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  • Brest European Short Film Festival
  • CineQ Queer Film Festival
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Leeds Queer Film Festival

Leeds Queer Film Festival

Thursday, 21 March 2019 until Sunday, 24 March 2019

Leeds Queer Film Festival platforms and promotes LGBTI&Q artists, filmmakers and other cultural producers.

We are creating a space to showcase queer cinema with a focus on independent and DIY films. We will be screening films that centre on the experiences and are the voices of queer and trans, people of colour, sex workers, and those with non binary queer experiences. We also welcome films from queer people that don’t explicitly have a ‘queer’ focus.

We are not for profit and will be making the festival as cheap and accessible to you all as we possibly can!


2019 films...

Something Said

Jay Bernard, UK, 7:26

The New Cross Fire 1981. This audio-visual letter is a queer response to black British archives, and a dialogue with the present.

Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla (Neither From Here, Nor There)

Carlos Valdivia, USA, 13:30

When Jose’s financial aid runs out a week before a prestigious interview, his future is put in jeopardy.

Weit Draussen (Far Out)

Jan-Peter Horstmann, Germany, 23:00

As Nico and Kai wander the streets of 1987 East Berlin, they realise it will be the start of something very new for both of them.

Leitis in Waiting

Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson & Kumu Hina Wong-Kalu, Tonga, 72:00

Joey Joleen Mataele is a Tongan trans woman (leiti) who organises a beauty pageant, mentors young leitis and battles with fundamentalist Christians over Tonga's antiquated laws.

Stoop on Kent Ave

Alex Leombruno, USA, 7:29

On the verge of nineteen, Dakota faces a quarter-life crisis sitting on a stoop. A conversation with a stranger ensues.

Far From the Reach of the Sun

Kevin Gaffney, Ireland, 23:13

In the near future, a corporation markets a drug that can alter your sexuality, targeting wealthy straight customers and vulnerable queers.

The Fathers Project

Leo Herrera, USA, 7:37

What if AIDS had never happened? This sci-fi short imagines a generation being given the chance to live.

Queer Heroes

Kate Jessop, UK, 5:06

A celebration of historical and contemporary queer figures who have helped push forward arts, politics or science.


Wanuri Kahiu, Kenya, 82:20

Kena and Ziki strike up a romance while their fathers fight a bitter political battle in a local election. In Kenya, where homosexuality is still illegal, can their connection survive under the pressure of disapproval from their family, friends, and the law?

Lähekkäin (Closeness)

Joona Möttö, Finland, 2:38

Two asexual people explore what kind of closeness works for them.

Löftet (The Promise)

Paula Gustafsson, Sweden, 14:30

After getting married in their 80s, Maj-Briht and Helle put "in sickness and in health" to the test when Helle suffers a stroke soon after.

Turn it Around

Niels Bourgonje, Netherlands, 9:23

During a game of spin the bottle, a teenager takes his fate into his own hands.

Days Off

Filip Blažek, Czechia, 10:47

Urban living, unspoken longings, and yogurts of unusual size all come to life in this offbeat animation.


Hugh Rodgers, Ireland, 7:33

A young man reflects on his journey toward acceptance as a gay Irish Traveller.

The Whisper of the Jaguar

Thais Guisasola & Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Brazil, 79:00

This queer-punk road movie flows as freely between performance art, political comment, and fictional filmmaking as the bodies and identities of its characters.


Lisa Olivieri, USA, 60:00

Fifteen years in the life of Patricia Livingstone, a feisty artist losing her sight and hearing while trying to survive her abusive girlfriend.

John and Michael

Shira Avni, Canada, 10:48

Two men with Down's Syndrome who shared an intimate and profoundly loving relationship.

Pili Y Yo (Pili and Me)

Igancio Garcia Sanchez, Spain, 8:00

Pili has Down's Syndrome and her inability to say what she wants makes her nephew reflect on the importance of listening.

Life on Two Spectrums

Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton, UK, 6:11

Meet Tia Anna, a drag queen with Asperger's Syndrome from Sheffield.


Matthew Kennedy, UK, 1:49

An exploration of individual identities and family ties using collage and silhouettes.

Block and Censor

Awei Chen, China, 65:00

Film maker Popo Fan is on a quest to fight China's systemic use of censorship.

