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Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival

Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival

Friday, 25 May 2018 until Saturday, 02 June 2018

Fairy Tales Presentation Society is a not-for-profit, charitable organization located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We celebrate local and national queer artists and share diverse stories based in film. Our artistic endeavors strive to provide a safe and respectful venue for members of all communities to celebrate queer culture across the LGBTTQA spectrum, as well as including those who subscribe to culturally, politically, artistically, and otherwise alternative and innovative ways of contributing to society.

We create engaging social experiences through representative film, and utilize queer film as a vehicle for discussion and social change in our communities. We are passionate about bringing these experiences to Albertans and visitors, sharing the joy of live cinema events, and queer representation on the big screen.


2018 films...


Calgary’s Queer History is a deep dive into the historical, social and political forces, which shaped the development of the queer community in Calgary. Featuring extensive footage and B-roll film from Calgary Pride in the 90’s, queer leaders recount a decade of turmoil, loss, and growth of activism and human rights. The film is a first-hand account of the frontlines of LGBTQ2+ activism at a time when the right to be out in Alberta was not legally protected, visible or developed. Spanning stories from 1960-present day, this feature length documentary delves into the moments and victories, which brought an entire community from the darkness into the light.


Having moved to Paris for university, Leevi returns to his native Finland for the summer to help his estranged father renovate the family lake house so it can be sold. Tareq, a recent asylum seeker from Syria, has been hired to help with the work, and when Leevi's father has to return to town on business, the two young men establish a connection and spend a few days discovering one another during the Finnish midsummer.


Chasing Unicorns

4 mins
Blacked out from a brutal fall while skating, Jo dreams up a world of color, where she meets a unicorn who helps her believe in magic again

Violet and June

7 mins
Violet and June is a short film about falling in love, the terror of being alive in a cold heartless universe, and butts.

Jordy in Transitland

6 mins
Jordy is on the brink of her physical transition. Especially now, wandering in the realm between man and woman, she feels that the dichotomy is more poignant than ever. Must she conform herself to fit in? And what is the price for doing so? A modern, raw fairytale as a poetic protest against today's parochialism (narrow mindedness). 


22 mins
Written, directed and animated by Alex Myung, this 2D-animated film explores one boy's struggle to face the truth of his life and love, and reveal it to the person he cares about most.


10 mins

El Cisne/The Swan

22 mins
After a long period of absence, Sthefany decides to go back home in Mexico to confront her parents about her gender identity.

I Like Girls

8 mins
In I Like Girls, four women reveal the nitty-gritty about their first loves, sharing funny and intimate tales of one-sided infatuation, mutual attraction, erotic moments, and fumbling attempts at sexual expression.

Sisak (Crying Silently)

16 mins
Set in the fast-paced environs of the bustling Mumbai local trains, Sisak details a wordless romance that develops slowly and intoxicatingly, nestled in the silences and quiet comforts of the end-of-day train journeys between two men.


From a screenplay by Sebastián Lelio and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, the film follows a woman as she returns to the community that shunned her decades earlier for an attraction to a childhood friend. Once back, their passions reignite as they explore the boundaries of faith and sexuality. Based on Naomi Alderman's book, the film stars Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams and Alessandro Nivola.


A confused religious girl tries to deny her feelings for a female friend who's in love with her. This causes her suppressed, subconsciously-controlled psychokinetic powers to reemerge as seizures with devastating results.


Experience the electric atmosphere of a group of gender warriors from across North America meeting for the first time and screening their films for the audience and each other. Meet the creators and hear them talk about their films, their experiences, and their work in the community.

Woman on Fire

2016 | USA | 90 min

Directed by Julie Sokolow

Woman on Fire follows Brooke Guinan, the first openly transgender firefighter in New York City. A character-driven documentary, the film follows Brooke as she sets out to challenge perceptions of what it means to be transgender in America today.

Bathroom Rules

5 min I Directed by Kat Hidalgo

A 10-year-old, gender non-conforming student navigates their way through the school, in search of a safe washroom.


