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  • Africa in Motion Film Festival
  • AltFest New York
  • Austin Film Festival
  • Barcelona International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
  • Beijing Queer Film Festival
  • BFI London Film Festival
  • Cambridge Film Festival
  • Canberra International Film Festival
  • Chicago International Film Festival
  • Cine Movilh
  • Cineffable
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  • Fabulous Independent Film Festival
  • Filmfest homochrom
  • Gender Bender
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  • Perlen – Queer Film Festival Hannover
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  • Vinokino Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Outfest - L.A.

Outfest - L.A.

Outfest is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to "protect our past, showcase our present and nurture our future by fostering gender, sexuality and LGBTQ culture and its transformative social impact on the world."

We build bridges among audiences, filmmakers and the entertainment industry through the exhibition of high-quality gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgender themed films and videos, highlighted by an annual festival, that enlighten, educate and entertain the diverse communities of Southern California and beyond.

As of 2012 Outfest has partnered with NewFest of New York City. Submissions for Outfest are automatically considered for NewFest, our partner New York City festival.


More than 200 feature and short films, nine venues and attendance of more than 55,000 people make Outfest the largest film festival of any kind in Los Angeles. Since our founding in 1982, Outfest has screened more than 5000 international films and videos for audiences of well over half a million people. Great opportunities await filmmakers at Outfest.

Outfest is the only gay and lesbian film festival in the heart of the entertainment industry, and more industry executives attend Outfest than any other LGBT film festival.


2018 films...


A Long Road to Freedom

AIDS Diva: The Legend of Connie Norman

Alifu, The Prince/ss

Alone in the Game

Anchor and Hope

Bad Reputation

Bao Bao (親愛的卵男日記)


Beyond the Opposite Sex

Bitter Melon

Bixa Travesty


Bright Colors and Bold Patterns


Call Her Ganda

Canary (Kanarie)

Cola De Mono

Conversations With Gay Elders: Kerby Lauderdale


Daddy Issues

Duck Season (Temporada de Patos)

Dykes, Camera, Action!

Eva & Candela (¿Cómo Te Llamas?)

Evening Shadows

Every Act of Life

Game Girls

Gospel of Eureka

Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta)

I Miss You When I See You (看見你便想念你)

Leitis in Waiting

Looking For? (你找什麼?)

Malila: The Farewell Flower (มะลิลา)

Man Made



Mr. Gay Syria

Narcissister Organ Player

Our Future Ends

Porcupine Lake

Postcards from London

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Reinventing Marvin (Marvin Ou La Belle Éducation)

Riley Parra


Room to Grow

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood


Shopping for Fangs

Show Me Love

Skate Kitchen


Strangers & Féminin/Féminin

Studio 54

That Night of November (Nove de Novembro)

The Carmilla Movie

The Dare Project & Clay Farmers

The Finding Home Series: LGBT Immigrants & Asylum Seekers

The Ice King

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

The Wild Boys (Les Garçons Sauvages)




Two in the Bush: A Love Story


We The Animals

When The Beat Drops

Wild Nights with Emily

Boys Shorts

There’s no denying the heart and soul in this year’s stunning showcase of boys’ shorts — across genre, borders, and walks of life, from Puerto Rico to Israel. Between breaking out of your shell and back into the dating pool to coming out after social media stardom, falling in love with a very famous corpse to stalking your father’s lover, these unforgettable films capture the laughter, melancholy, and hope that bind us together.

Sam (Dir: Stephanie Camacho Casillas, 11 min.)

Share (Dir: Barna Szász & Ellie Wen, 13 min.)

Sam Did It (Dir: Dominic Burgess, 11 min.)

Heritage (Dir: Yuval Aharoni, 25 min.)

The Things You Think I’m Thinking (Dir: Sherren Lee, 15 min.)

We Forgot  To Break Up (Dir: Chandler Levack, 16 min.)

Episodic Showcase

We are entering a time where queer and trans stories are more represented than ever in episodic content. From the gay mafia brought to life with a wink in “Enemies of Dorothy” to a young man’s earnest exploration of polyamory in “Triads,” this sampler of series encompasses so many of the queer and trans realities that we experience today. Join us for a 90-minute journey in asking one question: How do our LGBTQ identities intersect, and how do we move forward together as a movement? These shows explore the many answers to that question. Catch them here first: you’ll be sure to binge when they’re greenlit!