Dani Boi

Logan Fletcher Mucha, Australia, 5:22

Between chaotic onstage performances and their own personal struggles, non-binary dragtivist Dani fights to be a vital voice for a community in need.


Marion Renard, Belgium, 17:43

During her first sexual experience, a teenage girl's body does something she could never have expected.

Regalia: Pride in Two Spirits

Jen Sungshine & David Ng, Canada, 5:18

Duane Stewart-Grant, who is from Xà’islak’ala (Haisla) and nuučaanuł (Nuu-chah-nulth) First Nations in Canada, explores his identity as someone who is Two-Spirited - a queer, indigenous community.

Ontem (Before Today)

Thiago Kistenmacker, Brazil, 13:37

This short drama follows a woman after she suddenly runs away from a promising date, and asks the pertinent question: what would you want to tell your younger self?

Préjugés Coupables (Guilty Prejudices)

Jean-Philippe Tranvouez, France, 84:00

A police lieutenant is determined to uncover the truth after a gay man is brutally attacked and his boyfriend is arrested for the crime.

Dirty Sexy Comics: The Uncensored Story of Gay Erotic Comix

Robert Chandler, USA, 96:00

A deep dive into the world of explicit gay comics: the artists who create them and the men who learned how to be gay from them.

Game Girls

Alina Skrzeszewska, USA, 85:17

Teri and her girlfriend Tiahna try and navigate their relationship through the chaotic world of Los Angeles' Skid Row, aka the "homeless capital of the USA".


Werther Germondari, Italy, 2:20

Some unusual creatures come to life in their natural habitats.


Toni Karat, Germany, 13:07

A punk boidyke, handcuffed and facing the wall in a sparse, empty room, breathes heavily with anxiety and expectation.

Lördags Godis (Saturday Sweets)

Tom of Tottenham, Sweden, 5:00

Genderqueer bodies enjoy the tender intimacy of BDSM, power exchange and gummy bears in this experimental film, beautifully conveying the intense connection enjoyed through shared desires.

Our Alphabet

Coco Schwarz & Alina Mann, Switzerland, 16:40

26 short episodes, taking us through the filmmakers' A-Z of kink and sexuality.

In the Dark

Rory Midhani, Germany, 4:37

A chance encounter in the basement darkroom of a Berlin cruisebar, set to a track by Russian queer party band Sado Opera.

Piedad (Piety)

Naya (The Outdoor Cat), Germany, 14:00

When Rodolfa and Maria Antonieta help their pal Asunción fulfill an ususual promise, they all discover how easily sexual desire can cross the borders between the dead and the living.

Laissez-moi danser

Valérie Leroy, France, 16:40

Cleaners on a ferry throw a party for their colleague Mylène, but someone else has a different kind of surprise in store.

A Bunch of Queers Doing It in Public

Sandra Sordini, UK, 4:07

Strange creatures inhabit cemeteries, backyards and notorious cruising spots in London, in a manifesto of queer aesthetics and politics. (No rubber gloves were harmed in the making of this film.)

I'm Sorry

Lovisa Lara, Iceland, 16:39

Addy and Salka look like they have the perfect relationship, but there's another story behind closed doors. Will Addy be able to ask for (and get) the help she needs?

Carla and Hayfa

David Ng & Jen Sung, Canada, 8:53

Hayfa shares her coming out story as a queer person to her Palestinian-Lebanese family; her mother Carla shares her story of coming to acceptance.

Danny Didn't Feel Like Himself Anymore

Johnny Gibbs, UK, 5:10

Danny doesn't fit in the box they've been put in.

Pinky Gurung

Gopal Shivakoti, Nepal, 13:00

A young trans woman goes door-to-door campaigning to be elected to parliament in Nepal.


Mike Mosallam, USA, 8:57

From childhood to adulthood, brothers Bilal and Nassim support each other no matter what.

Rituals for Change

Emma Frankland, UK, 44:00

A series of rituals created by artist Emma Frankland to explore gender transition and the fluid notion of change.

Refugees under the Rainbow

Stella Traub, Germany, 31:41

Three refugees from Uganda share their stories of courage and hope as they make new lives for themselves in Germany.

