Chloë Grace Moretz...

Chloe Mortez...slams Boy, Erased: 'Queer films should be made by queer people'

Sometimes, some people should think before they speak...Ms Mortez, star of the [other] conversion therapy drama The Miseducation of Cameron Post, has spoken to the Los Angeles Times...something she will [hopefully] live to regret. We could use [much] stronger words to describe the nonsense she spouted...but, we'll just use the word 'silly' - we have only one question: If [all] 'queer' films are to be made by 'queer' people, it follows that only 'queer' people can play 'queer' characters? Oops!

Sour grapes and appropriation...what a hideous combination!

And...please remember many LGBT people do not identify as 'Queer' - stop using this word as a collective. It - most definitely - is not!