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2017 - UPDATED: 22 November 2018

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[untitled & unlabeled]

Terry Jones


Turtle Island | 3 min
In this very personal experimental work, director Terry Jones reflects upon the moment he was told he was 'different' and how that left an imprint on the narrative of his life.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/254138440

16mm Scratchings

Tama Tk Sharman-Favell


Australia / 2 min
Scratchings on 16mm film stock.


Tyler Ham Pong


USA/ 4 mins / Music Video
A queer themed music about a broken love story.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/209128941

2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com

Thirza Cuthand


Canada / 5 mins
2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com queers and indigenizes traditional dating site advertisements. Using a Butch NDN 'lavalife" lady (performed by director Thirza Cuthand), 2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com seduces the viewer into 2 Spirit "snagging and shacking up" with suggestions of nearby pipeline protests to take your date to, and helpful elders who will matchmake you and tell off disrespectful suitors. It's the culturally appropriate website all single 2 Spirit people wish existed. Following up on her video "2 Spirit Introductory Special $19.99" this work examines the forces of capitalism through envisioning a "financially feasible" service for a small minority community.

3guzica Intro

Marina Mutak



Croatia / 56 mins
Three little characters are in search of a planet more suitable for their wishes. May the gods save them on the miraculous journey!

A Blind Alley

Oh Suyeon


South Korea / 28 mins
There was a rumor going around at school about a lesbian. Moon-young asked Eun-jae about homosexuality. Moon-young avoids the alley that she always walked with Eun-Jae.​ 

A Boy Named Noel / Ein Junge Namens Noel

Andreas Köstler, Irina Stuhlsatz


Germany / 6 mins
At Christmas eve, Noel is anything but happy. He needs to hide a secret from his familiy.
Watch... https://youtu.be/RaWMxmgtcm0

A Boy Named Skye

Jimmy Elinski


USA / 5 mins
Through the world of online dating, Skye tries to find a relationship. Downhearted by his failed attempts at love, he might find what he’s looking for when he least expects it.

A dança do fim do mundo

Adriel Nizer Silva


Brazil / 5′
Os olhos rasgam os corpos através de sedução e julgamento. 

A Lesson in Love

Darcy Long


USA / 5 mins
Bud and Don have shared 41 years of love and gratitude in the wake of gay liberation and the AIDS epidemic. Take a moment to listen to the story of Ben, Don's first partner, who succumbed to AIDS in 1995.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/209217516

A Letter to the Person I Have Met on Tinder

James Allen Fajardo


Philippines | 5 mins
The film is about the filmmaker’s experience of meeting a stranger he matched with on Tinder.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/262501633

À Luz do Dia

Elaine Coutrin


Pelas ruas de São Paulo, o documentário aborda as dificuldades enfrentadas por diversas travestis e transexuais na busca por um emprego formal no mercado de trabalho. Com experiências, idades, formações, carreiras e histórias de vida completamente diferentes, todas têm o mesmo problema: a falta de oportunidades.
Watch… https://youtu.be/5lHXE2QOQ-0

A Partida

Fábio Bernardo


Portugal / 15 mins
A couple is on verge of breaking up, due to one of the partners is going abroad.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/172909186

A Queering of Memory: Parts 1 & 2

Timothy Smith


UK / 14'
Distortions of history and narrative truth across distance and experience are called into question in this reflective essay film on queering of historical and cultural memory.
PART ONE: OONAGH. A queer re-interpretation of the folklore surrounding the landscape of The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.
PART TWO: MARY.  A family feud across continents and time.

A Simple Love Story

Hnin Pa Pa Soe


Myanmar | 22 min
A simple love story is all but simple. It shows the impossible love of a young Myanmar couple, a transwoman and a transman. He lives in Yangon, she is in Mandalay. A story about universal love and desire, hardship and identity in traditional Myanmar society.

A Story About a Bear Who Wanted to be a Horse

Calvin Brett


Canada, 03:18 min
A transformative travel story: a young boy tells an animation artist about the bear who wanted to be a horse.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/229929549

A Stranger to Myself / Mir selbst so fremd

Jannik Gensler


Germany / 12 mins
Ben satisfies his longing for closeness and love with strange men and sex dates. But every time he feels empty. How can he break that circle?

A Thousand Years to Love

Myat Noe


Myanmar / 10 mins
A simple love story from Myanmar. Wai Hnin and Ingyinn have an encounter at a cafe. Their attraction towards one another is immediate. But Ingyinn has a predicament of her own while emotionally volatile Wai Hnin must deal with her own feelings.

A Trans History: Time Marches Forward and So Do We

Kim Boekbinder & Jim Batt


USA / 4 mins
Released by the American Civil Liberties Union and narrated by Laverne Cox, this short documentary tells the story of trans history and resistance, featuring illustrations by artist Molly Crabapple.
Watch… https://youtu.be/TYDjdoFKIGE

A.M.O.R. (Ante mucho odio Revolución)

Florencia Cárdenas, Juan Zaldua


Argentina / 10 mins
Esta é a história de amor entre Shirley e Luciana. Uma história que questiona e tensiona uma ideia predominante de como é deve ser o amor. Um casamento travesti que deixou em suspenso todo o popular bairro de La Cumbre, na cidade de La Plata. Graças à lei de identidade de gênero e casamento igualitário, este foi o primeiro matrimônio entre duas travestis na América Latina.

About Wedding

Park In-Hee


South Korea / 24 mins
30-year-old Eun-ho goes to Gold Mary Wedding Studio to help her friend Ye-jin with her wedding photo shoot. Seeing Ye-jin’s fancy gowns and her rich fiancé, Eun-ho cannot help but think about her relationship with her penniless boyfriend. But the engagement between Ye-jin and her fiance is not what it seems.

Achilles in the Forest of Gaia

Lou Lou Sainsbury


UK / 9 mins
In which the ankle oozes menstrual blood, slowly decomposing and recomposing in a slow meditation.

Acid Soda

Carolina Cavalli


Italy / 10'
A ballerina and her mouse-lover reunite in a truly queer fable.

Adaminaby or Marginalian Capital Territory

Kermie Breydon


Australia / 5 min
An exploration of the Australia Capital Territory as layers of shifting emphasis, animated in highlighter across reclaimed poetry collections.

Afecto Tóxico

Maria Flores


Spain / 6mins
Nuria desconoce que su vida está a punto de dar un giro sobrecogedor, al confiar en una desconocida.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/ZrPVZKgrgP8


Bruno Victor, Marcus Azevedo


Brazil / 16 mins
This short portrait of Victor Hugo, a young Black gay man, blurs fiction and documentary style to capture Black queer and trans life in the suburbs of a major Brazilian capital.
Ficção e documentário se cruzam para mostrar o processo de transformação e empoderamento de Victor Hugo, um jovem negro e gay, morador da periferia do Distrito Federal. Seu relato se mistura aos depoimentos de outros jovens, cujas histórias revelam diferentes formas de resistência, encontradas em discursos de valorização do negro gay.


Yura Katynsky


A man comes back to his home town, where he meets with his old friends.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Vmg58CLmEhs

Aguas templadas

Viktoria Martín


Argentina / 5 mins

Ahmed e Itzhak

Manuel Aranda Martínez


Spain / 24 mins
Cuando dos pueblos hacen la guerra, en un pequeño punto de luz visto desde la estratosfera de esas dos zonas en conflicto dos personas de diferentes bandos hacen el amor.

Ainda Não

Julia Leite


Brazil / 21 mins
Nos dias que precedem seu aniversário, Marina recebe a visita de sua mãe.

Al mismo son

Gian Carlos Toledo


Spain / 5′

Alcobas Blancas

Gabriel Moran


Spain | 3’
Gestos, movimentos e ações que permitem dar o valor de cada uma das palavras do poema "Busco Tu Piel Inconfesable" de Antonio Gamoneda. Um piscar de olhos pode definir tudo.


León Landázuri


México / 4´
ALEXIA has had a difficult life, between dreams of princess, taunts, discrimination and violence. Now she is ready for the performance of her life.
Alexia ha tenido una vida difícil, entre sueños de princesa, burlas, discriminación y violencia. Ahora está lista para el desempeño de su vida.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/231414282

Alfredo D’aloisio, In Arte (E In Politica) Cohen

Enrico Salvatori and Andrea Meroni with Eugenio Di Corinto


Italy / 50’
The film chronicles the life of Alfredo “Cohen” D’Aloisio (1942 – 2014): literature teacher, pioneer of LGBT movement in Italy, openly gay, showman, actor and singer with the ambition to transform his dialect into a language.


Julian Quentin


Switzerland / 3 min
A story of liberation between self-destruction and self-realization.
Watch... https://youtu.be/YOUpnTZjlbc

Aliou’s Journey
/ Le Voyage d’Aliou

Mamadou Samba Diallo


Senegal | Belgium | 22 mins
Modou runs a theater company in Dakar. An opportunely stolen camera gives him hope to make a first film with the actors of the troupe. The scenario that he proposes is Aliou’s Journey, about a homosexual neighbour who has fled Senegal after being banned from the neighbourhood. The troupe refuses to participate in this “faggot history”.


Kirrilee Bailey


5 mins
Catt breaks out in a rash and thinks she might have become allergic to her long-term partner.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/231175592

Alone Together

Mitko Karakolev


UK, 2 mins
The city stands as a silent witness to both happiness and tragedy as well as to the passing of time; it acts as a container of the various emotions experienced by its inhabitants. What would happen if this collective energy somehow becomes embedded in the buildings, changing their form as a result? What sort of stories would the city be able to tell?


Oron Golan


Israel / 4 mins
Almog and his friends are on their way to meet Mika for a party in TLV. When Almog and Mika go for a walk alone, he sees his dad and finds out about his secret life.

Always Love

Brenna Perez


USA / Web Series
In celebration of Pride, "Always Love" is a three-part documentary series by WeWork profiling New York-based LGBTQI creators.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/226002056 & https://vimeo.com/223636928

American Folk 

Matthew Lax


USA / 24 mins
A movie of file images without file images. A study in aphorisms: Tropics sad, Elian Gonzalez, Master paintings without attribution, artifacts mal-atribuídos throughout the history of denim. Trying to understand the creation and collapse of culture through specific objects and stories presented in narrative form; Signs, myths and legacy are questioned and reviewed.


Yvan Megal


Belgium / 4 mins
Two people in a restaurant move to a quiet room to talk. Though they have been talking to each other during the evening, one can't remember the name of the other one.

Amor con tufo a colonia

Joelle Laguer


Puerto Rico, Estados Unidos / 104 min.
Con vistas impresionantes como telón de fondo, este documental analiza la situación colonial y la bancarrota de Puerto Rico para centrarse en el debate sobre el matrimonio gay en la isla.

Amores del Papel

José Antonio Valero


España /  20 mins
Two friends, Gabi and Amanda meet Adri, a boy recently arrived in Madrid. Between them will be created a sentimental bond that will unleash a series of emotions and misunderstandings that will test their relationship
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/257205701

An All-Nighter

Etai Sharabi


Israel, 8 min
Two good friends are forced to spend the night locked in their cinema classroom. In the intimate quiet of the night the truth cannot remain hidden.

An Extension Of You

Nelly Matorina and Xiaoxuan Huang


Canada / 4 mins
An extension of you is a short film that looks at what it means to be separated from the one(s) you love by distance and a generation’s worth of years.

Ana’s Dream / El sueño de Ana

José Luis Torres Leiva


Chile / 9 mins
Dreaming; an extension of life. A woman is reunited with her girlfriend in a dream full of memories, shared moments and loving confessions.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/JJJc4Z96DlI


Yarin Segal


Israel / 30 mins
Tal is a teenager and gay. He stands in front of the camera and lets his sister, Yarin, interview him. He tells her about his struggles to cope with their family, his friends and the small community of their town Or Yehuda, Tal wonders if he should tell his favorite grandma about his sexual preferences, afraid she might not love him anymore.


Steve Adams & Sean Horlor


Canada / 12 min
This short documentary explores a week in the life of Angela—a roller derby athlete and transgender rights activist in Alberta, Canada. As a jammer for the Calgary All-Stars team, she skates under the name Easy Break Oven and is a role model in the local derby community. She also coaches kids from the small-towns surrounding the city, which is one of the most conservative and religious parts of the country. While preparing for her first derby match of the season, she begins to see her teammates and her life in a new light.


Raissa Sokurowa


Germany / 13 mins
Mikail musste aus Tschetschenien nach Deutschland fliehen, weil er als Homosexueller verfolgt wurde. Als er unerwartet seinen Jugendfreund Daud wieder sieht, tritt mit der Freundschaft auch die Angst wieder in sein Leben


Sreejoni Nag


6 min / Narrative Short / India


Valerie Bisscheroux


The Netherlands /
Dutch webseries ANNE+ about the turbulent love life of the young lesbian Anne.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/w0EuJE_FETo

Another Matter / Başka Mevzu 

Bahar Kilic Adilce


Turkey, 12’
Another matter, focuses on Civan, an intersex individual who, after losing her mother, sheds away the son identity imposed upon her for years and starts fresh as a woman at the mawlid ceremony honoring the 40th day of her mother’s death.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/223330999

Anya Kneez - A Queen in Beirut

Mohamad Abdouni


Lebanon / 10 min
Anya Kneez is an Arab Drag Queen who left Brooklyn in the Summer of 2012, after 23 years in America, and moved back home to live with her parents in Beirut, Lebanon. Five years later, at 28, Anya still struggles with the values of a Middle Eastern society that remains unable to accommodate her lifestyle. The short form documentary offers a glimpse into the life of the boy who brought Drag from the slums of Brooklyn to the clubs of Beirut.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/224114015

Aquilo que me olha

Felippy Damian


Brasil | 25’

Vocalista metalhead transexual, Belladona está empenhada em acertar seu cotidiano. Entre impulsos e ritos, sente seus dias degringolarem encontrando pessoas de seu passado.  Em episódios de delírios ou absurdos reais, ela irá projetar suas inquietações.


Sankhajit Biswas


India | 26 mins
In 2015, the transgender community of Kolkata organize India’s first community Durga Puja with support from a local club Udyami Yubak Brinda. In an effort to manifest their identity the community adopt an Ardhanriswar form of the Durga idol, that represents both the masculine and feminine principles in one body. However, a year later the club refuses to accept the Ardhanriswar idol. After repeated attempts at reconciliation, talks fall through at the last stage and the search for a new collaboration begins.

Arif - My Kite in a Hurricane

Bastian Lorig


Germany / 22 mins
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/189053634

Arturo Rhodes

Lola Maraver


UK / 13 mins
Documentary Short Film about the artist Arturo Rhodes.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/185658117


Oli Isaac Smith


UK / 20 mins
This short documentary explains what it means to identify as asexual. The film does not define nor generalize the notion of asexuality in the nowadays world but discuss the wide range of interpretations and life styles those who indentify as asexual choose. Topics from aromanticism to grey areas are discussed. The questions of how being an Ace effects one’s sexual life and how asexuals suffer bullying and oppressing even within the LBGT+ communities are going to be answered.

Ashen River of Remembrance / Kulay abo ang llog ng Gunita

Ronaldo S Vivo, Jr.


Philippines | 15 min
The year is 1579. The Spanish colonization of the Philippines is in its infancy. Somewhere in a small village in the province of Cagayan, the townsfolk believe a young lady named Pinang is being possessed by an evil spirit. Pinang’s parents have unwavering faith that Father Vacion’s rituals will cure their daughter. Soleng, Pinang’s dear friend, thinks otherwise.


Jonathan Lemire



Canada / 11 mins
The turbulence of the past resurfaces when a young adult must relearn how to communicate with their dying mother. For Audrey, this is her last chance to prove that love goes beyond gender and to tell her what she has always been, he daughter.

Aunty Elfi makes a visit / Besuch von Tante Elfi

Moana Bauer


Germany / 23 mins
Sonja has just moved in with her girlfriend Michi but Michi already invited her rich aunt to visit, planning to tap the old lady for some money. It’s of course Sonja who has to take care of Elfi. Both women clearly don’t get along from the start. They get into a serious argument and Aunt Elfi suddenly faints on the kitchen floor. Sonja panics and calls her friend Katrin for help. Katrin is distracted by motionless Elfi’s striking resemblance to French actress Catherine Deneuve and gets herself and Sonja locked out of the apartment. Only quite-possibly-dead Elfi and a very hungry cat are inside…


Luna Merbruja


Israel / 9.5 min.

Bad Conchas

Nance Messineo & Cole Santiago


USA, 15 mins
A queer dyke living in Echo Park hustles to make ends meet while hooking up with as many girls as possible.


Juraci Júnior e Thiago Oliveira


Brazil / 7´40
Uma sessão de cinema em Parintins promete emocionar a plateia, no próximo sábado, dia 27 de janeiro. O filme exibido será “Balanceia”, de Juraci Júnior e Thiago Oliveira, que mostra a viagem de um turista à ilha tupinambarana, em pleno festival folclórico. As memórias sobre a festa pedem espaço na mente do personagem, durante a viagem de volta no barco sobre as águas barrentas do Rio Amazonas. Além do peito pulsar com as lembranças dos Bois o protagonista se impressiona com ribeirinhos que desafiam as águas e comovem os viajantes.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Gcl6vd4xvNM

Be My Guest

Thitipan Raksasat


Thailand / 8 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/sP6wvklY67Q


Anastasia Szymanski


Canada / 9 mins
Caleb is a dancer. He’s also deaf. Caleb listens by feeling, and when he meets Thaddeus, a local musician, he begins to feel a lot. A mutual interest in music (and one another) brings the two together. Sometimes, love doesn’t have to be complicated.

Beauty Building 

Benoît Bargeton


France / 6 mins
lise is a young graphic designer employed in a photomontage agency.
Her time is spent reshaping the appearence of models on the covers of magazines such as COSMOPOLITAN, and presenting the seniors to appear about fifteen years younger for insurance purposes.
She does not get a lot of job satisfaction and meanwhile, her boss is giving her a new task,- to reshape her own body on the updated agency contacts page.
Then her mind goes from self doubt to awareness.

Becoming Pauline

Thanut Singhasuvich


Thailand / 1 min
At the age of 49, Pinit decided to come over his lifelong fear, and abandon his whole life identity, to become ‘Pauline’.

Before the World Was Big

Dylan Lalanne-Perkins


USA / 6 mins
In a post-wisdom tooth extract haze, a trans teenager learns of the recent hospitalization of his best friend. He looks back on their years of friendship — documented through voice mail messages, childhood videos, and muddled memories — and wonders how he could have been so oblivious to her issues.
Watch... https://youtu.be/rrp03hVmie4

Before You Was Darkness

Michael (Mish) Rozanov


Israel / 6 mins / Music Video
Workers at a factory, reduced to automatic work, wake up when one of them imagines a magical dancer moving freely in the halls of the factory. As passion and color take over, the oppressed are liberated through movement and music. A narrative music video for the song 'Before You was Darkness' by The Orvim Ensemble.

Being Myself

Ronnie Zidon


Israel / 6 mins
Michael, a genderqueer artist, explores how to express their inner-self, when it doesn't match the outer one. 'Being Myself' deals with trans and queer self-expression and simple humanity

Being Single

Tom Craine


USA, 10 Minutes
When Grandma Betty surprises Jimmy with a visit at his party, the closeted young man looks at why everyone at the party is single

Black is Me

Elliot Blue


4 min
Black Is Me is a dance video staring Indigo Raÿn. It is a demonstration of empowerment concerning both identities, being transgender and being black; being unapologetically oneself.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/230980615

Blackzilla: Transitioning at Our Own Pace

Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley


14 min
BLACKZILLA follows the transition of a Black Body in an environment that archives their existence. The cyborg BLACKZILLA descends from the sky to record Black Trans lives, creating a space that centres and supports them. Through music and animation they begin to choose how they want to transition within this new space.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/254791910

Bleeding Hearts

Harshit Pachauri


13 min / Narrative Short / India

Blind Date

Thorsten Homberger


Germany / 6 mins

Blood for Blood

Jared Bolhuis


USA / 8 mins
One act of hate. Orlando reacts with love as Stigma Tattoo Bar raises money after the Pulse shooting, and the community sheds blood for the victims whose blood was shed.