Broad Strokes  (Dir: Philip Vernon, 17 min)

Triads (Dir: Matt Mcclelland, 24 min)

Quare Life (Dir: Jessica King, 10 min)

Brothers (Dir: Emmett Jack Lundberg & Sheyam Ghieth, 12 min)

The Strivers (Dir: Guy Shalem, 20 min)

The T (Dir: Deven Casey & Daniel Kyri, 14 min)

Enemies of Dorothy (Dir: Ryan Fisher & Christopher Smith Bryant, 3 min)

Girls Shorts

In this year’s signature program, we amplify the unapologetic exhilaration of living your truth loud and proud. Whether standing up to your straight and narrow dance instructor, challenging your partner on unspoken tensions, confessing love for your best friend, or sparking resistance through pelvic thrusts, the subjects of these spectacular stories stand up and fight for the power of the queer female gaze.

Des!re (Dir: Campbell X, 10 min.)

Candace (Dir: Emma Weinstein, 10 min.)

Boihood (Dir: Rhea Bozzacchi, 7 min.)

Salamagan (Dir: Elisa Oh, 13 min.)

Foxy Trot (Dir: Lisa Donato, 15 min.)

The Dress You Have On (Dir: Courtney Hope Therond, 14 min.)

Fig Tree (Dir: Jenni Olson with Ana Quintanilla, 5 min.)

Juck [Thrust] (Dir: Olivia Kastebring, 17 min.)

Latin American Shorts

Be prepared for our most eclectic Latinx program ever. It embraces all LGBTQ communities at once. Shorts from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic show us that it doesn’t matter in which America we live — South, Central, or North — we need to be united to empower our community in the fight against discrimination and for equal rights, gender equity, and freedom of expression.

Tailor (Dir: Calí dos Anjos, 10 min.)

Elena (Dir: Ayerim Villaneuva, 22 min.)

Profane Cow (Vaca Profana) (Dir: René Guerra, 15 min.)

Julia’s Piece (Una Pieza Para Julia) (Dir: Amelia Eloisa, 9 min.)

Afronte (Dir: Bruno Victor & Marcus Azevedo, 16 min.)

Naranja (Dir: Hanna Isua, 3 min.)

Sandra Calling (Dir: João Cândido Zacharias, 13 min.)

One Minute Movie Contest

Attendees of the 2018 Outfest Fusion Festival were challenged with creating a one-minute short film that spoke to the theme Keeping Silent / Speaking Truth. This collection combines the Audience Award and Jury Prize-winning films with some major crowd favorites. Prepare to be impressed by these creatives’ ability to tell a story in 60 seconds.

Everybody Hurts (Dir: Marqueeda Lastar)

Quedate Callado (Dir: Edwin Alexis Gómez)

Speaking Truth (Dir: Vonyse Reeder, 3 min.)

Eden (Dir: Chanelle Tyson)

Dusted (Dir Calvin Lam)

Can Also Play (Dir: Mildred Lewis, 3 min.

Let Love Be (Dir: Rachel Leyco)

Love Roars (Dir: Oates Yinchao Wu)

Keeping Silent (Dir: Freckles the Writer, 3 min.)

OutSet Shorts

Outfest is thrilled to present the premiere screening of the 2018 OutSet Shorts. OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Project from The Los Angeles LGBT Center and Outfest, now in its sixth year, was created to empower and educate LGBTQ young people to tell their stories through film. A new crop of fellows between the ages of 16 and 24 participated in OutSet 2.0, a six-month filmmaking lab led by industry professionals and mentored by Outfest Alumni filmmakers. Don’t miss the inspiring screening of five short films written, produced, and directed by the next generation of storytellers.

Victory Boulevard 12 min.
In the heat and haze of a Van Nuys summer, two teenage boys discover an unexpected connection.
Dir/Scr: Johnny Alvarez Producer: Ash Lavacca
Production Designers: Tristin Brown and Juliet Delgado
Mentor: Henry Alberto

Bless the USA 8 min.
A military trans man, tired of living in stealth, opens up to two soldiers during a game of poker.
Co-Dir/Scr: Sebastian Vergara Co-Dir/Producer: Anthony Rizo
Mentor: Marcos Davalos
Production Design Mentor: Haharhel Valencia

