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2006-2010 - UPDATED: 19 May 2019


Matt Hickinbottom


UK / 120 mins
This exciting new work is set in a rather seedy, present-day London Cafe, 24/SEVEN, and is ostensibly a gay love story.
Intrigue, betrayal, violence and murder all combine to create a tragic vignette of people who fall through Society's safety net unnoticed and derided by those who 'pass-by on the other side'!




USA / 10 min.
A stark, black-and-white look at life at 33. What begins as a mid-life crisis quickly turns into the fulfillment of other people's sexual fantasies as well as development of insights about life.


A Gay's Life

Luis Fabra


Spain / 9 mins
Un corto gay en clave de humor, sobre un hombre que no es consciente de su homosensualidad, hasta que un día lo sabrá por parte de las personas que le rodean.
Watch... https://youtu.be/guVKF2Lpvw0

A Oscuras

Eli Navarro


Una madre y su hija entran en el ascensor. De repente se va la luz y es entonces cuando los secretos y las confesiones se revelan. Porque hay sentimientos que sólo pueden ver la luz a oscuras.

A Peacock's Tale

Anna Humphries


UK | 3 min

Abbas in Iran

Seyyed Mohammad Sadrzadeh


Iran / 26 mins
A well known photojournalist visits Iran for many times in 5 years time and took photographs from differnt activities. We follow him where ever he goes.


Ulises Guzmán


Una locura que borra los limites del documental y el sexo! Este filme cuenta la historia de Lalo y Manolo, dos fans obsesionados con la película mexicana Alucarda que se entregan a la búsqueda de su director, Juan López Moctezuma, hasta dar con él en un hospital psiquiátrico. Tras raptarlo y hacerle recordar su pasado, el director recuperará su lucidez y les convertirá en custodios de su obra. Mientras tanto, uno de ellos se posesiona del papel de Alucarda y entre ellos nace una historia de amor que desafía la identidad.



Marit Östberg


16 min
Authority is a part of Dirty Diaries. A woman is caught by a police officer in the act of painting graffiti on a wall. She runs from the scene, with the police in hot pursuit. Perhaps the police officer knows her own fate when she sets off on the chase. Perhaps she obeys to the will of the graffiti artist. Clearly, somebody needs to be punished. In Authority sex is a dirty game, a beautiful fairy tale, it's a threat, a promise.

Back to Sarajevo

Alan Knight


Italy / 52 mins
This film documentary is a story about Sarajevo, ten years after the Bosnian conflict; a lyrical, poignant study of this unique city, and a reflection on conflict and regeneration - seen through the eyes of those with a powerful, emotional connection to the city.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/60127601


Maya Schwartz


USA | 10 min
What if the world was the other way around, where women use men for sex...

Being Male, Being Koti

Mahuya Bandyopadhyay


India / 30 mins
The film explores the experience of growing up gender variant and not being able to understand, let alone, explain the difference. Personal stories of negotiating the violence of everyday life are intertwined with the narrative of building a network and organising around these personal, intimate spheres.
Watch… https://youtu.be/N3qqWu296gw

Bindya Chamkay Gi

Rangni Marea Kidvaii


Pakistan / 28 min
Bindiya Chamkay Gi by Ragni Marea Kidvai is one of the first films that documents the Pakistani transgender rights movement and the life of the pioneer activist and veteran guru Bindiya Rana.The film focuses on the journey and the struggles of Bindiya Rana for demanding rights for minorities in Pakistan.
Watch… https://youtu.be/Id1NTsW3BCw


Terry Haines


Canada / 9min
Bloodstorm sifts through notions of beauty, strength and hope in an artistic interpretation of the force of a storm. It is unpredictable and undeniable, much like HIV/ AIDS. Blood and storm combine to reveal the inner turmoil and fear of living with a disease, which has no cure, in an intimate testament of survival.

Blue Covers

Indira Allegra


Canada | 4 min

Blue, An Erotic Life

Tibo Carroppin


USA | 3 min
BLUE: An Erotic Life is a stop motion narrative about the life and times of a blob of clay dealing with chronic sexual addiction.