Bloody Flowers

Cleonette Harris; Eileen OBrien


USA / 10 mins
Indulge your inner voyeur by peering in on scenes revolving around fetish, fantasy, and idolization in this BDSM suspense film. 
Trailer... https://youtu.be/uq8cMjKNxM0

Blueness / Bläue

Kerstin Schrödinger


IT/CH/UK/DE / 58’
Eine Dioxinwolke Hoffmann-La Roches vergiftet 1976 Seveso. Bläue ist das Labor, das die Verbindungen zwischen der historischen Katastrophe und der chemischen Gegenwart der Medien und der Körper untersucht – denn auch die Sprecherin heute ist voll Pharmazie, optimiert ihren Körper und Gefühle. Dazu kommt die Chemie der Medien, Gift und Heilmittel gleichzeitig: 1709 wird das Pigment „Berliner Blau“ erfunden, giftig als Cyanid, Gegenmittel bei Vergiftungen … Blau ist ein Hauptdarsteller von Schroedingers Film und seiner Projektionsflächen. Seid ihr bereit für eine nicht optimierte, nicht digitalgeglättete, roh-analoge Bildverschachtelungsinszenierung?

In 1976 the Hoffmann-La Roche dioxin cloud poisoned the air in Seveso. “Blueness” examines the links between the historical catastrophe and the chemical present of the media and the body, with Prussian blue toxic in the form of cyanide and at the same time an antidote for poison. Blue is the star of Kerstin Schroedinger’s non-polished blend of images.

Bob the Drag Queen Talks Sex

Brian Emerick


USA /  9 mins

Bob the Drag Queen, RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE Season 8 Winner, discusses condom use, sexual health disparities for gay Latino and African-American men, slut shaming, and more!


Amber Bemak & Nadia Granados


Mexico/ USA/ Columbia, 14 mins
Borderhole takes place on a mythical border area between Colombia and the United States. We investigate the relationship between North and South America through the lens of the American Dream and the illumination of multiple tensions in and around the border. The piece explores imperialism, globalization through pop music, gender mutation in an international context, and the choreography of women’s bodies in relation to sociopolitical and ecosystems.


Noa Astanjelove


Israel, 15 min
Yishai is a teenager making his first steps in the world of drag. He faces challenges on his way, mainly the lack of approval by his parents. This is a story about passion and how difficult it is to make it come true.


Rhys Jones


USA,  9 mins
A desperate lover attempts to emotionally manipulate his ex for sympathy.


Kyle Krieger


USA / 5 mins
Kyle Krieger:  “When single, I have often encountered partners or friends or people who I was interested in who led me on and entertained my company without disclosing their honest intentions right away. Sometimes they would be in relationships and kept it hidden for a while until they couldn’t any more. I was always so disappointed and sad when I would find out. A part of me understands why they would do that. I too have been in a relationship and was attracted at the newness and flirtation of a new acquaintance. Especially if my relationship was in a downturn or going through a rough patch”.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/236229233

Boys Beware 

Callahan Bracken


Canada | 1'05
In recontextualizing archival footage from the 20th century, including from the titular 1961 PSA alligning all homosexuals as paedophiles, this hand-drawn collage aims to suss out alienating trends in hyper-masculine relationships.

Breaking Glam

Pavi Meiyappan


Canada, 01:40 min
A bear cub creates online makeup tutorials.

Broken Promises

Hayley Repton


UK / 6 mins | Music Video
Roxie has had a tough past struggling with alcoholism and anger issues. Her workaholic partner Beth has helped her change her ways, however Roxie still faces challenges every day. They endure an intense rollercoaster of a relationship
Watch... https://vimeo.com/196204372

Buddy & Them

JeJae Daniels


20 min
This docu-fictional short video about the relationship between two liminal members of the Lower East Side Orthodox Jewish community: Je’Jae, a genderqueer college student, and Razi, their adoptive grandmother. The movie examines how the two femmes support each other in their struggles, share space, and create a chosen family.

Buffalo Girl / Paskwâw Mostos Iskwêsis

Howard Adler, Candy Renae Fox, Leo Koziol


Canada / 4 mins
Set in the backdrop of colonial violence and the extermination of the buffalo. The Genocide of the buffalo parallels the loss of Queer Indigenous and Two-Spirit knowledge. In this film a Buffalo Spirit transforms into an Nēhiyaw Iskwesis (a young Cree women), and a ghost like apparition sings Maori songs and underscores the links between colonialism on Indigenous peoples across the globe.

Busy Signal - Text Message

Eva Wo & Ma Ya Ma Ya


USA / 3 Min

Two women playfully dancing to Text Message by Busy Signal. 
Watch… https://youtu.be/Gl1CsAdfaLk

By Night

Anna Bridgforth


USA / 5 mins
A teaser video introducing BY NIGHT, a narrative series of vignettes that tell the story of the many varied characters who live and work within the burlesque and cabaret nightlife community in New York City and the duality of their lives. Some embrace this dichotomy and some struggle with it, but all of them chose this world for a reason...
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/223799347

Ça Va

Charlie David


Canada / 4 min / music video
Music video featuring Marc Devigne and Charlie David from the miniseries “Shadowlands”. In the episode titled “Pygmalion Revisited”, Marc Devigne and Charlie David play a couple whose time together is cut short.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/232277898


Jordi Nunez Navarro


A lo largo de una mañana de verano, un grupo de amigos se desnuda sin saber muy bien dónde quiere llegar.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/204094942


Gustavo Vinagre


Brazil / 15 mins
Marcelo acaba de ser abandonado pelo namorado, que deixa de responder suas mensagens. Numa tentativa desesperada de chamar a atenção, ele coloca em risco a vida de Greta, cadela de estimação do casal.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/214849095

Cafe Midnight

Anastasia Venkova




Beth Stokes


UK / 4 mins

A non-fiction short following drag queen Candy Fierce, promoting a message of self-love and body positivity; defying social expectations and traditional norms surrounding body image.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/247622391

Cantando en las azoteas

Enric Ribes


Spain / 5 mins
This is a tribute to an artist - considered the last drag queen in the final days of Barcelona’s “Barrio Chino” red light district – who continues to take to the stage every night at the age of 90. As his beloved poet Federico García Lorca wrote, in verse: The ladybirds of the South sing on the roofs! Gilda Love will also continue to do so.


David Montes Bernal


20 min, Mexiko
Caricia is a transgender hairdresser who, after overcoming various identity changes and a scarring relationship with a violent man, decides to go back to her hometown in Cuajinicuilapa, Guerrero, to start her own business. La Paloma de París Paris¹s Dove) is a modest‹yet liberating‹beauty parlor, where other transgender women can feel at ease.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Gbzmwd2EbW4

Carlie & Doni – “Pussy Protector Spray Commercial”

Doni Carley, Carlie Mantilla


USA / 2′ / Music Video
Watch... https://youtu.be/LX6BT7VLRiw


Elías Romero Farias


Chile / 20 mins
Un joven y solitario estudiante de teatro adicto al sexo vive solo en el centro de Santiago


Francesco Corsi


Italy / 15 mins
Work-in-progress of the upcoming documentary about the folksinger Caterina Bueno. A journey to the roots of Italian Folk Music with the images and words of one of its most important figure.


Coral Short


Canada / 64 mins / Documentary
Non binary, a gender, two spirit, genderqueer, gender fluid and gender nonconforming identities have always existed, but this program aims to give plenty more space to these communities. We wish to start a new cinematic language in order for us to expand and evolve. Gender clear is one of the first times audiences are seeing an entire bill around these identities. These fun and fearless artists celebrate romance, dance and fashion while exploring the complex struggles and joys of being genderqueer. Transformations and binaries are questioned and answered through radical self love and vivid creative expression.


Simon Guélat


France / 23’37
In her small apartment in a Parisian suburb, Chahine throws together the rhythms that will accompany her on stage. This space is hers, and it is the only place where she feels safe. She visits the surrounding areas on Google Street View.

A woman born in the body of a man, she is reminded of her difference every day. And the difficulty of finding her place in the world here goes together with another question: to whom does the city belong?

Dans son petit appartement de la banlieue parisienne, Chahine travaille les sons qui l’accompagneront sur scène. Cet espace est le sien ; c’est le seul où elle se sent en sécurité. Dehors, la ville lui interdit de devenir la femme qu’elle veut être.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/WqA607g5UHU


Yaniv Eyal


Israel / 16 mins
Amos, a troubled homosexual, goes down to the well, close to where he lives, just to walk through different chambers which illustrate his fears based on his sexual identity.

Chef’s Special

Nathan S. Hall


USA / 8 min
Two young men confront their sexuality while waiting for their dinner to arrive.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/229170273

Chicken. Egg

Evan Huang


Taiwan / 29 mins

China’s Pride / El orgullo de China

Luis Martínez & Ana Sánchez


Spain /  46 mins
After living six years in China, two Spanish journalists decide, by their own means, to record a documentary about the situation of homosexuality in the Asian country.


Rafael Valerio


Brasil | 11′
An empty park in the middle of the night. Inside a parked car, a young and an older man just had sex. They talk about their sexual preferences, until one of them shares something surprising to the other.
En un parque por la noche un joven y un maduro han tenido sexo y charlan en el coche sobre su preferencias…pero hay una revelación sorprendente.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/247498746

Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience

Nathan Flanagan-Frankl & Tyler Oakley


USA / 13 mins / Web series
The Internet has been a spectacular place for queer people to find people just like them. To discuss some queer topics, I invited some of my favorite LGBTQ+ Internet stars over for brunch & giggly gossip. Safe spaces to have open dialogues make ALL of us better, and listening is just as important as sharing our perspectives.
Watch... https://youtu.be/25zJpra8fD4


Mohamed Moe Sabbah


Lebanon / 89 min
Omar, a photographer, has a special experience with death, which he tries to express through a new project. He invites three models to his studio. His "project" is not only about the photos. He spends the day manipulating his visitors, playing with them, provoking them and putting them in danger.  A story of sex, love and trauma in the city of Beirut.

Class Diary / Diários de Classe

Maria Carolina da Silva & Igor Souza


Brazil / 76 min
“Class Diary” follows the daily routines of three women – a young trans woman, an imprisoned mother and a housekeeper – all of whom are students at adult literacy centers in Salvador, Brazil. Although these women follow different paths, their trajectories coincide around the quotidian prejudices and injustices that they face. This Direct Cinema documentary focuses on classroom encounters in an effort to develop the characters’ everyday lives, and in the process, reveals the daily fight they wage against the would-be systematic erasures of their existences.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/206100818


Rosane Gurgel


O documentário 'Close', da jornalista e cineasta Rosane Gurgel, retrata internos GBT (gays, bissexuais, travestis) no sistema prisional e foi filmado na Unidade Prisional Irmã Imelda Lima Pontes. O filme será lançado no Cinema do Dragão do Mar – Fundação Joaquim Nabuco (sala 1), no dia 30 de janeiro, às 18h, em comemoração ao Dia da Visibilidade Trans.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/MXXLNMWgCHI

Closet With - Funeral Regrets 



UK | 2'55
Super8 manipulator Autojektor creates an assaulting suburbicon of rage, despair, and reclamation from the  burned-out faces of queer childhood erasure and family trauma, set to the backdrop of Iowa grindcore outfit Closet Witch’s furious wall of hardcore punk.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/176395729

Club del desvelo: Selma y Kimono

Bryan Atticus


Puerto Rico / 6 min.
Una mirada a la relación de Selma, una estudiante de 16 años que está en una etapa de rebeldía, y Andrea “Kimono”, una chica de 23 años. Después de un día muy difícil, Kimono decide reunirse con Selma.


Mohammad Eskandari


Iran | 12 mins
Looking for a place to spend the night before sex change surgery, Solmaz faces a challenge.
Trailer... https://player.vimeo.com/video/237948568

Come Home

Omer Yefman and IGY  Haifa group


Israel, 18 min
Or, an 18-year-old girl, runs away from home after her mother discovers her ongoing romance with Shani, a girl from Tel Aviv.
Or feels unable to return home and so she decides to go to Shani. On her journey she meets various characters who reflect the true meaning of her decision.

Coming Out to Grandma

Jason Zuidema


8 minutes
Charlie has an awkward time trying to come out to his FOX-news watching, Ellen-hating grandma, who has dementia.


Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum


Israel, 10 min
A young woman feels paralysis, suffocation, and repetition following a break-up that might not have actually occurred. Trailer.


Narges Mohebbi


Canada | 10 min


Jean-Michael Kelsey


South Africa / 6 mins
A short film about two young men in a long distance relationship who struggle to keep it together.
Watch... https://youtu.be/6J64PiFjyYg


Adrian Blanco


Costa Rica / 23 mins
Todas las acciones en nuestra vida tienen unas consecuencias. Y la promiscuidad también puede llevarnos a un callejón sin salida.
Watch... https://youtu.be/DEjvJOI_DXE


Léa Bancelin


France / 6 mins
An accidental pocket dial conjures up distant memories of a sweet, summer love.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/255476247

Convite Vermelho

João Victor Almeida


Brazil / 16′
A rotina com os afazeres domésticos ocupa boa parte das horas da Cristina. Os ruídos desses movimentos ecoam por todos os cômodos vazios da casa. A chegada de um convite inesperado interrompe os seus costumes e a levará para um tocante reencontro repleto de orgulho e saudade.


Ulisses Arthur


Brasil / 7 mins
“Ando por mistério, vivo por mistério […]. Nosso corpo é uma máquina, ou cuida ou sabe como é né?” Entre memórias da boate e relatos de resistências cotidianas, Tikal dança e afronta as normas.


Amanda Larsh


USA / 15 mins
After completing her service, Lara recruits a different type of cadet.


Mario Coyol Sánchez


México / 4´
Retrato videográfico, visibilizando los movimientos y micromovimientos que se generan en diferentes corporalidades, enfatizando sus paisajes internos. El cuerpo se convierte en la materia prima para explorar, cuestionar y transformar su representación.

Cover Story

Suhail Abbasi


13 min / Narrative Short / India
Randeep, a successful advertising executive, is in turmoil as his boss Neeraj, dismisses a same-sex ad film idea proposed by his junior colleague Rashi. He senses a deep sense of homophobia and sets into deep introspection about his own sexuality. What if his boss or colleagues find out that ‘he is gay’. In the cold corporate corridors reeking of misogyny, hostility, stigma and discrimination, will Randeep find his voice…?!


Sven Hensel


Germany / 14 mins
Stani grows up in the wastelands. Far away from the next city and a gay youth group he discoveres his identity. During nights he meets other men at hidden places, who seek the same as him - until he gets to know a boy named Johannes.
Watch... https://youtu.be/TxyfAJgr560


Alexander Schmitz


USA, 6 mins
This short film follows a high school student named Isaac as he realizes his sexuality in a somewhat conservative environment, in a family that is not only distant, but also absent. In the face of rejection and retaliation, Isaac has to decide his next course of action.

Crystal Nights Of Lust

Cristina Zaragosa


España  / 4 mins

Cuida bem dele

Isabela Xavier


Brazil / 10’

Cursed Love / Amore Maledetto

Alessandro Ruggiero


Italy / 9 mins
L'essere gay, a volte finisce in tragedia, specie quando regna la confusione sulla propria identità sessuale.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/222796542

Dance with the Maidens / Sina Nomakotshana

Thishiwe Ziqubu


South Africa / 25 mins
A people-pleasing girl from a staunchly religious and homophobic family falls in love with her dance partner, and must choose whether to come out of the closet during her traditional Zulu initiation into womanhood, or give up on her lover.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/148805451


Flávia Ayer, Fred Bottrel


Brazil / 14 mins
O assassinato brutal da travesti Dandara Kataryne poderia limitar-se a uma estatística no país que mais mata travestis e transexuais. Porém, o caso ganhou repercussão com a difusão, em redes sociais e aplicativos, de vídeos gravados pelos próprios agressores. Amigos e parentes de Dandara trazem a história não contada sobre o caso que escancarou a violência transfóbica no Brasil.


Sebastián Freire


Argentina / 14 mins
There is no adversity or misunderstanding that passes through the life of Darin Wixon. The story of an American artist who arrives to Buenos Aires, lives the intense gay night of the city, suffers an illness, and a marriage that ends in a scam: life is art.

Day Dream

Stephen Isaac Wilson


UK / 4' 
This expressive and dreamlike portrait of party founder Kareem Reid explores race, loneliness and community within London’s scenes, and muses on the remaining gulf separating queers from straight privileges in later life, such as financial security.

De Vez em Quando, Quando Eu Morro, Eu Choro

R.B. Lima


Tinha uma mulher, Maria Laura, que costumava vir aqui trepar. Certa noite, depois de uma festa, ela veio pra cá com dois caras. Daí no dia seguinte um pedreiro da obra encontrou ela morta no meio de um monte de sangue. Todo mundo que vem aqui tem que pintar alguma coisa na parede porque senão o fantasma de Maria Laura aparece, arranca a cabeça da pessoa e pendura no pescoço dela.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/umUPtJm0wa8

Death of the Innocent

Xennia O’Catherine, Kai Daniels, Calvin Beardemphl, Zoey Luna, Asher Cope


USA / 4 min.
A demon lurks in the shadows of an abandoned building. Will these teens make it out alive?

Derby Diversity: A Westpride Story

Scout Micallef


Australia / 10 min
Westside Derby Dollz (WSDD) welcomes all genders and is Melbourne’s only roller derby league in the West.

Trailer... https://youtu.be/wwCeyFp8avk

Despite Your Absence / A pesar de su ausencia

Djali Brown-Cepeda


USA / 9 mins
In the late ’70s in New York City, Lazara, a second-generation Dominican girl comes of age.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/264920536

Detached / Desencaixe

Tiffany Rossi


Brazil | 1 min
Filmmaker Tiffany Rossi asks: Have you ever felt detached?
Watch… https://filmfreeway.com/desencaixe


Ms Naughty


12 min / Australia
The polyamorous couple JanEva and Calliope are passionate sexual adventurers, always keen to explore new experiences together. In this erotic documentary, they celebrate spring with a romantic romp in a nearby park and a raunchy bit of role-play involving heels.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/166605065

Dia 1

Matheus Faro, Rafael Bolacha


Brasil / 12 mins
Durante uma entrevista, Luan se recorda do dia em que recebeu seu diagnóstico positivo para HIV. Ali se colocam seus medos, aflições e questionamentos que o fizeram tomar decisões importantes para seguir em frente. Baseado em uma história real.

Diadème, martinet et sentiments

Hubaut Natacha / Balboni Raphaël


Belgium / 16 mins

Diamanti is Forever

Enrico Salvatori


Italy / 15’
An homage to the italian actor Vinicio Diamanti who worked for both cinema and TV together with Franco Enriquez, Enrico Maria Salerno, Giancarlo Cobelli, Manuela Kusterman, Giancarlo Nanni, Memè Perlini, Valeria Moriconi, Vittorio Gassman and Pippo Di Marca.

DiAna's Hair Ego Remix

Ellen Spiro and Cheryl Dunye


USA, 8:47
A visit to DiAna DiAna and Dr. Bambi Gaddist in the hair salon in South Carolina where they first began their innovative safe sex education work.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/245608251


Maša Zia Lenárdič and Anja Wutej


Germany, Slovenia / 8 Minutes
Personal struggle of a queer woman in her 30s, who is trying to find her place under the sun.

Disoriented / Orientierungslos

Lara Mack


Luxembourg / 32 mins
Orientierungslos (Disoriented) tells the story of two young female students going on a camping trip to discover, in an emotional chaos, that their perception of friendship is very different.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/199314426

Divina Luz

Ricardo Sá


Brasil / 15 mins
A trajetória de Luz del Fuego, a bailarina naturista que balançou o Brasil nos anos 1950 com seus ideais de nudismo.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/199596285

Do Not Forsake Me

Alon Reter


Israel, 17 min
Just a few steps from downtown Jerusalem is Independence Park. At night, the park transforms into an eccentric empire of prophets. Each character has a complex relationship with God, and all of them are seeking conversation and contact. Equipped with a small camera, the filmmaker walks among them, capturing moments of intimacy and alienation, looking into his own faith in the process.

Dolphin Dreams

Kinga Michalska & Winnie Superhova


Canada, Germany | 3’|No dialogue
This playful gender-bending film explores the sensual qualities of a cheap toy.

