UK, English, 30 mins

  • Director: Indra Bhose; Dermot Boyd
  • Writer: Colin Brake; Shannon Fitzgerald

CGiii Comment

A seriously depressing soap -consistently so. It should be re-named Mindbenders...

Never before has such misery been so popular...it's a strange world.

If you can tolerate the gloom...then, you are desperately in need of professional help.

Still...massively popular.


The(ir) Blurb...

A British soap that has been running since 1985, about the lives of people living on Albert Square in the fictitious Walford borough of East London.

Cast & Characters

Steve McFadden as Phil;
Adam Woodyatt as Ian;
Pam St. Clement as Pat;
Wendy Richard as Pauline;
Barbara Windsor as Peggy;
June Brown as Dot;
Sid Owen as Ricky;
Todd Carty as Mark;
Ross Kemp as Grant;
Letitia Dean as Sharon;
Natalie Cassidy as Sonia;
Perry Fenwick as Billy;
John Bardon as Jim

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