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2015 - UPDATED: 22 November 2018



Bruno Ciancaglini



1 Grrl 5 Bears

Howard Adler


"1 Grrl 5 Bears" is a spin-off of the the television show "1 Girl 5 Gays". It features the fabulous Ronda Darling, a Bear in drag who hosts the show, and instead of focusing on stereotypical gay men that are young, thin, and (often) vain, it highlights 5 gay men that are older, and who have more ursine qualities.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/_2wTN4uOXHo

1987, Summer

Krissy Mahan


9 min
This short film follows the life of baby butch dyke, who is full of idealism and romantic ideas during a time when HIV/AIDS impacted the LGBT community. The issue of gender presentation is presented as an unhelpful barrier to finding support for the fight against AIDS.

2001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of

George Barber


UK / 6min
An icon. Repainted.

24 Heures

Zji-jin Tsai


France / 17mins
Le lm évoque les dernières heures de Mai, jeune écrivaine taïwanaise, enfermée dans son appartement pour rédiger le dernier chapitre de son roman Le Testament. Le lm s’inspire des journaux intimes de Qiu Maio-jin, jeune écrivaine homosexuelle taïwanaise qui vécut à Paris jusqu’en 1995 où elle se suicida à l’âge de 26 ans.

A Celebration of Darkness

Jaene Castrillon


Canada / 6:34
A woman with a tortured past is triggered to take an unexpected walk down memory lane, giving her a chance to make peace with her past. Does she find a way to celebrate darkness or does she become engulfed forever by it?

A Different Country




On Saturday 9th February 2013 the journey of this film began with the filming and recording of members of the LGBT community in Ireland. They, with true reflections, told their stories of Coming Out to claim full and equal rights as members of Irish society, when the result of the marriage equality referendum was announced in Dublin Castleon Saturday 23rd May 2015.

A Galinha Ryaba

Cláudio Marques & Marília Hughes

ly Kiselev


Russia / 3 mins
Em uma parte remota do país vive a galinha Ryaba com seus dois mestres. No entanto, apesar de suas aparências, o casal de velhos são espiões da CIA enviados para destruir a Rússia, fazendo propaganda LGBT a menores. Uitlizando a claymation, a animação mistura absurdo e sátira em uma crítica efetiva para a política sem sentido contra a homossexualidade na Federação Russa moderna.

A la cama con Francisco

Al Borde


A la cama con Francisco, es un cortometraje autobiográfico, en donde Francisco, un pibe trans, puto, gordo, sadomasoquista, intenta batallar un mundo que lo excluye del mercado del deseo. Negándose que su existencia no sea celebrada, deseada y gozada, Francisco abre las puertas de su cotidianeidad para mostrarnos que ser objeto y sujeta de deseo… ¿Es posible?

A Lifetime of Making Change

Megan Rossman


USA / 3 mins
Maxine Wolfe, 74, reflects on a lifetime of activism and her role as a coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Watch... https://www.festivalfocus.org/film/138590/watch/9396/

A Naked Boy

Jang Young-sun


South Korea / 22min
A teacher suffers from hallucinations and sees one of his students naked in class. In order to solve the issue, he pays a visit to the student. Does this visit have something to do with the teacher’s past? 


Sharvari Raval



Aavahan – Voices from the Fringe

Bindumadhav Khire


India / 15 min

Achilles Heel

Nicolas Pourliaros


Greece / 17 mins
Maria is a doctor that works illegally with her nurse lover Sotine providing for assisted suicides of those in terminal illness. Her life will completely turn around when she meets the parents of Achilles, a healthy young gay men

African, Muslim & Homosexual / Je Suis Africain, Musulman et Homosexuel

Johan Amselem



Ainsi soient-elles

Anne Jarrigeon


France / 30 mins
A l’occasion d’un stage, la jeune Tara découvre l’univers intellectuel et l’engagement de Christine et Catherine, les deux fondatrices de la librairie féministe Violette and Co.
De l’accrochage des expositions artistiques aux conversations chuchotées au milieux des livres, en passant par les rencontres littéraires organisées dans la mezzanine bien connue des habitué-e-s de ce lieu unique en son genre, le film, réalisé sans interview dans la lignée du « cinéma direct », interroge la transmission de la culture féministe.


Fox Fisher & Lewis Hancox


UK / 3min
Brighton-based tale of a trans woman’s second youth.


Rod Singh


Philippines | 10min, Silent movie
Alindanaw is a silent film about the journey of an Alien in search for its identity and a safe haven. The film explores the parallelism between a butterfly, an alien and a transgender.

All Out! / Tutti Fuori!

Massimo Latini


Italy | 25 min
40 Years of Coming Out in Italy


Claudia Mollese


Italy / 65′
The journey on the trail of one of the most emblematic character of the city of Lecce, capital of baroque, leading us into an invisible Lecce where transgression and devotion are inextricably intertwined.

Amor de Purpurina

Marc Bou y Gener Lanzo



An Equally Predatory Monster (A ‘How-To’ on Making Feminist Tentacle Porn)

Anna Wistreich


UK / 17 mins
Artist Anna Wistreich talks about her approach to creating feminist tentacle porn, with analytical discussion on feminism, porn and women’s sexuality intercut with blissful imagery of jellyfish and live coral. The documentary relates her early fascination with porn to her artistic expression, and to the realisation that tentacle porn, often genderless, is also queer. Anna uses the medium of pornography in a radical way, to celebrate women’s bodies and sexual desire. The artist calls out for more variety of imagery to depict women’s physical sexuality, believing in the radicalising potential of an ‘equally predatory monster’. This film even comes with a manifesto…

An Obituary for Polly

José Alberto Cerrillo


Mexico / 12 mins


Felipe Santo


Brazil | 15 min.

Animal Homosexuality



France / 52 min
“Animal Homosexuality” explores the various ways homosexuality is expressed in the animal kingdom through courtships, affection, sex, pair-bonding and parenting. A covert revolution has been taking place in nature, and has gone unnoticed until now. With the help of scientific research, international stock footage and location shoots all over the world, Saint Thomas re-examines and revises the fundamental paradigms of nature.

Anjali: How Long Can Someone Live In Other’s Skin

Mohan Rai


Nepal / 35 min

Another Teenage Love Story

Andrew Cali


USA / 6 min
High School dating isn’t always without its secrets.

Arthur et Jonathan



France | 13 mins
16 years old Arthur is the captain of the school’s rugby team and loves his girlfriend Camillia a lot. Why then is his heart beating faster when Camillia’s gay friend Jonathan is around?
Watch... https://youtu.be/p6K1w33cEfc


Oliver Smith


UK / 30 mins

Ashes of the Afternoon / 134 Mortes

Márcia Bellotti


Brasil | 10'
O filme parte de uma visão surrealista para trazer uma crítica política contemporânea sobre a violência que forçosamente envolve o dia-a-dia das pessoas transexuais no Brasil.

A surrealistic film portraying a contemporary political criticism about the everyday violence suffered by transgender people in Brasil.


Ntombizodwa Magagula


South Africa / 16’

After the disappearance of her father and the death of her girlfriend, a young woman blames herself for the two tragic events. In her journey of finding peace and learning to be fearless, she meets a woman who challenges her to take the first step. She discovers that the person responsible for the death of her girlfriend is closer than she thought.


Fox Fisher & Lewis Hancox


UK / 4min
A pleasing account of positive change in the military with this insight into the life of a trans RAF rescue pilot.

Bailar en Hombre

Fernando López


“Bailar en hombre” es un espectáculo que trata sobre la evolución de los códigos de género y sexualidad dentro del flamenco, a lo largo del siglo pasado. La pieza tiene como hilo conductor el recorrido de diferentes versiones de la Farruca, un género dancístico flamenco creado a principios del siglo XX y que se convirtió, con el transcurso de los años, en emblema de la masculinidad y del llamado “baile del hombre”.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/140037279


Hai Chin Hsu


USA / 13’, Mandarin




Mexico / 20 min

Bat Time / Die Stunde der Fledermaus

Elena Walf


Germany / 4’, Animation

Be Who You Are

Jon Ristaino


USA | 90 min
Two best friends and their cameraman travel America through 22 states in 25 days stuffed in a compact car searching for inspirational stories of everyday people pursuing their dreams. All while asking the question, ”What does it mean to be who you are?” It’s quirky narration, paired with behind the scenes footages of the crew’s struggle to make the film, create a unique and experimental film style. You’ll also meet five individuals who share their stories: The Survivor, The Activist, The Entrepreneur, The Contender and The Actor.

