June Events...

  • AFI Docs
  • Amor Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT+
  • Cairns Queer Film Festival
  • Chéries-Chéris
  • Cine GLBT La Paz Festival
  • Cinema Pride
  • CineSLAM
  • Festival des Images aux Mots
  • Frameline
  • Glasgow International
  • Human Rights Watch Film Festival
  • In & Out - Rencontres Cinématographiques
  • MoDive-Se LGBT Film Festival
  • My True Colors Festival
  • Nantucket Film Festival
  • Palm Springs International ShortFest
  • PrideFLIX
  • Queens World Film Festival
  • Queer Vision
  • Schwule Filmtage Bielefeld
  • Shanghai Pride Film Festival
  • Sicilia Queer Filmfest
  • Strangelove – a Queer FilmFest
  • Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival
  • Transition (IQMF)


Tuesday, 01 June 2021 until Sunday, 04 July 2021

PrideFLIX, the month-long, online LGBTQ film festival taking place June 1 to July 4, offers a curated selection of queer-themed features, shorts, and documentaries from around the world.


2021 films...

Extinction of Fireflies

Adapted from Writer/Director James Andrew Walsh's stage play "The Extinction of Fireflies" is a contemporary comedy loosely based on the epic romance of Roman Emperor Hadrian and his teenage lover Antinous. Starring Drew Droege (Bob's Burgers), Tracie Bennet (Follies), Kario Marcel (Chicago Fire) and Michael Urie (Ugly Betty).

Let's Have A Kiki…

TRADE CENTER directed by Adam B Baran 2021, 8 Mins, USA The voices of five gay men who cruised for sex at the World Trade Center in the 1980s and 1990s haunt the sanitized, commerce-driven landscape that is the newly rebuilt Freedom Tower campus. World Premiere at SXSW Film Festival in 2021.

THE HUNTER directed by Sam McConnell 2020, 15 Mins, USA Will meets Rose for a first date on a hot summer night in 1985 Greenwich Village and has a feeling Rose can help unlock something in him that he desperately wants open.

1-1 directed by Naures Sager 2020, 6 Mins, Sweden Ayman's sex date with Jonas gets crashed by his friends, Amirah and Samir, which then takes a positive turn.

UNICORN directed by Jason Tropiano 2020, 14 Mins, USA A young gay man’s struggle to be accepted leads to an unexpected physical transformation that forces him to discover who he truly wants to be.

IN[APP]LICABLE directed by Cam Owen 2020, 11 Mins, USA After moving from small-town Louisiana to New Orleans, Ted navigates the city using a dating app.

COSMOPOLITAN directed by Moran Nakar 2020, 7 Mins, Isreal Jacob goes out, for the first time in his life, to a gay party, but discovers that something prevents him from being accepted into the community. CHASIN’ directed by Lee Matthews 2021, 8 Mins, Australia Two men experience more than they were expecting, when they meet in the middle of a hot summer's night.

LET’S MEET AGAIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD directed by Todd Flaherty 2021, 12 Mins, USA After a year apart Adam runs into his ex during a seaside vacation and must decide whether to rekindle their flame or break free from the tumultuous relationship once and for all.

GETTING CLOSER directed by Ethan Roberts 2020, 7 Mins, USA Two stoned boyfriends navigate unexpected vulnerability (as well as the giggles) while attempting to get off.

EVE directed by Joe Solomon 2020, 13 Mins, UK Eve is a comedy drama of a young woman who has just got married to her long term boyfriend, but now has doubts when she acknowledges repressing her sexual attraction for women for some time.

ADAM  / UK / 72mins

Cora Bissett, Louise Lockwood

Writer:  Frances Poet

Inspired by the life of Adam Kashmiry, Adam tells the remarkable story of a young trans man and his struggle across genders and borders to be himself. Originally a multi-award-winning stage play, Adam has been reinvented as a compelling, theatrical on-screen drama, presented by the National Theatre of Scotland and Hopscotch Films. Adam Kashmiry performs, as himself, in the leading role.

