May Events...

  • Cairns Queer Film Festival
  • Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival
  • Inside Out Toronto
  • Mix Mexico
  • Molodist: Kyiv International Film Festival
  • OutFilm Festival Connecticut
  • Pink Loerie Mardi Gras
  • QueerX
  • Seattle International Film Festival
  • Sicilia Queer Filmfest
  • Sundance London
  • TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival
  • Transilvania International Film Festival
Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival

Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival

Friday, 24 May 2019 until Sunday, 02 June 2019

Fairy Tales Presentation Society is a not-for-profit, charitable organization located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We celebrate local and national queer artists and share diverse stories based in film. Our artistic endeavors strive to provide a safe and respectful venue for members of all communities to celebrate queer culture across the LGBTTQA spectrum, as well as including those who subscribe to culturally, politically, artistically, and otherwise alternative and innovative ways of contributing to society.

We create engaging social experiences through representative film, and utilize queer film as a vehicle for discussion and social change in our communities. We are passionate about bringing these experiences to Albertans and visitors, sharing the joy of live cinema events, and queer representation on the big screen.


2019 films...

The Fruit Machine & Love Letter Rescue Squad & Gross Indecency...

Tackling Life

The Garden Left Behind

Mr Gay Syria

Treaty 7 Film Collective Presents - HERE N’ QUEER: NOT GOING ANYWHERE

Who Will Hear my Sigh? (5:12m)
Mel Vee

A woman, reflecting on her experiences as a maid in Canada, wonders who will listen to hear story; who will hear her sigh? Made as part of the 2016 Herland Video Production Workshop presented by Telus Optik Local, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and Spring Street Films.

Emerge: Stone Braids (8:37m)
Evelyn Pakinewatik
Documenting the lives of loved ones during Toronto's inaugural Indigenous Fashion Week.

Local Degenerates (5m)
Nofac3 / Khrysta Lloren

Local Degenerates is a documentary web series that features Calgary's Queer Underground scene. From drag events such as Pink Flamingos, to queer pop-up dance parties like Fudge Packer Friday, the series explores a collective of artistic, fashion-conscious underground subculture that encourages weirdness and experimentation. 

When Winds Crash (4:59m)
Ryan Cooper

When Winds Crash is a short documentary exploring the life of John Paul a makeup wearing genderfluid diva living on reserve. 

Fatf*ck (5m)
Korvan Little-Feather

Korvan Little-Feather is a has-been Indigenous child star vying to revive his past experiences as a celebrity but he is finding quickly that to be who he wants he has to change everything about himself. 

Nite Ride (13m)
Danni Black & Olivia Golosky

Nite Ride centers around four friends who go on an evening bike ride while, unbeknown to them, they are being followed and eventually attacked by supernatural creatures of the night.  

Twisted Machine (trailer 2:37m)
Carolyn Wu

A Chinese-Canadian lesbian teenager captains her hockey team against the will of her mother, while dating her powerhouse jock of a teammate in secrecy. 

De-Gaga (4:20m)
Thoko Masikini

De-Gaga is a proof-of-concept for a sitcom that follows the lives of four queer friends of colour as they navigate life, love, sex, career and what it means to be an adult in a world that is in flux. De-Gaga as a piece of work sheds a light on a generation and collective that has been underrepresented. Ultimately De-Gaga is a conversation piece that is bold, brash and unapologetic. 

Positions (12m)
Justin Ducharme

A simple and naturalistic approach to a day in the life of an indigiqueer, male sex worker as he visits his clients. Positions is an unapologetic and realist exploration of sexual desire, the quest for financial stability, and the pursuit of agency over one’s own body. 

Later, In the Life (9:55)
Tamai Kobayashi

Two middle-aged butch lesbians of colour, once activists, come to a crossroads in their friendship when one of them starts dating.

Deep Inside Clint Starr

Social Justice Night: The T and Other Tales

THE T Episodes 1--2
Directed by Daniel Kyri and Bea Cordelia

Synopsis: Winner of the coveted Streamy Award for best Indie web series, THE T follows Jo and Carter, a young trans woman and queer Black man, as they learn how to be best friends in the wake of their romantic relationship and Jo’s transition. 

Framing Agnes-20m
Directed By:Chase Joynt, Kristen Schilt

In the late 1950s, a woman named Agnes approached the UCLA Medical Center seeking sex reassignment surgery. Her story was long considered to be exceptional and singular until never-before-seen case files of other patients were found in 2017. Watch as preeminent trans culture-makers of our time breathe new life into those who redefined gender in the midcentury. Starring Zackary Drucker (Transparent), Angelica Ross (Pose), Silas Howard (By Hook or By Crook), and Max Wolf Valerio (The Testosterone Files). 

THE T Episodes 3-4
Directed by Daniel Kyri and Bea Cordelia

In My Mother's Closet-13m
Directed by: Adri Almeida & Carolyn Wu

In My Mother's Closet' explores the intersections of being brown, trans, and a woman. Through song, Adri reconciles the struggle of wanting to belt out her truth while not wanting to risk her relationship with her religious mother. With the support of her best friend, she perseveres. 

THE T Episodes 5-6
Directed by Daniel Kyri and Bea Cordelia

Missed Connections-15m
Directed by: Brandon Ho

Two strangers meet and form a bond at a festival, but they forget to exchange contact info. As they search for one another in the real world, their posts go viral, as they navigate their careers, lives, and societyʼs expectations of them as Black, female, and transgender. An LGBT love story.


The Best of HUMP!