Being STRAIGHT in a GAY world



Imagine how it would feel to be STRAIGHT in a GAY world. Liberty High School student Justin has a secret. In an all gay world, Justin is straight, and the homecoming dance is tomorrow. Bobby, captain of the football team wants Justin as his date, but Justin likes Joanne. What will he do?
Watch... https://youtu.be/gwG5QvOYVsM

Being Unbound

Anna Wistreich


UK, Denmark / 21 min. English/Swahili
Being Unbound centres around Mwamba, a female-to-male trans-person living openly in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It follows Mwamba and his fellow activist-friends in their fight to create safe spaces and dialogue around a concept that is unknown to almost everyone in Tanzania. The strong friendship and impassioned fight portrayed by the protagonists shows how a sense of community and empowerment can be born out of a shared experience and cause. The film explores how it feels to live in a world where one is constantly forced to think about one’s gender, what it means to live between genders, and how to live your life when your gender identity does not match the one that the rest of society imposes on you.

Bits + Pieces : Andy

Anto Gamunev


Puerto Rico / 7 min
Andy is a puertorican in his 40's who is going thru a little depression because of the death of his love. His has been living a lonely life for the past 2 years and then his niece steps in. Katy comes in and tries to help him move on by setting him up on a date. Will he find love? Will he find a human connection? Or, will he fall back to his depressive state of mind?
Watch... https://www.festivalfocus.org/film/115628/watch/


Cristiano Sousa


Brasil / 3 min 44 seg
Un hombre y el desafío de superar la soledad después de una ruptura y el descubrimiento de que el amor sólo conoce su intensidad con la separación.


Yalda Afsah & Ginan Seidl


Germany /  30 mins
“Boy” narrates through pictures of urban environments and close observations the lives of a girl which is raised as a boy in Afghanistan and a young afghan singer, who now lives in London but wore boys clothes to be more free in afghan society.

Bread of Life / Pan de Vida 

Sergio García Locatelli


Spain / 7 mims
Alejandro busca la felicidad y no concibe el amor sin religión. Desde que decidió dejar el lastre de la culpa, vive a plenitud su identidad.

Bullying, The Sexual Truth

Daveo Falaveo


USA /1’14’’

Calalai In-Betweenness

Kiki Febriyanti


Indonesia / 40 mins
A story about the existence of women of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, living in Bugis culture in the midst of modern world ruled by binary system. For centuries Bugis people have accepted gender diversity as implicitly written in La Galigo manuscript, where they believe that humans consist of five genders, and one of them is calalai. Who is calalai?
Trailer… https://youtu.be/VMnmU-_xhXw

Casi Inmutable

Leonardo Daniel Ríos Guevara y Raúl Uribe Carvajal


Mèxico / 5´

Che Monja

Martin Chab


Sweden, Argentina / 95 mins


Ania Urbanowska


UK / 2 mins
Sometimes the fear of coming out can make us fear that we are unlovable. The simple refrain ‘don’t stop loving me’ hangs in the air long afterwards.

Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

Amelia Barker


UK / 2 mins
A simple quarrel between flatmates leads to some surprising consequences.
Inspired by the book I Lick My Cheese, Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! tells the story of Polly and her quest to lead a calm, ordered and structured life. Her efforts are hampered however by flatmate Alex - chaotic and carefree, Alex represents everything that Polly is not. Will Alex’s lifestyle finally push Polly over the edge?


Bruno Gaeta


Mexico / 10´

Chocolate Beard

Leonard Suryajaya


USA / 3’06’’


Blacky Mendez


UK / 23 mins
Benjamin, a shy teenager, joins the St Peter’s Choir for the first time. He develops a crush for the lead singer, a rude, careless boy called Daniel. Daniel messes with his mind, giving him mixed signals, until Benjamin finds out the truth behind his behaviour and the secret to earning a place in the lead, which he might just attempt to get.


Karen Johannesen


USA / 5 min.


Mozart Freire


Brasil / 16 mins
Um refúgio para relações homoafetivas intermediadas pelo encontro, pelo olhar e pelo toque. Um mosaico composto por pulsões de desejo e odes ao corpo masculino.

Clinch / Ringen

Manuel Meinhardt


Germany / 5 min

Club Friday 5



Thai series where each story is based on real calls made by people to a radio program (called Club Friday). Club Friday 5 is called “Secret of a heart that doesn’t exist” and tells the story of Win & Boss.

Colder / Plus Froid

Joey Chan


China / 23min

The story takes place in a society where being gay is the norm. Zhang Min tells his fathers about his heterosexuality, hoping to get their understanding and support. But nothing happens as planned.

Coming Home

Francy Fabritz


Germany / 20 mins

A large flat and many places that are sex inviting, rather it’s the fridge, the washer or the bed – quick lesbian sex with joyful devices…

Connor & Max

Connor Vail


Watch... https://vimeo.com/138202947

Continuous Resistance Remix

Fallon Simard


Canada / 5 mins
Continuous Resistance Remix is a 5 minute video that remixes 30 youtube videos that document state violence(s) perpetuated on indigenous bodies.


Rodrigo Carneiro


Brasil | 30'
Obsessed with a heteronormative identity, Pendro confronts himself with an image that doesn’t represent who he is. On this search performed by him, the marks of violence start appearing all over his vulnerable young body.

Cosmic Crystals

Jonathan Caouette


8 mins
The film is a mash-up of public domain clips, educational films, online gifs, a killer dream pop song by Nyles Lannon & Paul Falcone’s The Cosmic Crystal (a brief part of which was used for Tarnation). Caouette first saw it on PBS’s ZOOM in the 1970’s which inspired him to want to make films.


Moisés Loureiro e André Nódoa


Brasil / 46 mins
A conturbada relação entre a igreja evangélica e o publico LGBT parece não estar tão perto de uma conciliação, com o surgimento da teologia inclusiva e igrejas que não só aceitam os gays, mas os tem como lideres dentro das congregações parecem aumentar ainda mais a tensão do lado mais conservador.

Curriculum Vitae

Raí Gandra


Brasil | 2'
Um Raí não cai duas vezes no mesmo lugar.

A Raí does not strike the same place twice.


Dar Leon


Israel / 4 min
Being different, a stain in society, a society that pursuit its own members.

Dancer As Insurgent

Simon Schultz


USA / 17’26
Documentary featuring Benjamin Hart, Chicago based dancer and activist, exploring voguing as radical poetic expression and emancipatory tool in the sociopolitical struggles of QTPOC communities in New York.

Danny's Nightmare [Horror, Against Homophobia]

Calum McSwiggan, Roly


USA / 3 mins
15 year old Danny is gay, being bullied, and struggling to deal with his sexuality. When he wakes up alone the night before Halloween he finds himself living his worst nightmare.
Watch... https://youtu.be/n_iH0lBSoUY

Dear Armen: The Final Monologue

Kamee Abrahamian & Lee Williams Boudakian


Armenia / 6 min.
Culture, identity, and history fight for dominance in this finale to a multidisciplinary performance piece marking the centennial of the Armenian genocide.


Juan Mirarchi


Argentina / 99 mins
Sobre tres personajes (2 hombres y una mujer) que unen sus caminos, pasando por momentos que les llevarán del deseo a los celos, del amor a la confrontación.

Watch... https://youtu.be/-47a923W1zs

Deep Switches

Danny Tayara


USA | 5’ | Porn| English spoken
Two queer witches summon the supreme bitch snack daddy they’re craving after a session of Tarot readings and crystal rubbing.


Lara Buitron, Vitor Lima


Brasil | 22'
Documentário que se propõe a discutir as relações de gênero pela ótica das mulheres transgêneras e travestis presas no cárcere masculino em Pernambuco.

Documentary that aims to discuss gender relations from the perspective of transgender women and transvestites arrested in a male prison in Pernambuco, Brazil.

Distances / Distantziak (N. 4)

Aitor Gametxo


65 mins, spanish,
Colective documentary produced by Territorios y Fronteras and Zinebi International Film Festival.


Ángel Araujo



Don't Look

Paulo Henrique


Portugal / 4 mins
Conceived in partnership with Play Bleu, photograph and graphic designer, the film focus on a character in a specific frame/period of time. The use of a classical photographic frontal angle with two distances, accumulating the gestures of the movement character observed behind of a translucent broken glass, filmed from inside and outside space (broken glass). This frontier works as a new screen for the viewer evoking also the political and social association with the current world, where the repetition of the media images echoes the fluidity of their distribution in contrast with the static space and enclosure that the body is observed in their real nature. In this created visual and sound environment, the film suggests other images that correspond to the individual experience of each viewer and the way they might look or don’t look to the resonances trough the repetitions of body image on the created visual space as the real body has no place of it's own when becoming an image
Watch... https://www.festivalfocus.org/film/108473/watch/

Double Heart Seven

Misy Tinyun Lan


Taiwan / 3mins

Dudu is Single Now / Dudu está Solteiro

Roberto Limberger


Brasil | 10'
Solteiro sim, sozinho nunca.