Don’t Love Me

Pretty Vacant Boys


France, UK, Germany / 85’ / porn
Don't Love Me follows 2 twenty something boys in the city of Berlin... Alex and Alexander have sex, then decide to date, explore the city and get to know each other... They party, they kite, they share their secrets... As they become more and more intimate, we wonder: are they falling in love?

Trailer... https://vimeo.com/238427155

Don't Touch Me

Savannah Smith


USA / 15'
Relationships can be hard when you've got a demi.

Doppelgänger Memorandum

Clark Nikolai


Canada, 6 min
A film score composer is distracted by a haunted video monitor.


William Reyes


Honduras / 5 mins
Um adolescente tentará contar um segredo a seu melhor amigo na última tarde que passam juntos antes que o amigo parta ilegalmente para os Estados Unidos.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/pDmfbJhC0W0


Reda Ait


Germany / 6 mins
Dorothy is both a tribute to David Bowie and to the art/sport of pole-dance. Through this documentary, THEM tries to develop the idea that, again, using our bodies are more than just visual, it is a real involvement and a way to get rid of social constructions. The idea of the choreography came to Dorothy’s head the very next day of David Bowie’s dead, during the night.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/202011307


Omar Robles


México / 11´
Un espejo en donde se revela el concepto drag.

Dream Phone

Kendra Lohr


USA / 3 mins
Who--who--who's got a crush on you! Was it all a dream?
Watch… https://vimeo.com/216732486


Thitipan Raksasat 


Thailand / 85 mins
Kade is a beautiful woman and her husband Tae disappears after his business trip to Korea. In order to find her missing husband, she asks for help from her husband’s police friend. Failing to help, Kade decides to find her husband’s driver Mac. Mac drives her to Tae’s office, where she finds out secrets of her husband. She decides to search for the truth. What she doesn’t know is that a secret is awaiting to be revealed that is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/LLhC9UvdhQk

Duality / Dvita

Vishal Vasant Ahire


15 min / Narrative Short /India
Rajjo, a member of the Hijra (intersex/transgender) community in India develops a crush on a girl but realizes that neither his community nor the world at large completely approve of his existence.

Duas Vezes Senzala

Gustavo Pozzatti


Brazil / 25 mins
Meu documentário sobre LGBT's negros e suas vivências já tem data de estreia, pra quem mora em Goiânia é só colar no DIGO hein, pra quem não mora aqui em breve ele será lançado na internet. Curta a página do doc e acompanhe... Trailer... https://youtu.be/1IZXjDRkWtQ

Duo Impacto

Molly Harding, Miranda Everingham & Alexandra Nagy


Cuba, 7:49
Two Cuban lesbians talk about LGBT rights, wanting children and performing as drag kings.
Watch... https://youtu.be/_a6eFU2xJYI

Dyke Problems

Ronnie Zidon



Eccomi … Eccoti (Here I am … Here you are)

Raed Rafei


Lebanon, 68min
Eccomi … Eccoti unfolds as a virtual road trip navigating between Italy and Lebanon. Conditioned to live in a long-distance relationship with his partner because of strict European visa regulations, the director patches together the moments shared together in an attempt to create a possible day-to-day reality for their couple. With a lyrical, ambient soundscape set atop a dreamy, atmospheric visual style that oscillates between still photography and moving images, the film explores what it means to be gay in contemporary Beirut and the aches of psychic pain that blocks one from reaching a sense of “complete-ness” with one’s self. Does such in-completeness have to do, in particular, with being gay? Or is it related to a grander malaise endemic to the human condition?
Trailer… https://youtu.be/oXTzblEhzwY

Echomutation / You, Me, It / Bleached

Coco Schwarz & Alina Mann


Three experimental films that focus their attention on representations of the gendered body in film.

Einfach Mensch

Gina Wenzel



El Alquiler

Marta Barroso


España / 16 mins

El error

Yolanda Moreno Torrado


España | 2’
Una conversación trivial entre dos hermanas sobre los juegos de su infancia.

El Espejo de Obsidiana

Juan Carlos Manrique


México / 5´
Tras el fallecimiento a su amado, Rafael realiza año tras año un ritual prehispánico para poder reencontrase con su pareja.

El Gable’s Craze

Eli Gable (Andrea Meroni) and Anderes Holtz (Edoardo Preti)


Italy / 12’
A collage sketch and music exhibition of Eli Gable, showman and gay dandy with a passion for synth-pop. As a character conceived in apocalyptic rave-party in the Mantuan countryside and nourished during alcoholic underground parties, Eli Gable speaks an unusual language inspired by Franco Battiato and hedonistic Dead Or Alive.

El Hijo de Fátima

Carlotta Piccinini


Italia / 11 mins
Sevilla, November 13th, 2015. Fatima, a Moroccan woman, comes to Spain in order to get together with her son, but no one wants to tell her where he is. Thanks to her strength, she’ll manage to track her son down, but she’ll meet a different person than she knew.

El Polvo Nos Sube al Rostro

Guillermo del Castillo


Chile / 14 min

Electric Dirt

Xander Stewart


USA / 4 mins
This beautiful and lyrical short provides portraits of the proud queers in Appalachia and the rural South, grounding them in place and folk tradition while celebrating the difference they represent.


César García


Colombia / 10 min.
El 30 de diciembre se llevó a cabo la Pelea por la Equidad de Género, como iniciativa de la Alcaldía de Soledad para abrir nuevos espacios a la comunidad LGBTI. Brandon San Juán y Brianys Romero se enfrentaron en la última presentación de la noche.

On December 30th, the Fight for Gender Equality took place as an initiative of the Mayor’s Office in Soledad  to open up new spaces for the LGBTI community. Brandon San Juán and Brianys Romero faced each other in the last performance of the night.

Emerge / Emerger

Yuliana Brutti


Argentina |24 mins
Luciana studies in the south. Some time later, she visits her family in a Cordoba’s town. Nostalgia in the recent past and thinking that everything would be the same, keeps her in a kind of inner dilemma. Constanza will help Luciana to asking questions about herself so she can emerge out of that confusion to understand, that when we return to the river, the river is not the same, and neither we are.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/T7aE6MInYno

End-Beginning / Anthadhi

Earthling Koushalya


20 min / Narrative Short / India
Two Souls in Love...balancing each other's nature...in a never ending vortex of ends and beginnings!
Watch… https://youtu.be/sTt99CjUAL8


Carlos Carrero Sepúlveda


Puerto Rico / 8 min.
Ofelia recibe una llamada de su expareja, Maité, en la que le avisa que está punto de dar a luz. De camino al hospital, ambas intentan resumir asuntos del pasado y Ofelia se enfrenta a la incertidumbre de su futuro.

Énfasis, de Historias de VIHda

Pilar Devesa


Spain / 26 mins
En noviembre de 2014 la periodista Pilar Devesa en colaboracio´n con el Comite´ Ciudadano Antisida de la Comunidad Valenciana propone un proyecto comunicativo con el propo´sito de generar contenido documental actualizado, integrador y positivo sobre las personas que conviven con el VIH.   
Trailer: https://youtu.be/H-gRy_I56AY


Jair Torres Baizabal


México / 119´ 
Ángel y Pablo, una pareja disfuncional, viajan a una cabaña aislada en el bosque con el doble objetivo de poner fin a los conflictos de su relación y dar el último adiós a un “ser querido” recientemente fallecido en ese lugar.


Boris Guzmán


Puerto Rico / 6 min.
Erika es una joven que se siente nacido en el cuerpo equivocado e intenta descubrir quién es en realidad, enfrentando la aceptación o el rechazo de sus padres.
Watch… https://youtu.be/XjvavQoUvb8


Eva Wo


USA / 2 Min

Divine mystic witch Lucifer Rising take a lavish milky hot bath with herself in a futuristic steam machine.


Vinicius Sassine, Mariana Paschoal, Julien Mérienne e Maria Chatzi


Brazil / 52’
En estilo observacional, la cámara sigue Lludy y su entorno por seis meses. “Escape” mantiene una distancia que busca captar un movimiento casi invisible – el movimiento de brasileñas que escapan del país que más asesina travestis en el mundo.

Trailer… https://youtu.be/-52J2GCf2Vw

Estamos Todos Aqui

Barraco da Rosa


Brazil / 22 mins
Rosa nunca foi Lucas. Expulsa de casa, ela precisa de um novo lar. Enquanto busca um lugar no mangue para construir seu barraco, o projeto de expansão da zona portuária avança em direção aos moradores da Favela.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/230119712

Everything Must Go, mon amour

Jocelyn Roy



Canada / 9 mins
The existential angst of a young intellectual, when he and his boyfriend witness the destruction of the neighbourhood movie theater where their love story was born.


Manon Weck


France / 1 min
Une jeune fille se promène seule dans la rue jusqu’à ce que quelqu’un se mette à la critiquer. Puis, l’effet boule de neige crée une suite de moqueries et injures qui créent la confusion dans la tête de celle-ci…
Watch… https://vimeo.com/241838660

Existence / Existens

Jenny Larsson Wallin


Sweden / 15 mins
Pims girlfriend Dani, has cancer. New daily routine consists of anxiety and fear. Pim is tired and broken but she has to be strong, because she is not the one who is sick. The film gives perspective on how difficult situations affect more people than just those directly exposed.

Fábrica de Sueños

Edgar de los Santos


México / 5´
Ellos crecieron juntos, viendo telenovelas; pretendiendo que vivían en ellas. Hoy se encuentran y ese mundo de ficción debe volverse realidad.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/228173391

Fak Yaass

Matthew McLaughlin


How horrible can it be for Nico, a gay party boy from a Greek family, to return to his suburban town and take care of his homophobic Grandfather.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/206126066


Rose Shirley


USA / 6 mins
Transgender musician Claire Michelle shares her story of overcoming grief through the power of writing and performing music.


Kase Pena


USA, 15 mins
An undocumented Latina Transgender woman’s understanding of family is redefined as she navigates harsh treatment from the people related to her by blood while being appreciated by the community she’s just met, who respect her for being the strong trans woman she is.

Fashion Cave!

Tristan Goik


USA / 1'
Two drag queen super heroes await to fight some danger in their lair.


Margot Gallimard


France / 31 mins
Maude and Clothilde have been together for several years, but no longer look at each other. Maude suddenly loses her hearing. Cut off from the world, she tries to get closer to Clothilde who constantly avoids her. It's a journey towards the other, an unreciprocated gaze.

Feeling For Chimera

Lou Lou Sainsbury


UK / 20 mins
A research project investigating the sacred, the self-hunt and systemic violence in queer and chimerical bodies. Exploring text-to-image relationships as a reflexive process for fable-esque & fictive experiences of the body; focusing on poetry and found footage video to uncover moments of vulnerability and tenderness in experiences of systemic violence.


Kay Garnellen


Germany / 4’
It’s late, working time is over, cleaning is boring…Well let’s have some fun instead!

Femme in Public

Jabu Nadia Newman


South Africa, 8min
December 2016 popped off with a fierce and unapologetic bang as US performance artist /activist /poet Alok Vaid-Menon joined forces with some of South Africa’s trans and gender-non-conforming artists in a creative collaboration titled “Femme in Public”.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/211267675

Finding Home

Veronica McKenzie


UK | 32 mins
A short about LGBT Asylum seekers & immigrants was commissioned by Southwark Network.


Albert Masferrer


España | 10’
Dos mujeres condenadas al machismo y brutalidad de quien se sabe poderoso como esposo, y señor, no tardarán mucho en hacerse algo más que cómplices.


Brettley Kai and Wyatt Riot


Canada |4’
Firkytoodle / fur•key•toodle/ noun.1. A 17th century British term, obsolete by the 19th century, meaning to caress sexually, to pet, to canoodle; what is known today as foreplay.2. Meeting at the intersections of fatness, transness, and desire.


Chaz Ahern


USA / 7 mins
A gay assassin’s first job and he has to kill the man he loves.
Watch... https://youtu.be/pKriFC9iKzY

First Date

Mike Winsten


USA / 6 mins
Two guys in a first date.  Same shit, different day!
Watch... https://vimeo.com/206360532


Thomas Repaux


Francel / 19´28


Edrian Pangilinan


USA / 5 mins
After a tough break-up, a hard-working academic finds comfort away in a budding relationship.
Watch… https://youtu.be/q7C-pfGEKqo


Malic Amalya


USA / 6 min.
This dual-projection slide show of collaged imagery tells the story of a housefly who transitions into a man in order to cruise gay bars.

For the Love of Secrets / Aus Liebe Zum Geheimnis

Nicolas Sidiropulos


Germany l 9 min
Jochen und Rasmus sind zwei Menschen, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten. Jochen ist vorsichtig, freundlich und unsicher – dagegen ist Rasmus sehr direkt, schroff und selbstbewusst. Doch gerade wegen ihrer Unterschiedlichkeit lieben sie sich. Aber trotz ihrer starken Liebe zueinander gibt es ein Geheimnis.

Foxy Five TV

Jabu Nadia Newman


South Africa / 14 mins / Web Series
Watch... https://youtu.be/K2enfCkOh4o

FRIGID / The Game

Éclair Noir


Canada / 5 mins / Music Video
Intimacy, transformation, jamming gender binaries, self-confidence, self-destruction, humour and isolation all mix in this clip from Frigid. "Break the rules & feel no shame!"
Watch... https://youtu.be/h3Ymg8Jah_U

From Russia With Queer Love

Aleksandr M Vinogradov


Russia, 16 mins
“From Russia with love” is the first Drag Queen Tango Drama short film.
Watch... https://youtu.be/6f3gAVq2bNs

from this side of space to the other side of the signal

Benjamin Rosenthal


USA / 10 mins
Computer generated bodies and body parts glistening with video material generated via this system perform actions that queer the line between digital, physical and analog, homoeroticism and violence––entangled in a fragmented high-modernist grid.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/aGlv2Ywl8D0


Alice Jane McKinney


UK | 10m
Fuego is a short documentary following Marta as she returns to her small rural village in Poland, after leaving in search of a better life.

Funny Girl

Rosina Andreaou


UK / 6’35
Exploring the on and offstage life of comedy with comedian Rosie Jones, this documentary explores stereotypes about disability, sexuality, and being a Northerner.


Mike Hooves


USA, 7:16
Radical DIY bike shop culture, tackling sexism and catering for gender variant people.

Galatée À L’infini


Julia Maura, Mariangela Pluchino, Ambra Reijnen, Maria Chatzi, Fátima Flores Rojas


Spain / 17 mins

Ganymede Earrings

Niv Fridman


Israel, 5 min
A pair of golden earrings depicting a youth and an eagle are on display at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The youth is Ganymede; the eagle is Zeus, who fell in love with Ganymede because of his beauty, and kidnapped him to be the servant of the gods. A male prostitute wants to steal the earrings. To do so, he seduces one of the museum guards.

Gay Alien Shame Parade (GASP!)

Scott Sørli & Evan Tapper


Canada / 5 mins
Gay Alien Shame Parade (GASP!) was created for Nuit Rose, an arts festival at Pride Toronto, 2017. The previous year, Black Lives Matter - Toronto intervened in the Toronto Pride parade, resulting in significant changes to Pride 2017. Among the most controversial of BLM-Toronto's demands was the 'Removal of police floats in Pride marches and parades

Gay Bashed

JC Gray


USA, 12 min
“Gay Bashed” tells the story of Danny, a 26-year-old who is robbed, beaten, and abandoned in the desolate tundra of Colorado, all because he was presumed to be gay. The film follows Danny’s journey of survival and self-discovery.

Gay Focus Group

Kyle Buchanan


USA / 5 mins
What are The Gays into? Well, since you asked…
Watch... https://youtu.be/PFc22mw5PaM

Gemini / Al-Jawza

Zamen Ali


Iraq / 6 mins


Adam Jones


USA / 8 min / shot on iPhone 6s
“Generous” is based on going to hook up with someone and they don’t even closely resemble the pictures they had sent on Grindr. Hesitant at first, the young man is convinced to stay after the catfish offers to be generous. A few drinks and a couple pills later they begin to open up to each other… and things continue to go south from there.
Watch... https://youtu.be/0p6VNYLvsGI

Give a Man a Mask

Eric Gauss


Zimbabwe / 12’

Give a Man a Mask uncovers the various ways MSM sex workers hide their profession, sexual preference and character to protect themselves in a country that condemns Homosexuality.

Going Viral

Edward Vera


USA / 6 mins
He’s got the gift that keeps on giving!
Watch... https://vimeo.com/213269084


Marco-Alexis Chaira


USA / 5 mins
Watch… https://youtu.be/5_91pUhILPk

Goodnight, Kia

Kia LaBeija


6 mins
Over the duration of the ongoing AIDS epidemic, an estimated 17 million children have lost one or both parents to an AIDS-related illness. Many of these children living with the virus themselves have ended up displaced or forced out of their homes. In Goodnight, Kia, Kia LaBeija processes a reoccurring dream of the home she shared with her mother Kwan Bennett. Bennett died of an AIDS-related illness in October of 2004, resulting in an unanticipated move that reshaped the course of her teenage daughter's life.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/245609278

Green Velvet

Ben Berlin


Two people explore and incorporate a beautiful lake in their play. The play includes, among other things, breath play and blood play.




22 min / Documentary Short / India


Andreas Flack; Ayala Shiftan


Israel / 4 mins
Emma lost all hope of finding love, until she finds a perfect but unusual relationship. It quickly soars but life tears them apart and she's left alone on the ground again. She learns that's where she belongs, and finds an even more unusual new love.


César García


Colombia / 12 mins
Una reina trans, un chico en proceso de hormonización, un líder bisexual y un peluquero, que todavía se extraña de sus preferencias sexuales, son los protagonistas de este relato audiovisual, que recorre la primera Guacherna Diversa en los Montes de María, una de las regiones más afectadas por el conflicto armado colombiano.
Watch… https://youtu.be/wZmeFWDIFYs


Cecilia Grasso


Proiezione del teaser per un progetto di serie web e chiacchiere con le autrici e le protagoniste. Una serie al femminile in cerca di finanziamenti, in cui le donne fanno sesso, senza doversi giustificare e senza dare “spiegoni” della sessualità femminile. Punto


Hardik Sadhwani


10 min / Narrative Short / India


Noémie Blondel


France / 2 mins
A travers les couleurs flamboyantes d’une mise en beauté, ce soir, ce sera résolument lui la plus belle…
Watch… https://vimeo.com/242016652


Mohammad Toriwarian


Irán| 11′
Tres jóvenes intentan cruzan clandestinamente la frontera entre Irán y Turquía. Su guía, muy religioso, solo permite el paso de hombres pero uno de ellos encierra una sorpresa.

Hard Femme Intimacy  / Bebeschwendaam

Dayna Danger


5 mins
2Spirit/Queer, Metis/Saulteaux/Polish visual artist raised in so called Winnipeg, MB. Bebeschwendaam challenges the segregation between intimacy and kinship as a method of decolonizing Western perceptions of love and partnerships. By demonstrating candid moments between the two central figures, this playful film dismantles the notion that affection is solely reserved for romantic, heteronormative couplings. This film has been shown at Concordia’s VA Gallery in 2017 and Gallery 101 in Ottawa.

Hard Out

Howard Adler, Candy Renae, Jessie Short


Aotearoa | 4 mins
A man wakes up lost and confused on the beach, and it’s a mystery of how and why he got there.

Heartbeats / Batidas do coração

Laura Rämö



Finlând / 3 mins
Heartbeats is a poetic short documentary piece about hearts and their carriers, portraying four queer people. In one day, heart, our muscle that never rests, beats approximately over 100 000 times. In the film the intimate heartbeats blend to the rhythm of nature. By drawing attention to the familiar sound inside all of us it ponders the universal, yet temporal nature of being. The film was made during a weekend as part of Kino Queer workshop organized by Euphoria Borealis.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/223185756  


Daniel McIntyre


Canada / 4 mins
Helium was originally presented as a dual-projector work, digitally transferred, that explores the worlds of competitive bodybuilding and balloon fetish.

