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Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

Country: USA, Language: English, 98 mins

  • Director: Matt Tyrnauer
  • Producer: Jordan Abrams; Alice Bamford

CGiii Comment

Where to start with this one...

You're going to have to [violently] sift the wheat from the find any grains of truth in this one! Definitely 'entertaining', explosively 'revelatory', scurrilous in every way - it's like watching a [filmed] X-rated tabloid...dedicated to narcissism and fake news...all rolled into one person: Scotty Bowers.

Now in his 90s, Bowers wrote a book [from where this film hails] about...himself. About how he supplied a 'service' to the Hollywood elite. He was a gas-pumping pimp and the stars! According to Bowers, he bonked everyone who was anyone...or, supplied some-body to someone who could pay $20.

He reveals some pretty big names [those we know of and those we don't] with neither reservation nor shame. In other words, he's 'outing' the dead...again, for money. Old habits don't die!

Handsome as he was, personable as he is...Bowers' 'stories' are corroborated by - who else but - his [aged] ex-employees and a smattering of [aged] clients. His [long-suffering] wife - of three decades plus - merely states that she knows nothing about those days and wants to know nothing...let's hope she doesn't watch the film!!!

This film - really - is an exercise in the freedom of speech...let him say what he wants without challenge. For there is little challenge...a brief segue of a decrying Whoopi & Co...but, it's when Bowers recounts his early years of turning tricks, from aged 11...things get real ugly. Not in the way you would expect! He - quite literally - debunks child abuse! Calling it a nonsense! He sought out his tricks, wanted to trick and [happily] found a steady income with the priesthood. Don't tar everyone with the same brush!

At this point in the film, any warmth you might have felt for this once-personable old man - immediately - evaporates.

Matt Tyrnauer's film is that, Bowers' freedom of speech is what condemns him. Unremarkable, as a portrait of Bowers...we only really get to see what Bowers wants us to see. Even in his dotage, he is an inveterate performer/manipulator who has aged...disrespectfully, disgracefully, disloyally, irresponsibly. [Delete those that don't apply]

The gossip-hungry will love it...the more-savvy will abhor it. A film that will elicit many a fraught the bar, afterwards...with Gin.


The(ir) Blurb...

A portrait of unsung Hollywood legend Scotty Bowers, whose bestselling memoir chronicled his decades spent as sexual procurer to the stars.

Cast & Characters

Peter Bart as Himself;
Scotty Bowers as Himself;
Robert Hofler as Himself;
William Mann as Himself

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