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  • El Festival Cine Gay-Lésbico en La Palma
  • GLITTER! Oklahoma's LGBT Film Festival
  • Houston Qfest
  • LGBT Toronto Film Festival
  • Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival
  • Motovun Film Festival
  • National Queer Arts Festival
  • Reel Desires
AKS film+dialogue

AKS film+dialogue

Festival for Minorities

Saturday, 10 November 2018 until Saturday, 17 November 2018

The festival’s main focus is to promote awareness and visibilty, establish dialogue, address human right issues and empower individuals of transgenders and sexual minorities. AKS will engage its audience through films, workshops and performance art events in a way that challenges them to empathize and demand equal rights and opportunities for such minorities.

Aks Film, Art & Dialogue Festival presents a 3-day festival in Copenhagen with films and debate on gender and sexuality in relation with ethnicity and other minority identities. Aks Festival is a global initiative that promotes dialogue on gender and sexual identity through films, art and dialogue. Aks Festival was established in 2014, and we have since held a total of 3 festivals in Pakistan and Denmark.


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