Single, yes. But never alone.

E Tu, Tens Medo De Mim?

Renata Monte e Juliano de Medeiros


Brasil / 42 mins
O filme retrata o processo de produção da peça "Quem Tem Medo de Travesti", do coletivo artístico As Travestidas, e a história de seus membros. Além de revelar a importância do teatro como agente de transformação social e a relação de travestis e transexuais com o preconceito e a violência. Dois diretores, sete atores e um espetáculo de tirar o fôlego.

Each Night I Dream

Jim Chuchu


Kenya / 11 min.
Banned from public screenings in Kenya, Each Night I Dream is one of a collection of films from the Nest depicting the harsh reality of life for LGBT youth in Africa. Based on a series of anonymous interviews.

Eat My Father for Dinner

BY Li Bin


China / 99 mins
A fantastical personal voyage into the lives, loves, relationships of a 21-year-old multi-talented director who stars in what can only be called one of the most original sexy queer movies in a long time.


Anne Golden 


Canada / 2min

Windows become screens.

Eigenwillige Miss M.

Zatinka Feistl


Germany / 17‘
Since Annie, 12, moved in with her father, she constantly tells wild stories about her pussy. Her father Andreas slowly despairs, his boss is shocked, the social worker is crestfallen. Why does she do this?

El Camino del Gato

Pamela Robin


El Salvador

El Moreno

David Sánchez


México / 6´


Lucía Valdemoros


Argentina / 5 min

En La Esquina

Jorge Enrique Castro Díaz


México / 16´

Ex Argilla

Elena Vannier et Anne-Sophie Tournade


France / 5 mins
Jeux de regards entre une artiste et son modèle.

First Clue

Tal Galon


Denmark / Israel
Watch… https://youtu.be/2ml3dBVoXks

Flo & Hector in Hasenheide

Nikolaj Tange Lange & Flo Cane


Germany | 16’
A boy scout and his dog are playing among the autumn leaves. A fun, rough, and tender gay/trans DIY porn.

Fluid Y

Katerina Athanasopoulou & Yani B


UK / 4 min.
Transcendence, movement, change, and a chromosome are happily defied.


Márcia Bellotti


Brasil / 5 mins

For Your Pleasure 

Miguel Maldonado


UK / 6 mins
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/123560298

From Him

Ben Iaor


18 mins
Oren is a young dancer who is dealing with the loss of the person closest to him, the one he loved. He is trying to find closure while dealing with the prejudice and the accusations thrown at him.


Bhanu Babbal


India | 5 mins
G.H.A.R (Gay Housing Assistance Resource started as a Yahoo group in 1998 with 1 member, Sachin Jain (currently a Spanish-language teacher and editor of Gaylaxy Magazine Hindi, and co-founder of a group called Gay Bombay). By the end of 2015 it was a closed Facebook group with 2260 members. Half of the postings on G.H.A.R are from Mumbai.
Watch... https://youtu.be/5Y0mcLYIRsc

Gay in Albania

Nina Foufa


Greece | 28 min
Up until the mid-90s if you were openly gay in Albania, you would be sent to prison. Many homosexuals still face bigotry and violence, even in their own homes.
In the last five years, Albania has seen a dynamic LGBTQ movement. Gay activist have created secret guest houses in Tirana that offer shelter to young homosexuals who have been brutally abused.
VICE Greece traveled to Albania and recorded rare glimpses into the lives of people who have been victimized and neglected because of their sexual orientation in one of Europe’s most homophobic countries.

Ghost Pug

Will Webb


UK / 3 mins
London’s housing market can force people into uncomfortable places, such as accepting a ghost pug in your midst. A very silly, funny film about a lesbian couple being haunted by a ridiculously cute ghost.


Tran Tonnu


USA / 5 mins
After failing to get her Gay Membership Verification renewed, Sophie must navigate her world as a “straight person.” She comes to realize being gay is not as simple as renewing a license.


Wanda Vrasti


Germany / 13 min
A pensive look at a singular character and the bonds that transform us over time.

Golden Hour

Daniel Destefano


USA / 5 min
A horrific tale of anonymous love gone awry when two men meet on a park bench and one of them has evil plans.

Gotta Have Heart

Sandi Perimutter


26 mins
When Edd met Joe, he told him that his heart hurt; Joe thought he was being metaphorical. In this touching love story, we meet a sweet, cantankerous New York couple facing incredible obstacles just to keep retired ballet dancer Edd alive. Fondly remembering their 23 years together, they recount Edd’s near death experiences, failed attempts at fixing his heart, and their hope for a miracle. Gotta Have Heart is an intimate portrait of devotion and survival.


Paloma Rocha



Happy New Year / Feliz Ano Novo

Felipe André Silva


Brasil | 17'
On New Year’s Eve, Fred and Alexandre meet to discuss past, future, and a love that they cannot understand.

Heavens to Betsy

Angie West, Jac Nunns


UK / 11mins
HEAVENS TO BETSY, a lesbian Cinderella story set in a hair salon

Here Come The Brides – The Same-Sex Marriage in Brazil

Gabi Torrezani, Fabia Fuzeti


Brazil / 50 min


Ashish Sawhny, Anisha Lanewala & Shefali Jamwal


India / 15 min / Documentary Short

Home Together



USA / 25 mins
“Home Together” is a short documentary that examines how notions of family in the United States have shaped discussion around LGBTQ immigration issues – and the problems that this frame creates by excluding certain groups of people. The film juxtaposes news footage, speeches, personal accounts, pop culture, and original interviews to try to provide insight into the current state of the national conversation.

Hush / Remanso

Aline de França


Brasil | 7'
Uma videodança sobre significação do amor e da paixão através do movimento. A permissão dos corpos no fluxo inevitável de interagirem entre si e de se deixarem levar por esse contato.

A video dance about the meaning of love and passion through movement. The permission of the bodies in the inevitable flow of interacting with each other and letting themselves to be carried away by this contact.


Aida Jara


Spain / 5 mins
I/XXI is the first virtual tarot card of a series.

Illuminated Bodies



The collaboration between Dutch painter Maurice Heerdink and his model and the creation of the painting: Illuminated Body.

I'm Not Gay, But My Boyfriend Is



Watch... https://vimeo.com/131652746

In attesa

Alberto Vianello


Italy / 9mins
A kindergarten teacher needs to tackle the consequences of an unusual evening date

Inflamed: A Litany for Burning Condoms

Niknaz Tavakolian


USA / 7 min.
This experimental video explores the sociopolitical, technocratic, and historical textures of latex as they relate to AIDS.

Inside Out

Rebecca Nyahay


USA / 8:54 mins
Inside Out takes a look into the life of Lee, a single black woman living by her own rules and generally on her own turf. But when tragic events force Lee to come face to face with a truth she can’t hide, Lee must decide if she will confront her fears or run the risk of being stuck inside forever.


Rosie Haber & Lauren Cioffi


USA / 7 min
A young queer couple in Mississippi try to adopt a baby on Instagram. In collaboration with The Front.

Into All That Is Here

Laure Prouvost


UK / 10 mins
Into All That Is Here explores the notion of lust after times of darkness. Within her film, the artist will continue the exploration of themes addressed in Wantee (2013), a story linked to her grandfather. This time, she focuses on digging into the subconscious of this character, deep into his fantasies, as an insect or bird is attracted to the pollen of a flower and when there by the flower indulge its with pleasure. The video depicts a warm and slimy atmosphere and a sensation of relief after long search of darkness, giving the impression to the visitor that they have just penetrated a slimy, sweaty flower, till the images burns and disappear…

Is This Normal? /

Isso É Normal?

Richard Maman


Brasil | 5'
Uma mãe se depara com os questionamentos do filho e se dá conta de que seu garoto está crescendo e começando a compreender o mundo.

A mother stumbles upon his son's questions and realizes that her kid is growing and starting to understand the world.

It Happens / Dessas Coisas Que Acontecem

Sueli Araújo


Brasil | 20'
Acidentalmente dois desconhecidos ficam presos durante o dia inteiro no terraço do prédio onde moram. Com o passar das horas as semelhanças e as diferenças entre eles se avolumam e se dissipam.

Two strangers accidentally get stuck all day on the terrace of the building where they live. As hours go by the similarities between them swell, and their differences dissipate.

Joga As Tranças, Rapunzel
/ Rapunzel, Let Your Braids Down

Matheus Rocha


Brasil | 14'
Telma e Luisa decidem fazer uma videodança.