Chronicles of a trip to hell: my story

Charbel Karkour


Lebanon / 44 mins
The true story of an adolescent (Charbel Karkour) who followed the anti-christ steps and started to discover the truth behind the iconic figure of Satan. This trip to hell will be disturbing to the lost adolescent and his only refuge is a priest and friend of the family (Father Jean Marie Chamy) and whom he trusts.
Will the boy find the road to redemption or will he be lost and attracted to Satan forever?


Andy C. Archer


USA / 4 min

Code S

Burak Karacan


Canada | 6 min
In this work, Burak Karacan juxtaposes two video recordings made one after the other on a 2-person patio swing.

Coming Out Again

Rowan Ramsay


23 mins
Coming Out Again delves into the impact of cancer on the lives of lesbians -- family relationships, finances, medical treatment, and supports.

Based on a study done through McMaster University, the documentary combines the quotes of women who participated in that study, with the compelling story of Sarah, a single lesbian battling deadly cancer.

Sarah has been working behind the scenes, to try to create a support system for lesbians with cancer. Her loneliness, her despair, and her triumphs highlight her strength of spirit and make her an inspiration.

Como el Ave Fénix

Guillermo De La Rosa Janeiro


Cuba | 22 min
Documental con una profunda mirada a la vida de varios homosexuales en Santiago de Cuba.


Maricio Bokakois


USA / 2 min.
A short sexual fantasy about one guy, two raccoons, and a garbage can.


Daniiel Ruíz García


Mexico | 10 min
¿Qué pasaría si, tras una noche de alcohol y cigarros, tu mejor amigo te pide que escapen juntos?


Dance to Miss Chief

Kent Monkman


Canada | 5 min

David y Manuel

Sergio Mejía Forero


Colombia | 8 mins
David y Manuel son jóvenes y saben que se gustan el uno al otro. Sin embargo se enfrentan a una sociedad y gente a su alrededor que tiene fuertes prejuicios sobre las relaciones homosexuales. ¿Podrán sus amigos y parientes aprender y compartir la tolerancia y el respeto?

Deseo y Decepción

Milio Lombardo


Argentina | 4 min
Dos jóvenes homosexuales unidos por el amor y las adicciones...


Andre Keichian


USA / 3 min
This video was made as an attempt to document a grand physical change my dear friend Matthias has experienced through taking Testosterone. He has just completed his first year of transitioning and one of the biggest physical changes has been the deepening of his voice. No longer being able to sing Dolly Parton's 'Jolene', which was once his karaoke classic, he now celebrates singing the Johnny Cash version of 'Desperado'.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/9580517

Dolls / Bambole

Renato Muro


Italy, 10 mins
A transexual gives birth to a plastic dolls in the dirty surroundings of an abandoned harbour.
Watch... https://youtu.be/VyJ5WF8kCzE

Dreaming of Screaming

Lee Burgess


UK / 90 mins
An anthology film, with three stories, plus a framing story.
Dead Dad - a social worker battles with a single father recently zombified by his television
Looking Good - a young woman decides to improve her looks by performing her own plastic surgery
Lady Blood - a woman tries to find love and her place in the world after being turned into a vampire

Due Volte Genitori

Claudio Cipelletti


Italy / 94 min

El Amor Entra Por La Boca

Ernesto Alemany


Argentina | 16 min
Flor es abandonada por su novio por no saber hacer sexo oral, por lo que acude a su mejor amigo, que es gay, y le pide que le enseñe como se hace un buen sexo oral.

El Viaje de la Hija  

Tavo Ruiz  


Mexico | 11 min
The young Ady lives happily with her two parents, Javier and Mario. On her birthday, your biological mother decides to come pick her up. It is time to make decisions for the future.


Steve Otway


UK / 10 mins
Melody Rose (Aimi Percival) gets caught up in a whirlwind of song and dance when she comes face to face with her prince charming (Gary Albert Hughes). Is this her fairytale meeting, or will sibling rivalry ruin her 'happy ever after'? A simple girl meets boy fairytale with a modern twist and a risque alternative ending.




Vietnam, 9 min
Love at first sight between two teenager boys.


Fisting Club

Shu Lea Cheang


4 min
Fisting Club was realized as a live performance featuring Wendy Delorme and Judy Minx with audience participation during Porn Film Festival Berlin 2008. Fisting Club appropriates 8 rules from Fight Club and makes fisting sex a participatory performance spectacle. Fisting, the ultimate sexual ecstasy performed live, takes the fisting clubbers on a vaginal spin to arrive at female ejaculation.

