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  • Dorian Awards: GALECA
  • Göteborg International Film Festival
  • Iris on the Move
  • Midsumma
  • Mumbai International Film Festival
  • Pinx Festival
  • Pride: Bloomington's LGBTQ Film Festival
  • Queer Contact
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival
  • Slamdance Film Festival
  • Sundance
Rainbow Reel Tokyo

Rainbow Reel Tokyo

Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

This Festival screens films that deal with the theme of sexual minorities. Today, sexual minorities are often abbreviated with the 4 letters LGBT (which stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), but they are not something you can easily categorize because they vary by person.

In the past few years, the surrounding conditions of sexual minorities in Japan have come to a big turning point. For example, one transgender man was recognized as the father of his son by a top court, and same sex partnership has been a popular topic in the media.

These were things that many people had hoped for, but they also caused confusion for some, and stirred up different kinds of emotions.

We believe, however, that it is the universal wish to live a better life as a human, regardless of sexuality.

Is the person sitting next to you during the movies lesbian? Gay? Bisexual? Transgender? Or heterosexual? And does it mean something to you?

The films that we bring you deal with these issues, and we’d like everyone to enjoy them with a little thought, but sometimes without thinking much about it.

So before thinking, free your mind and just come to the Festival. We are confident that the Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival will be inspiring. See you there!


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