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  • Aspen Shortsfest
  • Bolton Film Festival
  • Calgary International Film Festival
  • D'un bord à l'autre
  • DIGO Festival
  • Dinard Festival of British Cinema
  • DiversidArte: Festival de Curtas
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  • LGBT Film Festival - Poland
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LGBT Film Festival - Poland

LGBT Film Festival - Poland

Friday, 18 September 2020 until Friday, 25 September 2020
This is the 11th edition of LGBT Film Festival – the largest cinema fest of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans in Poland. The festival has been controversial from the very beginning and we will keep it that way. We prepared the latest and best-received productions at international film festivals. This year the programme will carry us Closer to Israel and Closer to India. We will discuss the films analysing the results of stereotypical upbringing, we will examine how positive the life of a senior can be. We returned to productions that became an inherent part of the classic LGBT cinema. The programme also embraces thematically and formally various productions, which were subjects of heated debate around the world.

2020 films...














Beside the Vistula River
Kinga falls in love with a woman and joins people helping the protesters beaten up during the far-right Independence Day. It gives her strength to reject values she doesn’t agree with, and discover her true self once again.
written and directed by: Agata Korycka, cast: Aleksandra Pisula, Anna Gorajska, Anna Bielecka, Dobromir Dymecki, cinematography: Olaf Malinowski, music: Przemysław Książek, production: Poland 2020, running time: 40 minutes

A Stranger
Marcin, a professional soldier, receives a proposition to join a mission in Kosovo. His partner, Kamil, is against his departure, and makes him choose between love and work. Things get even more complicated when Marcin’s mother gets involved…
written and directed by: Mario Podpora, cast: Jan Aleksandrowicz Krasko, Piotr Sędkowski, Miriam Aleksandrowicz, cinematography: Luke Borkowski, music: Ania Lenarcik & Edi Ann, production: Poland 2019, running time: 20 minutes


Frida Think
A woman walks into a party dressed as Frida Kahlo, only to find that her version of unique has mass appeal.
directed by: Maya Derrington, production: Ireland 2018, running time: 4 minutes

Becoming Cherrie
A multicolour portrait of drag queen Cherrie Ontop, living with HIV in conservative Northern Irish society.
directed by: Nicky Larkin, production: Northern Ireland 2019, running time: 12 minutes

When a fisherman gets a bigger catch than usual, he gets another surprise from the sexy selkie he’s landed.
directed by: Tara Hegarty, production: Northern Ireland 2017, running time: 8 minutes

Boy Saint
A sumptuous short film of friendship and adoration between boys, based on a poem by Peter LaBerge.
directed by: Tom Speers, production: Ireland 2018, running time: 7 minutes

In Orbit
A hypnotic and beautiful love story between two women that crosses both time and emotional space.
directed by: Katie McNiece, production: Ireland 2019, running time: 17 minutes

A young man seeking his father’s approval finally confronts him about their relationship on a boardwalk across a bog in the Irish Midlands.
directed by: Finian Robbin, production: Ireland 2019, running time: 9 minutes

On the day of a regional Irish dancing competition, an Irish couple struggle to cope with their child’s gender identity.
directed by: Sarah-Jane Drummey, production: Ireland 2019, running time: 12 minutes

In a small corner of the UK, a battle is being waged. A battle for love. A battle to be EQUAL.
directed by: Gillian Callan, production: Northern Ireland 2019, running time: 23 minutes