Fix It

Yossi Lagziel


Israel / 5 min
Shai is homosexual and Fix is trying to straighten him up.


Allyson Mitchell & Fiona Smyth



Born into a murky world, jettisoned into flourescence, Foodie is all emotion, all merchandise, all pressure and all pleasure. Foodie waddles through emotional worlds that are hungry and stuffed, cozy-mean, cocooned and exposed. Foodie is the perfect consumer who is simultaneously socially conscious and suspect. Watch Foodie, struggling to stay within boundaries of good and proper, worrying all the time, trying to live forever with too much and not enough.

Forbidden Acts: And Other Poems

Todd Herman


12 min
Confrontative, meditative, and sensuous, Forbidden Acts showcases three poems by writer Leroy Moore. Herman's provocative imagery seamlessly intertwines with Moore's explicit poetry and takes a head-on look at issues of body image, sexuality and disability, relative to politics, medicine, and race. Forbidden Acts is an engaging glimpse into Moore's own sexuality and the limits that social institutions attempt to impose upon its expression.

Galactic Docking Company

Clark Nikolai


Canada | 3 min
The commercialization of space causes new discoveries. Using found and original footage shot on Earth and in near Earth orbit, we find that space wants to have an encounter of the most intimate kind. If ever existed a sci-fi porn-com, this is it!

Gemini Rising

Georgina Neophytou


UK / 20 mins
Sixteen year old Lucie has recently moved to a new area in North London with her divorced mother. Socially isolated and bored, she is encouraged to take up her father's old hobby of astronomy. Searching the night sky her eyes are attracted to a light coming on in a house across the garden. She sees a young woman standing by the window smoking a cigarette. Lucie becomes obsessed with watching this beautiful stranger and her life and dreams are taken over by her attempts to find out who she is.

Generation Divide

Marc Adelman


USA / 3min
LGBT histories through a TV sitcom lens.

Hanging Around 

Tinka Stock, Sebastian Wolf


Germany / 3 min
In the jungle a leopard meets a sloth which he tries to wake up.

Her Sugar Is

Dana Claxton


Canada | 3 min


Natalie Brewster Ngyuen


4 min | USA

Human Behavior

Brian Benson


USA / 6 min.
Pure black sarcasm in this outlandish, macabre comedy about a little girl with big dreams and a big, big mother who allows her no space for development. Deranged, crazy, at times hilarious and touching and painful at other times. Starring Cousin Wonderlette and Lady Bear.

I Am You Are High on Milk

Shu Lea Cheang


3 min
The late 20th century AIDS epidemic continues but mutated… MILK is the white fluid for the 21st century, what the white powder was for the 20-century high. Also based on the same concept conceived in 2000 for Fluidø (2017), I Am You Are High on Milk is a workshop/performance staged at FeminismoPornoPunk (curated by Paul B. Preciado) at Arteleku, Spain. The workshop calls for participation of Ultra Extra Gens, Lick Girls, U Boys, Trans, Pre and Post.

I love you too / Anch'io Ti Amo

Cristian Scardigno


Italy / 6 mins
Two girls in love. A nightmare of love.

I’d Rather Be Looking at Gay Porn 

Jared Mitchell & R.M Vaughn


Canada / 3:05min
An anthem for the disenchanted. When the respectable and desirable activities of modern society have turned to rot and stupidity, one voice calls out for a retreat to that which is supposed to be so disreputable.

I've Heard Stories 1

Marwa Arsanios


LIB / 5 min

Je les aime encore

Marie-Pierre Grenier


Canada / 13 mins
Soixante-dix-neuf ans ! C’est long, ou court ! Mais lorsque l’on subit une (dernière ?) rupture, c’est souvent l’heure du bilan de sa vie, de ses premières conquêtes. Michel, transgenre très séducteur, son oeil coquin l’affirme encore, nous emmène … et nous touche.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/35908702

