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Brazil, Portuguese, 105 mins

Original Title

Ópera do Malandro
  • Director: Ruy Guerra
  • Writer: Chico Buarque de Hollanda; Ruy Guerra
  • Producer: Alberto Gra*a; Ruy Guerra

CGiii Comment

In 1941, Brazilian government was aligned with Nazi movement, in spite of being against the popular desire. In Lapa (Rio de Janeiro), the rascal, pimp and smuggler Max Overseas explores the cabaret singer and prostitute Margot, the former mistress of the chief inspector Tigrão. When the daughter of the cabaret owner Otto Struedel, Ludmila Struedel, leaves her boarding school and returns to her family, she proposes Max to be her husband and partner in a legal importation company of their own. But Margot and Tigrão do not accept the idea.


Cast & Characters

Edson Celulari as Max Overseas;
Claudia Ohana as Ludmila Struedel;
Elba Ramalho as Margot;
Fabio Sabag as Otto Struedel;
J.C. Violla as Geni;
Wilson Grey as Satiro;
Maria Silvia as Victoria Struedel;
Claudia Jimenez as Fiorella;
Andreia Dantas as Fichinha;
Ilva Nino as Doris;
Zenaide Zenah as Dorinha Tubao;
Djenane Machado as Shirley Paquete;
Katia Bronstein as Mimi Bibelo;
Lutero Luiz as Porfirio;
Bernard Seygnoux

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