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Señorita María, La Falda de la Montaña

Colombia, Spanish, 90 mins

  • Director: Rubén Mendoza
  • Producer: Rubén Mendoza; Amanda Sarmiento

CGiii Comment

Miss María Luisa lives in the mountains in Boavita, a conservative, Catholic peasant village. She is 44 years old and although she was born as a boy, she dresses and feels that she is woman. Alone and rejected since she was small, María Luisa has found an unwavering strength inside herself and in simple acts of solidarity by her neighbours. Her faith in the Virgin Mary and her love of animals also provide solace for this endearing character. A disturbing, deeply humane portrait that forces us to witness beauty and the sinister side of life, what is natural and rooted in culture; what is unique and cannot be denied and the strength of collective power.


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