2018 | Canada | 90 min

Directed by Michael Del Monte

In the summer of 2015, former US Marine and world record weightlifter Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski was publicly outed as being transgender. The reaction was universal: her sponsors abandoned her, she was disowned by her parents, banned from competing, and she changed her name to "Janae". This film follows Janae as she attempts to find her place in society. Initially wanting to strip off the muscle and become a much smaller looking woman, she found herself unable to lose the muscle she so desperately gained. She now finds herself living one day as an alpha male and the next day as a delicate girl. Will Janae be able to handle her muscle relapses? Will her passage from being a male bring her the peace she's looking for? Will society accept a 250lbs muscular woman? Is her path personal redemption or physical and psychological disaster?


2017 | Calgary | 12 min

Directed by Steve Adams

This short documentary explores a week in the life of Angela—a roller derby athlete and transgender rights activist in Alberta, Canada. As a jammer for the Calgary All-Stars team, she skates under the name Easy Break Oven and is a role model in the local derby community. She also coaches kids from the small-towns surrounding the city, which is one of the most conservative and religious parts of the country. While preparing for her first derby match of the season, she begins to see her teammates and her life in a new light.


Zaynab, a thirty-something Pakistani, Muslim, lesbian in Chicago takes care of her sweet and TV-obsessed mother. As Zaynab falls for Alma, a bold and very bright Mexican woman, she searches for her identity in life, love and wrestling.


Kinship and Closeness is a Two-Spirit program of short films that encourages viewers to redefine borders within relationships. Through genuine demonstrations of affection and care, this program hopes to promote and highlight the necessity of kinship amongst our* nations. Through storytelling, language, intimacy, ancestral teachings and gender bending, these Two-Spirit works can begin the process of de-colonizing perspectives of love, gender, sexuality and partnerships while elevating Indigenous voices and facilitating methods of healing.

These works encourage a queering of time through an Indigenous lens, allowing for a non-linear perception of time. Colonial boundaries between the past, present and future become unwoven. Alternatively, these short films flow through various representations of Indigenous culture while reclaiming agency our own bodies and minds through abstract moments in time. Join us for an intimate evening of featured works by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, Thirza Cuthand, Dayna Danger, Adrian Stimson and Beric Manywounds whose work Tsanizid (Wake Up) will receive its Tiohtià:ke premiere and will be in attendance for the Q&A following the screening.

Water into Fire

 Zachery Longboy | 1994 | 11:00 minutes

Longboy outs himself as a First Nations FAG - who is living with HIV - hoping to sever attached preconception of two spirited peoples. In a contemplative search, the artist recollects how HIV/AIDS has affected him and his surrounding community, revealing a strength through loss.

Aviliaq: Entwined

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril | 2014 | 15:00 minutes

In the 1950s, two Inuit women attempt to protect their relationship when pressure from their community forces them to marry men. This short film was  featured in the feature length documentary “Two Soft Thing, Two Hard Things” which was presented at the 2017 Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival. 

Paskwâw Mostos Iskwêsis (Buffalo Girl)

Howard Adler, Candy Renae Fox, Leo Koziol | 2017 | 4:08 minutes
Produced by Trudy Stewart | Regina SK, Canada • English and Cree

Set in the backdrop of colonial violence and the extermination of the buffalo. The Genocide of the buffalo parallels the loss of Queer Indigenous and Two-Spirit knowledge. In this film a Buffalo Spirit transforms into an Nēhiyaw Iskwesis (a young Cree women), and a ghost like apparition sings Maori songs and underscores the links between colonialism on Indigenous peoples across the globe.

