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2012 - UPDATED: 16 May 2019

¿Cuál es la Diferencia?

Fernanda Sanjurjo


Uruguay | 20 min
Una muestra de cómo no tener en cuenta un enfoque de diversidad de género puede llevar a diagnósticos de salud erróneos, lo que puede afectar a la salud de las personas LGTIB. 


Eliezer Pérez Angueira


Cuba | 6 min

Aimlessly / Sin Rumbo

Soledad Mariel Fernández


Argentina | 6 min


Luigi Cataldo  


Italy | 8 min
A woman locked on the body of a young artist.


Blacky Mendez


UK | 19 min
Plagued with a bunch of personal issues that he is overwhelmed with, an attractive young stud named Jake flees his hometown and heads north to get to away. To help him survive in the new city, he becomes a bell boy — though he is instructed to not play with guests, some rules are meant to be broken… Can he let go of the past and make room for a new love interest before he leaves town forever?

Boi Oh Boi

Thirza Cuthand


Canada | 10 min
After a long period in life identifying as a Butch Lesbian, Cuthand considers transitioning to male. This experience involved a six month period of her life during which she went by the name Sarain, which she would have been called had she been born a boy, and asking to be called by male pronouns. Complicated by mental health crises, Cuthand found themselves in a mental health group home for women, having to hide their gender dysphoria. After a considerable amount of thought and discussion, Cuthand changed her mind and decided to remain a Butch Lesbian. Explaining her decision, she touches on the desire to maintain a connection to the Lesbian community, as well as the sexy genderfucking that happens when one is a masculine woman. Shot partially on location in Hamburg, Germany, riding back and forth on the UBahn is a metaphor for her eventual acceptance of fluctuating between a masculine and a feminine gender. In a nod to her two spirited ancestors, she mentions that she would have been able to make up her own gender had colonization not happened.


Walid Tayaa


Tunisia / 25'
Three stories about homosexuality. One takes place in Paris, the second is set on the coast of Tunisia, the third in the kitchen of a left wing politician. All three tell about the hypocrisy and the complexity of being openly homosexual if you come from Tunisia, even after the Arab Spring.  

Boy's Period

Mei-yi Lam


Hong Kong / 20mins

Buffalo Boy: Don’t Look East

Adrian Stimson


Canada / 7 mins
Buffalo Boy is outrageous and excessive. But going too far is about taking audiences out of their comfort zones and reflecting their prejudices back at them, refusing to legitimize them. In recreating the Wild West as a camp spectacle, Stimson’s work is in dialogue with and indebted to artists such as Lori Blondeau and Kent Monkman, among others, in whose work we see the same love of twisted elegance, parodic exaggeration and elaborate staginess. Mixing satirical spectacle, camp aesthetics and anti-colonial critique, these artists depict the West as high-camp theatre, in which everything is done “in quotations” and nothing is what it seems to be.
Watch… http://adrianstimson.com/index.php/videos/

Christine in the Cutting Room

Susan Stryker


USA; 4 min.

This nontraditional reimagining of Christine Jorgensen, who in 1952 became a celebrity after sex reassignment surgery, sets in-your-face archival footage to an electronica soundtrack.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/erNy3Mh41gQ


Colin H. Duffy


USA / 6 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/F9ZA7bn5ujk

Cóctel de Gambas

David Rodríguez


Spain | 11 min
El padre facha, la madre histérica, el tío gracioso, la tía "progre", el abuelo senil, el hijo borracho y el gay. El cóctel de gambas está servido esta Navidad.

Crunch Pop

Grace Raso


USA / 6 min.
Move your body to the sounds of hip 1980s aerobics music. This colorful and upbeat video clip is filled with glitter, snacks, wigs, and flashy outfits.

Da Alegria, Do Mar e de Outras Coisas

Ceci Alves


Brazil | 13 min
The transvestite Nem Glamour, which does shows by night in Salvador de Bahia, saw her best friend Joy, also a transvestite, get murdered by military policemen. Nem accused them and now pays the price for it: Persecuted and reviled, she is forced to run away from the country, but only after her last show.

Do you, Andy...

Arvin Chen


Taiwan / 4 mins
After 4 years, 8 months and 10 days, my best friend, are you ready?
Watch... https://youtu.be/Wv65Avng6zg

Dukes and Barons / Duques e Barões

Kiko Alves


Brazil | 18 min
A vida às vezes nos coloca em caminhos estranhos e nos leva a lugares que questionam nosso modo de perceber o mundo. Quando nos condicionamos sempre a seguir em frente esquecemo-nos do que temos no presente, no agora. Verônica sente que algo ficou perdido.


Alessandro Antonaci


Italy / 19 min
A young man reads a diary of the future

Gay in a Day

Yair Hochner and Anat Salomon


Israel / 60 min, Hebrew
These materials construct this film and portray a rich mosaic of voices and experiences in the LGBT community in Israel.
The objective of this project was to enable its participants to present their individual point of view showcasing the different meanings of lesbian, gay, trans or bi identity in Israel.

