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2011 - UPDATED: 16 May 2019


¡Qué Te Den Por Culo!

Chico Morera


Spain | 7 min
Cuando se vive en pareja, cualquier cosa puede desencadenar una discusión...


Ain’t I a Woman

Kebo Drew


USA / 9 min
This film celebrates the luminous enduring beauty of Black Femmes and Black transgender women.


Lala Miñoso


Cuba | 13 min
Lala Miñoso nos muestra a través de este corto algunos sujetos que pueblan el mapa de lateralidades sociosexuales: el proxeneta, la(el) prostituta(o), el foráneo que llega en busca de paraísos sexuales, y la doble moral del supuesto «macho a toda prueba» que abunda en tales ambientes.

Amor a Primera Hora

Nacho Gil


Spain | 5 min
Video ganador de la III Edición del Concurso "safe REC&PLAY safe" organizado por stop sida (www.stopsida.org) que promueve el sexo más seguro entre hombres y utiliza Internet para implicar al colectivo homo/bisexual en la creación de mensajes preventivos.


At Least You Know You Exist 

Zackary Drucker


USA / 16 min
At Least You Know You Exist is a site-specific exploration of a fixed space where everything is in a state of change. In this 16mm film, totemic mystical objects act as a collection of mysterious sculptures in different states of mutation, and rich layers of feverish history interface with a new vision of transgender performativity.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/207668938


Deborah Kelly


Australia | 04:25
'Beastliness' 2011 is an animated video made from photomontage works in which a fantastic bestiary of creatures and women dance and morph, becoming each other and consuming each other. Kelly re-mythologises the feminine into the hybrid creatures that have lurked within the human imagination over millennia and through doing so questions the assumptions and fears that have swirled around gender roles and rules in western culture. She does so through the hyper-contemporary visual language of digital media while also referring to early 20th century photo-montage pioneers such as Hannah Hoch and the Dada movement. In moving from the natural to the unnatural and the supernatural, Kelly makes the point that nothing may be what it seems and that how we view each other is always mediated through cultural and social conditioning.
Watch… https://youtu.be/nP02KcZrKuw


Rithea Phichith


Cambodia / 14 mins
"Boyfriend" is a short fiction film about a strange relationship between an elderly lawyer and a young university student. This relationship doesn't go without confusion or prejudice of people around them.
Watch... https://youtu.be/XLow6Mj0o5I

Cab Ride

Farrah Khan


Canada | 5 mins

Deeply personal, the artist’s relationship with her driver father, sharing her lesbian identity.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/32244606

Chistes de Mariquitas

Roberto Pérez Toledo



Code A

Burak Karacan


Canada | 1 min
This piece was inspired by my curiosity of the probable patterns the ayran* would make on the inner surface of the bottle after I shook and put down a half-full ayran bottle on my desk. (* Ayran is a popular cold beverage of yogurt mixed with water and often salt.)

Code E

Burak Karacan


Canada | 2 min
Burak Karacan’s Code E was inspired by the question, “Can I obtain a moving image from a single photograph?”
Watch… https://youtu.be/BW5I4kub08Q

Crie-Le Haut et Fort

Samel Dabour


1h38 :  Documentaire
Jeunes et idéalistes, six amis décident de fuir et de vivre ensemble, en dépit des normes sociales et religieuses, à la suite du coming-out de l’un d’entre eux et de l’arrivée de son petit ami, battu par sa famille. Proclamé 1er film gay libanais et tourné sous protection militaire, Out Loud représente le désir de liberté d’une jeunesse libanaise contemporaine. Sa relative naïveté dans la mise en scène est rattrapée par l’audace de son propos, sa spontanéité et la poésie de plusieurs séquences musicales.


Thunska Pansittivorakul


“Farang” (foreigner) consider lips-to-lips kissing as good and Thai-style kissing as bad. The fact of one preference over another is a sign of lack of understanding between people. “KI SS” is a video installation that interprets this quote from a Thai book on kissing traditions by Sathirakoses.  


Killer Plastic-o. Tu ti faresti entrare?

Stefano Pistolini


Italy / 50’
A full immersion in one of the most famous club of Milano and maybe of Italy: Plastic through the words of its founders, DJs, goers and celebrities.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/yVUqk5quRGk

Kissing Frogs

Christina Svien


Denmark/Turkey | 14 min
Kissings Frogs is a documentary about gay life in Beyoglu, Istanbul. Represented of two generations, each sharing their story.