Buffalo Boy: Don’t Look East

Adrian Stimson | 2012 | 7:03

Buffalo Boy is outrageous and excessive. But going too far is about taking audiences out of their comfort zones and reflecting their prejudices back at them, refusing to legitimize them. In recreating the Wild West as a camp spectacle, Stimson’s work is in dialogue with and indebted to artists such as Lori Blondeau and Kent Monkman, among others, in whose work we see the same love of twisted elegance, parodic exaggeration and elaborate staginess. Mixing satirical spectacle, camp aesthetics and anti-colonial critique, these artists depict the West as high-camp theatre, in which everything is done “in quotations” and nothing is what it seems to be. (Lynne Bell, Canadian Art Magazine)


Dayna Danger | 2017 | 00:00-05:41 minutes

2Spirit/Queer, Metis/Saulteaux/Polish visual artist raised in so called Winnipeg, MB. Bebeschwendaam challenges the segregation between intimacy and kinship as a method of decolonizing Western perceptions of love and partnerships. By demonstrating candid moments between the two central figures, this playful film dismantles the notion that affection is solely reserved for romantic, heteronormative couplings. This film has been shown at Concordia’s VA Gallery in 2017 and Gallery 101 in Ottawa.

Tsanizid (Wake Up)

Beric Manywounds | 2017 | 6:09 minutes

"Wake Up" is a new dance film by Beric Manywounds 

Future Nation

Kent Monkman | 2005 | 16:27 minutes

Against the terrifying backdrop of a biological apocalypse, a Native teenager, Brian, comes out to his older sister, Faith, and homophobic brother, Charles. Conflict erupts among them as desperate survivors from the city seek refuge on the rez from the horrors of a “megapox” epidemic that is quickly devastating urban populations across North America. Through a perilous journey to the city for food, where they rescue Brian's "friend" in the process (an outrageous drag queen named Tonya), the hungry and frightened youth reach acceptance by facing down their fears. 

2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com

Thirza Cuthand | 2017 | 4:56 minutes

2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com queers and indigenizes traditional dating site advertisements. Using a Butch NDN 'lavalife" lady (performed by director Thirza Cuthand), 2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com seduces the viewer into 2 Spirit "snagging and shacking up" with suggestions of nearby pipeline protests to take your date to, and helpful elders who will matchmake you and tell off disrespectful suitors. It's the culturally appropriate website all single 2 Spirit people wish existed. Following up on her video "2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99" this work examines the forces of capitalism through envisioning a "financially feasible" service for a small minority community.


Our Youth Queer Media Program (YQMP) is an exciting opportunity for youth who have an exceptional story to tell. We are proud to present the world premieres of our 2017 YQMP participant's films.

Everyday Love - Directed by Hannah Hunter-Loubert

Everyday Love is a portrait of a queer couple and the way love can be very mundane.


Contact is a narrative short film following Christopher, a young gay man struggling with loneliness in the community despite knowing (and sleeping with) many men within it. short film following Christopher, a young gay man struggling with loneliness in the community despite knowing (and sleeping with) many men within it.

Working to the Top - Directed by Sean Ruhland

A transition can't happen overnight, but one night can make you realize just how long the transition is taking. Working to the Top shows just some of the ways life is make harder for trans people when all they're doing is existing in the same space.

The Luminous Ones - Directed by Lee Doré

The Luminous Ones is a sonic journey of three innocent heroes guided to battle a dark machine entity trying to overtake the world.  

Paint - Directed by Selina Martineau

How do Queer artists respond to society? This short documentary explores how local drag performers and queer visual artists are addressing identity in this political climate.


“Bones of Contention” is the first nonfiction feature film to explore the theme of historical memory in Spain, focusing on the repression of lesbians and gays under Franquismo. Lining the roads of Spain, masked by miles and miles of pine trees, are unmarked graves in which over a hundred twenty thousand victims of the Franco regime are buried. Today the families of the desaparecidos lead a grassroots effort to uncover and identify the bones of their loved ones, despite opposition from the Spanish government….The film weaves together two strands, the historical memory movement’s campaign to uncover the past, and the search for the hidden lives of lesbians and gays under Franco. These strands are connected through the figure of Spain’s most famous poet, Federico García Lorca…. The mystery of his missing remains and the debates over their significance provide the narrative spine of the documentary, as he has become the symbol today for both the historical memory movement and the LGBT movement.


