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Closer Walk with Thee (A)

USA, English, 90 mins

  • Director: John C. Clark; Brie Williams
  • Writer: John C. Clark; Brie Williams
  • Producer: Todd Alcott; A.R. Chapman

CGiii Comment

A homoerotic Evangelical exorcism film.


Cast & Characters

Aj Knight as Jordan;
Gregory Shelby as Eli;
Kelsey Boze as Lindsey;
Megan Hensley as Kara;
Deborah Venegas as Ascencion;
Deanna Fleysher as Pamela;
Alexandrea Owens as Blanca;
William Guirola as Gang Member;
Brian Sonia-Wallace as Jesus;
Derek Poppe as Joseph of Arimathea;
Taylor Napier as Pastor Taylor;
Vito Trabucco as Congregant;
Cameron A Mitchell as Congregant;
Kyle McCue as Congregant;
Kate Ketcham as Congregant

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