September Events...

  • (S)exhibitions
  • Calgary International Film Festival
  • Champs d'Amours, 100 ans de cinéma arc-en-ciel
  • Cinema Diverse!
  • Cinema Queer International Film Festival
  • D'un bord à l'autre
  • DC Shorts Film Festival
  • Dinard Festival of British Cinema
  • DiversidArte: Festival de Curtas
  • Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Edmonton International Film Festival
  • Encounters
  • Fabulous Independent Film Festival
  • Fantastic Fest
  • Great Lakes International Film Festival
  • Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival
  • Kansai Queer Film Festival
  • Kaunas International Film Festival
  • London Spanish Film Festival
  • Netherlands Film Festival
  • New York Film Festival
  • New York No Limits
  • Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival
  • Oslo/Fusion Filmfest
  • Out on Film
  • Pink Season
  • Portland Queer Film Festival
  • Premio Sebastiane
  • Queer Lisboa
  • QueerFest
  • Raindance Film Festival
  • Reeling Filmfest
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival
  • San Sebastián International Film Festival
  • Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival
  • Trans Stellar Film Festival
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • ZE Festival
  • Zurich Film Festival
Reeling Filmfest

Reeling Filmfest

The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival

Thursday, 19 September 2019 until Sunday, 29 September 2019

Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival is the second longest-running film festival of its kind, and prides itself on showcasing the best LGBTQ+ films and videos each year.

From award-winning international feature films to social documentaries to experimental shorts, Reeling has always presented a range of genres that demonstrate the rich diversity of work being produced. Not only has Reeling become one of the most important cultural events for Chicagoans, it also attracts LGBTQ+ people from throughout the Midwest who consider the festival to be the highlight of their cinematic year.

The first Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival took place in April 1981 in Chicago Filmmakers’ 90-seat folding-chair screening room on West Hubbard Street. The festival sold out nearly every screening, leaving audiences demanding more. The enthusiasm for the festival led to a commitment on the part of Chicago Filmmakers to continue the festival as an annual event, and it has been going strong ever since.

The mission of Reeling is to recognize the important artistic contributions that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender filmmakers have made to our culture; to educate the general population and sensitize them to lesbian, gay and transgender issues; to investigate the history of LGBTQ+ film, including the stereotyping that has been a major part of this history; and to counteract this stereotyping with valid, meaningful and diverse portrayals of those in the LGBTQ+ community.

The festival provides a unique opportunity for the celebration of these identities for a community too often misrepresented or ignored in mainstream film and television.

Entries are eligible for (non-cash) audience awards in the categories of Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Experimental or Animated Film; and (non-cash) juried awards in the categories of Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Narrative Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Animated or Experimental Film.


2019 films...

15 Years


A Normal Girl

After That Party

After You Left

All Good Things

An Almost Ordinary Summer

Batekoo – Inspire The Night

BIFL: The Series

Birthday Girl


Bittersweet Waters


Boldly Go

Brief Story From The Green Planet



Cherry Season


Coming Out of Chicago

Copa 181



Dante vs. Mohammed Ali

Darkroom – Drops of Death

Dinner for 4

Distinguished Feelings

Dominant Chord

Eastsiders 4

End of the Century




From Zero to I Love You

Good Kisser



Hiding in Daylight

Home Girl


I am Mackenzie

I’m Fine

Infinite While It Lasts

Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

Kings and Queens – Pilot

Land’s End

Last Ferry


Leonard Soloway’s Broadway

Lesson #8


Making Sweet Tea




Mom + Mom

Monoceros Lex

More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

Moving Day

My Mattachine

Next Level Shit

Orpheus’ Song

Our Transition

Pageant Material

Prisoner of Society

Reshaping Beauty: Round in all the Right Places

Rubber Dolphin

Scary Lucy

Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street

Sell By

Sequin In A Blue Room

Shopping For Love

Sing Out

Something Different

Steam Room Stories: The Movie



The Archivettes

The Blonde One

The Curse

The Daughters of Fire

The Garden Left Behind

The Gay Rub: A Documentary

The Handyman

The Love Letter

The Most Hateful Small Town?

The Office is Mine

The One You Never Forget

The Orphan

The Shiny Shrimps

The Spark

The Summer House

The Sympathy Card

Things That Happen in the Bathroom

This Isn’t Me

Tomorrow Island

Top 3


Tough Love


Two in the Bush: A Love Story

Two Mums and a Giraffe

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America

Victory Boulevard

Where We Go From Here