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Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things

Canada, English, 71 mins

  • Director: Mark Kenneth Woods; Michael Yerxa
  • Writer: Mark Kenneth Woods; Michael Yerxa
  • Producer: Mark Kenneth Woods; Michael Yerxa

CGiii Comment

Documentaries should do two things...educate and enlighten.

In those terms, this film fulfills that brief perfectly...who knew about the injustices the Inuit people have had to suffer?!?

The culprits: Colonialism and Catholicism...the denial of basic human rights and the systematic brainwashing are breathtaking in their criminality.

The problem with the film - apart from it being a little too long, hence repetitve...is that there are not enough Inuit taking part and too many 'whites' involving themselves in post-Colonial exercises in atonement...

The directors/producers missed a golden opportunity...they could have/should have handed over - at least in part - the directorship to someone who was more amply qualified, a hands-on empowerment of LGBT Inuit...

Well-intended as this film obviously is...it does raise a particularly worrying question: Is this just a continuation of a different kind of [post-modern] Colonialism? It is a documentary and it does document...but, from the wrong perspective.

Where were the challenges to those guilty institutions...apologies from the catholic church, from government spokespeople?!?

This is a film that should have been made by the people who it was about...by all means help...but, let the people talk for themselves!

Still...admirable for bringing this subject into the public arena...about time too!


The(ir) Blurb...

A new film about homosexuality in the Inuit society shines a light on an often forgotten group of people.

The Inuits are indigenous tribes who come from the northern territories of Canada. The word “inuit” means “the people” in the Inuktitut language. It is commonly believed that homosexuality does not exist in Inuit society, or is a choice, but documentary filmmakers Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Yerxa aim to prove this untrue in their documentary, Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things.

The title for the film comes from the Inuit word for homosexuals. The word for lesbians translates to “two soft things rubbing against each other” and the word for gay men means “two hard things rubbing against each other.”

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