Get Away / Weg Hier

Anja Gurres


Germany / 19 mins
Melek and Fabio couldn’t be any more different. But they have one thing in common that brings them together: both want to run away from home. Fabio because he is gay and Melek because her Turkish parents limit her dreams. Together they learn to face their problems. A film about understanding, being gay and migration.
Watch... https://youtu.be/9Hrbqg54ATM

Gloucester City, My Town

Krissy Mahan


USA | 3’57
In typical Fisher Price style, Mahan depicts the continual  encounters of what “being a daughter” means in my working class town, even for a butch lesbian.

God is love

Edward Lyon


UK / 10 mins
a man in his new home is delighted to receive an invitation to attend a church service on the local cliff top. He isn't nearly so delighted when he gets there.
Watch... https://www.festivalfocus.org/film/75870/watch/972/

Gone with the Smoke

Junny Zhu Ni


Macao | 14 min
Instigated by Ar Dick and a bunch of friends, Ka Ming takes on the habit of smoking during college. A year after graduating, Ka Ming realizes that whenever he smokes, he cannot help recalling his college life and the guy who taught him to smoke.

Google Chrome: Yours Truly

Hieu Tran


A guy also uses the web to save his long distance relationship.

In & Out

Carol Montealegre


6 min As to the actual representation of the image is always, partially, phantasmatic. Peggy Phelan
This proposal was an action to be seen online.
The body is the central theme. The body in interaction with Other bodies, establishing a dialogue with other bodies, with themselves, with the camera, the political body, the social body, the human body.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/52391512

Invisible Parents

Mike Buonaiuto


Trailer... https://youtu.be/aeBy_q4i40s

Invisible Picture / Retrato Invisivel

Denise Soares


Brazil | 18 min
Monica takes care of her grandfather who is in a coma. An unnexpected visit of a friend breaks her routine. It’s Lara, and she will reveal secrets that even Monica does not know.

Keep Breathing

Orr Sigoli


Israel / 14 mins
A young man’s strong feelings for his ex turns into an obsession when he starts stalking him and even turns up at his girlfriend’s house. Better sense prevails and he is back to reality with support of his best friend.

Keep It Straight!

Vinicius Salles


UK / 20 mins
In London, a gym offers a specific training: the Gay Boxing Club. This film take a close look at the steps of its founder Ben Day and Scott Valentine, one of its members. These two characters have broken the rules by fighting the roles that society forges for man to play whether straight or gay.


Karmen Wessels


South Africa | 12 min
James, supposed to be straight, falls for his best guy friend Nico.

Last Night

Amir Stolar


Israel / 6 mins
Watch... https://vimeo.com/56003137

Making Peace with the Wind

Kyrahm und Julius Kaiser


4 min | Italy

Murr “My Best Dress”

Calvin Hudson Hwang



Pablo y David  

Javier Marzoa  


Spain | 14 min
The story of a couple and their difficulties to normalize their situation.

Parole Rosette

Katrina Daschner


Austria / 8 Min

Por lo Que se Ve...

Emmanuel Duprez


Mexico | 42 min
Un joven es víctima del acoso de sus compañeros por ser homosexual y decide suicidarse porque no aguanta la situación, su mejor amiga se hace pasar por lesbiana para comprobar que en su escuela hay homofobia.

Porn Again, Vol. 1: Mutation Of A Transsexual

Sofia Moreno


USA / 7 min
A personal account of the artist’s body as raw material for alteration and as a medium for refusing fetishization.

Prayer That Works / L’orazione Efficacissima

Renato Muro


Italy / 7 min
A priest asks a young man to help him make the necessary preparations for a procession.


Gilbert Mayo


The Philippines

Sin Envoltura

Roberto Mares


Mexico | 16
Dos enamorados juegan con sus vidas poniéndolas en riesgo...


Elissavet Chatzicharalampous


Germany / 22min

Te Amo

Juan M. Fernández Chico



The Casting

Jason Bradbury


USA / 3 mins
A short film featuring the boys of AMCK Models. Inspired by the banned Larry Clark CK ads of the 90s.
Watch... https://youtu.be/tmBOPoW8H7A

The Jeweller – Il Gioielliere

Kyrahm und Julius Kaiser


Italy / 7 min

The Moment of Truth

Oliver Valente


USA / 12 mins
A story about an Iranian ultra-religious family who have immigrated to the US, that are about to learn that their son is a homosexual.

The Right Time

Hamish Steele



When is the right time to tell a secret to your best friend?

Things are Different Now

Ryan Conrad


Canada | 4 min
How do younger queers who have never known a world without AIDS, including the accompanying prevention and treatment strategies that have been popularized over the last two decades, relate to the history of the epidemic and to those that managed to survive its earlier conditions?


Anya Stetsenko


Russia | 1 min
Amusing gender joke.

What I Love About Being Queer

Vivek Shraya / Lia Hietala


Canada | 19 min
34 beautiful queers. One big question.

Wielandstrasse 20, 3. OG

Jan Soldat


Germany, 2 Min
Ein klassischer Jan Soldat: Der unaufgeregte und unaufdringliche Einblick in Jörgs und Karstens Beziehung in ihrer Berliner Wohnung.


Atong Atem


Australia / 5 mins
A celebration of evolving technologies as tools for performance and their parallels with the evolving queer body, the evolving sick body and the evolving black body. Technology as puppetry and the screen as praxis for our desires and our imagined selves.