Telma and Luisa decide to shoot a videodance.

Johnny Had a Boyfriend

Outi Hartikainen


Finland | 5 min
Taken from Traffic Island’s third E.P. “Third EP”.
When his son introduces his boyfriend to his parents, longtime hidden memories and old frustrations come to life.


Sam Bell


UK / 3 mins
A film about hate with no redemption.
Watch... https://www.festivalfocus.org/film/109780/watch/


Ran Li


Czech Republic, China / 9 min /

Just Another Love Story / Manam

Prashansa Gurung


India / 7 min / Documentary Short

Keep the Cumbia Going / Que Siga la Cumbia

Candy Guinea


USA / 8 min. 
A documentary about the Oakland-based dance party Queer Qumbia, and the importance of queer and trans people of color creating inclusive spaces in a quickly gentrifying region.

Ken Ou Barbie? Play With Me!

Sonia Rickli


Switzerland / 2’40’’


Daniel Lathwesen


Germany / 2’55’’


Dew Kim & Luciano Zubillaga




Florian Fructuoso


Watch... https://vimeo.com/149578244

La Chica De La Barra

Javier Ortiz Alcamí


Spain / 4’

La Mascara

Mary Trash


18 mins
Minus is Válido

La Piscina

Alejandro Lablec


Uruguay / 11’
Dos jóvenes reciben clases de natación en una piscina climatizada.

La Premiere

Bard Yden


Norway / 9 mins.

La Visita

Vìctor Góngora Cervantes


México / 15´


Davood Khalife Gholi


Iran / 31 mins

Las Piedras También Lloran

Ruth Martínez Álvarez


Spain / 14 min 59
Blanca y Alicia, dos mujeres de mediana edad, son amigas desde la infancia. Actualmente Alicia es la secretaria de Blanca, pero entre ellas ha habido un distanciamiento en los últimos años. Mientras Blanca sigue soltera, Alicia ha formado una familia.

Le Banquet D'auteuil

Cyril Legann et Clément Beauvois


France / 110mins
Molière séjourne chez lui à Auteuil en 1670 alors que son jeune protégé, l’acteur prodige Michel Baron vient de revenir auprès de lui. Là, vit également l’ami de toujours, l’écrivain Chapelle. Ce dernier, aimable fêtard, a invité une turbulente troupe à dîner, les musiciens Lully, Dassoucy et Pierrotin, les hommes de cour Jonzac et Nantouillet, bientôt rejoints (miracle du théâtre) par leur ami disparu, Cyrano de Bergerac. Ces libertins-là vont moquer (ou envier) la passion jalouse de l’auteur du Misanthrope pour Michel Baron. L’art et l’amitié peuvent-ils nous sauver de l’absurdité de la vie, et nous permettre les délices de l’amour avec un jeune homme? Remarquablement interprété et filmé; un très beau moment de théâtre à ne pas manquer.

Leaving This Country / Odchádzame Z Tejto Krajiny

Dominik Jursa


SR / 25 mins

Lez Be Honest

Tiffany Gibson




Runze Yu


USA / 7 min documentary
This is a story of a black queer barber trying to realize her dream, opening a barber shop for LGBT community in New York City.


Brenda Avila-Hanna


USA / 9 min.
The story of Alejandra, who always knew deep down inside that she was a chola, not a cholo.

Like a Minse

Nathalia Salani, Jully Irie


Brasil | 4'
Barbara cai nos corredores da famosa noite da Alôca em São Paulo e se prepara para ganhar o palco. Claro, se passar pelo crivo das famosas ""donas"" do lipsync na casa: Maica, Scarllet e Ginger, que mostram que nos palcos palavras podem ser escritas a punho, mas são ditas na alma.

Barbara ends up in the corridors of the famous nightclub Alôca in Sao Paulo and prepares herself to conquer the stage. Of course, if she gets the approval of the famous lipsync 'owners' in the place: Maica, Scarllet and Ginger, who show on stage that words can be handwritten, but are said with the soul.

Listen / Ouve

Paulo Cavalcanti


Brasil | 7'
Um quarteto ensaia sobre as relações oprimidas (veladas ou não) de forma individual e concomitante. Uma cantora, um pianista, um bailarino e uma atriz; cada um exprime sua angústia de acordo com sua linguagem, a escuta do silêncio é o denominador comum.

A quartet rehearses on the oppressed relations (veiled or not) individually and concurrently. A singer, a pianist, a dancer and an actress; they express their anguish according to their language, listening to the silence is the common denominator.

Livin the Lies

Annemarie Soba


10 mins

Living Together



Taiwan / 彩色 / 69mins

Lost & Found

Zeng Lei


China / 34 min / Narrative Short

Lost and Found

Nizan Lotem


Israël / 7 mins
Yuval, a young teenager meets a stranger in the park who found his mobile. When the incident turns into an extortion attempt, Yuval has to face consequences of his earlier actions.

Love Letter

Neelu Bhuman


UK / 5 mins / English+Telugu
An intriguing and mesmerising film that explores race, power and gender through an erotica narrative of desire – told in both English and Telugu. A hand sensuously examines another’s mouth, penetrating, pushing, carressing and controlling it.

Love Park

Sanhka Malwaththa


Sri Lanka / 3 min.

Love Wins

Robin Kampf



Love Wins is a half-hour documentary that tells the story of two octogenarian women, Jan and Emily, who met and fell in love during a time when doing so was strictly taboo.

Love Wins is a half-hour documentary that tells the story of two women, Jan (80) and Emily (85), who met and fell in love during a time when doing so was strictly taboo. During this time they raised a family of 3 children, while living in suburban New Jersey, completely in the closet. With the exception of one week each year when they went to Provincetown and flourished as a couple, they lived closeted. Their story has many layers to it, not the least of which is that Jan met Emily while Emily was working for Jan’s husband! In fact, he was Emily’s boss.

Their compelling and at times, humorous story gives a fascinating look in to how gay couples lived double lives, fearing being ‘outted.’ After 45 years of living that double life, Jan and Emily finally got married, once marriage equality passed as law in New Jersey and now both women are community activists and proud flag-waving members of the social movement that changed the course of history.

Lucky After Dark

William Laszlo Holman


Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) student Harrison Apple is Pittsburgh’s first queer archaeologist. Standing amid the debris of a defunct LGBT social club in East Liberty, he had a sense of historical importance, of something past that helped shape the present.


Joelle Gonzalez-Laguer


Puerto Rico | 14 min
Profesor Diaz speaks with a feminine affectation and wears women’s clothes in public. Yet, he insists, “I am not Lizza Fernanda. I am Professor Luis Felipe Díaz.”

Mais Duro!

Camila Saldarriaga


Colombia / 13 min
When a Colombian teenager gives into her curiosities, she ignites her journey toward self-discovery.

Hacia finales de los noventa en Colombia, la curiosa e introvertida Amalia comienza, sin saberlo, su viaje hacia el autoconocimiento cuando toma prestada una película de porno soft de un amigo para mirarla con su mejor amiga.




Man-Men es una serie documental enfocada en el desnudo masculino. Cada capítulo está protagonizado por un actor o modelo distinto. El objetivo de la serie es explorar la belleza natural del cuerpo masculino, abordando todo tipo de estéticas.


Rachel Ara


UK / 1 min

This hilarious short animation encapsulates the new terminology ‘Manspreading’ (the usually male behaviour of taking up space with little regard or consideration as to whose space you are invading) and suggests a way of dealing with this problematic behaviour – a way which the WDIYFF, of course, does not endorse… :-)


Cardinia Shire Youth


Australia / 13 min
Armed with only a camera, stubborn dedication and a touch of ignorance, a pair of curious twins set out to learn more the day after their elder brother Marcus comes out as trans




USA / 3 mins
4 friends roast weenies.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/125223975


Luciana Solórzano


México / 25´

Meme Team

Carleigh Ellwood and Quinton Mourjoun


USA / 5 mins
The corporations are stealing our memes! Who you gonna call?

Mesa de familia

Isaac Flores


Venezuela | 10 mins
Todo comienza una navidad cualquiera, cuando una confesión inesperada hace que una familia se convierta en un batallón y un comedor en un campo de reproches y reclamos.

