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50 Years of Fabulous: The Imperial Council Story

USA, English

  • Director: Jethro Patalinghug
  • Writer: Jethro Patalinghug
  • Producer: David Lassman; Donna Sachet

CGiii Comment

Did you know that San Francisco has an Emperor and/or Empress (depending on the year)? However this isn’t your usual dictatorial regent, as they’re democratically elected.

The candidates all want the crowns bestowed by the Imperial Court of San Francisco, which is the oldest surviving LGBT charity organisation in the United States. Now 50 years old, it’s a great time for a documentary that looks at its history and what it’s up to now – it’s certainly an interesting story, with the organisation raising loads of money for good causes, all while having a good time (it’s also inspired at least 68 other councils around the world).


50 Years of Fabulous: The Imperial Council Story Trailer from Jethro Cuenca Patalinghug on Vimeo.

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