To Love and Back

WORLD PREMIERE of an intimate and deeply personal documentary film showing a young woman traveling from repressive conditions in home country of Russia to explore her homosexuality in Tel Aviv during their famous Pride parade and then the aftermath of that emotional journey upon her return home.

  • Cast:  Valeriia Ruban, Alina Vladimirsky, Dasha Tvoronovich, Noa Elfassi, Daniel Calypso Okhamafe, Michal Gur, Danielle Manu-Bella
  • Director:  Jakov Sedlar
  • Writer:  Jakov Sedlar
  • Region:  Croatia
  • Length:  75 minutes


Good As Hell…

MAYA directed by Maren Lavelle 2020, 8 Mins, USA Maya, a Queer, Korean-American stage manager in New York City, struggles to run the rehearsal for a play about a gay couple falling in love as she pores over the details of her real-life break up from the night before.

OCUPA directed by Juliana Pfeifer 2021, 25 Brazil After meeting Anisha, Camila rekindles her dream of moving to Germany which unsettles her relationship with her roommate, Chris.

ROADKILL directed by Aliza Brugger 2020, 15 USA Tillie's lonely life as a roadkill removal worker is destabilized when Wanda, a lively stranger, comes to town.

NEW FLESH FOR THE OLD CEREMONY directed by Elizabeth Rakhilkina 2020, 15 USA The physicality of grief is explored through a macabre fable about a woman whose wife is devoured by and then possesses their beloved pack of dogs.

AURORA directed by Dayna Li 2021, 29 USA Charlotte is devastated that her feelings are unrequited by Aurora. This erodes her confidence and heightens her confusion about her sexuality, which she must overcome in order to find her own voice.


Three young people, three perspectives, three routes. Songsa, an introverted teenager, is sent to the capital by his family to sell clothes in a tuk-tuk. Phearum goes into debt to buy a taxi and confronts the unexpected. Thy dives into the nightlife and dreams of joining a biker crew. Three ways of living, three destinies, three looks. Coalesce draws a portrait of a youth that faces a fast changing world.

  • Cast:  Sek Songsa, Eang Phearum, Rom Rithy, Vann Lek, Nicol Bear
  • Director:  Jesse Miceli
  • Writer:  Jesse Miceli
  • Region:  Cambodia
  • Length:  82 minutes


 True Colors…

ROSIE directed by Paula Cajiao 2020, 9 USA After a long day at work a man walks into an after hours bar for his last drink before heading home, there he meets someone that is not who he expects to be.

BIG BABY directed by Sam Meier, Christopher Jarvis 2021, 16 USA Based on real events: A young gay man ends his relationship with his religious mother after years of her emotional abuse. With his mental health in freefall, he copes by becoming an adult baby.

LIGHT ON A PATH, FOLLOW directed by Elliot Montague 2020, 15 USA Joaquín, a transgender person living in rural 1990s New England, is 8-months pregnant. After encountering a mysterious spirit in the forest, Joaquín goes into labor early. Is this spirit haunting or guiding Joaquín as they await their midwife?

IMELDA & LUIS directed by Leonel Chee 2020, 17 Mexico Young twins, Imelda and Luis, live a neglected life with their drug dealing mom and jerk-off drug addict older brother. They only have each other to fulfill their dreams, she wants to be a nun and he wants to be a girl, neither of which seems possible.

BEING SASCHA directed by Manuel Gübeli 2020, 35 Switzerland Sascha's name wasn't always Sascha. But now it is. Sascha doesn't identify as a man or as a woman, but as trans non-binary. A story about what it means to live in a society that wasn't expecting you.

Rain On Me…

CLOSET COMBAT directed by Augustus Hinton 2021, 3 USA A closeted high school boy handles the stress of social interactions that risk “outing” him by fantastically imagining them as a situation he’s more comfort- able tackling: a classic, 2D fighting game

COVID SUMMER directed by Todd Verow 2020, 3 USA Shot on super8 film using single frame photography, COVID SUMMER condenses all the anxiety, insanity and stir crazy sexual tension of the COVID-19 summer of 2020 into just over 3 minutes.