Hell You Talmbout

Denzel Boyd, Tyler Rabinowitz, and Joseph Webb


8 mins
Ten years ago, Melba Ayco founded Northwest Tap Connection, a social justice oriented dance studio intentionally placed in the most dangerous part of Seattle so that it could serve as a hub and refuge for youth in the area. In the wake of the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the directors came across a Facebook Live video of the students of Northwest Tap dancing in the streets in protest.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/188713888

Henoko, Oura Bay - The Sea of Life

Bunka-kobo Kei


71 Min / Japan
The beautiful sea full of life is being destroyed for the sake of wars caused by the U.S.A. The lives of people, the lives of dugongs, the lives of sea turtles… The lives of many creatures are being threatened. This is a record of the reality at Henoko and Oura Bay.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Y6IAHUf0Abk

From the series “The Children of the Border”

Lidia Hernandez


USA | 4 min
Hermes Espinoza was 17 when he reached a breaking point in Arizona. Alone, without any family or legal status, his ability to remain in the United States was in danger. He had crossed the border from Mexico to the United States a year earlier, in 2007, looking to escape the discrimination he faced in his home state of Guerrero for being homosexual.  He expresses himself by designing and sewing his own clothes. He longs to be a fashion designer.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/219628307


Archie Zhang


Canada / 5 mins
For the princess with Daddy issues and the daddy with Princess issues, Heroes offers a thought-provoking twist in the little fairy tale that is our lives.


Zhang Han / Chen Cong


Hong Kong / 36mins
Born as a “he”, Ruby is he as in she. Painting her eyes and eyebrows, the transgender Ruby is creating the perfect illusion of her own self. But can she paint her life to be better? Can she paint over the void in her heart? Can she paint herself an easier road in life? This is more than just a documentary of a transgender girl in HongKong, it is also an interrogation of all of us.


Mathias Tuosto


Switzerland / 25 mins
David (20) is in a disconcerting period of his life. This psychological phase is shown as a forest path he's walking on.
His walk may be symptomatic of his condition and even more when he meets strange characters for the occasion.

Hey Man

Linda Wray


USA, 17 mins
Hey Man!, a short film is a story about the complex inner workings of the relationship of Charlie and Jessie. It's an on-going project that I have been closely working on for almost a year. The love story of Charlie and Jessie is really close to my heart. As the writer, I have poured my all into the story, the bittersweet experiences of coming into terms of my identity, being a hopeless romantic and always believing in true love. After all, this isn't just my story, it is for EVERYONE who dares to DEFY the definition of love.
Watch... https://youtu.be/b_mm9Rio30w

Hier Encore

Nara Noïan


France, 3 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/rgRLrhLljiU


Paul Rembert Patindol


Philipines / 14 mins


Annemoon Van Maastricht


Watch... https://youtu.be/WMwNjIHRQ9o


Amanda Pó


Brasil / 4 mins
Quem escreveu a História, na qual homens são sempre protagonistas?


Katsuhide Yamago


10 min / Narrative Short/ Japan


Etamar Kadusheviz


Israel, 7 min
A couple returns home after the stabbing at the 2015 Jerusalem Pride Parade. One of them decides that they must have sex.

Home Made

Diana Khong


USA / 10 mins
Home Made is an intimate, contemplative portrait of two queer tattoo artists navigating an industry that is traditionally dominated by white, straight, cisgender males.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/217239233

Homowives / The Wives

Runze Yu



China / 31 mins
Three women deal with the fallout from family and society, and advocate for themselves after their husbands come out as gay.

Trailer... https://youtu.be/I-xNompD5IA

Horror, Sex & Hair Curlers

Philippe Solange


France / 19 mins

Hotel Paraíso

Gabriel Páucar Vásquez


Peru | 20 min
Pierr is a young tailor who lives with his younger brother in a pornographic video room. He works in a textile workshop in order to raise money and move elsewhere. After being fired for rumors about his sexuality, Pierr turns to Omar, a young prostitute who usually visits the video room.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/210541690

How Come

Rick Flynn


US, 6′
Everyone does it differently. How do you get there? How Come?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/232530895

I Am / Ma

Gokul Kunwar


8 min / Experimental Short / Nepal

I Am Every Woman

Lena Weller


Germany / 13’
Dokumentarfilm, in dem Trans*Frau Kaey und Drag-Queen Fixie Fate einen intimen Einblick in ihr Leben und ihre Lebensentwürfe geben.

I Am What I Am – Over the Rainbow

Genki Masuda



I Am Your King

Worarit Ninklom


Thailand / Web series 
Trailer... https://youtu.be/cQ7Oak2DVRk

I am! We are Here! 

Seyi Adebanjo


USA | 7min
A community made DIY documentary of the trans*, queer, gender non-conforming and two-spirit residents of the Bronx.  I am! We are Here! invites the viewer to consider an alternative narrative to queer experience and platforms the bravery of everyday people living their lives and truths in the midst of political conservatism. 
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/243102613

I Can’t

Han Jay


13 min / Narrative Short / South Korea

I Died Last Year / Ano passado eu morri

Rodrigo de Oliveira



Brasil / 25 mins
To Rodrigo, the director of this film, were given three months to live. Lonely in facing death, the director searches for Eduardo, his first boyfriend. But Eduardo won’t answer. Rodrigo and Brazil may have not survived 2016

I M U R – Swirl

Nancy Lee


Canada, 3:48
Black masculinity and bisexuality explored through intimate movements.
Watch... https://youtu.be/WmS2z8TBH8U

I Think We're Alone Now

Anna Dória and Isabela Costa


Brazil | 15’22
Beatriz and Cecília are teenagers facing typical problems of finding space and time to be together freely as baby dykes in a conservative setting, so they wish to be in a place free from judgements and violence… and it comes true.

I’m Amanda

Amanda Prosser


UK / 1 min
Amanda briefly explains why she’s changed her name, hopefully reassuring her friends and colleagues that not that much else has changed.
Watch… https://youtu.be/DaunRrW0x4s

Ice Cold

Sekiya Dorsett


USA | 14mins
A blushing bride experiences the best and worst wedding day in history.

If Only You Were Mine / Keby Si Bol Môj

David Benedek


23min / Narrative Short / Slovakia
Dominik is a young graduate experiencing his first relationship. Adam becomes a mentor, idol and first love for him. With great feeling, there are also great uncertainties. He finds out that he does not belong to his world of young Bratislava, but he still tries to make their relationship work…
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Ecruq39x594

Il Lato Inaccettabile Della Libertà 1-3



Italy / 16 mins / Web Series
Ognuno ha per forza qualcosa da nascondere. Chi odia ha paura e, quindi desidera. Inoltre, bisogna assolutamente creare una situazione per la quale nessuno è responsabile. Tre cortometraggi prodotti nell'arco di 3 anni riflettono sul Queer come strategia di abbandono della Realtà.

I'm So Tired of Being Alone

Jakub Jirásek


Czech Republic / 27 mins
After a long time, twenty-three-year-old Louis meets his former best friend, whom he loves platonically. They travel to the countryside together with Louis's female friend, as they all would love to take a break from their city lives. Will the trio manage to solve their persisting feelings of loneliness?
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/247714759

In pochenden Zellen

Richard Kranzin


Germany / 25 mins

In the Dark

Ryan Beene


USA / 30 mins
A gay college student, Austin, is hiding his sexuality from everyone in his life, until he meets Eric. Austin is instantly attracted to Eric's comfort in who he is. When they start a relationship, Austin may have to choose between keeping Eric in his life or keeping his secret.
Watch... https://youtu.be/FkYq01KoylQ


Nev Brook and Emily McDonald


UK / 6 min
Andrew was living a solitary existence until he met Harriet..
Watch... https://vimeo.com/212973486

Instante: Natalia

Cristian Rodríguez


Puerto Rico / 9 min.
Un triángulo amoroso. Siempre hay uno que tiene el mando. ¿Qué harán los otros por amor?



Andrea Silvestro - Stefano Stefanini


Italy/UK / 62 mins
INTER(sectional)VIEWS is a documentary made for the web, divided into 5 episodes. This series of one-on-one interviews, filmed inItaly and in the rest of Europe, is intended to function as a cultural tool to raise public awareness on "difficult" issues: the whole range of discriminations and the ever-growing conviction in the mind of the public that there is a clear and definite separation between "us" and "them". In each of these 5 videos, people who are very different from each other reply to a general question, dealing with different topics.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/tOJ3vc6POWk

Intimacy / Intimität

Susanne Steinmassl


Germany / 3 mins
Single INTIMITÄT from Candelilla’s 2017 album CAMPING via Trocadero / ZickZack Records
Watch… https://vimeo.com/199762102

Introspectiva de un Chivo Entre Ovejas

Hugo Nuñes Ruiz


Perú / 15
Un joven poco convencional narra a través de una introspectiva, el proceso y los problemas de crecer como una persona regordeta y homosexual, buscar su identidad y sobrevivir en una sociedad donde la perfección es requisito para la aceptación.


Aarón Álvarez


México / 10´
Ricardo y Carlos son pareja desde hace ocho años, con su dueto Las Durango: Bárbara y Cordelia, se han posicionado en la escena DragQueen de la Ciudad de México. Las Durango cuestionan conceptos como feminidad, misoginia y machismo, inspirando tanto a mujeres como a hombres que han padecido violencia de género.

Invisible Anguish

Ambrish Bhatia


India / 32 mins
This is the story of a lonely mature man who is staying alone and his son is working in some other city. That mature man meet a young handsome boy. He make that boy to stay with him and when his son all of sudden come to home, get tense with feeling that his father is a gay.
Watch... https://youtu.be/nCLgFDftve4

Island Queens

Anu Hasbold


Australia / 30 min
The remote community of the Tiwi Islands, located 80km north of the Australian mainland, has a thriving gay and trans community of Sistergirls. More than 5 percent of the Tiwi population identify as a Sistergirl with most of them living publicly as women and observing local Indigenous traditions. This documentary explores the push-pull the Sistergirls experience living on their remote Tiwi home, while wanting to find love in the city and start families of their own.

It is Time

Kajri Babar


India, 20 mins
After watching this short film Your thought process will change about Gay society and Gay freedom
Watch... https://youtu.be/GDYtR0BrEAY

Je Suis un Coming-Out

Camille Beglin


France / 2 mins
Mélanie et Tom vont devoir faire une révélation à leurs parents. C'est la rencontre entre deux mondes incompatibles... ou pas...
Watch… https://vimeo.com/228821977

Jelanii's Dance

Maggie Carroll


4 mins
Jelanii dances because he's able to express how he feels without having to say anything.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/220359370

Jim & The Palace

Billy Craig 


50 mins
A film about an eccentric Englishman’s reckless decision to buy a dilapidated 700-year-old palace, in the south of Poland and the unexpected life-line sprung on it by an artists’ residency. A foreign force numbering in the hundreds will now descend on Jim’s home, to breathe new life into the dungeons, halls and ballrooms.

Jim’s Introduction to Gender Identity

K. Kypers


USA / 5 mins
Jim thinks he knows who he is: he’s a man, he has a hot girlfriend, he’s on the basketball team… But when Cassie tells him about a male bodied friend who identifies as a girl, Jim’s concepts of gender and identity are challenged.


Christine Wu


Canada | 7 min
Canadian writer Jo Jefferson shares their experience as a non-binary parent living in Toronto.

Jodido VIH

Germán de Heras




Helen Wright


UK | 9m
A lesbian sci-fi short about a young woman with telekinetic powers going out on the queer scene for the first time.

Just a Little Taste

Jacquie Ray


USA / 4 mins
Two of our most primal urges combine in this short that allows the viewer to witness the passion of two hungry young male lovers. 
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/220345442

Just Friends / Solamente Amigos

Icaro Villanueva


Quim is a 24 year old boy who lives in València, he will tell us different phases of his life until he reaches the point where he falls in love for the first time in a society where not all types of love are correctly accepted.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/nISr2JPpFgY

Kai, 12

Fox Fisher


UK / 4 mins
Kai, was assigned female at birth but always identified as a boy. We have been following since he was 9. Now Kai is 12 and has been on hormone blockers for a few years. He is supported by his mother and sees a positive future for himself.

Karate / Kapate

Karl Neubart


Austria – Germany, 4’


Sumit Pawar


8 min / Narrative Short / India

Kibe Lanches

Alexandre Figueirôa


Brasil / 18 mins
Na década de 80, o restaurante Kibe Lanches, no bairro do Pina, no Recife, vendia pratos da cozinha árabe. Nas sextas à noite, transformava-se num alegre ponto de encontro, cuja principal atração eram as ‘Rolinhas do Barão’.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/238947506

Kim... But Inside in the Dark I’m Aching to be Free

Magdalena Wieczorek


Poland / 10 mins
Historia Kim Lee pokazuje, ze nie ma jednego przepisu na szczescie i kazdy czlowiek powinien sam ustalac jego reguly.  Film stanowi prace dyplomowa Magdaleny Wieczorek, która zrealizowala w Pracowni Techniki i Sztuki Operatorskiej prof. Andrzeja J. Jaroszewicza na Akademii Sztuk Pieknych w Warszawie.


Samuel Shanahoy & Emnet Getahun


USA / 10 mins
A queer Ethiopian-American woman grapples with the decision to bring her partner to a family wedding, risking estrangement, or staying in the closet and losing her sense of self.

Kuvas seuraa mun matkallain

Pinja Valja


Finland / 16 mins
The Image of You weaves together the themes of love and memory in the spirit of New Wave cinema. It’s a story of a couple, Lilja and Laura, who have recently broken up. To find peace of mind, Lilja wants to discuss the past relationship with Laura. But the women’s memories of the relationship differ, and the conversation and flashbacks from their past intertwine into an enigmatic puzzle. Who gets to decide what is the truth? Was their love true even though it ended?

La delgada línea

Marco Dibildox


Mexico / 5 mins
Dos jóvenes quedan para mantener una aventura tórrida con la ayuda de psicoactivos. Todo comenzará con mucha marcha. Sin embargo, las cosas no acaban siempre como empiezan.
Watch... https://youtu.be/nH_r_1sYaD0

La Duna

Ricardo Alonso Diaz


España / 3 mins

La Mar

Moisés Anaya


México / 15´
Florencia una joven arquitecta, sortea la violencia normalizada con que se vive en la sociedad. Cuando distintos sucesos continúan alimentando un miedo creciente, decide ̈hacerse a la mar.

La peli que vamos a ver

Roberto Pérez Toledo


Spain / 5 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/R0qyooSB6xg

La T Invisible

Patricia Ortega


Venezuela / 13’
Sharom es la T Invisible y silente del LGBT+. Ella es travesti de clóset. Mientras realiza su ritual de transformación, nos cuenta sobre su dualidad: el lado masculino que es su rostro público y el femenino, que es la cara censurada. Estos dos universos son partes indivisibles de su ser. Un diálogo que reSexiona sobre los límites del género, la identidad y la orientación sexual.

Lac de plumes

Emily Pelstring


In this music video for IDALG's “Lac de plumes”, a woman smokes and waits for a phone call. In another forestial world, accessed through the portal of a magic jewelry box, a snake maneuvers through minerals and plant life. The two worlds gradually merge as the body of the woman and snake become intertwined.
Watch… https://youtu.be/TPEzUCFtfNw

Lace Me Tightly

Vincenzo Costantino


Italy/ 16'
Dario ha ventidue anni ed è cresciuto a Salina, una piccola isola del Mediterraneo. Già da bambino comincia a cucire, isolandosi nel suo fantasioso mondo dove incontra la sua prima amica defunta: Maria Antonietta di Francia, sua musa ispiratrice. È grazie alla sua nuova amica che Dario scoprirà l’eleganza e il rigore del corsetto che da quel momento in poi lo segnerà per sempre al punto che diverrà elemento centrale nella sua vita e nel suo lavoro da stilista portandolo a praticare il Tightlace, la pratica del restringimento del girovita. Suggestioni della quotidianità di Dario, che ci porteranno a percepire come si stia stretti dentro il suo corsetto.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/L5ZxXmN8haE

Lady of the Night / I Kveld Er Det Lov Å Være Mann

Marin Håskjold


Norway / 14 mins
The dynamics of a group of friends changes when Martin arrives at a Christmas party wearing a dress. 


Karelys Ríos


Puerto Rico / 24 min.
En cada familia hay rumores, pero no todas tienen secretos. Cuando se topa con un posible secreto familiar, Samantha se lanza a buscar la manera de encontrar la respuesta. Pronto, le revela una cruda realidad a su padre, abriendo así una caja de Pandora que será casi imposible de cerrar, junto con una gran incógnita.

Last Bottle

Mark Gregory Bayani


Philippines, 8 mins
After a casual meet-up at a bar, two friends find it complicated to say goodbye to each other and don’t realize just how inseparable they are. Tale of an uneasy bromance.
Watch... https://youtu.be/kNQTOd-B1uk

Last Call

Mike Dreyden, Robert Mercado and AJ Mattioli


USA, 22 Minutes
Leo Ocean (Mike Dreyden), a former realtor who falls into gay porn pay the bills and dreams of opening his own bar. But it is when he meets Vincent (Michael Vaccaro), a successful defense attorney whose only client is City’s notorious mob families and the return of his ex-boyfriend Marshal (John Dylan DeLaTorre) from prison that his new life gets turned upside down.

Last Night's Sugar

Shawna Virago


USA | 5m
A harrowing tale of late-night escapades and economic ruin, Last Night’s Sugar is the music video for the second single off of trans music pioneer and acoustic artist Shawna Virago’s critically acclaimed album Heaven Sent Delinquent.
Watch… https://youtu.be/C5ZaSglAySU

Late in my life

Ligal Mor


Israel, 15 min
Following her father’s death, Aline comes back to the kibbutz. She is now a strong transgender woman, but the encounter with the closed society where she grew up, and especially with her brother, proves to be contentious. Her brother is in denial about the changes she has gone through, and their meeting challenges their common memories.

Latifundium / Latifúndio

Érica Sarmet



Brasil / 11 mins
The body is not only matter, but a continuous and incessant materialization of possibilities. Sexy iconoclasts give Freud a run for his money, and Gwyneth a run for her eggs.


Maayan Segman


Israel / 8 mins
Danny is a medical clown dealing with taking care of Ben, a young boy getting ready for open heart surgery. With Ben entering surgery Danny returns home and the lack of information about Ben's condition drives her crazy. Her girlfriend, Nadia, tries to help her pass the hours until they receive news from the hospital.

Legacy of Love

Jakob Schwarz


In Legacy of Love four members of the Dallas LGBTQA community (Cece Cox, Patti Fink, Joe Hoselton and Taylor Souryachak) introduce the Dallas community and its notable past successes. But from a city with a strong history of LGBTQA activism and legal success, including securing an LGBT non-discrimination ordnance before most of the rest of the state had, a uncertain and uneasy future lies ahead. As the subjects take you through their own personal worlds, they introduce issues of race and equality and depict a community that despite its successes and strengths is fractionalized and faces a lengthy and difficult road to equality.


Alexey Shipenko


Germany / 81 mins / Documentary
LESS (a documentary by Alexey Shipenko & Anna Langhoff) about being yourself, the challenge of life and the beauty of truth  Der Dokumentarfilm «less» feiert seine Vorpremiere auf dem Luststreifen-Festival. Queer-feministische Frauen sind nach der Diagnose Brustkrebs auf grundsätzliche Fragen zu Körper, Gesellschaft und Überleben zurückgeworfen. Sie sind nicht nur einer lebensbedrohlichen Krankheit ausgesetzt und müssen teilweise mit dem Verlust eines Körperteiles zurecht kommen, sondern auch mit allen gesellschaftlichen Konsequenzen umgehen, welche die Abwesenheit dieses stark sexuell konnotierten Körperteils mit sich bringt. Ein starkes Portrait, welches die Körperlichkeit von Frauen weit über die Diagnose Brustkrebs hinaus in Frage stellt. 
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/152209602

Lessons for Polygamists

b.h. Yael


Canada / 15 mins
Every teenager knows better than the adults in their lives. This beautifully animated short is a story of growing up in a polygamous household, encapsulated into six lessons.

Letting Go / Desprender

Gonzalo Wolf Sandoval y Catalina Monzalvett


Chile / 17’
Damián and Luciano who are about to finish their final year of school lose their friend Agatha. Damián tries to seek restraint on his friend, but encounters the discomfort of a relationship of two that used to be three, until a new element appears in his friendship that changes everything.

Damián y Luciano cursan su último año de colegio cuando pierden a Ágata, su mejor amiga. Sin saber cómo terminar el año, se encuentran en una relación de dos que tendía ser de tres y la incomodidad que esto les genera. Damián intentará acercarse a Luciano para buscar contención, pero aparece algo más que amistad en el proceso.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/149864208

Life In Darkness

Ali Raheem


Iraq | 9 mins
Laith, 22, wakes up on his birthday in Mosul, Iraq, only to have problems with his boyfriend, Mohanad, 27. Mohanad believes that Laith is cheating on him and a fight erupts.

