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Refugees Welcome

Spain | Germany, English | German | Arabic | Czech, 21 mins

  • Director: Bruce La Bruce
  • Writer: Bruce La Bruce
  • Producer: Pablo Dobner; Erika Lust

CGiii Comment

Well...this will certainly inspire a few heated debates...

A powerful film to begin with...then, after some toe-sucking, it descends into the undebatable swamp of porn.

The religious symbolism is...bizarre. The story...irresponsible. The end shot...criminal.

No trailer...


The(ir) Blurb...

The short film tells the story of a night in the life of a newly arrived Syrian Refugee in Berlin, who after suffering a hate crime, will have an encounter where neither origins nor skin color will matter but only compassion, understanding and the universal rules of attraction. From this night onwards, the 'Refugee's Welcome' words and logo will have a whole other meaning.

Cast & Characters

Lukas Vondracek as Pig Boy;
Jesse Charif as Moonif;
Jorge Benavides;
Florian Hetz;
Gaaetan Montserat;
Tristan Rehbold;
Soren Drastrup;
Nicolas Endlicher

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