Sigourney Weaver 9 min.
A young woman drugs and kidnaps her girlfriend in an attempt to save their relationship.
Dir/Scr: Andrea Ngeleka Producer: Tiffany Patterson
Production Designer: Hesed Kim
Mentors: Deondray Gossfield and Quincy LeNear Gossfield

The Curse 7 min.
An eager young man goes to meet a dreamy Grindr hookup on Halloween night, when he crosses paths with a drunken witch who curses him, compelling him to tell the truth. Dir/Scr: Dave Berenato Producer: Moira McFadden
Production Designer: Juliet Delgado
Mentors: Coley Sohn and Leanna Creel

Flamers: Bottoms in a Brushfire 9 min.
Two clueless, narcissistic (but also beautiful and valid) bottoms are forced to pack up their home during a brush fire. Do I bring my pride flag or my great grandma’s urn? An examination of priorities.
Dir/Scr: Capucine Berney Producer: Alfredo Hernandez
Production Designer: Tristin Brown
Mentor: Assaad Yacoub

Platinum Shorts Showcase

Platinum showcases the bold innovators and cutting-edge creators of experimental LGBTQ media and performance. Notoriously provocative, perversely confrontational, and wickedly weird, Platinum celebrates the adventurous renegades of queer culture.

Desire, danger, obsession, loneliness, love lost, found, and twisted are all part of the tales told in this year’s showcase. Queer mayhem ensues across Los Angeles as Mykki Blanco and Ssion team up in No Leash, while secrets of gay farmers across the U.K. spring to life in Landline. Explore hot casual encounters of the digital age in Tristan Scott’s Only Trumpets, and watch a brutally sexy dance unfold between two young lads in Crashing Waves. Try not to cover your eyes as religion, horror, and desire collide in The Sermon, and get a thrill from Jacquie Ray’s lusty ladies giving Tea Bag a whole new meaning.

The Sermon (Dir: Dean Pukett, 2018, UK, 12 min.)

In an isolated church community in the English countryside, a hate preacher prepares to deliver a sermon to his flock, but his daughter has a secret that could destroy them all.

Hibernaculum (Dir: Tyler Lumm, 2018, USA, 7 min.)

A dark thought provoking meta-narrative of a human attempting to become an Orca whale.

Only Trumpets (Dir: Tristan Scott, 2018, USA, 10 min.)

Longing for a touch casual encounters cannot satisfy, Tristan, an outsider among outsiders, navigates sex and love in the digital age.

How To Make A Ghost (Dir: Gabriela Escovar, 2018, USA, 2 min.)

A beautiful and meditative animated lesbian short about the importance of remembering the things that shape us, especially painful memories we’re told we should forget.

Landline (Dir: Matt Houghton, 2018, UK, 12 min.)

A chaplain in the British countryside set up a helpline for gay farmers, and this film journeys into the world of the people who called.

Grooming Men Under The Falstaff Sign (Dir: Jory Lee Cordy, 2018, USA, 3 min.)

Falstaff beer, that had  the jingle line “for man size pleasure,” looms large in this subtlety erotic exploration of men being shaved in New Orleans.

Wait (Dir: Sarah Prinz, 2018, USA, 7 min.)

A queer movement film exploring the intimate moments in which identity is defined through another person and the dismantling required to start over.

Exhumation (Dir: Daniel McIntyre, 2018, Canada, 8 min.)

A reanimation of long lost desire that obsesses over buried memories to create one’s own monster from memory.

No Leash (Dir: SSION, 2017, USA, 12 min.)

Mykki Blanco and SSION suture quotes from Courtney Love, Joan Didion and Anna Nicole Smith into this wild hyperactive commentary on modern America.

Dressed For Pleasure (Je Fais Où Tu Me Dis) (Dir: Marie de Maricourt, 2018, USA, 16 min.)

Tea Bag (Dir: Jacquie Ray, 2018, USA, 3 min.)

Jacquie Ray’s cinematic eye of desire shows the sexual empowerment of femme women by giving a whole new take on the saying ‘tea bag.’

Crashing Waves (Dir: Emma Gilbertson, 2018, UK, 4 min.)

An intimate and brutal dance film in which two working class lads explore their sexuality.

Drag Me In Place (Dir: Michael Zarowny (Mood Killer), 2018, USA, 3 min.)

The world premiere of Mood Killer’s strange and surreal new music video, think Devo and Tron meet Marilyn Manson.

