When Elaine's husband dies, she sets out on a road trip to scatter his ashes with best friend, Lois. A heart-warming tale of new possibilities.

Check Out (Benoit Musocco, France, 5:00) [F] [S]

A lesbian one-night stand... or is it?

Not Acceptable (Saman Haghighivand, Iran, 2:00) [E] [ND]

The outside world threatens to intrude on a young trans man.

The Good Friend (Erick Salas Kirchhausen, Peru, 18:56) [F] [S]

Marcos and Esteban find out how far their friendship will go.

Rebellious Essence (Ana Čigon, Slovenia, 4:59) [A] [ND]

A non-binary cat applies for a passport... miaow.

The Whole World (Julián Quintanilla, Spain, 29:53) [F] [S]

A gay man makes an annual visit to his mum's grave when she appears and gives him advice. A funny and moving tale based on a true-ish story.

Sleepover (Jimi Vall Peterson, Sweden, 8:30) [F] [S]

Two good friends go through the awkward motions of maybe exploring something more.

Different (Ben Lemaire, France, 2:20) [E] [S]

A poetic piece about coming out as trans.

Instinct (Maria Alice Arida, USA, 18:15) [F]

The art world meets blood-letting in this stylish lesbian horror.

The Real Thing (Brandon Kelley, USA, 7:05) [F]

A soldier returns home to meet his young daughter, who transitioned while he was on tour.

With Witches, We Move (Shu Lea Cheang, Spain, 13:58) [E] [S]

Set in a futuristic Madrid, a surreal and unique take on current issues including racism, migration, sexuality and gender.

Cas (Joris van de Berg, Netherlands, 48:02) [F] [S]

Carefree young Cas disrupts the life of a thirty-something gay couple, moving from their sofa to their bed.

G.E.M. (Mike Hooves, USA, 7:16) [D]

Radical DIY bike shop culture, tackling sexism and catering for gender variant people.

Nisa (Barbara S. Müller, Austria, 9:53) [F] [S]

There's some flatmate jealousy when an unexpected visitor arrives. A film about love and the many forms it takes.

Incomplete (Hilow, UK, 6:20) [D]

The struggles of an older trans man and how he overcomes his isolation.

Zoodio 54 (Rodrigo Rodriguez, UK, 5:00) [A] [ND]

A wild night out on the scene has an unexpected ending.

Marguerite (Lina Kachani, Canada, 19:17) [F] [S]

On discovering that her carer is lesbian, Marguerite starts to open up about her past. A gentle look at love, kindness and affection.

Anya Kneez: A Queen In Beirut (Mohamad Abdouni, Lebanon, 19:53) [D] [S]

A glimpse into the life of Anya Kneez who brought drag from New York to the clubs of Beirut.

Two (Carlos Marroquin, Finland, 6:28) [F] [S]

Finnish men in a lust-filled workshop.

Awful Gays (Mark Keane, Ireland, 5:11) [F]

Comedy where an awful self-absorbed gay couple meet a lonely, older gay guy.

Sisak (Faraz Arif Ansari, India, 15:21) [F] [ND]

An unspoken flirtation develops between two men travelling on a Mumbai train.

Half A Life (Tamara Shogaolu, Netherlands, 12:18) [A] [S]

A visually stunning look at homophobia and politicisation in Egypt.

Time of the Blue (Urvashi Pathania, USA, 5:00) [E] [ND]

A quirky take on an artist experiencing a creative block.

Zaya (Susanne Serres, Canada, 6:40) [F] [S]

Zaya takes a chance when she falls for her dance partner but must learn to accept herself first.

Mathias (Clara Stern, Austria, 30:00) [F][S]

Trans man Mathias navigates his life struggling with work, his girlfriend and trying to fit in.

Full (Aorta Films, USA, 14:00) [S]

Fabulous fat femmes get it on.

Masc4Masc (Sian Williams, UK, 2:42)

Spoken word piece exploring the toxicity of hook-up apps.

1st Day & Next Minute (Sara Koppel, Denmark, 2:45) [A] [ND]

A psychedelic blowout with phallic human-rabbits and a skronky soundtrack.

Rick (Jan-Peter Horstmann, Germany, 15:33) [D] [S]

Meet Rick, a deaf, gay porn actor who tells his story using sign language.

Breakfast in Bed (Ty Wardwell / Ethan Folk, USA, 2:15) [ND]

Butter porn. What would you like on your toast?

As the Wheels Meet (Shu Lea Cheang, Spain, 15:25) [E] [S]

An after dark delight featuring disabled super heroes, drag king tango and songs about slut shaming.

Momo (Yun Joo Chang, Korea, 15:44) [F] [S]

Lesbian relationships move on with a little help from Momo the cat.

Three (Fabia Castro, Spain, 3:00) [F] [S]

To prepare for a role, actress Manuela asks her girlfriend to sleep with her flatmate.

Salamagan (Elisa Oh, USA, 12:01) [F]

Ana loves her Filipino Catholic family. But does she want to come out to them? No freaking way!

Being Okey (Nadia Lanfranchi, Nina Oppliger & Corinne Pfister, Austria, 33:52) [D] [S]

Okey, a Nigerian refugee living in Switzerland, tells his story.


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