• Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
  • Boys State
  • Pray Away
  • Fight (The)
  • One in a Thousand
  • Tahara
  • Ende des Schweigens (Das)
  • Dwitiyo Purush
  • Dog Valley
  • Same-Sex Attracted
  • Tal como soy
  • Aviva
  • Getting It
  • Panti Sisters (The)
  • As I Am
  • Thirst
  • Mapacho
  • Sister Aimee
  • Stage Mother
  • Isaac
  • Ahead of the Curve
  • Rapture in Blue
  • Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story (The)
  • Fuccbois
  • Shirley
  • Summerland
  • My Name is Baghdad
  • Love, Victor
  • Stormy Night (A)
  • 7 minutes
  • Queer Icon
  • My Trans Life
  • I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
  • Goodbye Mother
  • Head Burst
  • Vlastníci
  • Welcome to Chechnya
  • Mélange
  • Sublet
  • Clementine

How to Build a Girl

Country: UK, Language: English, 102 mins

  • Director: Coky Giedroyc
  • Writer: John Niven; Caitlin Moran
  • Producer: Alison Owen; Debra Hayward; Michael S. Constable

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The(ir) Blurb...

The journey of Midlands teenager Johanna Morrigan, who reinvents herself as Dolly Wilde: fast-talking, lady sex-adventurer, moves to London, and gets a job as music critic in the hope of saving her poverty stricken family in Wolverhampton. Based on Caitlin Moran's bestselling semi-autobiographical novel.

Cast & Characters

Jameela Jamil;
Emma Thompson;
Alfie Allen as John Kite;
Chris O'Dowd;
Frank Dillane;
Paddy Considine;
Edward Bluemel as Manager;
Beanie Feldstein as Johanna Morrigan;
Joanna Scanlan; Sarah Solemani;
Tadhg Murphy as Andy Rock;
Viktorija Faith as Singer;
Arinze Kene;
Sonia Goswami as Paediatrician Alex Slade;
Bobby Schofield as Pricey;
Ruth Horrocks as Plane Passenger;
Jag Patel as Grand Parent;
Laurie Kynaston as Krissi Morrigan;
Ziggy Heath as Derby;
Hammed Animashaun as Ed Edwards