Just a Meaning that You Attribute to It

Bernadette Anzengruber


10 min | Austria

Kevin's Room 3: Together

Dave Beedy and Mark Caras


USA / 90 mins
It began with the release of Kevin's Room in 2001 - a boldly innovative effort by the Chicago Department of Health's Office of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Health to address the crisis of HIV/AIDS in the African American gay community. The groundbreaking film introduced Kevin and his support group for men "in the life," garnering national accolades for its realistic, positive portrayal of LGBT people of color and their allies.
Kevin's Room II: Trust released in 2003, reinforced the message of inclusion, tolerance and collective responsibility while tackling the related issues of monogamy, sexual boundaries, and the re-emergence of STD's.
Now, the story comes full circle in Kevin's Room: Together, the third and final installment of the acclaimed series. While continuing to explore many of the issues raised in the first two films, the third addresses new concerns reflected in today's headlines - violence, sexual identity, spirituality - and the ways in which a community can help shape its own future. Consistent with this theme, the third film broadens its focus, transcending sexual, gender and racial lines, suggesting such problems must be met with a cohesive voice.

La Castidad

Syd Krochmalny & Roberto Jacoby



Le pisse-debout

Camille Ducellier



Lern Deutsch Mit Petra Kant

Ming Wong


UK, Germany / 2 mins


Kia Simon


USA / 4 min
A cool music video featuring many actors (including Joshua Grannell), plenty of makeup, quite a lot of lipstick, and homage to classic cinema.

Lunch with Strangers / Almuerzo con Extraños

Fabián Rodriguez


Venezuela | 16 min
A family gets ready for lunch. The ladies get their hair done, a girl prepares lunch in the kitchen, a young man takes a shower and so on. The doorbell rings; a family member who was not yet home arrives with a surprise to delight the rest of the family.

Made Up

Owen Eric Wood


5 min | Canada
What is masculinity? What is it to be a man? How do these terms apply to the homosexual identity? In reaction to homophobic behaviour observed among gay men, Made Up criticizes how gays are often dismissed for being too “effeminate,” too “flamboyant” or not “straight-acting” enough. While the subject of an interview speaks of his physical preferences in men, the images show a man’s physical appearance gradually changing to contradict the narrative being told. Through manipulations of both sound and image, Made Up demonstrates how social constructs are made and how they can be deconstructed.

Major Leagues? / ¿Grandes Ligas?

Ernesto Pérez Zambrano


Cuba / 26 min
The Havana women’s baseball team as they train and prepare for the annual March 8 Cup — the only official women’s baseball tournament. Even at this all-female event, the women are expected to have their nails properly polished and their hair done “with a feminine touch".

Marcus and Troy

Jordan Greenhough


UK / 12 mins
Marcus & Troy are a gay couple who are having problems with their relationship, in search of help they attend a counselling session. Marcus (Jordan Greenhough) is over sensitive and easily offended, whilst Troy (Trevor Mealing) is 'too straight'. A short film comedy that explores a unique relationship.

Maybe He's Got Cigarettes / Måske Har Han Smøger

Frans Ruben


How can everything be so wrong? Wait... just look at the brighter side.

Miss Tyffanie- Extreme Close-Up

Sandra Jass, Jessica Lindal, Matt Maclellan


17min / Canada.
An intimate portrait of Kingston’s most popular drag queen- Miss Tyffanie Morgan.


Eliran Bichman


Israel / 8 min Hebrew
Doco-animation about life as a Jewish bisexual in modern jerusalem.

Occidental Paradise

Bo Luengsuraswat


USA / 3:28
Exploring “self-reflections” in the empire of information and images, this film presents an unsettling assemblage of cultural texts on Thailand that often pass as common sense.

On the Coastline

Phil Mulloy


11 mins
A man disappears over the cliff's edge. Did he fall? Was he pushed, or can he fly?

Only Once

Christopher Peterson


USA / 6 min

Orlan meet Genesis

Marie Losier


France / 3 mins
An unusual meeting between two famous artists on Coney Island boardwalk and at the Freak Show Museum.
La rencontre de deux artistes performeuses sur les quais de Coney Island.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/314061856

Pairs/Pears. Homage to My Grandmother

Nino Cramarossa


Italy / 12 min

Papal Brokendance

Marie Losier


France / 6 mins
A campy music video in the style of a scopitone from the early 1960s, with the wonderful cast of 10 boys in sexy red singlets and girls in red tutus, all dancing with joy with Genesis P-Orridge in a boxing ring…all the ingredients for a slap stick boxing match in music.
Dix garçons et filles sexys, en tutus et maillots rouges, rencontrent Genesis P. Orridge dans un clip façon scopitone camp.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/73209542