Skoldiscot (Slow Dance)

Christian Zetterberg, Sweden, 5:30

During a middle school disco, a boy works up the courage to ask his crush for a dance.

Passage to Womanhood

Inaya Graciana Yusuf, Malaysia, 31:08

A group of Muslim trans women stand their ground against social marginalisation in secular Malaysia. Redefining femininity in Islam, they are painting their own portrayal of womanhood.


Rebecca Weltner, Germany, 6:00

An intense relationship between two men explored through movement and colours.

Tommy Brilho

Sávio Fernandes, Brazil, 17:44

Despite being invisible, Tommy Brilho has impeccable style. Will it be enough to get noticed by his crush?

Dyke Jails

Cecilia Montagut, Spain, 65:30

Prisoners and researchers document the reality of women behind bars and how gender inequality affects their lives.

Let's Be Friends

Ryan Glista, USA, 9:01

An examination of masculinity and childhood behavior through the lens of fantasy horror.

Bruce & Daryl

Josh Jacobius & Alisha Tamarchenko, USA, 18:46

Two older men ruminate on their life together through love, loss and academia.


Konstantinos Chaliasas, Greece, 10:00

A young actor looks for a mentor in this dreamy surreal short.

Foxy Trot

Lisa Donato, USA, 14:37

Kat and Milo's marriage is in trouble. Will taking a ballroom dance class full of heteros help, or just make things worse?

Naked Tongues

Ernesto Sarezale, UK, 17:20

Queers using their queer bodies as creative vessels and political tools on the naked spoken word scene in London.

Four Billion Reasons

Krissy Mahan, USA, 6:43

A journey of 8 metres becomes an epic odyssey, thanks to the inaccessibility of the New York City subway system.

Guillermo en el Tejado (Guillermo on the Roof)

Miguel Lafuente, Spain, 16:05

As Guillermo is trying to fix his romantic life by making a film of it, he meets Samir, who will help him gain some much-needed perspective.

Splendid Case of Doubt

Daniel Moshel, Austria, 4:09

Just your average love story between a furry and a dodgems operator.

The Brother

Kai Fiáin, UK, 4:05

You never know when you might accidentally end up as a pallbearer in Bethnal Green.

Dykes, Camera, Action!

Caroline Berler, USA, 60:58

Spanning eight decades this retrospective takes us on a journey to see how far lesbian cinema has come, and where it might be going.

Outitude: Irish Lesbian Community

Sonya Mulligan, Ireland, 88:32

Tales of coming out, activism and experiences of homophobia offer an insight into the richness of the Irish lesbian community.

Sununú: The Revolution of Love

Olivia Crellin, UK/Ecuador, 24:20

An intimate and touching portrayal of a couple getting to grips with parenthood while they challenge complex ideas about gender roles.

Silvia dans les Vagues (Silvia in the Waves)

Giovana Olmos, Canada, 13:00

Noa struggles to honour the identity of his recently deceased parent while his mother tries to uphold the appearance of a conventional family.

Dubbel Geluk (Double Lucky)

Esmée van Loon, Netherlands, 24:29

Children of gay parents talk about growing up, fitting in, coming out, and how their "normal" differed from their peers.

Hi Mrs. Friedman!

Rachel Epstein, Canada, 7:48

A comedy where a mother and daughter both show up at a queer sex club.


Candy Guinea, USA, 17:20

This documentary follows the challenges of Castro, a masculine-ofcentre high school teacher, as she becomes pregnant and grows a family with her wife, Candy.

Trans Youth

Rebecca Adler, USA, 84:05

Filmed over three years, this film introduces us to a seven young trans folk living in Austin, Texas.

I'm Not There

Ajita Banerjie, India, 12:04

Two non-binary activists tell their stories of fighting for trans rights in Bangalore.

Rabbi Knows Better

Elena Osipova, UK, 5:32

On the Sabbath, is a wife allowed to spank her husband if he's begging? Are two drag queens allowed to sew if it's an emergency? Avoiding work can be hard work.

Swarm of Selenium

Maude Matton & SJ Rahatoka, Germany, 23:08

Shortly after the apocalypse, two rival gangs of queers try to rebuild.


Cass Dennis, Australia, 19:47

A teen, struggling to find her place, finds comfort and strength from a fictional TV show hero.