Life on Two Spectrums

Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton


UK / 6mins
The film follows Dan ‘Tia Anna’ Kahn, a drag queen with Asperger’s Syndrome who founded A.S.P.E.C.S (Autistic and Aspergers Persons of Every Category of (Queer) Sexuality) a support and networking group to help address the needs of the neurodiverse members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Like You

Fox Fisher & Owl


Iceland / 7 mins
On a remote farm in Iceland, two strangers connect and realize they have a lot more in common than they previously assumed.
Watch… https://youtu.be/Y3LddZubx88

Lima Is Burning

Giovana Garcia


Perú / 8 mins
This short documentary narrates the history of Gía (Jxna), the pleasure of (dissident) bodies, and the nights that make Lima burn.

Little Whore / Lilla Hora

Palle Linqvist


Sweden / 11 mins
A young man wants to try something new with his girlfriend.


Joan Montesinos


Spain, 9'
Are we sure that we are able to live our fantasies of exhibitionism to the limit? And what is the acceptable limit, when the people you are acting out with understand that your intentions are different and try to change the agreed conditions? What is the degree of responsibility of those watching, if there are no longer any physical barriers  – no doors, walls, or screens – to voyeurism? "I'm not filming, we're going live!"

Living Scared

Kyohairwe Kay


Uganda / 25 mins
“Living Scared” is a short story of violated rights, sexuality and acceptability and means of survival. Coupled with social conflicts and the challenges of a homophobic community, the film tells a tale of a humanity and what it means to be human.

Lo que no se ve

Lamberto Guerra


Spain/ 5′
Lorenza is about to be 80 and has just become a widow. She decides to return to her youth home, but her daughter does not agree. However her granddaughters, Sofia and Alba, decide to go with her. It’s a minimal story as simple as necessary.
Lorenza va camino de los 80, acaba de quedarse viuda y decide volver a su hogar de juventud. Su hija, Tara, no lo aprueba, pero sus nietas, Sofía y Alba, deciden acompañarla. Juntas, estas mujeres recorren el último tramo de su regreso, un pequeño viaje de 20 metros y 50 años.


Paula Gustafsson


Sweden / 14 mins
Maj-Briht och Helle är över 80 år när de äntligen får gifta sig. De lovar att “älska och vårda” varandra “i sjukdom och i hälsa”. När Helle blir sjuk och förflyttas till ålderdomshem gör Maj-Briht allt för att hålla sitt löfte.

Looking Back at Me

Alex Escaja


USA / 25 mins
Sade Bolger is an 18-year-old musician from Vermont. Recently having come out as non-binary, this documentary highlights Sade in relation to their passion for music, their unapologetic authenticity, and their place in Vermont in a genuine endeavor to influence the future, both online and in person.  'Looking Back at Me' highlights Sade as they represent and give voice to the trans and nonbinary people in the world who constantly combat stigma and erasure. By telling their story, Sade displays the intersectionalitiy between identities, passions, and the places you call home.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/211146357

Looper: Farfisa Song

Iain Gardner


UK | 3min
(Introducing Mustard & Ketchup)


Jorge Dopacio Fernández


España  | 15’
Algunas veces te tienen que recordar ciertas tragedias, para que no tires la toalla en el intento de conseguir tus sueños.

Lost Souls of Tomorrow / Portret Izgubljenim

Jan Krevatin


Tom and Noah discuss their friendship on the last sunset before Tom leaves.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/231449871

Lost Track of Time

Queer Youth Media Project


USA | 7min

Love. No Boundaries

Monisha Ajgaonkar, Archana Thapliyal


2 min / Narrative Short / India


Sonja Madani


Austria / 17 mins
A younger mistress, a secret student-teacher love affair and a love child. The source of many emotional dramas, this story takes the audience through the life of one family who handled these ordinary occurrences in an extra-ordinary way.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/241949986

Lovers in the Middle Of The World  / Amores En La Mitad Del Mundo

Jorge Vega Reyes


Ecuador | 8 mins
In a city crossed by the imaginary line, an accident will make the intertwining stories of Ena, Lea, Luis, Diego and Flor. From that moment on, their lives will change forever and many secrets will be discovered.


Sean Bucklelew


USA, 9 mins
An ode to a lost age of Internet love.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/218419154

Luana Diniz

Filha da Lua, Leonardo Menezes, Rian Cordova


Brazil / 78´
 Descubra a vida de 'Luana Muniz - Filha da Lua', um filme de Rian Córdova e Leonardo Menezes. O documentário narra a história da famosa travesti, que criou polêmica ao usar o bordão “Travesti não é bagunça” na TV.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/IA21VSIzjxQ


Stacia Warren; Vera Miao


USA / 15 mins
Like many traditional Chinese mother-daughter relationships, MONA still lives at home under the stern but loving eye of her MA. And like many children of immigrant parents, Mona both worships her mother and is suffocated by her. When Mona leaves the house, its as if she can breathe freely. In the building elevator, she meets cute ERICA, the charming butch who just moved in next door. Whenever Mona is around Erica, things have a way of flying around on their own. Mona has the power to move things with her mind and she can't always control it. But Mona's instant chemistry with Erica awakens something dormant in her and she can finally stop hiding. She's in love. Of course, Ma notices and she's not going to let her daughter go easily. When Ma hounds and bullies Mona through their house, the long simmering fight exploding between them is ugly. Erica intervenes, but nothing can prepare her for learning what happens when Mona loves you...


Rubén Rolando Solla. España


Puerto Rico / 8 min.
Maceradas cuenta la historia de Ismael, un joven inmigrante quien se aproxima a las plantas medicinales para la sanación emocional tras la deportación de su pareja Abey. Su memoria se resguarda en elementos de la naturaleza y todo el proceso traumático se disipa a través de la autosanación, vinculando en una narración introspectiva componentes sociológicos, históricos y místicos. Esta producción contó para la utilería con elementos escultóricos y pinturas que su director elaboró para la historia.


Antonio da Silva


Mexico / 21'
Gay Mexicans reflect on macho culture, masculinity, and gay sex — while slowly a steamy orgy unfolds.

Madá Luz – Coming Out Of The Dressing Room
/ Madá Luz – Saindo Do Camarim

Bruna Trigueiros Lins


8 min / Brazil
In a world where women are only aloud to eat strawberry icecream, and men, chocolate, Madá Luz, an aspiring actress, has to make a difficult decision that could affect her carreer.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/223220120

Make A Stand / Mehua

Camille Aigloz & Lucy Vallin


5 min / Animation Short / France

Mamá2. Familias homoparentales

Sofía París, Marta Parra, Miguel Modrego, Alba Romero, Javier Alcaine


España /10’18’’

Manly Mountain of Men

Karolin Twiddy


Germany / 3 mins

Margoth et Kassandra

León Landázuri


México / Canadá / 5´
Margoth y Kassandra llevaban una vida normal hasta que conocen a Kordell, un caballero francés que cambia física y psicológicamente a una de ellas.


Elen Linth


Brazil / 18′
Born at 16, in a city bloody with chest and stick bodies.
Nascida aos 16, numa cidade ensanguentada por corpos de peito e pau.


Abril Zamora


Spain, 31 min
Marcos is a talented writer stuck writing low budget gay porn for a living. One weekend he suddenly decides to quit his crappy job and start writing his life story in order to become “the voice of his generation.” But an explosive cocktail of a painful toothache and poppers will send Marcos into a downward spiral.

Mark Me

Erin Batchelder


USA / 26 mins
This handmade documentary sheds light on the multigenerational impact of the AIDS crisis on one Irish Catholic family.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/126604433

Mary Magdalene

Lynne Sachs


USA / 5 mins
Mary Magdalene is a construct of personal, mythological and political projections of the fluid identity of the individual. This digital representation fragments, and layers the profile that is representative of multiple gender identities.


Sian Williams


UK, 2:42
Spoken word piece exploring the toxicity of hook-up apps.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/yeDjLxVRP60

May I Help You

Yamin Oo


Myanmar / 26 min
"May I help you" is the slogan of the Myanmar police, but it does not apply to everyone, as LGBTIQ individuals are harassed by the police all over the country. In this investigative documentary, victims of police harassment voice their experiences with structural discrimination.


Kat Cole


USA / 10 mins
After a chance encounter in Waikiki, a young Filipina teen explores her sexuality in secret.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/259528070

Me Become Us

Moran Shina


Israel / 3 mins
A short animtaion documentary about love, adoption and parenthood. The story of two gay parents' adoption process as told by one of the fathers.

Me gustan los chicos

Carlos Ocho


Spain / 4 mins
Cortometraje de Víctor Arbelo dirigido por Carlos Ocho apoyando la lucha contra la homofobia.
Watch... https://youtu.be/nRHo0ANj92Y

Meanwhile, Koren

Mili Tibri, Yarin Bibas


Israel, 8 min
Koren, a young transsexual woman, discusses the long and difficult process of transformation she underwent, and the place where she is today – a normative, ordinary life.


Vishesh Pires


USA /  8 min.
Could this be true vegan love, forever?


Solmaz Etemad


Iran / 4 mins
Love is continuing in the world.


Caetano Gotardo


Brasil / 22 mins
Cantor que assim falas à lua/minha história é igual à tua/meu amor também fugiu.

Mi Barba

Carre Real


8 min
An art video about gender noncon- forming queerness. Being a Black, Cuban, immigrant, bearded, gender nonconforming queer is a personal and social challenge.In this art video we evoke Ancestors and Orishas to protect and guide us.The love and creativity in the dimension of dreams help us to heal and continue the over and over again struggle in this full of contradictions and magic world.
Watch… https://youtu.be/lUt3HhkyLGA

Mighty Real

Vicente Ugartechea


6 min


Angie Barrios


Colombia / 15 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/7A0gWYXJu5Y

Mise À Nu

Guillaume Dallaporta


France / 5 mins
Anne Störker est une célébrité très connue dans le monde du cinéma. Dans quelque minutes, elle va faire un discours très attendu, et pour l’occasion, en révéler plus sur sa vie privée. Mais ces quelques minutes d’avant discours ne se passent pas comme celle-ci l’aurait voulu…
Watch... https://vimeo.com/229691995

Mobile Hai Kai

Lilian Werneck


Brazil / 20’
Um filme de amor entre duas jovens: Maria Clara, surda, e Olívia, cega. Depois de um encontro casual na Oficina Pessoas Extraordinárias, se aproximam e se tocam: percepções visuais e sonoras definem a intensa relação entre as duas. Porém, o preconceito familiar quase transforma a relação em tragédia. O tocar, o dialogar e o ser. Três momentos de um curta HaiKai.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/h09r_qD4sz8


Yaser Alnazar, Matthias Bayr, Julia Bern-hardt, Johannes Frauenschuh


Austria / 11 min
A remake of Moment #1 (Basra,’13), this film tells the story of a dancer who has to prove herself. She finds herself struggling underwater, the clock ticks only backwards and her reality shifts. The film questions the potential of using moments to either “fail” or “succeed” in the irrationality of everyday life.


Amitai Martin Rawlings


Israel, 8 min
Momi is an unusual person. On the one hand he is a talented and charismatic dancer, who has performed on stages in Israel and across the world; on the other – he is caught in a constant search for his identity and is painfully alienated from his Family. Director Amitai Rawlings sets out to study the strong impression Momi has left on him from the first moment he met him, as a child.


Benny Rios


Perú / 14 mins
Ramiro es especial. Vive en su mundo de comics y películas donde sus personajes son monstruos o están en camino de serlo. Un día se reencuentra con una ex pareja y recibe el beso de un extraño. Desde ese momento todo en su vida se empieza a transformar.
Watch… https://youtu.be/vrArufR8glA

Møtes I Døra

Det sporadiske filmkollektivet


Norway / 15mins
Nader and Janne share a tense moment in a bus doorway. This chance encounter transports them into a shared reality. As one door closes behind them, countless others open. Coincidence, or is it fate, causes their paths to cross a second time, and together, the couple must fight to face both minor challenges and major surprises.

Mujer y filipina

Luis J. Barroso


Spain | 17′
Una pareja está celebrando su quinto aniversario pero él tiene urgencia por contar una cosa bastante peculiar.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/jz_FrhENGCw


Ismael Márquez



Muy joven para amar

Peter Hornedo


Puerto Rico / 16 min.
En la noche de celebración de sus treinta años, Eddie opta por utilizar una aplicación de citas con la esperanza de salir de su soltería. Es así como conoce a Ricky... encontrando el amor, pero perdiendo su libertad.

My Girlfriend's Gay Friend

Mark Lester


USA / 7 mins
What would you do if your significant other had a friend they were more intimate with than you?
Watch... https://youtu.be/aLWLzUa2Qyk

My Horrible Attempt at Dating

Christina Iturbe


USA / 13 min
When 25-year-old Jamie gets dumped by her girlfriend of three years, her entire world shatters. Now she needs to get her life together and part of that is dating again. Yet the modern dating scene comes with complications.

My Skin

Xudit Casas


España | 3’
Un canto a las diferentes opciones de amor a personas, cosas, lugares… Siendo tan diferentes, ¿cómo vamos a amar igual?
Trailer... https://youtu.be/P77TtYAuFPg


Dmitry Zhitov


USA / 24 mins
MYami tells the story of three very distinct artists who use the city as a source of inspiration for their artwork.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/42n_I4dugw4


Pei-Rong Song & Zong-Yam Tsai


Taiwan / 2mins
Watch… https://youtu.be/DisuFIfzj3w

Na Esquina da Minha Rua Favorita com a Tua

Alice Name-Bomtempo


Brazil / 18 mins
Helena foi ao cinema e conheceu Tainá. Tudo que aconteceu depois foi só um quase e, por algum motivo, não foi. Ou talvez tenha sido.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/B_iafhjqWz0


Rafael Vascon


Brazil / 14 mins
Watch... https://vimeo.com/201878665


Sam Rogers


9 mins
Lovers Ola and Kathleen spend their days getting high off Nangs and practicing their DJ skills until Kathleen starts to question their purpose.


Hanna Isua


Colombia / 3 mins
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/229433241


Angèle Béraud


France / 5’21
 Natalie.d is a French girl’s dream of love with a young American woman on holiday in Europe.
Au fil du crayon, nous allons suivre l’épopée amoureuse de deux femmes qui se rencontrent, qui se fantasment, puis qui se perdent.

Native Snaglines

Howard Adler


Canada | 5 min
In the Native community, “snagging” is slang for picking up, or hooking up, with that special person you’ve had your eye on. In this short film, “What’s your best Snagline?” is the question that’s posed to the local Indigenous community in Ottawa, resulting in fun and tantalizing responses.

Naturally Lazy

Naomi Wong


UK | 9 min
Tom returns home for easter break. Bored and aimlessly wandering around town trying to pass the time, he hangs out with his friends. The boys spend the day playing football and sneaking cigarettes. Tom and Dylan are left alone together before sharing something else.
Watch... https://youtu.be/eqRBSZDHKcc

Near Change

André Sogliuzzo


USA, Germany
Sometimes in life you find yourself at a crossroads between who you are, and the life you've been living. Dino and his best friend and associate Tony, are mid-level mafia foot soldiers. As they wait for breakfast in a diner, on an ordinary day like any other, Dino realizes he has reached his fork in the road. Unless “this” is all there is…something is going to have to change.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/231012596


José Montoro


Perú / 9 mins
Nebulah, uno de los Drag Queen más reconocidos de Lima - Perú con 8 años mostrando su arte nos cuenta desde sus inicios en el mundo del drag, y como la gente influyo en su trabajo ganando en poco tiempo miles de seguidores. Su pasión, su alegría cada vez que sube al escenario, las ganas y el cariño del público hacen que Nebulah tenga mas fuerza para seguir sorprendiendo en cada presentación que realiza.
Watch… https://youtu.be/KWZ7pYZpThk

Netflix + Chill

Finn Peaks & Fauri Cate


Germany / 9’
Two queer boys want to relax in bed in front of a Netflix show.


Barak Cohen


Israel, 11 min
Leaving his house late at night for an encounter with a man he met online, Dan is confronted with questions about innocence and his own identity.

No fim de tudo

Victor Ciriaco


Brazil / 14’
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/218074552

No Leash 



USA / 12 mins
Mykki Blanco and SSION suture quotes from Courtney Love, Joan Didion and Anna Nicole Smith into this wild hyperactive commentary on modern America.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/SwdUufJAW4o

Not Like Them (Pas comme eux)

Jonathan Lemieux



Canada / 6 mins
Coming to terms with his avid pornography consumption in his teens, the director explores his relationship to his sexuality and his distorted visions of beauty and masculinity.


Ariel Mahler


NOVA is a film about a trans woman of color navigating the throes of transphobic life in NYC. The film presents Nova, the title character, as a human above all else, complete with her own lovable traits and flaws, as she struggles to make sense of a new romantic partner who doesn’t know she’s trans, an HIV scare that challenges her self-worth, homophobia in the workplace, and a trans support group that has become jaded by hopelessness.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/225791701

O Arco do Medo

Juan Rodrigues


Brazil / 9 mins
Um relato de insurgência. Masculino e feminino caem perante um corpo negro que resiste na busca por liberdade e tempo. Borrando os limites do gênero, na tentativa de simplesmente ser. Um corpo negro que supervive.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/299294168

O que você não vê. A prostituição vista por nós mesmas

Angela Donini & Flavia Viana & Marina Cavalcanti & Tais Lobo


Portugal / 9 mins
WHAT YOU DON’T SEE asserts sex workers’ right to the city and challenges stigmatizing discourses about prostitution through images, texts and audio produced by sex workers during Rio de Janeiro’s 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Watch… https://youtu.be/ZoCYHhPn2Gs

Obeah From Tomorrow

Eva Wǒ


2 min
If all the oppressions that marginalized me were gone how would I arrive? We had to go to the future to answer this question. The year is 2040, where Obeah is 50 years old, and in love with herself. This unselfish love was achieved through work; both the nonlinear journey of personal healing and the systemic work to dismantle capitalism through organizing. The piece takes place moments before a gala celebration of decades of labor and the 5-year anniversary of liberation; when she is in deep reflection of her journey.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/227187959

Obstar (Ou O Garoto Que Nada Viveu)

Felipe Freitas


Brazil / 8 mins

Odysseus and the Oceanic Feeling

Dakota Nanton


USA / 26 mins
A queer contemporary reimagining of the Odyssey. Odysseus wracked with guilt for the loss of his crew returns home in search of a lost love.


Isabella Abad Pinedo


Perú / 13 mins

Oggi Sono Passato e Tu Non C’eri

Canecapovolto, Elisa Abela


Italy / 45'
Rock and Roll, noise, collages su carta e progetti oscuri, Jung, l’uomo e la massa, sogno e veglia, costruzione e distruzione, palazzi e condominio. Già all’inizio di questo documentario/film saggio era chiaro che il metodo giusto per sapere non era fare ordine nelle visioni di Elisa Abela, artista visuale e musicista, ma di favorirne ed accelerarne il disordine. Oggi sono passato e tu non c’eri è un viaggio leggero ed ignoto, divertente ed a tratti enigmatico verso il nulla, risultato di un metodo compositivo spesso anti-cinematografico, inventato in corsa e condiviso con una piccola comunità di anime che hanno preso parte al racconto, generandolo a loro volta. Ancora una volta “Nulla è Vero. Tutto è Permesso”.

Oh No Pedro


Annlin Chao


UK / 3 mins
A story of a young man who has lost his words, his thoughts, and his gender identity. Those eyes are always sharp as knives, yet the secret insides him is no longer hidden, waiting to be free by himself.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/234206267

Ojos Tristes

Andrew Arnold


USA / 19 mins
A closeted Chicano teen, Mateo, travels from El Paso, TX to visit his sister, Lupita, a struggling actress in Hollywood. But, what Lupita doesn’t know is that Mateo has plans to meet someone else in Los Angeles while he's there.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/157655545

Old Narcissus

Tsuyoshi Shoji


22 mins / Japan
Narcissist's old picture book writer Yamazaki (Taijiro Tamura) is gay and can not bear his own age that is old and ugly and declines.Yamazaki will meet a young and beautiful man Leo (Rio Takahashi) one night. Yamazaki fell while playing with Leo. Yamazaki will confess Leo's agony of suffering, but he will not echo the young man. The old Narcissus faces away from falling in love only by missing the time to drown.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/CC1oijG_oqc


Rafael Vascon


Brazil / 11 mins
Omiró, muita água em iorubá, é uma trans que vive trancafiada em seu casebre quilombola e se vê acorrentada pela moralidade do machismo paraibano. Mas, um dia, resolve fazer diferente, e é quando planeja se surpreender que Omiró encontra a fruta proibida.

