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Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival

Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival

USN Expo

Friday, 08 November 2019 until Saturday, 23 November 2019

USNexpo – Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival 2019 is a short movies contest addressed to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer themed works, both released and unreleased ones. Contents can be artistically performed in all its possible meanings, interpretations and realities.

USNFestival is a film competition sponsored by ARC, a cultural association from Cagliari, by ARCinema, a member of the Italian Federation of Cinema Societies, and by the students’ association universitARC.

USNFestival is part of a wider project of activities related to Uno Sguardo Normale Expo, a queer culture festival, organized by ARC, the LGBTQ association of Cagliari, ARCinema and unviersitARC. These associations aim, once again this year, to raise awareness towards society, thanks to the universal language of art, on natural forms of sexual orientation, gender identity and equality in terms of civil rights. In addition, through the Festival the associations aims are: to enhance and promote young and independent movie productions, especially the small ones, that are connected to queer culture; to foster dialogue and cultural exchange among productions of different countries; to offer to the city of Cagliari the opportunity to learn more about this still unknown movie niche.

USN|Festival is exclusively dedicated to short films that last less than 25 minutes (opening and closing credits included).

Any genre of works will be accepted (documentary, fiction, classic and/or digital animation, video clips, video art) as long as they have been released after January 2017. Application is open to all works without any constraint concerning genre, format and technique. Both distributed (in Italy or abroad) and undistributed films will be accepted too.

Best Short Film Award, awarded by the Jury of USN|Festival: € 2,000.00

Audience Award: € 500.00

Best Original Short Film that speaks about the LGBT situation in Sardinia: € 300,00

Student Award: € 300,00

• Works must be submitted by 11th August 2019
• Le opere devono essere inviate alla Segreteria di USN|Festival entro l'11 agosto 2019.

• USN|Festival is exclusively dedicated to short films that last less than 25 minutes (opening and closing credits included), produced after 1st January 2017.
• Possono partecipare tutti i cortometraggi di durata non superiore ai 25 minuti realizzati dopo il 1 gennaio 2017.

• All foreign works shot in any language which is not Italian must be submitted attaching a subtitle file in srt format or other digital format comprehensive of text and timecode, possibly in Italian or, if not possible, in English. Non-subtitled foreign short films will not be selected.
• Le opere in lingue diverse dall'italiano devono essere inviate con allegato il file dei sottotitoli in formato srt o altro formato digitale con testo e timecode, preferibilmente in italiano o, in alternativa, in inglese.

• Short films must be uploaded on online services (as Vimeo) in a HD format. In this case, films should be downloadable even during the pre-selection procedure; the entry form signed and filled in each and every part, all access information (link and password) must be sent to the official email address: usnexpo@gmail.com
Directors of preselected films must also send via email: a synopsis of the film (max. 500 characters); a technical file of the film; cast&credits. All information must be in Italian OR in English.
• I cortometraggi devono essere scaricabili online (da servizi come Vimeo con abilitazione del download), oppure inviati tramite servizi di trasferimento file, in alta qualità, già in fase di preselezione; la scheda di iscrizione, sottoscritta in originale e compilata in ogni sua parte oltre alle informazioni per l’accesso al video dovranno essere inviate all’indirizzo e-mail ufficiale: usnexpo@gmail.com

Via e-mail dovranno essere anche inviati : la sinossi del film (massimo 500 battute); scheda tecnica del film; cast&credits; in italiano e/o inglese.


2019 films...


1° blocco:
Flouty Express (Muriele Honein, Libano, 2018, 22'30'')
Boldly Go (Christopher Cosgrove, Australia, 2019, 05'32'')
Tomorrow Island (Gwen Joyaux, Portogallo/Estonia, 2018, 16'28'')
Rehearsal (Valentina Gordeeva, Russia, 2019, 12'38'')
Behind the Wall (Werner Schnater, Francia, 2019, 00'19'')

2° blocco:
The Walking Gay (Fernando Farias, Brasile, 2017, 16'22'')
My Grandson, Charlotte (Tyler Pierreson, Gran Bretagna, 2019, 13'16'')
Eyes (Lily Ash Sakula, Gran Bretagna, 2019, 04'30'')
Chechnya (Jordan Goldnadel, Francia, 2018, 15'00'')
Pepitas (Alessandro Sanpaoli, Italia, 2018, 08'07'')
Sałatka (Rut Angielina, Spagna, 2019, 03'00'')

3° blocco:
Rabbits (Luca Metodo, Italia, 2019, 20'00'')
Tu día de suerte (Fele Martínez, Spagna, 2019, 10'53'')
Hard Shadow (Neda Khanifar, Iran, 2019, 03'20'')
Switch (Marion Renard, Belgio, 2018, 17'43'')
Stockholm (Laurene P. Derya e Emmanuelle Clouzet, Francia, 2019, 09'03'')


1° blocco:
Third Place (Milan Bath, Germania, 2019, 18'33'')
Mermind (Shiue Jen Chang, Taiwan, 2019, 04'45'')
Repugnant (Kyan Krumdieck, Nuova Zalanda, 2018, 11'58'')
Abeo (Brenda Lopez, Canada, 2018, 07'01'')
My Loneliness Is Killing Me (Tim Courtney, Gran Bretagna, 2018, 16'30'')

2° blocco:
Rakkaudella, Matti (Jarno Lindemark, Finlandia, 2019, 18'09'')
Dudillas (Pedro Rudolphi, Spagna, 2019, 05'42'')
Silence Is Deadly (Brice Veneziano, Francia, 2018, 01'36'')
La bague au doigt (Gerlando Infuso, Belgio, 2018, 14'56'')
Stalls (João Dall'Stella, U.S.A., 2019, 03'10'')
Thrive (Jamie Di Spirito, Gran Bretagna, 2019, 16'48'')

3° blocco:
Y (Gina Wenzel, Germania, 2017, 23'36'')
Amare Affondo (Matteo Russo, Italia, 2019, 16'17'')
Con Paquito era mejor (Adán Pichardo, Spagna, 2018, 04'58'')
El desconcierto (Javier Rodriguez Espinosa, Spagna, 2019, 17'00'')
Večernij sjurpriz (Elvira Shesternenko, Russia, 2019, 00'55'')

  • Queer-Bomb(Renan de Cillo, 2019, 7'32'')
  • My Inner Territory(Yggor Araújo, Daniela Moura, Raul Dias, Lorena Oliveira, Elisangela Cordeiro, Aline Cortez, 2018, 15'00'')
  • Soccer Boys(Carlos Guilherme Vogel, 2018, 15'00'')
  • Sweet of Your Tongue(Rafael Mog, 2019. 12'09'')
  • She Just Want To Be Mary(Victor Vinícius, 2019, 11'20'')
  • After That Party(Caio Scot, 2019, 12'53'')
  • Rosa Shock(Eric Bitencourt, 2019, 04'00'')


Wanuri Kahiu
Kenya, 2018, 83'

Los miembros de la familia

Mateo Bendesky
Argentina, 2019, 86'

Boy Erased

Joel Edgerton
U.S.A., 2018, 114'

Billie & Emma

Samantha Lee
Filippine, 2018, 107’

Mery per sempre

Marco Risi
Italia, 1989, 98

Drive Me Home

Simone Catania
Italia, 2018, 100’