YQMP Films

Bobbi and Sheelagh-12m
Directed by: Barb Taylor

Bobbi meets a mythological creature whose ancient battle for acceptance helps Bobbi overcome her own fears of being herself - a young lesbian. This animated short has been created in a traditional method with thousands of hand painted cells and pencil crayon backgrounds. Featuring Canadian actor Nisha Ahuja and Irish actor Mel Bradley. 

Silvia In The Waves-13m

Noa struggles to honor the identity of his recently deceased parent while his mother tries to uphold the appearance of a conventional family. Grief and fantasy entwine to reveal the complex relationship between history and erasure, identity and memory. 

Siblings in Transition-6m

Synopsis: Reaching Out empowered young activists in Metro Vancouver Pride Clubs and Gender & Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) to produce and share videos aimed at making change and building networks of allies within their local communities. This project engaged youths in Vancouver, Coquitlam, and Burnaby, providing them with extensive professional support and mentorship from filmmakers and educators. Through this project, young people created videos to communicate important social justice messages, and to engage their school and communities.

Freaky Friends
Nicholas Tufts and Aidan Vair

A conservationist/cryptozoologist and his begrudging co-host help local Canadian cryptids with their problems, all while educating kids on wildlife, healthy relationships, nutrition and acceptance.

The Lying Truths
Matthew Oliver van Diepen

A young child finds themself at a mysterious desert oasis and must confront a monster to find freedom.

Shorts Package: Love and Loss

Appel en Absence (Missed call) - 1m
Directed by Kevin Cappel

A voicemail from Mom asking if her son has a girlfriend, as he is taking makeup off of his face. 

Life After - 13m
Directed by Ria Tobaccowala

“Life After” is about Nisha, a single mother and Indian immigrant, who travels to New York City to clear out her daughter Zara's apartment. Out of her element in the big city, Nisha discovers surprising new details about Zara. With help from her best friend and a stranger, Nisha uncovers the truth about her daughter’s life. 

First Girl I Loved - 5m
Directed by Anna Yuen

A short documentary interviewing queer women about the first girl they loved.

Teddy - 11m
Directed by Christopher Sweeney

What would you sacrifice for the ones you love? The tragic events of one night have robbed Paul of almost everything, and now he must decide if he is ready to step up and honour his best friend’s final wish. The debut short film from filmmaker Christopher Sweeney, a touching LGBTQ drama about love and friendship.

Infinite While it Lasts - 18m
Director and Screenplay by  Akira Kamiki

After falling in love at a party, Danny and Seiji just want to be together. However, their differences might prove stronger than their feelings. The first fiction film about asexuality.

End Conversion Therapy - 8m
Directed by Zachary Clarence, Miranda Huba

A survivor of conversion therapy navigates the New York dating scene.

Shorts Package - Queerly Complicated

Threesome - 3m
Directed by Jessica King

F*ck Yes is a modern sex ed series focused on improving communication (and sex) between consenting adults. In this episode, a couple negotiates a threesome.

SWITCH - 18m
Directed by Marion Renard

Synopsis: During her first sexual experience, a teenager discovers she has an unsettling peculiarity. A modern-day tale of sexual development and self-acceptance.

Fuck The Boxes - 10m
Directed by Abel Rubinstein

Fuck The Boxes is about a gay teen Dan who falls in love with a non-binary female friend Ray, dealing with his first ever vagina! We want to portray non-binary people in a realistic way whilst challenging the labels of many sexualities. Gender is becoming more fluid, does this mean our sexuality will too? It certainly does for our protagonist Dan. Our relatable comedic drama aims to entertain, sometimes outrageously, whilst tackling these issues.

Positions - 12m
Directed by Justin Ducharme

A simple and naturalistic approach to a day in the life of an indigiqueer, male sex worker as he visits his clients. Positions is an unapologetic and realist exploration of sexual desire, the quest for financial stability, and the pursuit of agency over one’s own body.

Maybe Today - 3m
Directed by Sarah Rotella

The lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, when a woman who has feelings for her best friend imagines what their relationship could be if she acted on them.

The Things You Think I’m Thinking (2017) - 14m
Directed by Sherren Lee

A black male burn-survivor and amputee goes on a date with a regularly-abled man for the first time since his accident.

ENGAGED (2019) - 16m

Directed by David Scala

A guy tries to propose to his boyfriend multiple times, but it's never as perfect as he had imagined.

Tell It to the Bees

Gay Chorus Deep South

Shorts Package - Identities

Safety in Number: A Trans History 16 min
Directed by Melinda Friedman

What was it like to be transgender before there was such a thing as a trans community? Pioneers who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s reflect on their personal experience, while young people in the community today offer their own stories.

Butch 13 min
Directed by SD Holman

SD Holman self-identifies as “butch,” a label that she and others in her community have reclaimed. Her inspiring story has challenged traditional definitions of masculinity and femininity in surprising ways.

The Two Humanologie Project
under an umbrella we met

Actor, dancer, singer, animator, filmmaker, artist, advocate, volunteer, sibling, partner. These are all terms Oliver uses to describe himself. He also claims the identities of drag monarch, transgender, and queer. Oliver knew at a fairly young age that he would make the transition, and wants to be identified as trans for the rest of his life. He recognizes that he is who he is because of his lived experience, which is deeply rooted in where he came from and the journey he is on.

Bree is Calgarian. She is an avid gym-goer, she has completed a bunch of obstacle courses and she loves her family and her dogs. She also happens to be trans and lesbian. Bree didn't always identify with those labels. Finding herself and taking the steps to be her authentic self has been an ongoing process and the most challenging thing she has encountered in her life.

Papi Chulo