On the Way of Blossom

Kai Hui Huang


Taiwan, Malaysia / 32mins
In order to live with Kelly, Tang left Malaysia to come to Taiwan to become a college student at the age of 35. They dream of starting a family.

One Last Chance

Ashlee Curtis and Jacob Seidman


USA, 3 mins
Bed conversation between two fuckbuddies
Watch... https://vimeo.com/260868457

One Life to Live - An Evening With Ernesto Tomasini

Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky


UK  / 20'
Watch… https://vimeo.com/248907993

One of You

Nir Arad


Israel / 9 mins
Rotem Lutsky 16-year-old girl, just wants to be in a body she likes. She wants her classmates not to treat her as a mystery or an alien. The film follows Rotem in school, and in her journey of Coming Out of the closet as transgender.

One Thousand Tales / Hezar Afsan

Asghar Safar & Abbas Jalali Yekta


Iran | 8 mins
The White Ogre attacks the city and kidnaps the young king. Rostam is set to find and return him.

Only Human

Ashley T Mac Nicol


USA, 16 mins
Two couples face the everyday trials of being gay. based on true events. 
Watch... https://youtu.be/LI9nfFXzllY

Only Human

Michael Resin


3 mins / Music Video
Watch... https://youtu.be/c81hDWlIEq8


Greta Yeoman


New Zealand / 23 mins
Six LGBTQ Kiwis talk of their experiences of coming out, being out and the idea of progress for LGBTQ rights in a country that decriminalised homosexual relationships 30 years ago and legalised same-sex marriage in 2013.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/213283659

Out: A Self Portrait

Danny Curley


USA / 5 mins
Through the exploration of movies and music videos, the filmmaker allows the audience to observe his internal struggles of self-hatred and insecurity with the process of coming to terms with his sexuality.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/255657890


Jacob Edward


UK / 12 mins
Oxygen touches on the subject of homeless LGBT youth.
Watch... https://youtu.be/GQ4jWpwsQcc


Damián San Martín et al


Colombia / 3’ 45’’

Pancit Canton

Taylor Bennett


Philippines / 3 mins
Two young women fill their halcyon holiday with sex and smoke as a sweet soundtrack reminds us of the ways that new love consumes us and colors our view of the world.

Para Ruy

Christian Incháustegui


México / 5’
Una pareja de hombres encuentra problemas y violencia en su relación, la cual sólo puede ser reparada a través del sexo y la lujuria.

Partout ailleurs

Antoinette Giret


France / 5’
Assis sur un toit parisien, Dalil, Leila et Doria songent à leurs plaisirs de jeunesse. Et si ces bonheurs leur étaient interdits?


Claudia Muñoz Vélez


Spain / 17 mins
Paula es una mujer audaz que ha ido en contra de la sociedad y de su familia para conseguir lo que siempre quiso. Ha sido capaz de construir, junto a Agustín, una relación a base de una mentira que está acabando con su conciencia. ¿Qué tan difícil puede ser confesarle la verdad a la persona que amas?
Watch… https://youtu.be/oJbbgZRLEYM


Chirag Khatri


15 min / Narrative Short / India
Trapped in the world of a small town, this is the story of Suraj and Chandu and their tryst with life, love, homosexuality and freedom
Trailer… https://youtu.be/fh5_wBiOVOA

Perros de Luna

Alejandro Grande


España / 9´
No importa el sexo de aquellos que se aman, o eso piensa Gonzalo. El actor está enamorado de Enrique y quiere que este se una a su lucha por cambiar la sociedad que les impide vivir su amor.

Physicality / Uttar Thaguthi

V Ramanathan


India | 18 mins
Krithika and Shireen are friends who strive for societal recognition of their preferred and lived gender. Shireen drives a taxi to support herself and nurses a dream to be a popular theater actress while Krithika focuses on becoming a police officer.

Pili and Me

Ignacio Garcia Sanchez


Spain / 8 mins
Pili has Down’s Syndrome and it is her inability to tell what she wants that makes her nephew reflect about the importance of listening. The filmmaker uses home movies from three generations to illustrate his own family.

Pink Erasure

Piper Lambert-Vail, Jaylen McKeever, Elle Lapsen, Jess Villa


USA / 5 min.
Seattle queers share their experiences of identity erasure and hopes for the future.

Pink Lattice Room Relations

Trulee Grace Hall


USA / 7 mins
A sexy, surreal, and psychological ritualized unification process that breaks down the layers of constructed illusion, blurring binaries, such as the separation between representation and reality, male and female, and outside and inside—watch as these “opposites“ become indistinguishable. 
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/210963718

Pink Paste

Kelsy Gossett


USA / 4 min.
A woman stands in a bathroom alone; the water running. She and her partner begin to brush each other’s teeth. Pink, sparkly toothpaste foams from both mouths.


Michal Cohen


Israel, 16 min
Emily has difficulties communicating with other people and has no desire to do so. When a vibrant young stranger walks into Emily’s café the two are drawn to each other, but Emily has no idea how to connect to others.


David Montosa



Platypus / Ornitorrinco


Sara Bamba, Iván Martín Ruedas


Spain / 4 mins
Two women who have broken up recently pretend they are still together at a family lunch. A safeword has been agreed in case one of them can’t stand it anymore: ‘Ornitorrinco’ (platypus).


Eva Wö


USA | 01:35
A personal meeting that includes butt plugs, intimacy and strong eye contact.


Mike Hooves


Canada | 5 min
A sensual and dysphoric window frames the redefining of an identity. Through the lens of an experimental film this personal piece explores gender and one’s place within or without it.

Por nós, pelas outras, por mim

Ingrid M. Abage, Larissa Araújo e Lorena Monteiro


Brazil / 18’10”
Por nós, pelas outras, por mim! é um projeto experimental que faz uma cobertura da Marcha das Vadias 2017, desde sua preparação intelectual até o momento em que tomam as ruas em protesto. 


Roberto Nascimento


New Zealand /11’
An honest look into the lives of seven gay men from different backgrounds, discussing their experiences being tested for HIV, dating in times of apps, love, discrimination and self respect.
Watch... https://youtu.be/nhARJa5Ln14

Positive Youtubers – A Machinima Documentary

Leandro Goddinho


Brazil / 15’
A student documentary film all-made with footage material recorded from the computer desktop screen, about 4 Brazilians who have created Youtube Channels to talk openly about their HIV status, in a very positive way.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/250775380

Post Love Story

Elísabet Elma Guðrúnardóttir


Czech Republic / 20 mins
Our vision sometimes doesn't mesh with reality, as a young woman from Germany coming to visit her girlfriend in the Czech Republic knows very well. Without any friends, but brimming with the depth of emotion for her partner, she must figure out how to find her place in the new environment.

Pray for Us / Ruega por Nosotros

Andres Madrigal


Costa Rica / 16 min
Being gay in a Catholic country is something the majority is unwilling to accept. That might be why a group of boys decide to steal the iconic statuette of Virgin Mary that everybody worships. A clash with one of the devout believers can end up revealing even things they didn't know about themselves.

Pray the Gay Away

Kristina Altanova


UK / 10 mins
A short documentary about UK’s LGBTQ conversion therapy.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/222099823


Lucas Mendes


Brasil / 10 mins
A primeira experiência de um jovem que vai a uma festa de BDSM em São Paulo, numa sauna na rua Aurora. Conforme ele adentra o local, são mostradas pessoas em diferentes ambientes, praticando fetiches diversos: suspensão, fist fuck, bondage, rubber, spank, entre outros. O protagonista caminha entre todas essas formas de prazer até encontrar a sua própria.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/8GccLGXtNww

Preciso Dizer que Te Amo

Ariel Nobre


Brazil / 13 mins
Documentário sobre a resiliência e a luta contra o suicídio entre as pessoas trans. O filme retrata de forma poética a relação dos personagens com o corpo, com a vida e com o sagrado.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/283130802


Jorge Pratts


Puerto Rico / 5 min.
Un conductor de Uber monta en su auto a un extraño cliente. En su viaje por calles de un Santurce post-María, el cliente le confiesa al chofer algo que acaba de descubrir sobre la naturaleza humana.

PrEP 17 – The Coming of Ages of PrEP

Nicholas Feustel


UK / 36 mins
In 2015, film director Nicholas Feustel made his first documentary film about the England PROUD PrEP trial. The film was screened at community events across the UK, and formed the focus for PrEPster’s Pushing for PrEP community information campaign.

In 2017, Feustel came back to London to tell a story of what happened after his first documentary. In “PrEP 2017” he interviews PrEP activists, current and former PrEP users, doctors and policy-makers. The movie was commissioned by the PrEPster organization and shows how pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment has become available to thousands of people despite problems the health system faces nowadays.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/214791866


Fabio Ramalho


Brasil / 24 mins
“Querido, obrigado por cuidar da casa. Tem vinho na geladeira. Se Raja ficar inquieto, é só dar um biscoitinho.”


Shawn Bracke


Canada / 3 mins
The power of influence and the destruction of intelligence portrayed through dance.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/245984425


Jan Soldat


Germany / 19 mins
We all have dreams. What happens, however, when those longings radically intrude the taboo that society and culture impose upon us? A hair-raising psychological documentary by Jan Soldat portrays three men whose concealed fantasies will evoke disgust and shock in some viewers. The protagonists wish to be slaughtered, dismembered, and eaten. A more insightful audience member may find references to famous cannibalistic films

Proyección 'Despedida #1'

David Pallás


Spain / 10 mins / Web Series
“Despedida”, calificado como el acto de decir adiós a alguien o algo con un enlace dramático, triste, humorístico o violento, pero siempre necesario y de carácter liberatorio.  Primer episodio de la web serie “despedidas”, creada por el zaragozano David Pallás.


Ozan Ünlükoç


Turkey | 00:22

Pussyhats och vårt dåliga samvete

Annika Ivarsson & Astrid Askberger


Sweden / 11 mins
Hur kommer det sig att tusentals kvinnor stickade rosa pussyhats och klev ut på gatorna och sjöng I can’t keep quiet för drygt ett år sedan ? Vad ville de säga och vad fick de sagt? I Göteborg samlades människor som stickade, fikade, pratade politik och sjöng. Den 8 mars fylldes Götaplatsen av ett hav av rosa pussyhats. Nu kommer revolutionen - men vi hann inte med den… Med avstamp i manifestationerna reflekterar regissörerna Annika Ivarsson och Astrid Askberger över den politiska kampens lockelse, svårighet och nödvändighet.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/261006620


David González


Spain / 5 mins
Un joven y frío y morboso cliente contrata los servicios de un chapero.
Watch... https://youtu.be/JvTjDVKSHEs


Nicola Leddy


UK / 1 min
Thomas Michael is an award nominated choreographer who has worked extensively in the commercial world choreographing music videos, commercials, musical theatre and plays. Growing up, Thomas was taunted and bullied about his sexuality. He grew up in a family of football-lovers and always felt like an outsider. A chance meeting with Joshua inspired him so much that he choreographed a contemporary dance piece using movement truly stemming from difference and disability.
Watch... https://youtu.be/o8ciX8QsWzc

Quando O Dia Acaba


Pedro Gonçalves


Portugal / 15 mins
The portrait of a homoparental family: Marta and Mariana are married and live with their two children Matias (four years old) and a one year old girl, Maria Mar. With them lives Madiba, a nice Dalmatian. How does the love between these people can be materialized in small gestures?

Queer Porn Americana

Chelsea Poe


USA / 60 mins
Queer Porn Americana is AVN-nominated performer Chelsea Poe’s directorial debut that blends the worlds of experimental film, queer music and queer porn. It stars Tiffany Starr, Crona Valentine, and a crop of fresh new queer porn faces like GodsGirl/clip star Ella Bryn, the film’s co-producer and Kelly Quell, who appears with Australian performer Marina Lee in a scene that will leave you clutching your pearls, literaly. The film visits places like Chicago, Vegas, and Grand Rapids “to capture just a tiny slice of what queer sex is like all over the country,” explains director Chelsea Poe.

Queer Royals

Paola Reyes


Puerto Rico / 15 min.
Un colectivo emergente conocido como House Of De Show comparte sus experiencias y dificultades para mantenerse al día con sus presentaciones performáticas mensuales y, a veces, semanales, y reflexiona sobre su primer aniversario como grupo.

Queere Tiere

Ana Angel


Germany / 5 mins
Gay giraffes, promiscuous bonobos and lesbian albatrosses: The rapper sookee shows that being queer is anything but unnatural.

Jedem Tierchen sein Pläsierchen: ein kunterbunter Bilderreigen zur Geschlechterdebatte. Mensch, Natur und Fantasie-Tierchen reichen sich die Fühler.
Sookee ist eine queerfeministische Rapperin aus Berlin. Sie engagiert sich gegen Homophobie und Sexismus im Hip-Hop sowie gegen Rassismus in Deutschland.

Queering Ballet

Bo Justine


USA / 5 mins
Meet Katy Pyle, the artistic director of the New York based queer dance company Ballez, who is turning traditional ideas of gender and ballet on their head.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/257891936

Raatoke Hamsafar

Aakanksha Saggherr Loadhii



Rafael Last Time Seen

Rafael Valério


Brazil / 7'
In the middle of the night, a young man walks in an empty street towards an unknown destination. He calls his mother and leaves her a voice message. His words and actions show two very different realities.

Rambling Girls / Garotas Errantes

Kis Keya, Paula Lice, Rodrigo Luna e Ronei Jorge



Belgium / 26 mins
Manon and Julie, two teenage girls, meet at a bus station. They both missed the bus. The next one is in 24 hours. They decide to not go home and wander together in the city, waiting for the next departure

Rapaz em Amarelo

Lucas Hossoe


Brasil | 20’

Brasil, 1981. Rodolfo sente os limites entre sua vida privada e profissional tornarem-se cada vez mais tênues quando o jovem Alberto é contratado na pequena Lima Advogados Associados.

Reboot Love

Ismael Caneppele



Finland / 5 mins
Reboot (verb): (with reference to a computer system) boot or be booted again. 
‘the new value will not be in force until you reboot the system’.  Reboot Love is a dreamy experimental documentary piece that takes a form of a dance in a night club. Based on four personal love stories from anonymous contributors it highlights the universality of love, including queer and non monogamous views aside others. The film was made in 48 hours by directors & lovers Martin Jäger and Laura Rämö as part of Kino Love - film making challenge organized by Euphoria Borealis.


Jeannette Deron


USA / 10 mins
Reign is a short film that showcases the fashion creations of designers Dru Acosta and Omar Cisneros (aka DeL'Hacienda). A piece that embodies sentiments of self-love, temptation, and sacrifice. Atmospheres of the deep forest combine with a theme of royalty as the subject's inner turmoil is exposed, yet their supreme beauty is pristine and unfaltering.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/207209732


Heloisa Bastos, Renan Santos


Brasil / 5 mins
“Ela não. Ele!”


Heidi Jones


UK / 6 mins
After failed new years eve celebrations, two very different women find common ground.


Geovanny Polo


Puerto Rico / 8 min.
Dos desconocidos coinciden en una casa de campo para vacacionar. En el transcurso del día, se cruzan en varios lugares, pero por temor a ser juzgados evitan encontrarse frente a frente. Al caer la noche, el inevitable encuentro entre ambos los lleva a escaparse del lugar hasta encontrar un refugio abandonado, en el que nadie puede señalarlos.


Jan-Peter Horstmann


Germany, 15:33
Meet Rick, a deaf, gay porn actor who tells his story using sign language.

Rise Up From the Ground

Juulia Kalavainen


Finland / 18 mins
At the start of high school, Anne encounters a rebellious girl named Taru, who claims Anne is a witch. Strange phenomena seems to follow Anne wherever she goes, so they begin an experimentation with magic. As the girls start to play with forces of nature, they delve deeper into the world of rituals, enchanted by each other. But everything changes when they try to reconnect to Taru’s sister, who has gone missing.

Rodrigo Cuevas. Campo y tablas

Manuel García Postigo & Ojos de hojalata


Spain / 38 mins
“Soy Rodrigo Cuevas y soy agitador folclórico” así se presenta este joven artista asturiano. Y es que la transgresión y la provocación es su seña de identidad. Pero más allá de lo que el espectador pueda ver en sus shows, tras las madreñas y el liguero se esconde un músico con un gran talento y formación. Este documental entrará en la vida de Rodrigo para ofrecernos un retrato cercano e íntimo del artista. Sus reflexiones, sus miedos, sus sueños de futuro…”
Trailer… https://youtu.be/oFL-2OpoeWM


Charles C.S. Ferreira


Brazil / 20’

Julia se sente desconfortável com a religiosidade de sua mãe, que embora muito comprometida com sua fé, deposita toda a sua confiança no líder religioso da igreja local. Ao mesmo tempo, Julia entra em um dilema moral ao se ver apaixonada por Bárbara, uma nova integrante de sua igreja.

Romeu or Julieta

Albert Lleixa; Berta Vilaclara; Quim Garcia


Spain / 8 mins
A young woman who feels man and how this feeling affects in her daily life. For the recognition of gender identity.  No trailer...

Round One

Ella Sowinska


Australia / 4 mins
Round One creates a portrait of Nicola Stevens, who played in the first professional Australian Football League women’s game in 2017.


Wes Akwuobi


USA | 6m
Dwayne, a recently out standup comedian, shares a dating experience with his audience—and discovers quite a bit about his new community.

Royal Jelly

Stephanie Burbano


Canada, 9:53
A vivid exploration of drag brought about by experimentation and a unique insight into life.

Rozana (Another Day)

Raj Rishi More


A woman trapped in a marriage finds solace in memories of her past that hold a secret she’s never shared with anyone.

RQY Behind-The-Scenes: Seattle & Tacoma

Halil Aybar & Jackie Moffitt


USA / 4 min
Here’s what it looks like to make a film in seven days!


Rose McGowan


USA / 8 mins
An Arkansas woman who helped hundreds of gay men dying of AIDS in the 80s.


Ibrahim Rana



Pakistan / 49’

Aesthetically gloomy in its mood yet greatly cinematic, Sabburah revolves around a mother trying to overcome the sorrow of her loss through the memories and videotapes shot by her dead son. She follows her instincts to unfold secrets, as she leaves her house to find the reason that took her son away from her. The family drama climaxes into savage reality when she finds out the truth behind her son’s death.

Sagas & Sissies / Sagen en Mietjes

The Transketeers


Netherlands | 4:52 | Dutch
A kids program in which the Transketeers dig up the queer history of The Netherlands.


Miguel Moura


Brazil / 8 mins
Julia quer implodir.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/229632109


Stephanie Camacho Casillas


Puerto Rico / 10 mins
A cash-strapped, young trans man struggles to integrate himself into Puerto Rico’s conservative job market and must decide what he’s willing to sacrifice in order to live.

Sam and Eden

Maxwell B. Weaver


Eden was perfect... but he wasn't.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/199530069

Same Love

Portia Mncadi



South Africa / 35’

Lindiwe a 20 year old lesbian girl with the fear of rejection, she struggles to reveal her sexual identityto her parents. Lindiwe gets a visit from her girlfriend and after an emotional roller coaster, she finallygets the courage to tell her mother about her sexual identity.

San Pablo (En Primera Persona)

Jorge Bordello


México / 17´
Relatos de deseo y concepciones de masculinidad de cuatro jóvenes mexicanos. Sus testimonios dan parte mía y de otros cuantos.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/193127766


Sergio Glasberg


Brasil / 7 mins
Sandra é uma mulher como muitas outras, mas uma diferença essencial está no fato de ter desejado ser assim como é – apesar das características que a marcariam definitivamente como integrante de outro gênero. O filme mostra, de modo delicado, por meio de vivências cotidianas, um fio que conduz à reflexão: Seriam os conflitos da condição transgênera inerentes ou oriundos da maneira como essas pessoas são vistas e tratadas?