LILIES directed by Joni Renee Whitworth 2020, 9 USA A queer love story set during COVID lockdowns where the personal and political collide and comingle, forcing one woman to interrogate birth, becoming, class, femme health, and gay sufficiency against a backdrop of farm simulator games, archival agricultural footage, b-roll, domestic scenes, and psychedelic abstraction.

SWIMMING TO THE END OF THE WORLD directed by Todd Verow 2020, 7 USA A world-weary gay man remembers lost lovers as he swims from the Christopher Street Piers in New York City to Provincetown, Massachusetts. SISTER directed by Pavel Frolov 2020, 4 USA Two gay Russians chat about life after hooking up and who they truly are.

75 CENTS directed by Safi Jafri 2021, 9 USA The midnight bus greets a Boy just trying to catch some sleep, but the Man who boards after has more intimate ideas in mind... plus tip.

THE ODYSSEY directed by Emmanuelle Mattana 2021, 7 Australia Zoom class finally gets interesting for 13 year old Kiki when she discovers that her computer screen doubles as a portal into her crush's bedroom.

THE VIRTUAL CONNECTION directed by Billy Clift 2021, 16 USA A man of a certain age, newly single after a long relationship, finds himself navigating dating and romance through the mediator of the smart phone.

THE DUMMY directed by KHo & Trevor Bukowski 2021, 18 USA Quirky, funny and poignant, this film follows Marin County Recycle artist KHo counting down the days to the 2020 election. Relying on items she finds in the neighborhood -- most prominently a pink pussyhatted mannequin and a chalkboard -- she unrelentingly voices her protest.

AIMEE VICTORIA directed by Chrystee Pharris 2021, 2021, 11 USA Aimee Victoria is a short film conceived and created entirely remotely during the lockdown of 2020 and inspired by true stories of relationships from disabled and LGBTQIA people which never make it to the screen.

One in a Thousand

When Iris meets Renata, in the projects of One Thousand, she is immediately and inexplicably attracted to her. The new presence of Renata makes everybody uncomfortable, and the prejudices are expanded. In the face of hostility, the two girls and their small group of friends are the queer resistance who turn those run-down architectures into witnesses, but also dangerous traps, and their encounters are a strong light in the middle of the dark neighborhood.

Queer Diaries shown with Haiku From A Dead Poet

An intimate and picaresque inquiry into Gay life. A mixture of documentary, diary and personal fiction, Queer Diaries is a sensitive and philosophical journey. For the starting point of an unfinished film, a filmmaker lives, travels and records his memories in the shape of audiovisual poems and short stories. The result is a political manifesto in favor of queerness. What are the models of family and happiness that we follow? What movies shall we make for the new world?

  • Cast:  Santiago Giralt, Federico Carol, Julio Rojas
  • Director:  Santiago Giralt
  • Writer:  Santiago Giralt
  • Region:  Argentina
  • Length:  95 minutes


Everything at Once

A film essay about a singular couple, Paco and Manolo, two Catalan photographers from the outskirts of Barcelona, who have been together for thirty years. Both have managed to work as a single photographer and have captured their imagery in the Kink magazine, a very personal photography fanzine with an essentially Mediterranean homoerotic aesthetic. WARNING: Contains Adult Themes and Male Nudity.

  • Cast:  Fuente, Juan Manuel Mera Blázquez, Víctor Aparicio Martín, Albert González Orti, Vicente de la Torre, Carlos García Onetti, Juan Mancilla, Elliot Manresa Flores, Thomas Février, Adrien Vadot
  • Director:  Alberto Fuguet
  • Writer:  Alberto Fuguet
  • Region:  Chile / Spain
  • Length:  102 minutes


When The Dawn Comes following Things That Move

Chi Chia-wei used to give away condoms during the 80s while dressing as Snow White, Jesus or the mummy. His activism received a lot of attention from the media, and also discrimination from the general public. As a volunteer striving to make more people understand AIDS, he organized a press conference at which he came out, becoming the first person in Taiwan to do so. In 2017, a Constitutional ruling made him a hero in the gay community. A 30-year struggle seemed to reach its final destination.