Silver Shorts

Queer elders bear the history of our communities, but they’re still writing their own incredible stories every day of the year. This year’s outstanding collection of senior stories reminds us that discovery doesn’t discriminate by age — finding new love and leaving an old life behind, digging up buried memories to field the future, or learning that you share more with family than a last name.

Grace And Betty (Dir: Zoe Lubeck, 12 min.)

Generations (Dir: Kourosh Ahari, 25 min.)

From Now On (Dir: Ivonne Coll & Javier Colon, 11 min.)

Two Words (Dir: Jesper Emborg, 25 min.)

Marguerite (Dir: Marianne Farley, 20 min.)

Souls (Dir: Daniel Gage, 8 min.)

The Man-Woman Case & Other Animated Tales

Beautifully illustrating the complexity of the queer experience in both its exhilarations and travails, this compilation of sometimes absurd, sometimes moving, but always intimate stories is a feast for the eyes and the soul. The fluidity and ethereal nature of animation are used to explore parent-son relationships, bask in a bawdy feminist fairy tale, reminisce on young summer love, and follow the noir epic of Eugene Falleni, the true story of a 1920s trans man running from the law.

Manivald (Dir: Chintis Lundgren, 12 min.)

Venus – Filly The Little Lesbian Fairy (Vênus – Filó A Fadinha Lésbica) (Dir: Sávio Leite, 6 min.)

Contact (Dir: Léa Bancelin, 6 min.)

The Fish Curry (Maacher Jhol) (Dir: Abhishek Verma, 12 min.)

Flash Flood (Dir. Alli MacKay, 6 min.)

The Man-Woman Case (Dir: Anaïs Caura, 45 min.)

Emerging Voices

These endearing shorts strike a chord of shared humanity, whether it’s a married woman with amnesia having an awkward reunion with her ex, a suicide-hotline volunteer who can’t help taking her work personally, an immigrant lesbian facing American racism, or a cancer survivor facing physical hardships with sass and friends and an impressive wig collection.

Wild Geese (Dir: Susan Jacobson, 18 min.)

I’m Just Here (Dir: Lara Aslanian, 16 min.)

Choke (Dir: Rolla Selbak, 18 min.)

Routine (Dir: Wes Akwuobi, 6 min.)

Familia? (Dir: Kase Pena / Marlene Forte, 15 min.)

My Life Interrupted (Dir: Alana Devich Cyril, 10 min.)

Last Pick-Up (Dir: Matthew Bonifacio, 4 min.)

All About My Mother

From Mommie Dearest to mom of the year, there will always be myriad ways to define motherhood in the movies. And whether you are one, have one, or know one, we all have our own unique experiences around how these ladies fit into our lives. Between mama bears a bit too woke for their own good to those sleeping on their children’s talents, new mothers facing discrimination or those struggling to understand their queer children, these films capture maternity in motion.

Are We Good Parents? (Dir: Bola Ogun, 9 min.)

Rani (Dir: Hammad Rizvi, 14 min.)

Dario (Dir: Manuel Kinzer, Jorge A. Trujillo Gil, 15 min.) 

Between Us Two (Dir: Tan Wei Keong, 5 min.)

Uninvited (Dir: Seung Yeob Lee, 20 min.)

Khol (Open) (Dir: Faroukh Virani, 12 min.)

For Nonna Anna (Dir: Luis De Filippis, 14 min.)

Born Again This Way

Faith and queer voices have historically intersected in surprising and complicated ways, whatever your congregation. In our collection of religious shorts, young women break the rules in Jewish summer camps and the all-male rituals of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, men struggle against the faith of their fathers in Islam and Christianity, and a trans woman intertwines the beauty of religious ritual with her authentic self.

The Most Beautiful Butterfly (Dir: Mukesh Vidyasagar, 4 min.)

Summer (Dir: Pearl Gluck, 18 min.)

Noora (Dir: Tommy Naess, 20 min.)

Ablution (وضوء) (Dir: Omar Al Dakheel, 15 min.)

Deviant (Dir: Benjamin Hooward, 10 min.)

Wren Boys (Dir: Harry Lighton, 11 min.)

Would You Look At Her (Dir: Goran Stolevski, 19 min.)

Beyond Binaries

Each of these exceptional stories expand our limited definition of gender and breathe authenticity back onto the screen with every frame. From beating back fears of discrimination to expressing yourself through experimental dance, demonstrating bravery in the face of unwelcoming family members or blazing trails for fellow young students, the extraordinary individuals at the heart of these stories showcase a proud love of truth over fear.