Nuanda Sheridan


Italy / 28 mins
A story of love and reincarnation told through the voyage of an elderly woman travelling through her previous lives. Dreamlike atmospheres, on the border between life and death, intermingle with the colours of the far East, of African lands and the rhythms of bohemian dances, visions that reveal sexuality, secrets and torments of a timeless love.





Italy, 3'
The Savoia (Savoys) are back: they have formed the first kiki house in Turin, and, on six-inch heels, they are officially entering the Italian and international ballroom scene, ready to receive their crown as reigning monarchs. Awaiting them is a  flock of adoring subjects and a city to be transformed into the voguing capital of Italy.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/234820953

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Julia Carrie


Canada / 10 mins
An intimate and gripping rural ghost story, surrounding a young gay man named Cyrus who unravels the mysterious drowning death of a youth in his community years before.

School Fantasy



USA / 10 mins
Coach Ben and his young students make an orgy at school…

Seasickness / Mal de Mer

Branden Wittchen


UK, 5 mins
A short psychological thriller.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/222291205

Secret and Divine Signs: A Cinematic Ode to the Art of Cruising

Terrence Hunt


USA / 15 mins
A playful investigation of New York City’s cruising culture, guided by some experienced practitioners.

Selfie Queen (La Reine des égoportraits)

Melvin Gilpin, Robert Gilpin




Jakub Ra


Czech Republic / 11 min
The end of authorities. The end of hierarchy. The end of gender. A game with the five senses is over. It's time to awaken the cells that have been sleeping for several millennia. A recording of a timeless performance that flows across media and materials, as it unfolded on the Žižkov TV Tower observatory on May 29.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Dana Cohen and Tomer Mana


Israel, 8 min
A bunch of teenagers at a house party decide to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. When Dani gets into the closet with Shiran, she doesn’t realize she will also have to come out.

She is Juiced – Ope Lori

Lois Norman


14 min | UK
She is Juiced, opens up the worlds, works and creative juices of four powerful and passionate LGBTQIA+ female artists. Filmed with their work, they question and share, how we express all of who we are, and all of who we can dare to be.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/CNPdYIHRhwk


Pascal Halim


USA / 9 mins
SHOEBOX is about a personal journey through love. It regroups elements anyone can relate to. An unexpected encounter that pushes you immediately beyond your comfort zone. It's about having the courage to become and express who you are, and love is the catalyst.


Ostin Fam


USA, 14 min
A young woman’s obsession with Angelina Jolie comes between her and her grandmother.

Silly Won’t Kill You / Le ridicule ne tue pas

Nathanaëlle Vincent


Canada / 13 mins
Massimo has a funny calling. Backstage at Cirque du Soleil, the master clown teaches the art of the ridiculous and the socially unacceptable. He confides in us how he, an introverted dancer, became the conductor of a farcical orchestra, and quite in spite of himself.

Simplemente Soy

Josué Osorio Hernández


México / 3´
Ginger tiene a los 25 años la revelación de un sueño y decide empezar una nueva vida como hombre. Actualmente se llama Jackal y tiene 53 años.

Sixty Nine Club

Rob Eagle


UK | 20’36
An insightful, sexy and tender short documentary about Britain’s oldest gay leather club.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/208695364


Savannah Magruder


USA / 8 mins
A young man is forced to question both his relationship with his best friend and his own identity after a drunken incident.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/183767922

Skin / Pele

Adam Golub


USA, Brazil, 9 min
Dandara Zainabo has a scar around her belly button from eating bricks as a young child. Today, she is a 19 year old trans activist living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. This experimental portraiture seeks to preserve the spirit of this mighty woman as both powerful and precarious.

Sky Room

Marianna Milhorat


USA / 5 mins
Watch.. https://youtu.be/neApw2LchnQ


Jurg Slabbert


Belgio-Sud Africa  / 10'


Cha Roque


Philippines /  53 mins
Slay features the story of Floyd Scott Tiogangco, a homosexual trans-androgynous gender-queer Filipino performance artist. He is often judged and denied entry to public vehicles and establishments just because of his unique sense of style. This documentary explores how gender expression is also grounds for discrimination in the Philippines, and how the idea of sexual orientation often comes with a boxed expectation of how a person’s gender expression should be.

Sleeping Silence

Sebastien Wielemans


Belgium / 13 min
Helen is an opera singer who finds out about her mother's hospitalization just before a new opera premiere. Joanna, who is close to Helen, accompanies her to the hospital. A touching short film that speaks mainly through images

Slutnja anđela

Branislav Princip


Serbia / 26
Film “Slušnja anđela” je uspomena i sećanje na Dejana Nebrigića, srpskog gej i mirovnog aktivistu, pisca i pozorišnog kritičara. Jedan je od osnivača LGBT pokreta u Srbiji, jedan od najistaknutijih aktivista i prvi gej u Srbiji koji je imao javni coming out.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/4aCWy8EtWoc

Smack and Serve

Catalina Rodriguez


USA / 4 min.
An experimental film featuring original poetry by the writer/director, wherein the narrator seeks an answer to his main question: is he the one who cooks his destiny, or is he being cooked by it?


Lyrik London


SMASH is the Hottest New Dating App & Everybody is Looking for Love. Mostly in all the wrong places. In a world full of sex driven millenials, can two intricate individuals find more than just a one night stand off this dating app SMASH?

So near so far away

Alessandro Varisco


Italy / 15 mins
Andrea, Camilla, Aurora, Marco and Antonio have many things in common: they are 19 years old and are at the last year of high school in a small village in the province of Pordenone. And all five, though for different reasons, end up being isolated from other people, often bullies. The force of that union will help the three protagonists to overcome the fears and difficulties that modern society offers.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/tGbn4lnPATc

So Quet

Maria Cyber


Greece / 9 mins
The pussy is here, in close ups, raw and naked.

Sob o Mesmo Teto

Coletivo Olho Vivo


Brazil / Web Series


Sasha Kathleen & Gabi Whybrow


UK / 3 mins


Anna Maria Staiano


Spain, Italy| 4’
A poetic and symbolic interpretation of sexual and gender dissent which explores the social and family pressure placed on girls in order to make us “good women”.

Somos Amor. Historias de Familias diversas

María Torres Solanot


España / 30 mins
Ocho historias de familias diversas. La riqueza de la diversidad frente al concepto de familia tradicional única y excluyente. Familias LGBTIQ, familias monomarentales y familias reconstituidas ponen su voz en este trabajo cuya misión es la sensibilización por medio de la visibilización. Lo que no se ve, lo que no se nombra no existe. Es hora ya de que todos los modelos familiares, orientaciones sexuales e identidades de género ocupen el espacio que les corresponde en la sociedad.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/6iodhBB2owo

Somos Iguais, Mesmo Diferentes

Alunos da EMEF Desembargador Amorim Lima


Brazil / 15 mins
Vídeo realizado por crianças e adolescentes de 8 a 15 anos, alunos de uma escola pública da Zona Oeste de São Paulo/SP, inspirados pelo tema “Fazendo Cinema – Crescendo com a Diversidade”, do Festival Mix Brasil.


Aharonit Elior


USA | 6 min
Everybody has somebody. Just couples; nobody is single. On such days, it is hard to go out and have fun. And who to talk to when everybody has a partner? Staying home seems like a better option, but loneliness gets lonely, the front door seems to be getting bigger and it's becoming impossible to open. And someone's just knocked.

Spilled Magic

Iqrar Rizvi


Canada | 6 min
Spilled Magic explores the augmentation of drag performance with Bollywood dance and electronically enhanced body extensions. This drag performance investigates and teases technology, drag, and the body by incorporating body extensions with Bollywood dance while addressing the question of “where does individual agency end and social pressure begin?”
Watch… https://vimeo.com/209114636

Spring Like Lovers

Daisuke Shigaya


Spring is still a long way away. Shin and Kazu are lovers. One day, after they quarrel over a trivial matter, Kazu leaves Shin and get in touch with an ex-boyfriend, Takashi. But Takashi has a wife. As he cares about him, this fact torments himself and the one he loves…

St. Martin

Jack Barnes


USA, 6 mins
A young queer man struggles with his sexuality and his relationship with his father.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/248433949


Pêdra Costa



STA! was to be the video clip of “Dama de Pau”, one of the most famous songs of Solange, I am open! (STA!), a queer baile funk project born in Brazil eleven years ago and currently based in Vienna. But during the process it became a more fluid and experimental visual essay on queer kinship, intersectional communities and the power of collec- tive joy against the perpetuation of terror in the experience of queer migrants.

Stage Fright

Anna F. Kohlschütter


Germany / 60 mins / Webseries
Stage Fright is a queer web series behind the scenes of a theater. Philipp is 21, just quit uni and fell in love with ex soap star Gunnar. Philipp starts an internship at the Studio Stage Cologne, where Gunnar prepares for his comeback as a respectable actor. Of course, no one is waiting for Philipp at the theater. But Philipp has a plan, how to seduce Gunnar…
Watch… https://youtu.be/ZfMXs7V9emg

Stage Name: Victoria

Taran Morriseau


Canada / 4 min
An intimate look at a drag queen starting his career in the community of Fort William First Nation and his relationship with his mother who has always encouraged him in his life choices.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/230667452


Oliver Levi-Malouf


5 mins

During a mental breakdown, Christian – a drug addicted drag queen – is abducted by a lonely and mysterious alien.

Stay Gold Man Up

Ray McEachern


Canada | 25 min
What began 9 years ago as a drag king competition night at one of the last lesbian bars in Vancouver—the now closed Lick nightclub—has since turned into a monthly multi-gender drag spectacular and queer dance party in East Vancouver. Celebrating kings, queens, and everything in between, Man Up has grown to become indispensable in Vancouver’s vibrant and diverse queer community, proving that drag is for everybody. Stay Gold Man Up features interviews with key figures, attendees, and performers alike. Man Up happens the last Friday of every month at the Cobalt.

Step This Way

Sarah Hill


USA | 12 minutes
In this equally hilarious and mortifying animation, a trans passenger navigates the difficulties of air travel. For your safety it is necessary to comply with all binary gender markers you encounter along your journey.  
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/232733246

Steps to Balance 1-5

Molly Garrett


USA, 3 mins
Two women attempt to balance through five choreographed steps.

Still Here

Britney Dennison


Canada | 4 min
Jason is using art to open up about his experiences – through his photography and paintings he is asking his audience to question what we actually mean when we talk about “bullying.”

Still Love

M. Matute and A. Puga


To all the lovers, this one is for you.
Watch… https://youtu.be/h3j6Fm2TuSs

Still night

Chia-yu Lin


Spain | 18min

Driven by the yearn for an old love, Jasmine, an introvert goes back to Barcelona. When she gets lost and alone on the street during the busiest festival, La Mercé, a mysterious Chinese psychic takes her to a private yet weird party....

Stones & Water Weight

Mykki Blanco


7 mins
STONES & WATER WEIGHT responds to the need for new interpretations of HIV+ people. Mykki Blanco is portrayed in tasks that test the limits of the body and physical stress and the boundaries of normative health. STONES & WATER WEIGHT is an exercise in how societies' perceive the fragilities of those who survive with the virus. In this era of globalized fitness culture through the use of social media, "looking healthy" matters much more than actually being healthy. Using endurance as the motivation for the performance, the video creates a new perception of HIV+ people as strong and resilient. Research references include the Atlas myth, the god of endurance that holds the earth and the skies over his shoulders, as well as the never ending climb of the Sisyphus myth.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/245609904

Stop 42

Fiona Rutan, Ian Buson, Kartar Bagri, SailorHank Payne


USA / 6 min
A mysterious stranger offers a life-altering ultimatum to a teen waiting for their bus.

Stop Drop Roll by Macy Gray

Collier Landry and Guido Fabris




Seamus O’Dare


UK / 10 mins
Angus is sleeping with every man in a 5 mile radius to try and find “the one”… There is only one guy left on his list, but will he find love or will love have a sting in it’s tail?
Watch... https://youtu.be/nNn10KCm6qs


Emmeline Cambrils & Dominique Birraldacci


France / 11’40
Lisa does not have a home anymore. She is trapped in another dimension. Just who’s playing her?
Lisa n’a plus de chez elle. Elle est emprisonnée dans une autre dimension. Qui sont ceux qui jouent avec elle?
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/236166674

Sugar Daddy

Tom Craine


USA / 7 Minutes

A sexy single father goes to extreme measures to provide for his young daughter.


Ella Alise Rogne


Norway / 9 Min
Scissors, corsets and blood are all ingredients in this film about a conflict in a love relationship. 

Sum (Heart)

Jaene Castrillon


Canada | 2 min
Based on ideas of Zen Buddhism and rooted in the 7 Grandfather teachings, Sum (Heart) is a rumination on death, grief and letting go.


Jean Santos


Brazil / 25’
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/241706380

Swarm of Selenium

Maude Matton, SJ Rahakota and The Glass Collective


Canada | 24 mins
In the surreal dystopian present two queer feminist crews cohabit in the shells of an abandoned malt factory. As a troubling pattern begins to emerge from their mouths in the form of shattered glass all are shaken but some are hit harder than others. Through dance, visual work and anti-work they join forces to try to care for one another and combat the insidious violent process taking place within.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/227457819

Symposium: an athenian rawmance



Greece / 23 mins
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/206581057


David Benedek


Slovenia / 10 mins

Take Me Like the Sea

Salty Cheri


39 mins / Germany
A fantastic queer movie about classical music and sexuality.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/BgI0hXOEwOY

Talk the Ting

Shelby Coley


UK / 44 mins
Talk the Ting is a documentary film that follows three queer British Black women who helm a radio show entitled Sistren
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/240522724

Tango Queer / A Don Agustín Bardi

Carla Gutiérrez Yáñez


Argentina / 3 mins
Bailarines: Francisco Solá y Lucrecio Robledo
Watch... https://youtu.be/onynuHmBUmQ

Teenage Threesome (Scheideweg)

Arkadij Khaet


Germany / 4 minutes
One Boy, One Girl and her Stepbrother. A date goes wrong.
This movie was made for the entrance examination at the Film Academy Baden - Württemberg. The examination was to create a movie under the topic "sexual determination" in only 72 hours time.


Nacho De Paoli, Dora Schoj


Argentina / 10 mins

That Creature is Me

Or Yahel


Israel / 15 mins
Adam (18) is 'the man of the house', considering and supportive to his recently divorced mother, and knows that Roey, his younger brother (7), imitates almost everything he does. But when he dares to expose his sexual identity to his mother, he is afraid of losing his place and importance in his home.

The Best Moment (El Mejor Momento)

Raúl Navarro


Spain, 4 min,
Timing is essential for that important talk.

The Blade in the Wood  / Quella lama nel bosco

Antonio Padovani


Italy, 8'
During a hike in the mountains, Gaia and Alessandra find an ancient knife. An inscription on the blade refers to forbidden love between two women in the eighteenth-century . As "medieval" as it may seem, the two girls realize that the love they feel for each other is no less thwarted than that of their ancestors. A cruel and ancient curse that has not ceased to claim its victims.

The Blue Angel 

Borja Segarra Bueno


Spain / 4 mins

The Bridge

Marit Rose


USA, 6 Minutes
In the depths of winter, a young woman, intent on ending her life, comes to a bridge.

The Cage / La Gabbia

Caterina Ferrari


Italy / 12 mins
One-on-one combat is a primordial ritual that takes us back to the dawn of humanity. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the modern version of the Greek pankration, the education of the will, a psycho-physical preparation for war, where combat is a metaphor for life and one of the last sacred, almost ecstatic, rites of our time.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/EI3b9QGiIMU

The Clarinets / Shehenaiiya

Debadrita Bose


India / 23 mins
A young man from the suburbs comes to the city for some shopping. He misses the last train to home and roams about. Suddenly he meets another man, who offers refuge for the night.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/wf7oOzSH0A8

The Convention

Jessica Dimmock


USA / 10 mins
A short film exploring the annual Esprit gathering, where transgender women in their senior years who have been closeted their whole lives gather for a week of shared experience and understanding in a logging town in Northern Washington. 
Watch... https://vimeo.com/195348975 

The Cuceta

Tertuliana Lustosa


Brazil / 11 mins
Cuceta is a meeting of art and transi- tional ritual, Bahian food, tattooing, and body modification. A travesti (Brazilian transgender person) goes to Dr. Elton Panamby for a life-changing procedure: the cuceta, a tattoo on the anal and perianal region. Much more than a risk to the body, it’s a complete life-trans- formation.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/261810536

The Cycle

Benjamin Zhang and Dewi Tan


USA / 13 mins

The Decision of Riley

Yue Xia


UK / 4'
Riley, born with a female body, has always been confused about her gender identity. One day, she discovered a simple way to change gender.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/242517457

The Dream (Marzenie)

Wojciech Olchowski


Finland/Poland / 11 mins
One’s dreams are somebody else’s fears… Two men meet no strings attached but they want a lot and fear even more.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/233597408

The Emergence of Rainbow “T”

Toni Paynter


Australia / 10 min

Childhood abuse, emotional ‘burn-out’, recovery and transition lead this 75-year-old Melbourne trans film maker into a busy authentic life as LGBTI facilitator and advocate.

Watch... https://vimeo.com/224939371

The First Homosexual

Dale John Allen


UK | 3 min
Watch... https://youtu.be/LgNAgsJ8jYc

The First Time Ever I Saw His Face

Jack Deslandes


UK / 2 min
A queer love story about modern love and idols
Watch... https://youtu.be/fdZyJkmSX-8

The Garden of Loved Ones

Janette Lopez


Mexico, 7 mins

The Gentleman Bank Robber: The Life Story of Butch Lesbian Freedom Fighter Rita Bo Brown

Julie Perini


USA / 46 mins
Imprisoned for petty theft, rita “bo” brown was radicalized in prison. Once released, she robbed banks in Seattle as a member of the George Jackson Brigade, a Pacific Northwest underground revolutionary group, evading capture by being continually misidentified as a man. Chronicling her life and work as a political and prison reform activist, this captivating portrait of a charming queer ideologue draws attention to the little-known history of militant direct action.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/241204522

The Ice Cream Killer

Anna Wasserwoman


Ukraine | 5 mins
A short film about a stranger devouring her ice cream.

The Image of You (Kuvas Seuraa Mun Matkallain)

Valja Pinja


Finland / 16 min
An exploration of the aftermath of Lilja and Laura’s relationship, as both women contemplate on the past in an effort to end closure.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/218777906

The Labyrinth 1.0

Tiona Nekkia McClodden


6 mins
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/243046050

The Littlest Trampette 

Adele Bertei


USA / 13 mins
The Trampette’s drunken Mother suggests she pawn her trumpet to pay the rent or they will be evicted. On her way to the pawn shop, the Trampette hooks up with a street band, picks the pocket of a music business Big Shot and falls in love with a Waif. They are both penniless and homeless, so the Trampette disguises herself as the worst criminal in the land and goes on a crime spree. Her conscience gets the better of her.
When the Waif leaves her for the Big Shot, the Trampette realizes that music will always be her most true and faithful love.

The Loneliest Whale in the World / La Ballena Más Solitaria del Mundo

Álvaro M. Dobaño


12 min, Mexiko
Lupe es una mujer anciana que cada día sobrevive de la “amabilidad” de los extraños. Uno de esos días que ha ganado más dinero del que tenía contemplado, alquila una habitación de hotel para pasar una noche tranquila alejada de las calles con su amiga Jacinta, un travesti recién metido en ese mundo.
Watch… https://youtu.be/69mRULtRwGk

The Loneliness of Number Two

Javad Sotoodehnia


Iran | 20 min
Morteza finds out his roommate, Abbas, wants to commit suicide. Abbas is transsexual and lives in a hard situation. Morteza tries to stop him, but then Abbas makes a strange decision

The Luring

Alex Plumb


New Zealand / 12’

The Mob

Gamel Baba Apalayine Jnr


Ghana / 11’
When a young, promising medical doctor returns to his village to help at the local clinic, he develops an unusual relationship with a young boy who volunteers at the local clinic. Things go awry when their unusual bond draws the negative attention of the village folk and hospital nurses.

The Natural Choice

Anna Pozdniakov


Israel / 10 mins
After seeing Sean, Guy remembers their life together and how they had to separate because of a “cure” that was supposed to turn the whole gay community into a heterosexual one.

