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Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Friday, 05 October 2018 until Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is one of the largest and longest running GLBT events of its kind in the nation. This nine-day event showcases over 50 films using two venues- the historic Tampa Theatre and Freefall Theatre in St Petersburg, FL. Jury and audience awards are presented.

2018 films...

Wild Nights With Emily

Finally, Emily Dickinson as we always knew she must be - a passionate, funny, endearing woman in love with Susan Gilbert. Molly Shannon’s Emily throws her bloomers over her head and dives into the pleasures of stolen kisses and red-hot passion, despite the trappings of petticoats and the oppressive roles for women.

Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta)

Socially awkward Pedro escapes his melancholy life in Brazil’s southern city of Porto Alegre by becoming his on-camera persona “Neon Boy.” He comes alive on camera, known for painting himself in vibrant neon colors and performing sex acts for his many paying viewers.

At The End of The Day

After losing his wife and counseling practice, the only thing Dave Hopper has going for him is a part-time professorship at his alma mater, a growing Christian college in Lakeland, Florida. The college’s plans for growth hit a snag when the property they plan to develop has been promised to a gay support group that intends to open a LGBTQ homeless youth shelter.

Drama In Your Shorts

Bathroom Rules
Kat Hidalgo 2018, Canada, 6 min

A gender non-conforming 10-year-old perilously navigates their way through the school in search of a safer washroom.

Yun Joo Chang, 2018, South Korea, 16 min

Past and current lesbian relationships + one beloved cat = inevitable drama

Coming of Age
Doug Tompos, 2018, USA, 8 min

In the afterglow of sex, a generation gap opens between two men as they struggle to define trust in the age of open marriage and NSA hookups.

Something About
Alex Reinout Hellenthal, 2017, Netherlands, 19 min

Rural Dutch teenager Alex is strangely distraught when his sister leaves the family farm.

The Jump Off
Jovan James, 2018, USA, 5 min

A young, gay man in a passionate DL relationship struggles for legitimacy with his closeted lover.

Grandmother and Me
Kathryn Cole, 2018, USA, 7 min

An intimate and devastating visual letter to her fiancé’s grandmother whom she will never meet captures the complexities of familial love.

Marianne Farley, 2018, Canada, 20 min

With the help of her loving caretaker, Rachel, Marguerite makes peace with her past.

Kiss Me (Embrasse-Moi!)

Kiss Me! is an ordinary rom-com with a typical rom-com story … except it is about lesbians. Brava! It is about time lesbians were featured in a feel-good romcom, and we can thank French comedian and director, Océane Rose Marie for the good time. The story centers around Océanerosemarie (yep, that’s her name), a chiropractor with a big heart and a very active sex life.


Back in the 70’s, it was easy to forget that we (the U.S.) were not the only ones fighting for LGBT rights. Around the world, LGBT people were facing harrowing struggles, laying their very lives on the line. In Australia, it was Lance Gowland and his years-long struggle for equal rights that brought him to a pivotal night in Australian LGBT history.

Kill the Monsters

Three hunky men in a polyamorous relationship - Frankie (the young one), Patrick (the practical one), and Sutton (the hot, impulsive one) - travel across the country to start a new life. One of the most unique films of the festival, the story is about the “democracy” of a triad and the men’s belief that, no matter what, this is the best and only way to have a successful relationship.

Making Montgomery Clift

Montgomery Clift was one of the most influential actors in the history of cinema, bucking traditions on and off screen, but countless biographies have reduced him to labels like “tragically self-destructive” and “tormented.” Now, nephew Robert Clift and Hillary Demmon rigorously examine the flawed narratives that have come to define Monty’s legacy.

Reinventing Marvin (Marvin ou la belle éducation)

Marvin Bijou is sensitive, creative boy living in, what he will later in life identify as, exile. He knows at a young age that he is gay and that he is completely alone when facing the sexual and physical abuse of bullies and the oppressive ignorance of his family.


There are those of us who believe that people come into our lives at exactly the right time, just when we need that particular person, that particular light. Jackie and Faith find themselves together at the precise moment they both needed the other.

Freelancers Anonymous

Billie is in a dead-end job that she hates, is engaged to Gayle whom she adores and is wound up tighter than a top. When she has a chemically induced epiphany, she quits her job and makes a dramatic exit, only to realize she has no job, a wedding to plan, and a fiancé who is going to be super pissed.

Studio 54

Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell made magic happen when they opened Studio 54 in New York City in 1977. By 1978, Studio 54 was the most famous nightclub in the world. Matt Tyrnauer’s excellent and entertaining documentary explores the enchantment behind the madness that took Manhattan by storm.

A Moment in the Reeds (Tämä Hetki Kaislikossa)

Leevi, a Finnish man living in Paris begrudgingly comes home to Finland to help his estranged father renovate a summer home. There, he meets Tareq, a Syrian immigrant hired by his father to help with the work. Their connection happens easily and quickly and, as luck would have it, the father leaves, giving the men time to spend time together.

Good Manners (As boas maneiras)

lara is poor, Black, and so desperate for work that she takes a demeaning job working for what appears to be (at least on the surface) an entitled, self-absorbed wealthy, pregnant white woman. Make no mistake – nothing in this story is what it appears to be.

Call Her Ganda

When 26-year old Filipina transgender woman and alleged sex worker, Jennifer Laude, is found dead with her head plunged into a motel room toilet, the perpetrator is quickly identified as 19-year-old U.S. marine Joseph Scott Pemberton. A military recruit in an unfamiliar land, Pemberton was on “liberty leave” when he solicited Jennifer at a disco.

