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Out for Blood

Out for Blood

Cambridge Queer Horror Festival

Saturday, 26 October 2019 until Saturday, 26 October 2019

Out For Blood is a queer horror film festival based in the UK. The festival that began it all for what is now known as Out For Cinema - a selection of queer film festivals based in the UK aimed at showcasing the best independent film from around the world by LGBTQIA+ filmmakers!

We invite everybody to come along and watch a selection of chilling tales from the queer community. The aim of this festival is to showcase the often silenced voices of those who identify within the queer community and to have a good scare in the process!

There will be an audience vote for the best in show.

Before you submit your film, we have a few simple rules:

1) All films which are submitted, must have had a queer identifying person working on them. OR, the films must have at least one queer character or theme.

2) All films must be 30 minutes or less. We welcome super shorts!

3) All films must fall somewhere within the vast horror genre.

4) All films must either be in English or have English subtitles.


If your film is selected (congrats!) you will need to submit your film in mp4 format through a file transfer site (we recommend www.wetransfer.com)