It’s another Christmas day, and it all begins with an unexpected confession that divides a family making what it is supposed to be a time for peace and love, an open war between every member of the family.
Watch… https://youtu.be/o_H-EpwYzos

Minutes to Midnight

Diego Batara Mahameru


USA / 8 mins
A few minutes before midnight of New Year's Eve, Adam, an awkward, introverted guy who happens to be working overtime in the office receives a horoscope subscription e-mail that says his soulmate will come to him this year. Adam tries his best to approach the only three females in the office that night and the end result was not at all what he has expected.
Watch... https://youtu.be/GnuJbhbpRXA


Panha S. Theng


Myanmar / 6 min


Mauricio Ferreira


Brasil | 16'
Concebido sob os elementos visuais das obras musicais “Trocando em Miúdos”, “Samba e Amor” e “João e Maria”, do cantor e compositor Chico Buarque de Hollanda, o filme desloca o espectador do centro caótico urbano para dentro da casa e das memórias dos personagens João Pedro e João Hollanda.

Inspired by the visual elements of the musical works “Trocando em Miúdos”, “Samba e Amor” and “João e Maria”, by singer and composer Chico Buarque de Hollanda, the film brings the viewer from an urban chaotic center into the house and memories of the characters João Pedro and João Hollanda.

Modus Vivendi

Rikke Nørgaard


Denmark / 10 min
How do you cope with being asexual in a society where sex is everywhere?

Monday Soccer

Marina Loducca


USA / 5 mins
“Monday Soccer" is a fictional story centered around a married man in Brooklyn, NY that leads a seemingly normal life. It is a glimpse into his weekly routine until it takes a surprisingly dramatic turn.

Monica's Story

Glenn Holsten


11 min.
This short documentary traces the journey of resilience and self-acceptance of Monica Rose, a strong young transwoman of color. Despite being rejected by her church and family, Monica found support through her local LGBTQ community and now is a proud, confident person with a bright future. Monica’s Story is part OC87 Recovery Diaries, an interactive website that features stories of mental health, empowerment, and change, created by and for those whose journeys of recovery speak to audiences from all walks of life.


Carolin Vásquez Triana


Colombian | 7 mins

Moonriver (Uncut)

Slava Mogutin


USA | 9'
Em seu mais recente vídeo NSFW musical experimental, o artista e escritor russo Slava Mogutin, radicado em Nova York, faz um tributo ao aclamado cineasta queercore canadense Bruce LaBruce e às suas influências clássicas de Hollywood. Mr. LaBruce raspa a cabeça dos rapazes e se entrega a esportes aquáticos enquanto canta Moon River, originalmente interpretada por Audrey Hepburn em "Bonequinha de Luxo" (1961).

In his latest NSFW experimental music video NY-based Russian artist and writer Slava Mogutin pays a tribute to the acclaimed Canadian queercore filmmaker Bruce LaBruce and his classic Hollywood influences. Mr. LaBruce shaves boys’ heads and indulges himself in watersports while singing Moon River, first performed by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).


Jonathan Lemieux


Canada / 6:28
Jonathan Lemieux returns to WDIYFF with a gorgeous new moving image film using the themes of mental health, family, art and memory. Using archive family footage, Jonathan tries to deconstruct his past and personality, before realising it is time to let go of the past.

Mr Queen

Bruce Yan


Hong Kong / 22 mins

Coco Pop is a publisher and a drag queen. Coco Pop has been a drag queen for more than a decade and his biggest inspiration is Anita Mui, the famous Cantopop singer and actress (1963-2003). MR QUEEN is a documentary about Coco Pop as an entertainer, a performer and as an active member of the LGBT community in Hong Kong; he happens to be a drag queen because, “he is born this way.”


Saadat Munir


Pakistan / 5 min
This experimental film examines the mujra dance, traditionally performed by transgender women, who often make a living by dancing at weddings and parties.

My Daughter, Never More

Cassandra Troyan


USA / 9 mins
In spheres of opera and lands of artificial nature, a hummingbird never returns and the tongue is never questioned: “I love you, daughter, until you betray me.”

My Vice

Sinead Huggins


Ireland / 3 mins
A 16 year olds first kiss.
Watch... https://youtu.be/tUu28NO1seA


Sonia Chamkhi


90 mins
Hind est une jeune comédienne de 30 ans. Dans la pièce mise en scène par Taoufik, son mari, elle joue son propre rôle : elle y retrace ses relations mouvementées avec son frère cadet Mehdi, devenu un célèbre chanteur homosexuel, et leur frère aîné tombé dans l’intégrisme religieux. Hind et Mehdi sont tous les deux tiraillés : lui entre son amour clandestin et la perspective de se marier, elle entre les secrets de leur passé et un présent qui l’étouffe. Sur fond de révolution tunisienne, elle se décide à reprendre sa vie en main et à s’offrir enfin une liberté qu’aucun homme n’a pu lui offrir. Sonia Chamkhi, cinéaste et féministe tunisienne, raconte à travers Hind le désir d’émancipation de toute une jeunesse tunisienne sur laquelle pèse le poids des traditions.


Mathew Marron


USA / 30 mins
A murderous drag queen searches among the crowd, bar staff and performers for her next victim at a drag show.


A. Bellot, L. Desoutter


9 min

Netflix and Chips

Helen Wright


UK, Scotland /  5.42
A sweet, hilarious drama written and produced in 48 hours. Working in a chip shop, Tammy begins to notice that her job is starting to impact on her dating experiences. Tonight, however, she has a hot date lined up. So what could possibly go wrong?


Never / Mai

Giulio Poldomai


Italy / 20 mins
Claudia travels to a small town in Sicily to get back together with her ex-girlfriend, Anna. She is not interested anymore and abandons Claudia in a town she doesn't know. Wandering around town Claudia meets Sandro, who questions all her believes.Claudia travels to a small town in Sicily to get back together with her ex-girlfriend, Anna. She is not interested anymore and abandons Claudia in a town she doesn't know. Wandering around town Claudia meets Sandro, who questions all her believes.Claudia travels to a small town in Sicily to get back together with her ex-girlfriend, Anna. She is not interested anymore and abandons Claudia in a town she doesn't know. Wandering around town Claudia meets Sandro, who questions all her believes.Claudia travels to a small town in Sicily to get back together with her ex-girlfriend, Anna. She is not interested anymore and abandons Claudia in a town she doesn't know. Wandering around town Claudia meets Sandro, who questions all her believes.

No Other Girl

Ella Funk & Yannick Spies



No Que Me Toca
How It Touches Me

Cecilia Engels


Brasil | 16'
Aline, dentro da sua introspecção, perde o senso do que é real e do que são visões. Pelo toque de um massagista, ela resgata o que precisa ser curado para poder seguir adiante.

Within her introspection, Aline loses sense of what is real and what are visions. By the touch of a masseur she rescues what needs to be cured in order to move forward.

Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies

Alee Peoples


USA /  9 mins
A Los Angeles street film starring empty signs, radio from passing cars and human sign spinners, some with a pulse and some without.


Edwin Oyarce


Chile / 4min
A multi-sexual fantasy that revolves around the figure of a transvestite and her pleasure-inducing prostheses and toys. A delirium in which traditional bodies and power relations are subverted.


V. Ramanathan


India / 16 min / Documentary Short

Not in Italy

Giordano Bianchi


Italy / 14 mins

Octopus / Krake

Julia Ocker


Germany / 4’

Oh My Soul

Kivini Shohe


India / 26 mins

One Question

Badger Antoniou


USA I 3 min.
Two queer kids scour the streets of Boston in search of the answer to an unanswerable question.

One Woman Party

Anna Okrasko


The footage of the “One Woman Party” (taken during the Dyke* March Berlin 2014) is conducted by a poetic voice-over narration, sang by a group of women. These performers, constantly shifting between plural and singular voice, create a very intimate portrait of a community based on experiences of loss and abandonment. Their voices play in contrast to the reversed video (making women depicted in the footage walking backwards) and bring the forward movement, constructing a present time, which is looped forever.

Owning Our Faith

Michael Tomae


USA / 15 min
Documentary short to facilitate a conversation that explores the unique experiences and gifts of LGBT Catholics and which encourages greater inclusion and acceptance of these individuals in the Church.


Partho Mukherjee


India / 111 min
Teenagers to matured adults, all are vulnerable to the evils at night. Love , sex, crime takes the centre-stage when rest of the city sleeps. The REAL LIFE is being transformed to the REEL LIFE. Last , but not the least , a lady, whatever may be her profession , religion, and her social status is, does not deserve to be molested , raped, or dishonored by the SO CALLED MALE SEX , under any circumstances. Time has come for us to wake up, safe guard the humiliation of the unprotected and the weaker section in our society; SOCIALLY, POLITICALLY, MORALLY & JUDICIALLY…
Trailer... https://youtu.be/55yt6mxTISg

Part of the Process / Parte do Processo

Rodrigo Cavalheiro


Brasil | 14'
O filme tem como temática a transexualidade na adolescência e as possibilidades de enfrentamento frente as dificuldades, expectativas e frustrações. Trata de representar como a questão de gênero influencia o amadurecimento social do jovem Alexander Brasil, consciente de sua transexualidade desde a infância.

