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PRIDE Queer Film Festival

PRIDE Queer Film Festival

Wednesday, 06 March 2024 until Tuesday, 12 March 2024

The PRIDE Queer Film Festival is back in 2024! Our 8th Festival promises a wide range of queer films to entice, excite and thrill our local audiences.

Running from March 6 - 12 and showing at the Backlot Perth we aim to bring a range of diverse and interesting LGBTQI films and documentaries to the Festival.

This year the Festival will head on the road with trips planned to at least 3 regional cities to share mini-festivals with local LGBTQI communities after our successful regional trips in 2022 and 2023.

With an exclusive opening night event and the chance to see some of the best new Queer Films this is the only Queer Film Festival on the West Coast of Australia.

Best Feature Film - Audience Award
Best Short Film - Audience Award
Best Feature Film - Jury Award
Best Documentary Feature - Jury Award
Best Short Film - Jury Award


Opening Night 2024…

A Leap of Faith - Australia - Mikey Hamer (Director) - a love letter through the seasons

Betty and Jean - UK - Elinor Randle (Director) - 80 year old Betty is alone on a bench she used to share with her first love.

The Last Take - US - Brian Foyster (Director) - An actor who is going to die searches for his first love.

Feature Film

Cuire - Italy - Gianpiero Pumo (Director) - a single father who struggles to make money to support his son finds an ally in a most unusual place.

Queer Men…

A night of films about queer men.  With short films from the US and France and a feature film from the US.

Flowers - US - Nicholas Hansell Director - Over a weekend in spring a high school boy reconnects with an old friend and discovers love.

The White Crows - France - Denis Liakhov Director - Vlad, a young gay guy in the closet returns from Moscow to his home town and he struggles to hide who he really is.

Feature Film

The Exploding Boy - US - Monty Wolfe Director - A young queer boy finds himself in a dysfunctional family and explores love with a new boy.

Queer Love…

Love takes many forms, so join us for 7 short films that celebrate a range of different ways to love and be loved.

The Prince's Dilemma - US- Devin Rowe Director - an animated fairy tale about a prince who wants to marry a prince and not a princess.

Boxed In - France - Coline Stell Director - Lou, identifies as a lesbian but one day she wakes up next to a man who turns her world upside down.

Emerald City - US - Josef Steiff Director - Two young men meet hitchhiking and are isolated develop a friendship but can it become more.

I forgot how to be vulnerable - Spain - Felipe Lorenzo Director - A weekend in the life of Fausto a young man who starts to question his sexuality.

Coffee, Grapefruit, Cacao - France - Dominique Preusse Director - Samuel used to be in a relationship with Laetitie before she left him for Gayle. Together they will try to perform love.

Bear - Sweden - Jimi Vail Peterson Director - Elias is 24 and has never been in a relationship when he is suddenly reunited with his teddy bear.

Where the birds cry  - Poland - Jakub Andrzej  Wenda Director - 14 yo Szymon lives in a seaside village and is experiencing one of the most turbulent times - puberty and first romance.

Queer Trans…

Queer trans this year features 2 very different films, one from France and one from the US.

Les Garcons Dans L'eau - France - Pawel Thomas Larue Director - Oscar invites his friends to spend a week at his grandparents house and on the beach he meets Malo.

Pack is Here - US - Vivian Denny Veudt Director - a powerful testament to the resilience, strength, and unwavering spirit of transgender athletes and their allies within the roller derby community. It serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring us to imagine and work toward a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Queer Shorts…

A night of 7 short films from Sweden, Argentina, UK, US and Denmark that explore being queer in its many guises.

Chavo - Sweden - Alecio Araci Director - Tommys grill is a meeting place for the Roma community, a lone young guy comes in and Tommy is forced to revisit recent trauma.

Glitter - Argentina - Mauricio Sandoval Ron Director - Pato, a young drag artist lives with his young brother but hides who he is.

Ticker - UK - Thom Petty Director - Howard drives his partner Joseph to undergo a high risk operation.

