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1970s - UPDATED: 7 April 2018


7-70 Mm/F1,4



Un realitzador aficionat s'obsessiona amb un bell noi a qui persegueix amb la seva càmera nit i dia. Curtmetratge que reflecteix la recerca incansable de la perfecció i la bellesa per part del cineasta. .

Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day

Kate Millett and Susan Kleckner


USA / 5 min
Shot by Millett, Kleckner, and an all-female crew, this raw footage documents New York’s second annual Christopher Street pride parade.

Glad to be Gay

Tom Robinson


UK / 3 min – Music Video

I’m a Voyeur  Colin Campbel  1974

Canada | 15 min

Performance art meets art video: play with mirrors, lenses, shame and nakedness as well as the voice and the self.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/CNgGWCItj6I


María Luisa Bemberg


12 mins

Maricones Hasta El Final / Aranprunyà



Alfonso de Sierra, Lluis Escribano, Ramón Massa, Ces Martí and Enric Bentz were Els 5 QKs, a group of filmmakers who, in 1975, teamed up to create a unique, avant-garde, transgressive cinema that broke with the social, religious and political conventions of the time, making “fags” (maricones in Spanish; words like gay and homosexual were not much used in those days) the protagonists, the heroes: proud, shameless, above good and evil… Absolute pleasure as identity.

Spartakus / Espartaco

Vadim Derbenyov & Yuri Grigorovich


Russia / 92 mins

Still Life with Phrenology Head

Cerith Wyn Evans


UK / 15 min.

The Modern Image

John Maybury


UK / 13 min.

Fuck You, Santa Claus

Robert Opel


USA /19 mins
Sometimes the title literally says it all. In this erotic film, one man gets his ultimate Christmas wish.

Tea Room Scene Richard J. Silverthorn 1975 USA / 8 mins
A popular USC jock with a doting girlfriend explores the underground male sex network in a university campus bathroom.