The theme of the movie is transsexualism in adolescence and the possibilities on how to face its difficulties, expectations and frustrations. It represents how the gender issue influences the social maturation of young Alexander Brasil, who is aware of his transsexuality since childhood.


Antonis Mandranis



Peach Tree

Jonathan Caouette


3'12 / music video


Al Zaher


México / 11´

Photo Frames / Chitra Chaukhatein

Anand Mohan Gupta


India | 16 min.

Plaisir Comme Désir

Philippe Jubard


17 mins

Pluto / Plutão

Daniel Nolasco


Brasil | 12'
Guia turístico do centro do Rio de Janeiro.

A tour guide from the center of Rio de Janeiro.

Portraits from Mykonos

Daniele Sartori


Italy / 38 mins

Predatory Prostitute

Juniper Fleming


USA / 27 min
The film Predatory Prostitute is rooted in the compelling relationships sex workers have, both directly and indirectly, to the legacy of Aileen Wuornos. Demonized as an inverted prostitute serial killer or pitied as a child/animal-minded victim, her portrait hangs heavy.

Preliminares / Foreplay

Douglas Saija Kothe


Brasil | 12'
Quatro jovens, ao perceberem que nada acontece por acaso, resolvem deixar seus pudores de lado e viver o agora. Porém, o agora não existiria sem suas preliminares.

After realizing that nothing happens by chance, four young kids decide to leave their decorum aside and live the present. However, the present would not exist without its foreplay.

Pretty Boy

Christian Coll


Spain / 12 min
The story of Pablo, a hustler who dreams of being a filmmaker. When he falls in love with a guy he meets, his life begins feel like a movie. But in life endings are not always happy. He is heart broken when his lover cheats.


Estefanía Pérez Espinoza


Chile / 15 min / Gay

Una relación desgastada, un encuentro furtivo y un final inesperado es lo que espera a los personajes luego de que tengan su última cita.

Quando a Noite Acaba

Inês Nunes


7 mins
The girls in the Peep Show live their night as day. Before returning home, one last dance remains. When the night ends, the girl gets dressed, there is no music, just the sound of the spinning bed.


Matthew Nadel


USA / 4 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/jV6NzChMz9M

Queer Places

Kurt Spenrath, Frederick Kroetsch


Canada | Web Series
Bestselling gay author Darrin Hagen returns to where he grew up as he begins a trip exploring queer life in small towns.
Watch... https://youtu.be/QwyfElQlLEU

Queer Tunesia

Falk Steinborn


Germany / 30 min

Rainbow Strong



USA / 6 min
This short film was made to promote The National Day of Silence - an (LGBT)QIA+ movement day.  Official Selection of The All American High School Film Festival }
Watch... https://youtu.be/WFmEAHQLffY


Ching-Yu Yang


Taiwan / 3 mins

Resonant Voices / Vozeria

Raphaela Comisso


Brasil | 55'
Vozeria é uma “ressonância de múltiplas vozes”. O documentário, financiado através do Catarse, leva esse nome porque articula depoimentos de oito pessoas importantes do movimento social, que trazem à tona reflexões sobre gênero, sexualidade e direitos humanos, tendo em vista os papéis que a linguagem assume na produção e manutenção de violências.

Vozeria [several voices] is a 'resonance of multiple voices'. The documentary, funded through the crowdfunding website Catarse, takes its name because it articulates testimonies of eight people from important social movements, which bring to light reflections on gender, sexuality and human rights, considering the roles the language assumes in the production and maintenance of violence.

Right Man, Wrong Time

Haven Houston


USA | 6 min

Roads to Rome


Maceo Frost



Romeo y Romeo / Romeu & Romeu

Luís Caballero


Puerto Rico | 17 min
What would we do without a Juliet? Two teenagers in Puerto Rico discover love through fairy tales and skateboards. Confronted by their desires and repressions, they confront religious and social repressions condemning the chances of accepting their homosexuality.

Ruins / Ruinas

Mauricio Saenz


USA / 5 mins.
Ruins exposes the idea of obstruction by means of a visible or invisible limit, materialized through the remains of what once was a space delimited by walls.


Leonard Suryajaya


USA / 8’12’’

Ryaba the Hen / Kurochka Ryaba

Vasily Kiselev


Russia / 4 min


Ryan Hess


USA / 16 mins
A gay teen is forced into conversion therapy by his parents.


Elen Linth, Leandro Rodrigues


Brasil | 13'
Entre a matemática e a relação conturbada com a mãe, Sandrine espera por uma cirurgia no corredor de um hospital.

Between mathematics and a troubled relationship with her mother, Sandrine waits for a surgery in the corridor of a hospital.

Santa Travesti

Fred Amado Jimenez de la Rosa


Colombia | 10 mins
Raspachilo es un pescador gay. Un día, estando en su faena de pesca, se encontró en la ciénaga un maniquí al que decide llamar Santa Travesti, al sentirse curado de las hemorroides. Una noche, después de verse con su novio en el cementerio del pueblo, recae contagiado por el VIH. Su familia cristiana decide quemar el maniquí. Al día siguiente, el tendero del pueblo es arrestado como estafador y violador de niños en Tasajera, un pueblo macondiano de la costa Caribe Colombiana.

Raspachilo is a gay fisherman. One day, when he was fishing, he found a mannequin in the swamp, that decided to call Santa Travesti, when he was cured of hemorrhoids. One night, after seeing his boyfriend in the cemetery in town, he get infected with HIV. His Christian family decides to burn the mannequin. Next day, the shopkeeper in town is arrested as a scammer and child rapist in Tasajera, a Macondian town in the Colombian Caribbean coast.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/139743130

Say 'lesbian'

Adriana Lueiro


Spain / 43 mins
This film answers the most common questions that people ask about lesbian women in a funny, clear and open way while satisfying and educating curious viewers. Through the personal experience of 4 women who breaks stereotypes of what society imagines a lesbian to look like, SAY LESBIAN uncovers essential truths about what it means to be an homosexual woman taking the viewer inside the real lesbian world.

Second Hand

Simon Schultz von Dratzig


Germany / 5’


Michael Brynntrup


Germany / 13 mins

Bye-bye, bits and bytes: I mathemetized myself into the digital codes.

Shave me, mirror me / Raka mig, spegla mig

Lasse Långström


Sweden | 34′
This transsensual, somewhat erotic movie is abstract to experimental. Daily life is interfering with porn and an FTM who gives birth; as giving birth is a normal routine, too. Right?


Thibault Llonch


France/ 2 min 19 seg/ 
Una niña está sentada triste en su cama. Mira a su muñeca con ojos furiosos y la tira a la basura. Ella no está cómoda con los juguetes color rosa y el decorado de su cuarto. Se levanta y camina perezosamente ante el espejo donde se ve reflejado como se siente: un niño. De repente, su ropa y habitación cambia, juega con una pelota; un nuevo lugar ha sido creado. Feliz, toma la pelota y la muñeca y acepta las dos partes de su personalidad.

She is a Man

Wai Yum


Myanmar / 22 min documentary
A young trans man talks about his life and problems that faces the LGBT community in Myanmar.


Cecilia Pugliese


USA | 5 min
A woman from a city encounters a wild woman from the forest and while trying to civilize her, she becomes wilder and goes back to nature herself.

Sissi <3 <3



Germany, France | 3’ | Animation
A short stop motion film based on drawn interpretations of donated pictures of genitals. They flow into each other and merge when the stroboscope climaxes: all are one!


Fred Gebhardt


USA / 5 mins
“Sisterhood” is a 5-minute documentary exploring the unique charity organization and activist group known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a San Francisco staple and a cornerstone in LGBT history.


Hinni Huttunen 


Sweden / 2 mins
Ein üppiger Körper wird gesellschaftlich oft stigmatisierten. Der Film untersucht Normen von stereotyper Schönheit.

Slowly Dying Through Everyone Who Loves Me / Morro Aos Poucos Em Todos Aqueles Que Gostam De Mim

Roberto Atihé Curan


Brasil | 11'
Um encontro inesperado entre um executivo e um jovem de mundos politicamente opostos os leva a uma conexão sexual e emocional capaz de fazê-los refletir sobre os seus próprios ideais.

An unexpected encounter between an executive and a young man from politically opposing worlds leads them to a sexual and emotional connection that enables them to reflect about their own ideals.


Rubén Montero Martínez


Spain / 9 mins
Oscar ha soñado que su novia le dejaba en el mismo bar dónde están ahora. En ese momento, Ana ha dejado a Tomás tras años de relación. Al mismo tiempo, Javier le propone a Sergio, su mejor amigo, viajar juntos a París. Tres historias en un bar.