Passing Fancy

Matthew Carter


UK / 7 mins
A minimalist/Bresson like study of two men posing on the internet, in order to trick homosexual women into thinking that they are homo sexual women too. Yet the two meet unknowingly online and form a subtle relationship

Peach / Durazno

Arlo Catana


México / 23 mins
Ada está enamorada por primera vez, hasta que su novia Mariana le rompe el corazón, a partir de ese momento Ada comienza a soñar que es una hada, hasta que sus sueños se empiezan a manifestar en la realidad.
Ada is in love for the first time, until Mariana her girlfriend brakes her heart, since this moment she dreams that she is a fairy, and her dreams begin to manifest in reality.
Watch… https://youtu.be/6smxCn2vjlw


Ali El-Darsa


6:11min / Canada
An experimental portrait of a queer man’s internalized sexual desire.


Cristiano Mullins



Puntos Suspensivos...

Vladimir Rocha


Mexico | 11 min
Cuenta la historia de Paco y Luis, y su inusual "amistad".

Python in wonderland

Piotr Hoang Ngoc


Poland / 6 mins
Story about black boxer who had crash on a rabbit from wonderland.

Queen City

David Geiss


Canada / 43 min
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Queen City. Inside a dark bar on a busy downtown street exists a community that is outrageous, loud, and flamboyant. But why do grown men wear flashy dresses and lip sync songs to an audience night after night? For attention? A harmless hobby? Maybe there’s more to it than that. Take a ride through the Queen City and find out.

Rabbit Holes / Rabbit Follows

Behrad Gramian


Almost Holden Collective make a Tres Bohes film chronicling Joseph E. Smith's journey to find the Blonde Haired Girl and all the people we meet in the 2010 Los Angeles Pride Parade in West Hollywood.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/13417090

Revelations of a Married Man

Hieu Tran


USA | 4 min
Despite being married to a woman, a man pursues a relationship with a man he loves. Whether to reveal his true self or to live a lie is a bittersweet and difficult decision he must make.


Martin Taylor


10 mins
Living alone on his over-grown allotment, the cyclist is seen by the local children as a real-life bogeyman. The tiny graves dotted around his greenhouse are all the evidence they need. One morning, as Rosie, a particularly curious little girl, is spying on him from nearby bush, she realises that all the stories are true as she sees him preparing a dead hedgehog for his breakfast. Confronting him she discovers that he actually collects dead animals killed on the surrounding roads, and buries them in the earth of his allotment. Despite his mute and crooked demeanour - the result, as Rosie learns, of a cycling accident - a tacit friendship grows between them. The problem arises when, following the death of an injured rabbit, Rosie follows him late one evening as he leaves to patrol the nearby roads for stricken animals. Seeing the cyclist waiting, inert and emotionless, as a car approaches a hedgehog crossing the road, Rosie cannot stand by. Peddling frantically across the road she is knocked from her bicycle by the speeding car which crashes into a nearby tree. In a blind rage, the cyclist leaps from his tricycle, knocking over the dazed motorist. The thud as the driver's head strikes the tarmac silences him immediately. It is then that the cyclist hears Rosie's voice, cooing over the uninjured hedgehog. A moment after they disappear around the corner, a car comes speeding up the hill towards the injured driver, who lies prone and bleeding on the dark road.

Roses may not be Red

Simi Deka


India / 50 mins
Jenny is a promising model in contract with a New Delhi based modeling agency owned by young entrepreneur Rakesh . Rakesh finds himself drawn to the long legged, dusky beauty but his feelings are not reciprocated by Jenny. She does shower her affection and he catches glimpses of her fondness towards him at moments, but what holds her back from expressing herself is what he is unable to understand……is it love , lust , using him for her career or…is it that she is being chased by her past…..?

Royal Radical Fashion Movie

Robert B Suda


Hungary / 55 mins
 World-wide known and acclaimed Tamás Király is a sheer Hungaricum because of his unusual, sensational style, and because of his clothes which follow his mind freeley. His creations are fully hand-made. According to the STERN magazine he is the pope of fashion.

"From VOGUE to ID every major fashion magazine wrote about him. As a single Eastern European fashion designer he presented his creations together with Vivienne Westwood. Interview and portray movies were made about him by the BBC, the ZDF, and the TV5. His objectified dreams could be described as minimalist, constructivist and as belonging to the mysterious world of the kitsch."