  • Cast:  Chi Chia-wei
  • Director:  Zhang Hong-Jie
  • Region:  Taiwan
  • Length:  117 minutes


I Will Survive!...

THE THINGS WE DO WHEN WE'RE ALONE directed by Matthew Lynn 2020, 11 USA A closeted gay man copes with his demons of conversion therapy by hunting unsuspecting gay men he meets online.

SKELETONS directed by Adam DeCarlo 2021, 18 USA A man must confront the pain and trauma of a past relationship, as a former lover unexpectedly arrives on his doorstep.

HIDE OR SEEK directed by Brian Newell 2021, 20 USA Andrew introduces his boyfriend to his childhood friends by playing a nostalgic - and terrifying - game of Hide and Seek. The game turns deadly when he discovers someone from his past hiding in the shadows, out for violent revenge.

NIGHTENDER directed by Flávio Gonçalves 2020, 29 Portugal A restless young man with his head in the clouds finishes another shift behind the counter of a cruising bar. He takes the longest path on his way back home. He faces the night and its hidden shadows willing to be discovered – before morning comes, unfolding what he can’t escape from.

Who Am I Now?

New friends Erin and Alex discover a mutual attraction that neither of them have ever felt before. While Alex tries to navigate her feelings, Erin refuses to acknowledge that she might be gay and heads down a path of self-destruction. Faced with Erin's denial, Alex must decide whether to follow her own path, or fight for the first person she's ever loved.

  • Cast:  Joanna Gaskell, Alicia C. Snee, Alethea Sholomenko, Cameron Paisley
  • Director:  Louise E. Lathey
  • Writer:  Louise E. Lathey
  • Region:  Canada
  • Length:  90 minutes


I Want To Break Free!...

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE directed by Debra F. Simone 2020, 16 USA For the longest time, Dana thought transition would change everything...but she's still grinding it out at work, dealing with a crazy boss, and has no time for family, friends, or any fun at all.

THE FAE directed by Shelton Lindsay (show runner), Nessa Norich 2021, 22 USA The Fae is a queer fantasy series that follows Mark, a straight-laced gay man who suddenly learns about magical queer beings called "fae" – and that he might be one of them!

ANNOYINGLY FIT NEIGHBOR directed by Alex Ringler 2020, 30 USA Meet Jerry, your annoyingly fit neighbor and Gerald the man who loathes him. A comedic web series about odd couple thrown together through circumstance and end up learning from each other.

BUFFALO BOYS directed by Paul Sbrizzi 2020, 12 USA Francis, a lovelorn middle-aged gay man, meets his over-confident friend Mark for dinner and braces himself against waves of unsolicited advice, trying to hold on to some sense of dignity. 

AVOCADO TOAST directed by Sam Coyle 2020, 15 Canada Ever wondered about your parents' sex life? Neither did Molly and Elle until coming out and divorce forced them to learn about their parents' new sex-capades.

Boy Meets Boy

Harry (Matthew James Morrison) has been partying for 48 hours when he meets Johannes (Alexandros Koutsoulis) on the dance floor of a club in Berlin. With 15 hours left until Harry’s flight back to London, Johannes offers to help him print his boarding pass. This mundane task leads to a day together wandering the city. The contrasts in their lives and values force them to confront their own truths.

It's Just In My Head directed by Marius Gabriel Stancu 2020, 18 Mins, Italy Andreas and Alessandro are two friends who have known each other since their childhood. Andreas decides to give Alessandro a gift hoping that Alessandro will finally be able to notice the love that Andreas has always hidden from him.