The Offer

Aria Adl


USA / 5 mins
Tim thinks Kevin is really gay. Kevin asks Tim earnestly about doing the Stand- Up Comedy together, but Tim misunderstands about Kevin’s characters the whole time.

Watch... https://youtu.be/brxlk8dm86g

The Other Side

Leo Adef


5 mins
A young french boy takes a train to a new city to discover himself while he experiments for the first time a lot of new experiences about youth, sex, partying and friendship.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/242567790

The Private War of Joseph Sargent

Steven Vasquez


USA / 31 mins / porn
Two mercenaries are on a secret mission in the jungles of South America. Once captured, their last night together will reveal dark secrets and create sexual tensions. So much so that it will cause unforeseen collateral damage that stretches well beyond the jungle. 
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/ondemand/privatewarofjosephsargen/234479914  

The Queen

Joel Jairus Ravindran


4 min / Narrative Short / Sri Lanka

The Red Dress / Red Wali Dress

Manoj Mathew


3 min / Narrative Short / India
Watch… https://vimeo.com/199341460

The Secret

Kim Anderson


Germany / 4 mins
Julian is in a dilemma. He loves the person, he is in a relation ship with, less than his best friend.
Watch... https://youtu.be/8Fcsdm16Cfk

The Shore

Elliot Blue


Germany / 2 min
‘You and I are glorious. And we’re everything they say we shouldn’t be.’

The Shuttlerun

Lee Eunkyoung, Lee Heeseon


South Korea / 10 mins
On the day of the physical fitness test, 13 year-old Beurl notices his heart is beginning to pound, and Beurl is clueless as to whether it is because of the running, or because of Ms. Hong, the gym teacher.

The Source is a Hole

Madsen Minax


USA | 26 mins
A mystical voice contemplates mythology, science fiction, sexuality and death as a series of holes: through which to travel, through which to perceive, through which to accept, through which to speak.

The Sublime of Rectum

Truong Minh Quý


Vietnam, 15min
A visual exploration of an intimate homosexual body contact.

The Sun Will Rise

Mehdi Hajri


Tunisia, 35min
Omar and Bahri, long-time friends, who share their desires, their sorrows and their love are about to see their daily life upset by the arrival of a student-girl, Sonia, ready to do anything to achieve her goals.

The Surrogate

Achiro P. Olwoch & Adnan Ssenkumba


Uganda / 11 mins
A young woman gets pregnant out of wedlock with a homosexual man in a society that is weary of both scenarios.

The Taming. A Digital Tale of Love and Compression

Daniel Kulle


Germany | 6 mins
An experimental found footage film on digital love and desire.

The Toilet Line

Goodyn Green


Germany, 13'
In this film by Erika Lust two women meet for the first time in a club in Berlin. They size each other up and after exchanging glances they realise that they both want to make love. The bathroom becomes their love nest, where they can indulge their passion.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/252401170

The Trans Sex Workers of Istanbul

Andy Hayward


Turkey / 22 mins
The number of transphobia-related murders in Turkey is among the highest in the world. The sex workers of Istanbul allow us to intimately explore their lives and experiences against this difficult backdrop.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/218785390

The Twist Party



USA / 11 mins
You have most probably heard of the artistic work and lifes of Tom of Finland or James Bidgood (Pink Narcissus)   They have produced amazing artwork from their homes in complete anonymity.  Animan in the next great gay artist who produces animated gay porno from his home.  No one knows who is the man behind these amazing cartoons. Yet thousands of people from all over the world are now his fans and are enjoying these bright and colorful erotic adventures.

The Two Companions (Original Title: অন্তরালে অনন্যা)

Nilimesh Kar


18min / Narrative Short / India

The Void / Hükmü Yok

Asya Leman


13 min / Documentary Short / Turkey

The Wedding

Javier Perez; Victor Borbolla


USA / 4 mins
Javier Perez and Victor Borbolla both sat at the same lunch table in high school. In October, they got married in New York.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/199488303

The Whistle

StormMiguel Florez



Them (Or Things My Ex-Boyfriends Have Actually Said to Me)

Jamie Jankovic


UK | 9’22
This experimental essay film from non-binary trans filmmaker Jamie addresses the lack of discussion around violence in queer male relationships, through personal testimony.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/225250527

These are Not Our Things

Jaz Papadopoulos


A playful game, asking the question, "what is sex?"

Thin Green Line

Marios Psaras


Cyprus, 20 Minutes
Thin Green Line is a creative documentary film about romantic relationships between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The film narrates three real-life love stories, the hardships and discriminations the couples faced, the many differences and taboos that both divided and brought these people together.

Thinking Out Loud

Ronnie Zidon


Israel, 10 min
On the night of her break-up with her girlfriend, Shai is cursed with the opposite of mind-reading – everyone, including her legendary ex, can read her mind.


Yenhsun Lee


16 min / Narrative Short / Taiwan

Time of the Blue

Urvashi Pathania


USA, 5:00
A quirky take on an artist experiencing a creative block.

Today / Aujourd’hui

Florent Sabatier


France | 3 Min.
Here is the story and reality of two lovers, living in a world that forbids their love.
Watch… https://youtu.be/EYAXlFBZb8w

Todos Héroes

Miguel Silva Rojas, Kevin Puelles


Perú / 8   
Con las noches limeñas como escenario, Vacuman – el héroe que previene – aparece en los espacios menos, o quizás más, esperados. Jóvenes en los techos, estudiantes de miradas melancólicas y parejas intensas alrededor del amor, son sus protegidos.


Angel Puado


España / 6 mins

Trans Manifest

Viv Bruschz e Matheus Faria



Brasil / 9 mins
This documentary aims to show the human and professional sides, achievements and experiences of trans women, such their professional trajectories in the academic environment or in the militancy for their social rights and dignity.


Otto Ivor


Australia, 8 mins
An evocative documentary focusing on Callan, a transgender rock and roll musician whose uninhibited performances and spirited personality make her someone to be reckoned with.


Geraldo Vílchez


Perú / 20 mins

Transitioning at Work


Mat Govoni & Monique Schafter


Australia / 6 mins
Warner has worked in IT at the same company for seven years. A year ago he faced his fears and came out to his colleagues as transgender. His physical appearance may have changed but as his colleagues discover, Warner's still Warner.


Adele Clemente


Philippines | 11 mins
For fear of being rejected as a transgendered woman, an OFW father hasn’t returned to his family in 10 years. One day, she finally gets the courage to come home. Is she going to be accepted by her family?
Watch... https://youtu.be/VnyVERZ_MkM


Manuel García Postigo & Ojos de hojalata


Brasil / 15 mins
Jordania, Maria Eduarda, Kauã y Wanessa han sido ignorados por la sociedad desde que nacieron. Ellos forman parte de las más de mil personas que pasan por una transición de género cada año en Brasil. La verdad es que todos hemos cerrado los ojos no sólo para ellos, sino para todo lo que los rodea, haciendo sus vidas aún más difíciles y sufridas. Transparentes es un documental de la Cruz Roja que muestra la verdadera historia de esas personas y lo que esperan para el futuro.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/4bf-juJLdoU


Steven Liang


USA, 8 min
A dancer tries to bridge the gap between him and his mother when he discovers that a house is not a home.

Transpose: The Transgender Project

Kurtz Frausun


45 min
Transpose is a film documentary that explores the extraordinary challenges and triumphs of transgender people as they transition from the gender assigned to them at birth to living the life that they have envisioned for themselves whether as a transgender man or transgender woman. Transpose is a collection of powerful stories of individuals who choose to determine the course of their life, regardless of the difficult path of transition.

Transsexworks – Trans Sexworkers on Froben St.

Naomi Noa Donath, Henry Böttcher


38 min / Germany
Sex work is stigmatized and often misrepresented in the public eye. It’s normally discussed without the insights and experiences of sex workers themselves. This short discusses topics such as migration and violence, solidarity and community and – most importantly – gives a voice to the opinions and situations of sex workers.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/246465092


Tati Franklin


Brazil / 20’


Lucas Hossoe, Luiz Fernando Coutinho


Brasil / 14 mins
Após fazer fotos nos vagões abandonados, Antonio conhece um misterioso homem.


Brian Fairbairn


France / 16’


Noel Alejandro


Spain / 30 mins / porn
Flat hunting can become quite an experience when the house of your dreams is inhabited by two terribly seducing human beings. Trivial is a about a music student (Valentin) who goes visit a flat to rent one of its rooms, and is welcomed by Renault (Yann André) and Pierre (Gaspard), who are roomate with benefits.

Trailer... https://vimeo.com/218447029

Tropical prevla

Manuela M b sobral


Germany / 9 mins
Chloé is bored. On her 12th birthday, she is on a boat tour in the Prevla river with her parents. But this river hides a secret.

True You

Matkai Burmaster


3 min
A young guy tells his girlfriend that he’s gay and what happens next isn’t what you’d think…
Watch... https://vimeo.com/233943467

Trump n’Dump

Que Grande


USA, 15’
Danny Blue travels back in time from 2020 to the eve of inauguration day 2017 and revels debauchery Trump-style.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/265068803


Johann Debo


Poland / 3’
A special state of consciousness, wherein no separation of subject-object, an area of pure consciousness.

Two Minds Are Better Than One

Felix Guerra


Australia, 10 mins
Wayne McMillan and Mark Gage are two Melbourne pavement artists who have a unique relationship and collaboration that allows them to flawlessly combine their ideas to create fantastic original art works.


Dan Frantz


USA / 7 mins
“Tyler,” set in present-day New Orleans, tells the story of a young girl who is turning into gold. The transformation triggers a mental conflict and strained self-reflection as the world around her responds to her physical changes.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/199952259

Uit de Pijp

Matthijs de Raad


Netherlands / 16 mins
85 year-old Gerard must leave the place where his life changed radically, and where everything fell into place as well. He has to move. His grandson is here. Is this the time for an announcement?

Un Cookie Para Curar Las Lagrimas de Maricon

Benni Quintero


USA / 3 min 
This short explores the filmmakers family as they struggled to accept their daughters transition from female to male. 

Una semplice verità

Cinzia Mirabella


Italia / 14 mins
La vicenda si svolge su di un’isola non distante dal capoluogo di provincia. Un uomo è invitato a presentarsi al Distretto di polizia dell’isola per una denuncia a suo carico.

Una Visita Inesperada

Anubis Alejandro


México / 12´
Cada mañana Olaf se enfrenta a sus pensamientos de miedo y destrucción propios de su condición física, quienes intentan seducirlo de distintas formas.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/-0SWRp8ij3U

Unconditional Love

Khaing Htun


Myanmar / 22 mins
Unconditional Love is a window into the life of Myanmar’s mostly hidden Lesbian community. It tells the story of a tomboy and her lover and their story of how they meet and the struggles they encounter from their families and relatives.


Dana Washington


USA, 5 mins
In ethereal vignettes linked by devotion and ancestral evocation, a woman traverses stories beneath her rib cage.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/239508597

Unicorns of Westfield

Louise Ashcroft  


UK | 5’36
Local artist Louise Ashcroft explores Westfield, Stratford and capitalism in her assumed residency.
Watch… https://youtu.be/je5QdXqFmkI

Uno Due Tre

Camilla Iannetti


Italy / 50'
Una madre, un’adolescente e una bambina. Roberta Lucy e Danny sono una famiglia di sole donne. Il loro rapporto si basa sull'affetto che provano l'una per l'altra, il bisogno di sentirsi unite e quello di trovare ognuna la sua strada, indipendentemente dalle altre. Ora che Lucy, la figlia maggiore, ha intenzione di lasciare la casa dove abitano, l'equilibrio della loro estate sarà messo alla prova.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/212126295

Uprooting Ghosts: A Queer "Fantasia on National Themes"

Rafal Morusiewicz


Austria / 47'
This mash-up work of experimental re-searching unearths the frenetic, oppressive mood of political and social realities in 1952-1989 Poland and Hungary, through fragments of queer desire and the resistance of our very existence.

The work combines samples of banned and rare films Hands Up! (dir. Jerzy Skolimowski, 1982), How Far Away, How Near (dir. Tadeusz Konwicki, 1971), and Another View (dir. Karoly Makk and Janos Xantus, 1982) and more than a dozen other films, texts and tracks to create a passionate, suspicious tapestry of hauntings, dreams, fragments and provocations.

Vainilla y Coco

Andrés Weis


Perú / 13 mins
Watch… https://youtu.be/07TBQhqDezg


Paul Marques Duarte et Violette Gitton


France / 6’
 Valentin, a 19-year-old boy, entered his dorm room for the first time. In a box he finds old pictures that remind him of his childhood.
Valentin, un garçon de 19 ans, retrouve des photos imprimées au fil du temps. Il se remémore ces années pendant lesquelles il a appris à s’affirmer, à passer de Valentine à Valentin.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/236414362

Valentine’s Day

Bella Giancotta


Canada / 2 mins
Short and sweet, Valentine’s Day captures the process of getting ready for an exciting night through documenting a rarely-seen yet somewhat common ritual.

Välissä – In Between

Sonja Sinisalo


Finland / 19 min


Junting Zhou


China / 7 mins
Lost in communication… 
Watch... https://vimeo.com/200907403

Vermelho Unissex

Sérgio Azevedo


Trailer… https://youtu.be/p1mMBHVRWG4

Violence: Square of a Quarter / Violence square des quarts-d'heure

Elsa Aloisio


France, 11 min,
An Algerian-French transgender comes to term with identity, religion and sports.

Vivian & Veronica Play Doctor

Kelsy Gossett


USA / 3 min.
The doctor is in…and out.

Vivian & Veronica: Pop It

Kelsy Gossett


USA / 3 min.
A little bow-chicka-wow-WOW!

Vivian & Veronica: Schoolgirls

Kelsy Gossett


USA / 2 min.
Bad girls need discipline.


Hélène Mastrandéas


France. 17’27
Estelle et Juliette forment un couple fusisonnel. Pourtant leur relation va mal. Sur le coup d’une impulsion, Estelle décide de rejoindre le village de Vourkoti.


Maria Blah


Two time-travellers from a distant planet are banished to Planet Earth. But there can be only one.

Wait For Me

Juan Castaneda


Mexico / 9'

Wake Up / Tsanizid

Beric Manywounds


Canada / 6 mins
Two-spirit performer and storyteller Beric Manywounds takes us on an intimate and enthralling dance experience.

War Within

Zaher Saleh


4 mins
“The War Within” tells a personal story of a gay Muslim man’s struggle to reconcile his sexuality with his faith, his longing for acceptance from his family and his journey to love and accept himself.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/222315815

Water Makes Us Wet - An Ecosexual Adventure

Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens


USA, 75 mins
With a poetic blend of curiosity, humor, sensuality and concern, this film chronicles the pleasures and politics of H2O from an ecosexual perspective. Travel with Annie, a former sex worker, Beth, a professor, and their dog Butch, in their E.A.R.T.H. Lab mobile unit, as they explore the role of water. Ecosexuality shifts the metaphor “Earth as Mother” to “Earth as Lover” to create a more reciprocal and empathetic relationship with the natural world. Along the way, Annie and Beth interact with a diverse range of folks including performance artists, biologists, water treatment plant workers, scholars and others, climaxing in a shocking event that reaffirms the power of water, life and the earth. Narrated by Sandy Stone.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/237241085

WC Masculino

Mauro Carvlho & Thiago Cazado


Brazil, 17 mins
Leo (William Alves) é o marido perfeito. Bem sucedido e bem casado, ele é surpreendido com a visita de André (Thiago Cazado), o mais novo amigo de sua esposa (Mel Carneiro). Em um jantar informal, ele tem de lidar com as insinuações do rapaz.
Watch... https://youtu.be/0nujUM4pXUM

We Did Not Fall From the Sky

Tabs Breese, Georgia Oakley


India | 29 mins
Purushi, Pratiksha and Shalu are three best friends and trans women struggling to find their place in contemporary Indian society, often via the only means of making a living available to them: sex work and begging. Our film is a highly stylised art piece – the live action is intercut with animation and dreamlike dance sequences.

We Exist

Cal Andrews


Australia / 12 min
Reflections from community advocates on LGBTIQ homelessness in Victoria, including current projects and practice, changes and challenges in the sector, and hopes for the future.

What Do You See

Michael Bonner


Australia | 6m
Born in Malaysia and now living in Australia, Sereena, a transfeminine dancer, performer, and photographer, poetically discusses her upbringing and trans (in)visibility—questioning the viewer, “What do you see?”

Where I belong

Tomokazu Takeda


Japan / 77 mins
Trailer… https://youtu.be/b0OeaFrWwPA

Where the Trees Bend / Bøsseskoven

Thomas Elley


Denmark / 17 mins
A struggling actor cannot satisfy his authoritative director. A retired teacher is starting to question his marriage. Both seek out into the forest.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/189231710

White Crow

Miran Miosic


Hungary / 9 mins
Little White Crow is gawked at and ridiculed by her flock for being different. But when pollution causes turbulent changes in their environment, it is the little White Crow who helps the flock find a better home.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/262257556

Wir Können Alle Nur Gewinnen

Adrian Hoffmann; Sebastian Schmöller


Germany / 38 mins
Seit 1996 beschäftigen sich Menschen in Freiburg damit, wie diese Vorteile und Diskriminierungen abgebaut werden können. Wie kann es gelingen mit Menschen darüber ins Gespräch zu kommen?

Witches / Brujas

Carmen Rojas Gamarra


Spain and Peru, 50’
A bunch of punk girls tell how it does feel to have a band and want to shout and spread your ideas in Madrid in this day and age.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/7bF0PYbj7eM

With this Ring

Natalie Gattegno


Israel, 8 min
As Ronny, a bride on her wedding day, takes a break before the ceremony, Lilach drops in for a visit. The two women reminisce about their shared past. Gradually, the atmosphere intensifies. Just then, the groom’s mother is accidentally exposed to their moment of intimacy.


Chelsea Innes


Canada / 20 mins
WO|LF follows the story of Ash, a heart broken lesbian that decides to continue to a cider soaked cabin party without her girlfriend after yet another break up. Ash tries her hardest not to be a buzzkill while surrounded by a collection of gorgeous queers.

Words Fly Away / Verba Volant / Söz Uçar

Tufan Taştan


Turkey / 4’
Film dedicato a due insegnanti licenziati dopo il fallito colpo di Stato, accusati di appartenere alla comunità di Gulen, realtà religiosa accusata di pianificare il fallito tentativo. Hanno protestato e ora sono in prigione accusati di terrorismo. Sono in sciopero della fame dal 9 novembre 2016.

Working Pleasure

Kay Garnellen


Germany / 18’
A view into the world of sex worker KAy.

Wrong Side

Abel van Dijk / Douwe Hennink


Nederland, 2 min,
Een jonge Roemeen vecht tegen een groot taboe.
‘Incurable’ is what Romanians call them. They speak about ‘the wrong side’.


Clarissa Ribeiro


Brazil / 18’
No submundo xs dissidentes sexuais, bichas bandidas, travestis, sapatonas boladas e todos os corpos marginalizados bolam um plano para destruir a cisheteronorma. 
Trailer... https://youtu.be/3cBkUwragIY

Yeda Brown – Efeito Borboleta 

Pedro Murad


Brasil / 6 mins
O bater asas de uma borboleta pode causar um tufão em outra parte do mundo. Um simples nome é como esse bater de asas. O filme traz um breve relato de Yeda Brown, uma das primeiras transexuais brasileiras (transgenitalizada em 1975).
Watch... https://vimeo.com/195850384

Yo Solo Queria Bailar

Nicol Guerra


Perú / 28 mins

You Should Be Mine

Ricardo Noel Frutuoso


UK / 10 mins
Daniel spends part of his time finding dates online. After meeting Bear69, his life changes forever.

Your Way Back to Me

Alexandra Dietz




Oksana Kazmina


Ukraine, 17′
The first feminist sexual fantasy from the Ukraine


Susanne Serres


Canada / 7 mins
Zaya is a contemporary dancer who has just realized her love for her dance partner, Nadege. But first she must realize her love for herself, overcoming her fears and opening up about who she is to her mother.
Watch… https://youtu.be/-BVwDK8j9QA

Zebra Fish

Augusto Sinay & Maureen Zanetti


Argentina / 13 mins