Tamás Király, an avant-garde top fashion designer of Hungary, started his career in the 80s. His early creations were characterised by strict geometrical forms; later he turned toward a glittering style and designed gilded and silver-lame garments. He also organises so-called "fashion promenades", usually in the city centre of Budapest.
Trailer... https://www.festivalfocus.org/film/4528/watch/

Rubb My Chubb

Alexis Mitchell


9:30min / CANADA 
This short documentary follows the Fat Femme Mafia, their fat co-conspirators and allies in the days leading up to their first and highly anticipated event. Through interviews, asides, and performances, Rubb My Chubb lays the groundwork for these fierce fatties to continue to make their politics known to the rest of the world.

Self Help for Sapphists

Jenny Radloff


South Africa / 6 mins

Something Doesn't Work / Algo No Funciona

Alejandro Campillo


Spain | 2 min
Un hombre busca solución a su problema...

Spare Parts

Federico Forcolini


UK / 10 mins
Dave, a mechanic, hides a secret from his work mates.

Spilt Milk

Alexander Edwards


Australia / 5:45 min
There’s no use crying over this hot and heavy glimpse into one man’s early morning activities. There’s a lot more cooking in this kitchen than just breakfast.


Luki Massa


Italy, 13'

Supuestamente Vanesa

Sergio Sánchez


Spain | 6 min
A veces, confiar es una estupidez. Más si estás confiando en la palabra de alguien durante una noche de borrachera. Pero en ocasiones hace falta arriesgar...

Tacones Cercanos

Jessica Rodríguez


Cuba | 20 min
Marcel, a Havana transvestite, struggles between two levels of reality: the ideal and esthetic world of his dreams and the crudity that daily life gives back to him.

Tai Chi for Tipplers

Jenny Radloff


South Africa / 6 mins

Tears of the Goddess

Wang Hui Yue


China / 14 min
While honoring the memory of her mother, a young girl recalls her story of a tragic, secret love, destroyed by intellectuals of the Cultural Revolution.

That’s Right Diana Barry - You Needed Me

Dayna McLeod


6:48 minutes / Canada
Did you have a crush on Anne Murray when you were a little girl? Did you dance around your house with your dress tucked into your pantyhose singing her greatest hits? And what about Anne of Green Gables? Did you ever try her, ‘get-the-girl-drunk’ move? How’d that work out for you? These questions and oh so much more are autobiographically answered by performance artist, Dayna McLeod in this mash-up that mixes Anne Murray's, You Needed Me with the made-for-television Canadian classic, Anne of Green Gables.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/176885773

The 10th Man

Alex Dawson


11 mins
Kidnapping and dirty tricks are the way of the street amongst the ageing Jewish community of London's East End. With only a handful of men to go round, each congregation will do whatever it takes in its bid for numbers. This might mean curtains for the Sandy's Row mob on the holiest night of the year. A dark comedy by Sam Leifer.

The Adventures of Mom and Dad

Sarah Arlen


France / 25 mins
In modern-day Paris, an international family of two husbands married to the same wife struggles to live together, face adversity as a family and pass on the legacy of their lifestyles' adventures to their children. Weaving hand-drawn Little Prince-like animation into vibrant 35mm live-action, this film tells a unique story that strives to illuminate the idea that love defines a family, not convention.

The Answer

Paolo Buera


60 mins
Four desperate lives are intertwined in the twisted game of love.

The Dead Boy's Day-Dream

Jon Swallowe


UK / 14 mins
What life do you wish for?
As the Conductor plays the world turns, Autumn becomes Winter, and life becomes death becomes life.
Some dream of a life of serene simplicity and some dream of a life of incredible complexity. No matter the dream, somewhere deep in the real where religion pesters, Mankind conflicts with Nature, and truth exists only in the cycle, which revolves, endless.

The Gladdest Thing

Alex Cason


90 mins
Eighteen-year-old Kate Parker is a good kid: Straight-A student, gifted artist and devoted daughter and caretaker of her mother who is dying of cancer. As Kate starts to delve into the more normal sides of teendom, her mother's condition worsens and Kate is struck with the guilt of being absent during her mother's death. No one, including her father or her friends, seems to know what to do for her as she begins to spiral out of control.

