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ORLANDO: identity, relationships, opportunities

ORLANDO: identity, relationships, opportunities

Friday, 14 May 2021 until Sunday, 23 May 2021

Orlando Identities, Relationships, Opportunities is an interdisciplinary queer festival centered on relationships, gender identities and sexual orientations that intermixes film screenings, theatre and dance performances, workshops, meetings and seminars, on the occasion of the International day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. 

Quoting Orlando by Virginia Woolf, from which the festival takes its name: 
“Change was incessant, and change perhaps would never cease. High battlements of thought, habits that had seemed durable as stone, went down like shadows at the touch of another mind and left a naked sky and fresh stars twinkling in it.” 
Giving visibility to works of artistic and cultural value is the first step to seeing those stars.


2021 films...

Fucking with Nobody

Futur Drei (No Hard Feelings)

Lola vers la Mer (Lola)


A Family Affair by Florence Keith-Roach (UK 2020, 13’)
When Annabelle wakes up in a stranger's bedroom on her 30th birthday, she thinks the day cannot get any worse. She’s at rock bottom, painfully hungover, and struggling to deal with the quest for love and the complexities of life. 

Hugo: 18h30 by Simon Helloco and James Maciver (France 2020, 13’)
During a casting session, Hugo, a young actor, is invited to be the narrator of a story he has to improvise. He embarks on a story about light-heartedness, illness, and friendship... and that's just the beginning.

Motta by Nish Gera (Brazil 2020, 16’) 
Motta follows “hard to classify” Brazilian artist Fabio Da Motta as he questions the boundaries between fantasy, power, provocation and art.

XY by Anna Karín Lárusdóttir (Iceland 2019, 15’) 
With the support of her friend, Lísa begins a journey towards self-awareness and body awareness.

Touching an Elephant by Lara Milena Brose (Germany 2019, 14’)
Immigration, gender, sexuality and injustice. A short film that goes straight to the heart and urges action.


Vagli a spiegare che è primavera (Go Tell Them It’s Spring)

La Nave del Olvido (Forgotten Roads)

Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves

Heute oder Morgen (Before We Grow Old)

Tengo Miedo Torero (My Tender Matador)