Pup Perfect - US - Henry Baker Director - A documentary exploring the world of gay/queer human pups.

National Pride - Denmark - Rod Ibsen Director - During a national football match a battle in the stands between two different groups affects to friends.

Blood Drive - US - Gurinder J Singh Director - A newly wed couples world shatters when one spouses life hangs in the balance.

Shafted - US - Emmerson Collins and Del Shores Directors - A short rom com about 2 guys stuck in a lift.

Dark Queer Stories…

A short film from Brazil and a feature film from the US make up our Dark Queer Stories this year.

Bergamot - Brazil - Hsu Chien Director - a night of seduction, sensual dancing, blood and revenge

Dog Bites Man - US - Vincent Zambrano Director - After being threatened by a dog with a killer instinct, a painter and a poet from the city are trapped in a rented farmhouse.

Queer Australia…

Join us for a night featuring 10 short Australian films that explore what it is to be queer in 2024.

Dog Whistle - Moo Renzaho Director - A film crew tries to do a doco on a uni right wing group but is everything really as it appears.

Bulldog - Tom Lawrence Doyle Director - Charlie and Jack play for the local country football team and develop a relationship but will they or can they come out?

Exile - Eliza Knaggs Director - Claire is banished to the streets after her father finds out she is gay.

Bi Bi Baby - Betheney A Vard Director - Ajay and Romeo are best friends but Ajay has a secret.

All that's left - Dearne Tekin Director - In the midst of a breakup ex lovers meet up to have dinner.

1987 - Isabella Kerrigan Director - Worlds collide when Friday and Debbie fall head over heals.

Steve the Queen - Zachary Lurje Director - Steve the drag queen struggles with being a single dad.

Thea and Lucia - Alyssa Scott Director - Two young women face their demons and rely on their bond to get through.

Arlo and the sea - Damian Overton Director - A loner who lives by the beach meets a new guy.

What we do for family - Jennifer Piper Director - Queer chosen family explore their ideas of friendship and parenthood.

Queer Women…

The films for Queer Women this year come from Australia, US, Spain, Myanmar, New Zealand and France.

Ballad - Australia - Roe Bonnici Director - A story set in the goldrush about a woman left alone with a bush ranger who needs help.

Women on Watch - US - Richard E Hayward Director - The role of lesbians in the AIDS epidemic.

I've Missed You - Spain - Edgar Corcoles Director - Ester is going through a tough break up with her partner Elena.

Late Pyar - Myanmar - Yit Director - Through a lens of the Myanmar coup Nyomi looks forward to a day when her girlfriend can return.

Joeys Heart - New Zealand - Louise Lever Director - Joey a self obsessed lesbian Bridget Jones thinks she will never find her special someone.

Euridice, Euridice - France - Lora Mure-Revaud Director - Ondina is a happy and fulfilled young woman. She shares her life with Alexia with whom she is madly in love.

Queer Documentary…

Four very different documentaries from the UK, Tunisia, the Netherlands and the US to challenge and entertain.

The Ascension Series- Hamish Frost - Emma Crome and Matt Pycroft Directors - One of Europes leading adventure photographers lives twin lives - diversity outdoors.

Mahgreb's House - Tunisia - Bassem Ben Brahim Director - Queer individuals in Mahgreb share their stories and struggles.

Conversation with Albert Knoll - Netherlands - Phillip Gufler Director - A documentary about Albert Knoll the art historian from the Queer Archives in Munich and the Dacchu concentration camp.

In the Meat Rack - US - Koitz Director - a queer history of the meat rack of Fire Island.

Closing Night…

As we celebrate another great festival, join us for our closing night with 2 short films from France and a feature film from the Netherlands.

Swannsong - France - Luka Davignon Director  - A mother goes searching for her son.

Youssou and Malek - France - Simon Frenay - Youssou and Malek are in love but they now have to say goodby.

Feature Film

Everything of Value - Netherlands - Stanley Kolk Director - In the shadow of a church two men are assaulted at night...with ramifications for the whole community.