Anima X Animus (Dir: Frances Chen, Dorian Tocker, 3 min.) 

October (Dir: Maegan Mann, 9 min.)

Sunken Plum (Dir: Roberto F. Canuto, Xiaoxi Xu, 20 min.)

Do I Have Boobs Now? (Dir: Milena Salazar & Joella Cabalu, 7 min.)

First Day (Dir: Julie Kalceff, 18 min.)

There You Are (Dir: Lisa Donato, 17 min.)

Beauty (Dir: Christina Willings, 23 min.)

Crazy Kinky Cool

Sexy, unpredictable, and playing by nobody’s rules but their own, this program of kinky girls’ shorts is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and keep you up all night. From a home delivery sexbot, to a raunchy bathroom rendez-vous, over the course of these six films imagination transforms into reality as our fearless heroines take pleasure into their own hands and discover that desire can be found where they least expect it.

Dragonfire (Dir: Michelle Ehlen, 4 min.)

Cake (Dir: Anne Hu, 10 min.)

Dressed For Pleasure (Je Fais Où Tu Me Dis) (Dir: Marie de Maricourt, 17 min.)

Girl Talk (Dir: Erica Rose, 17 min.)

Library Hours (Dir: Jim Vendiola, 11 min.)

The Toilet Line (Dir: Goodyn Green, 13 min.)

Desires and Resistance: Unearthing Trans* Legacies

Anonymous sexual encounters and flirtations with the camera, dress-up with Flawless Sabrina, and a night at the Stonewall Inn with Marsha P. Johnson: this program proposes alternative modes of retrieving and disseminating a trans* past through an erotic gaze. Addressing an erasure of trans* legacies, these works place trans* sexual expression and resistances in conversation with a non-linear idea of history that is both real and fabricated, defiantly looking toward a future of pleasure, play, and beauty.

Outlaw (Excerpt) (Dir: Alisa Lebow, 16 min.)

Flyhole (Dir: Malic Amalya, 6 min.)

Mighty Real (Dir: Vicente Ugartechea, 6 min.)

Phineas Slipped (Dir: Cary Cronenwett, 16 min)

At Least You Know You Exist (Dir: Zackary Drucker, 16 min.)

Familiar Memories (Dir: Pol Merchan, 3 min.)

Beside The Water, 1999-2003 (Dir: Finn Paul, 12 min.)

Desperado (Dir: Andre Keichian, 3 min.)

Happy Birthday, Marsha! (Dir: Reina Gossett & Sasha Wortzel, 14 min.)

Wig Snatched

In celebration of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and its tenth year of taking the untucked revolution to TV, we exalt the art of drag and the fearless queens who inspire and wow us with their jaw-dropping talents and vital stories on and off the runway. By turns hysterical and moving — and starring beloved queens such as Bob the Drag Queen and Latrice Royale — these films add up to one enormous eleganza extravaganza that will leave you gagged.

The Cocoa Fondue Show (Dir: Andrew Wyatt Arnold, 15 min.)

Dressed As Girl (Dir: Anna Mae Gordon, 20 min.)

Run(A)way Arab (Dir: Amrou Al-kadhi, 12 min.)

Marabou (Dir: Tiffany J. Johnson, 20 min.)

Femme (Dir. Alden Peters, 18 min.)


Discover the Queeroes short film series, part of an innovative new mentorship model to elevate queer, trans and POC storytelling. Curated by Emmy-award winner Jill Soloway, participating mentors include Emmy-award winning writer Lena Waithe (“The Chi”) and playwright and TV writer Tanya Saracho (“Vida”). The films include a re-imagining of the classic Broadway movie musical with a Black butch lesbian dancer in the starring role, a sassy post-gender Hollywood landscape set in the near future, and a rowdy high school comedy through a genderfluid Latinx lens.

Central & Broadway (Dir: Chelsea Woods, 8 min.)

Mother Come To Venus (Dir: Zackary Drucker, 8 min.)

Kiki & The Mxfits (Dir: Natalia Leite, 8 min.)

Queers for Fears

It’s time to write our own stories to tell in the dark! Genre films have proven lethally unkind to queer characters over the years — which is why it’s crucial that we flip the script. From eerie rituals in suburbia to sexual voyeurs in the park, student loan slashings and nightmarish mazes of urban development, this year’s electrifying collection of pulse pounding thrills stretches the possibilities of what it means to go bump in the night.