Solitary Acts (#4,5,6)

Nazil Dinçel


USA, Turkey / 25 min


Harrison Packer


Australia / 18 min.


Lauryn Henry


5 mins
Starting From ... Now! is an online drama that explores the lives of four inner-Sydney lesbians as they struggle to work out who they are, find a place where they belong, and maybe even find someone to love along the way.

Watch... https://vimeo.com/141139194

SOS talk

Kumaar Aadarsh


India / 132 mins
Kumaar, Maansi and Melica starts a talk show on Sex education. They face trouble from Orthodox.
Maansi and Melica starts a talk show on Sex education with help of Kumaar. The show become huge success. People get solutions of their problem but the show is breaking the myths of Society. Therefore Orthodox oppose the show.


Luc Mollinger


UK / 3 mins
Trippy metaphor for those trapped in the drugs jungle.

Squirrel Mommy

Kelly Broich


USA / 8 mins
Nina can never have children. Feeling less of a woman, she decides to adopt four young squirrels and become a squirrel mommy.

Standing out&proud

Blanca Garcia Chias


Ireland / 5 mins
Short documentary about the LGBT Rights in Ireland, told through the figure of Ivan Fahy, androgynous model.

Starring Roman

Nicholas Colia


USA / 13 mins
An extremely shallow gay guy makes a half-ass attempt to become a better person after his boyfriend dumps him for being too narcissistic.

Stay Over

Michal Haggiag


Israel / 10 mins

Steel River: When We Were Young

Henderson Maddox


This series is a prequel of the original Steel River, which served as one of Signal 23 TV’s earliest projects and hits. So the story must be seen as happening before the Steel River mini-series of 2013, while a continuation of Steel River itself is announced for 2017.
The story centers around the same characters; William, Kadoe, Ivan, and Addison; but ten years in the past as they graduate from high school and head to the fictional Ivy League college, Agatha (in Atlanta, Georgia). Each of these young men must discover what it means to be Black and gay while coming of age and navigating life.

Stereo_Verso Infinito: Unfixed #26



Italy / 19’ / 2015 - 2017

Story of the Eye Performance / História do Olho Performance

Vitória Galhardi


Brasil | 8'
Corpo, imoralidade e arte. Performance de expressão corporal baseada no livro do autor francês Georges Bataille, História do Olho.

Body, immorality and art. Body expression performance based on the book by French author Georges Bataille, Story of the Eye.

Tell Me a Story

Shobhna S. Kumar


India / 23 min.

The Angel of the Sea / O Anjo do Mar




The Audition

James Thompson


Australia | 9 min
A casual breakfast conversation becomes something sinister when one roommate asks for help running lines for an upcoming audition.

The Black Cloak

James Cooley


45 mins
What would you do if you've met Death?
This dark moral story unfolds a man questioning the choice about death. It is adapted from Grimm's fairy tale, 'The Death's Messenger' (1840).

The Bowels of the Universe (with Shining Knees)

Madsen Minax


3 mins
This short video uses elements of magical realism, flicker fi psychedelia, spoken word performance and soundscape to meditate on the nature of inner/outer space, astral travel, past/future divination, screen culture, and the self determined, gender variant body as technological apparatus. Text is inspired by Monique Wittig’s 1973 novel “The Lesbian Body,” where the author discusses the “grotesque” physical process of invading another’s body as an act of love.

The Chrysalis

Ding Yi


When Ding Yi’s boyfriend was pressured into marriage, he hired a French actress to play his girlfriend, and filmed the results.

The Devil I Know

Lerato Moloi



South Africa / 18 mins
Lerato and Lindiwe are two women in a loving and passionate relationship. Together for several years, they now have a desperate need for a child to complete their lives -but that’s easier said than done. After many hilarious but false starts to conceive, the impatient Lindiwe takes matters into her own hands but nobody, least of all Lerato, is laughing anymore.

The Foundation

Patrick Staff


UK / 28 min
Installation artist Patrick Staff details the domestic interiors and social structures assembled within the Tom of Finland foundation to create an immersive tapestry as intimate and playful as Tom’s graphic subjects.

The Get Up  / Eu Vou Me Piratear

Daniel Favaretto, Dudu Quintanilha


Brasil | 21'
Documentário híbrido que acompanha performances, vivências e depoimentos de três artistas queer na cidade de São Paulo.

Hybrid documentary that follows performances, experiences and testimonies of three queer artists in São Paulo city.

The Hustler Friend / O Amigo Michê

Luciano Carneiro


Brasil | 17'
Maria e Caio estão de mudança.

Maria and Caio are moving out.

The L Market

Alexandra Hsu


Maxine Pao is a Chinese woman whose parents try to find her a spouse at the Chinese Love Market.

The Life of Alex

Juli Ann Polise


Alex’s rowing team members are very cool and accepting of him being gay.

The Making of a Ketubah Artist

Debbie Coutant


One woman’s art soon becomes more personal as she is united with her partner in a traditional Jewish ceremony.

The Mathematics of a Lesbian Kiss

Sabine Lebel & Alison Taylor


Canada / 4:09
Two women contemplate the similarities between a lesbian bar in San Jose, Costa Rica, and the dyke bar scene in Toronto, Canada, from decades earlier. Shot entirely on iPhones 5S and 5C.

The Pansy Project

Paul Harfleet


A short film sharing the stories behind each planting made in Geneva at the International Queer Film Festival.

The Perfect Man’s Man



Two close friends fall in love but are unable to express their feelings.

The Quare in There

Taryn Lee Crenshaw


USA / 21 mins
The QUARE In There (TQIT) activates the intersections surrounding Black queer subjectivity and shakes up contemporary conversations around race, gender, and sexuality. Shot in Oakland, California, TQIT explores the lives of individuals as creators of their own world.

The Quietness / Calmaria

William de Oliveira


Brasil |10'
A paz aparente de um dia comum esconde um passado turbulento que insiste em não ficar para trás.

The apparent peace of an ordinary day hides a turbulent past that insists on not being left behind.

The Refugee of the Sad Shape / Flyktingen av den sorgliga skepnaden

Paula Urbano 


Sweden / 44 mins
Paula Urbano met an Iranian man that applied for asylum, but got deported from Sweden. The film takes form during the year she followed him from Flen, Eskilstuna, Baghdad and Teheran. In her artistic practice Urbano explores existential uncertainty. The viewer him/herself has to navigate through possible stories and is maybe confronted with his/her own prejudices along the way.

The Sausage

Hilary Harp & Suzie Silver


USA / 9 mins
Based on a Swedish folk tale, The Sausage tells the humorous story of two sisters, three wishes, and a calamitous obsession with a sausage. The Sausage is the first completed episode of Fairy Fantastic! a fairy and folk tale series presenting gender fluid adaptations of classic tales.
watch... https://vimeo.com/117938752

The Seamstress

Ong Ming Han


Singapore, 6 min
“The seamstress”, a representation of filmmakers, makes shorts (another way of saying short film) for Gaybriel’s company.  Gaybriel represents MDA and is completely clueless about his gay son having sex in the room next door. It is very much like how MDA in real life can be. Although strict, MDA’s guidelines toward censorship can be unclear and arbitrary at times. “The Seamstress” is a satirical short film targeting MDA.

The Solitude of Images / La Soledad de las Imágenes

Jorge Santos Moreno


Mexico / 19:49 mins
A young author goes to the countryside to write his next book. He runs into a boy passing through the area. The director employs exceptional visual imagery to describe the encounter between the two men.

The Spring in My Life

Giordano Bianchi



The Truth

Marie Krogh-Vennemo


Sometimes you don't need to say a word to tell The Truth.

The Very Long John / Der Sehr Lange Johannes

Frank Pingel


Germany / 5 min
The other kids said that he was kind of strange. His parents said that he was kind of unique. John always knew he was different. It's not that easy to ignore a four meter penis

The Viennese Whirl

Sara Chambers and Bev Zalcock


UK / 3.45 mins
A sweet musical love story packed with humour and love. Sara and Bev take to the screen once again to remember a night of drinking, dancing and debauchery. We cannot get enough of Barrelstout’s playful productions.

The Walk / Travessia

Chico Amorim


Brazil | 23 min
A short movie meant to teach people how to recognize, think about and fight against homophobia, Travessia shows a very common story of homophobia in the interior of the Brazilan northeast, when a young man develops a crush on another boy and can’t hide his feelings.