The Kuchus of Uganda

Mathilda Piehl


Sweden | 45 mins

The Not So Subtle Subtext de Sarah Rotella  

Sarah Rotella


Canada / 6’

The Other Half

Larissa Innes


UK / 96 mins
An English football fan takes his new American bride to Portugal for the romantic honeymoon of their lives, without telling her that the European Football Championship is on and he has a ticket to each of the England games.

The Power of Faggots

SocialScope Productions


USA / 10 min documentary
University undergrad students John, Zach and Kylon discuss their experiences being out, proud and what it means to individually “own” being a faggot.

The Proposal

T.K. Lynch


Every single man, must one day take this step.

The Reason Why

Daniel McIntyre


Canada | 10 min
In “The Reason Why,” the subjects of growing up queer, fat and lonely are recounted in rebuttal letters to ex-boyfriends who share the same name. Using pornography, television and gay movies, the film explores how to find one’s place while being a minority in a minority community, and how to say all of the things that were never said in significant relationships.


The Visit / Der Besuch

Jan Soldat


Germany / 5 mins
Granny pays her dear nephew a visit - in his BDSM camp for men who love it brutal and dirty. Granny finds all this fascinating.


Dayna McLeod


4:10 minutes / Canada

Threesome / Trekant

Maria Askedal


Norway | 16 eps of 30 min
A reality TV show about young people (18 to 22yo) exploring different aspects of straight, gay (the above episode) and queer sexuality.

Tomorrow Everything Will Be Better / Mañana Todo Será Mejor

Javier Acha


Spain / 8 mins

Toya's Conflict

Lawrence Dunant


UK / 10 mins
Toya and Hayley are viewing a house together with the potential to buy as they want to cement teir relationship.
Career orientated Hayley clashes with Toya's maternal instincts and this all unfolds in front of the unfortuante estate agent


Alain Subrebost


France / 21 mins
A man of the woods, a bit silly, go out of his forest and meets several characters: a psychic, a wise man and a priest mad of exorcism ...

Ultimate Sub Ultimate Dom: Maria Von Trapp & Mary Poppins 

Dayna McLeod


3:04min / CANADA 
Imagine Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music crawling on her hands and knees across the jagged cold stone floor of the nunnery to the Mother Superior, begging for mercy and looking for a spanking. Now imagine that Mary Poppins is the Mother Superior, wielding a dildo-sheathed umbrella and a ball-gag, and you have a glimpse into the explicit fantasy life of video artist, Dayna McLeod.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/176885782

Una Cuestión de Tango

Sandra Fernandez


Argentina | 24 min
Pensar en tango es pensar en función de hombres y de mujeres y del rol definido que cada uno tiene, ya sea bailando, cantando o tocando. Hoy en día esos roles parecen estar cambiando hacia la igualdad. Quizá porque, en definitiva, no se trate de una cuestión de género sino simplemente de una cuestión de tango.

Up In Smoke-Ireland's Smoking Ban

Gerald Fitzgibbon


Ireland / 26 mins
An informative, entertaining telling of the story of Ireland's 2004 smoking ban. Up In Smoke captures the progression and surprising success of this radical public health measure in a country renowned for it's pub culture.


Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay


1:30min / CANADA 
The pause that refreshes. Commissioned by the Festival Des Films Gays et Lesbiens de Paris as part of the 2006 Hommage à Jean Genet programme, acknowledging the 20th anniversary of Genet’s death.

We too / Wir auch

queerblick e.V.


Germany / 2 mins
A couple of basketball players throws some baskets while a group of young girls is attracted by them. Unfortunately they have to find out: The players are gay.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/9924541

We want to Live

Simi Deka


50 mins
"Daini Hatya" or 'witch hunting is a very burning and volatile issue , is practiced among certain communities of Assam . A victim is exploited and tortured upon being falsely accused of being a witch. Fear of imminent death and punishment makes life for them a living hell, for these women know not when their houses maybe burnt down, or they maybe driven away from their homes, away from their near and dear, ones or may be just beaten to death!

Who Ever Told You That You Were Strange?

Rachel Ben Zaken


Israel / 9 min, Hebrew
Beth is a girl who looks like a boy and lives with her mom who doesn't accept her. When Beth brings girls home they realize she's not the boy they thought she was.