Malik (Dir: Nathan Carli, 15 min.)

Disforia (Dir: Heidi Hartwig & Lio Mehiel, 8 min.)

The Cleanse (Dir. Lucus Omar, 12 min.)

Sell Your Body (Dir: Jaanelle Yee, 12 min.)

Shadow Animals (Skuggdjur) (Dir: Jerry Carlsson, 21 min.)

Islands (Les Îles) (Dir: Yann Gonzalez, 24 min.)

Cake (Dir: Alan Friel, 6 min.)


Get ready to be turned on, both in body and mind. Not for the faint of heart, this collection of explicit shorts explores many facets of gay sexuality. From saunas and art porn, through orgies and casual encounters, to mourning a loss — sex is at once intimate, raw, and often ironically lonely.

Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart (Dir: Omer Tobi, 10 min.)

Stanley (Dir: Paulo Roberto, 19 min.)

Penis Poetry (Dir: Antonio Da Silva & Andre Medeiros Martins, 14 min.)

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday(Dir: Travis Mathews, 22 min.)

Sodom’s Cat (Dir: Huang Ting-chun, 30 min.)

Trans Summit

Whether you’re an actor, artist, activist or academic, you’re welcomed here. The afternoon will begin with our Academy Award–nominated keynote speaker Yance Ford (Strong Island), followed by three compelling case studies focused on specific areas of need in media representation. The room will then come together for an unedited, organic, and dynamic conversation about issues relating to the trans and non-binary experience, moderated by the LA Times’ award-winning reporter Tre’vell Anderson.

We Forgot To Break Up (Dir: Chandler Levack, 16 min.)

Burton: Before And After (Dir: Courtney Hermann & Kerribeth Elliott, 15 min.)

Bathroom Rules (Dir: Charlie Hidalgo, 5 min.)

Accompanying Features…

3 Siblings (Dir: Sheena Rossiter, 23 min.)

A Prayer (Dir: Alon Borten, 14 min.)

Behind Me is Black (Dir: Kirsty Cameron, 1999, New Zealand, 10 min.)

Blue Diary (Dir. Jenni Olson, 1998, 6 min.)

Broken Sunflower Hearts (Dir: Miguel Angel Caballero, 14 min.)

Chickula: Teenage Vampire (Dir: Angela Robinson, 1994, 4 min.)

Coming Out (Dir: Arthur J. Bressan Jr., 1972, 10 min.)

Crying Game (Dir: Gianna Gianna, 3 min)

Dances (Dir: Ramon Watkins, 6 min)

Everything Must Go, My Love (Dir: Jocelyn Roy, 10 min.)

Flu$h (Dir: Heather Acs, 9 min)

Fran This Summer (Dir: Mary Evangelista, 11 min.)

Gavin Grimm VS. (Dir: Nadia Hallgren, 19 min.)

Happy Birthday (Dir. Penny Chen, 5 min)

I Was in Your Blood (Dir: Joseph Sackett, 8 min)

Mama Dragons: A Great Big Story (Dir: Andria May-Corsini & Adam Wolffbrand, 13 min.)

Margo & May (Dir: Meredith Koch, 5 min.)

Masks (Dir: Mahaliyah O, 23 min.)

Mendhi (Dir: Sudeshna Sen, 2017, 4 min.)

Night Shift (Dir: Chris Phillips, 13 min)

One Stride: Chosen Family (Dir: Stephen Winter, 10 min.)

Precious Stones (Dir: Matthew Kaundart, 3 min.)

Pre-Drink (Dir: Marc-Antoine Lemire, 23 min)

Queer Cruising: Gay Semiotics & Avemaria (Dir: Jeff Verlanic, 20 min)

Spark (Dir: Aharonit Elior, 6 min.)

Sylvia In The Waves (Dir: Giovana Olmos, 13 min.)

These Are My Hands (Dir: Evi Tsiligaridou, 2018, Brazil, 8 min.)

This Is Not an AIDS Advertisement (Dir: Isaac Julien, 1988, 10 Min.)

Tooth and Nail (Dir: Sara Shaw, 20 min.)

Two Fish (Dir: Antoine Dupont-Guerra, 11 min.)

Writhing (Dir: Robert John Torres, 12 min)


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