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Country: UK, Language: English, 80 mins

  • Director: Jamie Patterson
  • Writer: Jamie Patterson
  • Producer: Finn Bruce

CGiii Comment

Expect little and you will be rewarded...here's a little film that will swamp you in all kind of shiny things! And...saturate you with a tear or two...

Knowing the end...at the beginning...takes a skillful director to keep the interest going...well, Jamie Patterson does just that...with aplomb...with bells and whistles...with feather boas and dangly earrings!

Look...when there is chemistry on-screen, you can practically get away with anything [within reason]...Derren Nesbitt [a seasoned, jobbing actor since the 50s] and the youthful Jordan Stephens are a match made in heaven...as they try, succeed and fail to out-bitch each other...but, it's the warmth that they generate [for each other] that is so bloody lovely to watch...and, so desperately sad to see.

Finding your feet...only to get the rug pulled out from underneath you...is what tragedy is made of. This kid has been climbing mountains for years...until he finds his rock...in Jackie. And, Jackies finds faith [in Faith]...in the younger generation. They cling, loosen and cling again...for dear life...until the inevitable.

End of life, beginning of adulthood...Tucked has a optimism at its heart...share, help, relate, educate...trust in yourself, have faith in others.

What a lovely film.



The(ir) Blurb...

When veteran drag queen Jackie Collins receives a diagnosis with six weeks to live, all he wants to do is perform his long-running act, and behave as if all is normal. But between a surprising new friendship with a rising young queen and unfinished business with his estranged daughter, he may just have the most eventful month and a half of his life. A feel-good film with charm and humor as well as surprising insight into our evolving understanding of gender identity across generations, this marks the first queer film from prolific young British director Jamie Patterson.

Cast & Characters

Derren Nesbitt as Jackie
Jordan Stephens as Faith
April Pearson as Lily
Steve Oram as Daryl
Lucy-Jane Quinlan as Josie
Ruben Crow as Doctor
Joss Porter as Alex
Brendon Burns as MC
Adrianna Edwards as Charley

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