This Summer



Watch... https://youtu.be/1byxtxdpFZI

Tierras, Rocas y Arrecifes

Patricia Rincón Méndez


Venezuela / 15 min
Cortometraje animado de naturaleza y temática lésbica. Una historia de amor entre el mar y la tierra, representadas por dos mujeres en la naturalidad de amar a personas del mismo género para la igualdad de derechos humanos y protección del planeta.

To break one's word

Karsten Weber


Germany / 3 mins
Male fantasies
A bronze statue in front of the town hall of Kiel, North Germany.
A symbol for masculinity, destruction, eros and war.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/110699553


Leandro Duarte


14 mins
New Year's Eve 1999 finds college-bound Clark and Trevor concerned about the future of their friendship, and a request for Clark to be Trevor's wingman ensures things will never be the same again

Trans in Argentina / Trans en Argentina

Virginia Gilles


Argentina | 1’ | Animation | Spanish
A short, powerful, activist and educational animation that calls for acceptance of gender diversity.


Carlos Rodriguez


Dominican Republic / 34 mins
The story of three Dominicans living on the edge of gender, male and female. An ode to Trans activists in the Santo Domingo, and how their lives navigate under their gender identity in a state that does not recognize them.

Transbut – Fragments of Identity

Maria Binder


Turkey / 62 mins


Brit Fryer


What starts as a narrative short film about a boy graduating from college morphs into an autobiographical essay about coming out to yourself.


Marco Spinnicchia


Mexico / 20 mins


Max Lurray


Spain / 5 mins
Sarah’s casual romantic encounter turns into public humiliation.

Tuesday Overnight  / De Terça Pra Quarta

Victor Costa Lopes


Brazil / 14 mins
At dawn, a boy, a city and unexpected encounters. Weird but cute boys.

Two Sides / Dois Lados

Cesar Bournier


Brasil | 25'
Caio e Fabrício dividem a mesma cela em uma penitenciária. Convivem numa relação baseada na violência física, sexual e psicológica. Caio deseja se livrar do domínio de Fabrício. O desejo de vingança o alimenta e o perturba. Seus passados são revelados, possibilitando novos caminhos.

Caio and Fabrício share the same cell in a prison. They live together in a relationship based on physical, sexual and psychological violence. Caio wants to get rid of Fabrício's domination. The desire for revenge feeds and disturbs him. His past is revealed, enabling new ways.

Two Women / Duas Mulheres

Marcelo Brennand


Brazil | 15 min

Un Camino de Cipreses

José Rivera Moya y Daniel Ochoa


México / 10’

La vida de Rivera se confunde con la historia de la colonia Roma, donde habita y quien lo habita. Estatuas de San Sebastián, patrono de los aislados y diferentes se confunden con recuerdos e íntimas coreografías.

Un Pavé dans la Mare : La Transidentité

Ginger Force


France / 122 mins
A travers une série de témoignages, ce documentaire propose un tour d’horizon de la transidentité en France. Ce documentaire sur la transidentité qu’elle a réalisé en 2016 est le fruit de huit mois de travail, de recherches et d’interviews.

Débat à l’issue de la projection avec des membres de l’A.T.C.A

Ginger Force est une vidéaste lyonnaise. Depuis près de deux ans, sur sa chaîne YouTube, elle parle de cinéma, de littérature et de féminisme.

Under the Water

Mark Hobson


Ireland / 45 mins
The reveal of people who explore their inner self
Under The Water is a film that explores the context of relationships,sexuality and religion.
It is an interwoven connection of people leading different lives.


Quinton Mourjoun, Ryn Brocx, Pluto McGregor, Piper Lambert-Vail and Jackie Moffitt


USA / 6 mins
A queer ‘90s punk band books the show of a lifetime, but will they get away with it?


Victoria Marcetti and Aaron Dimick


USA, 15 mins
What happens when a mermaid helps two gay men fall in love?
Watch... https://youtu.be/05liqCBv9sg

Untitled (11 Years)

Scott Miller Berry


Canada / 6min
Reminiscences of coming out.

Us & Them

Piyush Srivastav


India / 17 mins
A lesbian takes the big step to reveal about her sexuality in front of her parents when her father invites a family over for a marriage proposal.
This is the story of Lavika and the love of her life. In a society where arranged marriages are the only way one can get a new start, Lavika differed from the rest. Her unconditional love and her desire for a future with her uttermost priority, brings her into a Do-or-Die situation. All her efforts are for her companion, the one who understands her and to whom her heart belongs to. Neither can she hurt her parents nor can she let the love of her life slip out of her hands. When her dad invites a family over for a marriage proposal, Lavika realizes that it’s time she takes the big step.
A little weak at heart, she finds the simplest way out!

Velisopedi / Das Fahrrad

Giorgi Chakvedadze


Afghanistan, Georgia / 7’

Venus / Vênus

Antonio Canto Porto 


Brasil |15'
No caminho do sol, no caminho do sol, no caminho do sol. Me ensina a cantar, me ensina a voar, me ensina a voar, amor.

In the way of the sun, in the way of the sun, in the way of the sun. Teach me to sing, teach me to fly, teach me to fly, love.


Matthew Kennedy


UK / 2 mins
A film about individual identities and family ties, Versions takes you through the biological and the unknown using collage and silhouettes.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/141997192


S. Arden Barlow


USA / 2 mins
Just what a tech-girl needs: an animated Webseries for Analysts, Nerds, and Geeks—planting seeds for a nerdier, dirtier tomorrow.

Waack 4 Me

Yingqian Chen & Ony Nwaohuocha


Waack 4 Me explores the revival of the 1970's expressive dance form which was first popularized by Soul Train, and is now being embraced by women and LGBT communities around the world.

Wait for Me at Udagawachou



In bustling Shibya, Momose (Mario Kuroba) sees his high school classmate Yashiro (Ryugi Yokota). Yashiro is dressed as a girl. Momose continues to observe Yashiro and becomes attracted to him. Meanwhile, Yashiro becomes embarrassed that Momose knows that he dresses up like a girl.

Wait, Lorraine

Faka (Desire Marea, Fela Gucci


South Africa / 6 mins
We all know that girl. We grew up being terrorised by the thick­as­a­slice­of­bread layer of Rama Margarine on her polony sandwiches while we reassembled the overturned remnants of our grated polony sandwiches before her gaze, head bowed in shame, hoping she didn’t notice. Lorraine represents somewhat of an idealised oppressive aspiration that can only be pursued through the suspension of self. She is an imaginary policing construct, spawned from the greater male gaze that polices the movements of black femme subjects, and she needs to wait as we use the undesirable debris of polony and breadcrumbs to re­imagine the many different ways our sandwich can exist.

Walk of Shame 

Alex Chenery-Howes


USA / 5 mins
A past act of violent humiliation resurfaces as a moment of self-actualisation for a young gay college student one night in Los Angeles.

Warthog / Javaporco

Leandro das Neves, Will Domingos


Brasil | 13'
Disseram que havia um canavial lá fora. E que agora toda a memória da cana se espalhou por aí.

They said that there was a sugarcane field out there. And that now all the memory of the sugarcane spread around.

What You Wanted

Amatullah’Muhyi Ali


14 mins.
Bi guy grapples with desires.

When I Call You Mom

Achinoam Zigel


Israel / 18 min, Hebrew
By observing daily routine of Danielle and her mother, the delicate and complicated relationship between the two is depicted.

Where the Blue Lotus Blooms…

Anand Gautam, Geetha K Wilson, Radhika Agarwal, Saurabh Kumar & Shreya Katyayini


India / 25 mins

Who is Ms. Aibofsnart? / ¿Quién Mató A La Sra. Aibofsnart?

Fabiola Llanos


Spain, Catalonia / 10′
Three women are suspect of murder, but all of them have the perfect alibi. Who is Ms. Aibofsnart?

Who’s That Girl? / Quién Es Esa Chica?

Luciana Bitencourt


Spain / 10 min


Kübra Varol


Germany | 4’|English
Wiki takes a surprising look at the gender binary as you have never seen before.

Woken Up Dicks / Caralls Eixorivits

Eloi Biosca


Spain | 2 min


Iñaki Sagastume


Basque Country / 3'
The sound and fury of the skin, flicking like a flag low flow assaults!


Graham Clayton-Chance


UK / 6min
Feelings and frustrations expressed through poetry and dance.

You, me or Them / Tum, Main Ya Woh

Dheepa Shewani


Discrimination amongst humans based on external attributes is unfair and condescending. It betrays the very core of being human. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. Despite differences in gender, ability, color, wealth, sexual preferences or religion; we have all been created equal in essence. We arise from a mother’s womb and descend into ashes. Our short film portrays a pregnant woman who wishes that her unborn child arrives in a world where “You, me or them”- all recognize, treat and love each other as equal.