Lez Bomb

Thanksgiving is a blessed time of celebrating the ties that bind and the love of family, the perfect time to make memories and share precious moments, together. Thus, the perfect time to drop the “lez bomb.” If only Lauren’s family wasn’t completely nuts!


Why should a talented young man choose between his lifetime dream and the first love of his life? Mario has been working and dreaming toward a career as a professional soccer player. He was well on his way when Leon walked into his life.

Paternal Rites

Paternal Rites is an extraordinary first-person essay film that examines the secret underbelly of a contemporary Jewish American family as they grapple with the aftereffects of physical and sexual abuse on their present-day lives. It is also a groundbreaking film about the nature of trauma and memory itself.


Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe are not Ricky and Lucy – as Patti so eloquently muses. Celebrated documentarian Ondi Timoner’s first scripted narrative film peeks into her version of one of the most controversial artists of our time.


When was the last time you were able to say that you were part of a pivot point, a moment in time where, literally, the course of human history and the lives of tens of thousands of people rested in that moment? Four brave soldiers serve their country valiantly while pushing back against the oppressive policies of the military.

Postcards From London

This highly stylized visual feast follows Jim (Harris Dickinson of Beach Rats fame) as he moves away from his family home in Essex to follow his artistic dreams in London. Upon arriving in Soho, Jim encounters a group of high-class male escorts, the Raconteurs, whose specialty is post-coital intelligent conversation.

Dykes, Camera Action!

“I’m going to make a film about a girl who falls in love with a woman.” A radical idea in 1984 from Su Friedrich, who used that inspiration to make Damned If You Don’t. This beautifully constructed documentary is more than a review of lesbian filmmaking.

Daddy Issues

Maya, a 19 year-old queer pixie and a talented artist, gets romantically involved with her sexually fluid insta-crush. But, on the verge of her first love, the situation at hand is more complicated than anything she could imagine.

Sorry, Angel (Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite)

Christophe Honoré’s (Love Songs) skillfully crafted and thoroughly engaging new effort is a time capsule back 25 years to when AIDS was on the mind of every gay man and cruising in parks and theaters was in vogue .Novelist Jacques lives downstairs from friend Mathieu who sometimes cares for Jacques’ young son Loulou.


Queer folks in general found an unprecedented freedom with the advent of the internet. TransGeek shines a bright light on the profound impact that the internet had on transgender people. The anonymity and flexibility around gender identity that is available on the web gave voices to the most isolated parts of our queer family.

Still Waiting In The Wings

From the director of the popular Eating Out series, comes this over the top sequel to the 2014 festival hit, starring the original cast and chock full of even more toe-tapping musical numbers. Anthony is still waiting in the wings for his big break, but gets help from boyfriend Lee and friends Rita and Tony, when a position opens up at Café Broadway

White Rabbit

Recently single, Korean-born LA artist Sophia Lee devotes herself to her public performance art, whether it’s a provocative Korean perspective on the LA Riots at a park or supermarket, or quirky digital art on social media. Meanwhile, when a stranger makes Sophia late for a TaskRabbit gig, she loses her temper, only to run into her repeatedly and discover a strong connection.

Every Act of Life

Terrence McNally says he goes to the theater, “to see characters strip themselves of their secrets, to let us see into their hearts.” He walks the talk in this candid documentary of his work and of his life. With plentiful footage of Terrence himself, this documentary is an honest and loving portrait of a man who has lived his life out loud .


Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) is a believer – he believes in the Book of Mormon, he believes in Jesus Christ, he believes in his “people.” He also believes that if he leads the charge, he can get people, his people (Mormons, and Christians in general), to start an important conversation about the role of LGBTQ people, especially youth, in the Church.

Fun In Your Shorts

Men Don’t Whisper
Jordan Firstman, 2017, USA, 21 min

After being emasculated at a sales conference, a gay couple sets out to do the most masculine thing they can think of – sleep with some women.

Children Alike
Julia Boström, 2017, Sweden, 5 min

Johannes introduces his new girlfriend Wilma to his sister Hanna. But the women are anything but strangers.

Matt and Dan: Sex Notes
Will Gordh, 2018, USA, 5 min

Matt has some notes for Dan on his sexual performance.

Not Funny!
Katharina Woll, 2014, Germany, 1 min

Homophobia is not funny, everything else is!

Alden Peters, 2017, USA 18 min

Rejected from an online hookup for being too “femme,” Carson embarks on a hilarious journey toward self-discovery and acceptance.

Heather Has Four Moms
Jeanette L. Buck, 2018, USA/UK, 14 min

When teenage Heather decides to lose her virginity, she has to contend with all her moms.

Magic H8 Ball
Dan Hass, 2018, USA, 14 min

Burned by a cheating boyfriend (and some mild chlamydia), a heartbroken pushover turns to a mysterious Magic 8 Ball for the answers.

Just Friends (Gewoon Vrienden)

Dreamy medical student Yad moves backs home after too much partying in Amsterdam and not enough studying. He attempts to land a job as a surf instructor, but ends up as home help for elderly clients, much to his parent’s disapproval.

Two In The Bush: A Love Story

Sometimes one in the hand isn’t better – just take it from Emily. An aspiring documentarian, Emily is toiling away as personal assistant to filmmaker Kenneth, getting verbally berated on a daily basis. She returns home early from work to find her girlfriend Kate in bed with their best friend Peter.

Ideal Home

Paul (Paul Rudd) and Erasmus (Steve Coogan) are a quintessentially bitchy couple with a rhythm of contempt for each other so rutted in disdain there is an inevitable breaking point. And that’s when the kid shows up. The kid is Erasmus’ 10-year-old grandson and he is street-wise, cynical and predictably, changes everything.


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