Crisis on Earth-X!!!

Russell Tovey plays gay again!!! He plays Ray Terrill (aka The Ray) in a crossover 'event' in Supergirl!!! Whatever will they think of next?!?

It all takes place on Earth-X...an alternative reality where Germany won WW2...and, some superheroes have turned nasty. Gripping stuff!!!

We really do have massive reservations about twisting history - especially such a significant and horrific period and bending it into fluffy entertainment. Let's face it, superheroes are fluffy...

But, using the pink triangle in such a vacuous programme is nothing but disrespectful!!!

Russell Tovey Supergirl

Obviously, we haven't seen it yet...and should reserve judgment until doing so...but, the pink triangle is (and will always remain) a poignant and potent symbol...incorporating it into a fictional fluffiness is - unreservedly - irresponsible!

It airs in the USA at the end of November and in the UK in December...