With VISIBLE, Jamaican-born filmmaker and writer Max-Arthur Mantle creates a documentary conceived from his debut novel “Batty Bwoy,” which taps growing up gay in Jamaica's homophobic society, and exploring his identity in the US. In the film, Mantle focuses on the experiences of LGBTQ people from the Caribbean living in the diaspora. The subjects share their unscripted portraits and narratives. Their experiences include  homophobia, transphobia, lesbophobia, and biphobia, coming out, and living their truth in more accepting spaces in North America.


In this musical, set at the dawn of the 1990s, a group of New Yorkers struggle with their careers, love lives and the effects of the AIDS epidemic on their community. Mark (Anthony Rapp), an aspiring filmmaker, and Roger (Adam Pascal), an HIV-positive musician, scramble for money to pay rent to their landlord and former roommate, Benny (Taye Diggs). Meanwhile, their friend Tom (Jesse L. Martin), a professor, has fallen for Angel (Wilson Jermaine Heredia), who is slowly dying of AIDS.


This documentary chronicles the creation of an international salon-styled tour led and supported by women. It tells the story of how Jade Foster recruited a group of five dynamic poets and musicians to become stewards of a movement that builds community among queer women of color, upholds literary arts excellence, and occupies living rooms across the country.


Rebels on Pointe is the first-ever, cinéma vérité documentary filmcelebrating Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo -- the all male, drag ballet company founded over 40 years ago on the heels of New York's Stonewall riots. The company has performed in over 500 cities and 33 countries, and has a cult following around the world. The film juxtaposes exclusive, behind-the-scenes access and intimate, character-driven stories of its dancers, highlighted by amazing performances shot around the world. Rebels on Pointe ultimately celebrates our shared humanity through universal themes of identity, dreams, family, love, loss, determination and resilience... proving that a ballerina is not merely a woman dancing, but an act of revolution in a tutu.


A young linquist travels to the jungle of Mexico to research and save a mysterious indigenous language. A language, as he discovers, at the point of disappearing since the last two speakers had a fight fifty years ago and refuse to speak a word with each other. Trying to bring the two old friends back together, he discovers that hidden in the past, in the heart of the jungle, lies a secret concealed by the language that makes it difficult to believe that the heart of Zikril will beat once again.



4 mins

A Short Documentary following the life of a Trans Veteran.

Handsome and Majestic

12 mins | Directed by Jeff Lee Petry  

Meet Milan, a superstar teen who’s taking on the anti-trans* bullies in Prince George.

Picture This

34 mins | Directed by Jari Osborne

Picture This is a brand new documentary short produced by The National Film Board of Canada and directed by award winning director, Jari Osborne.  The piece features Andrew Gurza discussing the realities of sex, disability and queerness. 

The March Sweater

32 mins | Directed by Joseph Schweers, Amanda Schweers, Joshua and Andrew Huculiak

A documentary film, funded by TELUS Optik Local, focused on LGBTQ storytellers sharing their wisdom on life love and growing older. Cues from their stories create visual elements for the film.

Amazing Factory Productions,  is a Vancouver based production company comprised of four family members: Joseph and Amanda Schweers, as well as their cousins, Joshua and his brother Andrew Huculiak.

Mrs. McCutcheon

17 mins | Directed by Ben Young

Having always felt he was born in the wrong body, 10-year-old Tom chooses the name Mrs McCutcheon rather than the name he was given at birth; he also prefers the flow of a dress rather than the cut of a pant. Now at his third school Tom is having trouble settling in and finding acceptance from his newfound peers – except for Trevor, a tough little charmer who also suffers prejudice due to his Aboriginal heritage. With the school dance only days away Tom is thrust on a journey of self-discovery and sacrifices to find his own place in the world. Be prepared for a courageous ending that might just revolutionize the school dances forever!


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