Knotty Boy

Chelsea Downs


USA / 10 mins
Rik realized at a young age that he had a fascination with the fetish-kinky, which was not so much accepted by his English-German parents. Never the less, the world around him needed to be explored. At the age of 16, with his first car and a girlfriend, he had the freedom needed to find out more.


Benjamin Guibault


Lifes painful lessons

Love Without Borders

Max Anatskaya


Belorussia / 3 mins
The video perfectly shows the harmonious love of heterosexual and homosexual couples. Primarily intended for the Belarusian audience to make aware of the supposed rights of equality for the members of LGBT Community

Michael’s Coming Out Story

The Youth Panel


Michael’s story is that his family is in crisis. Their lives have been on hold since the death of his brother twelve months ago. They have never properly dealt with it as a family and now everyone is walking around with their feelings bottled up inside. The situation comes to a head when Michal’s father finds out that Michael is gay and suddenly a years’ worth of painful truth comes rushing out.


Pink Boys

Bennet Pimpinella


3 mins

Watch... https://vimeo.com/30148360

Plan Perfecto

Tavo Ruiz


Mexico | 8 min
Alejandro has a perfect plan for ending his relationship with Manuel, but not everything seems to be as it looks.



Hieu Tran


USA | 10 min
Hunter, a punctual hopeless romantic, subconsciously juggles the rules he has for dating on a blind date. However, hiS expectations are contradicted as he spends his night with laid-back Taylor. Hunter listlessly does his hardest to impress his date but continues to maneuver through instances of the evening where his social rules of dating are not applicable.


She is my Son

Irene Nduta


Uganda | 5:12 Mins
When a father realizes that his son is an intersex child, he seeks the guidance of his own father who advises him not to tamper with his child's sexuality. 24 years latter his son wants to be a man without fully grown female breasts.


María Eugenia Prieto


Chile | 19 min
Susana is a transvestite who begins to make a living in the sex industry. She accidentally sees her father take the services of a companion, who later appears to have been beaten. Susana decides to open up to her mother.



Dácio Pinheiro


Brazil | 5 min
Baseado no movimento “Tenso” da Sonata para piano de Camargo Guarnieri, o curta do pianista Antonio Vaz Lemes explora a relação entre a tensão musical e a tensão física.


The Humping Pact, Sacra River Dolomites, Italy Mission

Diego Agulló

Dmitry Paranyushkin


Germany / 9 Min

The Last Kiss / El Último Beso

Nico Aguerre Garbarino


Spain | 4 min
Ricardo y Antonio disfrutan de una romántica jornada de playa, hasta que uno de ellos se echa a llorar.


The Same 4 Letters

Phil Cramp


UK / 15 mins
A short documentary film that provides an insight into the LGBT community in the UK, their fight for equality and how they are perceived by society.

Three Drops of Holy Water / Tres Gotas de Agua

Jose Alfaro, Marco Castro-Bojorquez


Interviews of 3 different immigrant mothers and them coping up with their child’s sexuality...


Tiras de mi Piel

Ayoze Cabrera


Spain | 11 min
Esta pieza documental pretende proporcionar soporte a una autobiografía ácida, honesta, controvertida, y vital y manifiesta con claridad lo perteneciente al mundo de lo sombrío, de lo velado, al mundo de lo invisible... En un simple acto de valentía sin precedentes, el protagonista aprovecha una fecha clave en su vida para compartir, ante la cámara, sus facetas más susceptibles, más desconcertantes, estigmatizantes y humanas.

Tomorrow Everything Will Be beeter / Mañana Todo Sera Mejor

Javier Acha


Spain / 7 mins
Watch... https://vimeo.com/27186979

Where We Were Not: Feeling Reserved, Alexus’ Story

Jessica MacCormack and Alexus Young


Canada / 6 mins
In Feeling Reserved Alexus shares her story of a ‘starlight tour,’ a practice of police brutality against First Nations peoples in Canada where individuals are driven out of town, stripped of their coats and shoes, and left to freeze to death. In Alexus’ case, a couple happened to drive by her and she was saved. Nonetheless, the emotional scars remain, and many people were not so lucky. The realization that these murders are a continuation of the genocide of First Nations peoples today is horrifying for all. This work highlights the systemic violence at play and the silencing effect it produces.

Yo Soy Asi

Christina Svien


A film about Karina and her life living as a transgender in Chile.

Watch... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwLph0o53Qk