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15 Years

Country: Israel, Language: Hebrew, 89 mins

  • Director: Yuval Hadadi
  • Writer: Yuval Hadadi

CGiii Comment

Yuval’s Hadadi first feature-length film, 15 Years – serving us an intense, original drama which takes a hard-hitting, previously unattempted look at the LGBT bourgeoisie, while bravely tackling subjects that are still considered taboo in the community.

Yoav has everything he’s ever wanted under control – at 42, he is a successful architect, in a 15-year loving relationship with Dan, a younger lawyer who idolizes him, and his ‘BFF’ – Alma, is an esteemed artist who is like a mother and sister to him. Yoav is independent, charismatic, bright, great looking and knows how to work all of the above to his advantage.
But when Alma announces she is pregnant, long-dormant demons suddenly start stirring under the surface.

A medical checkup Yoav has leaves him even further unsettled. What is more, Dan has started talking about having kids and Yoav spirals out of control. He feels betrayed, as if the ground has disappeared right from under him and his perfectly tailored life is starting to unravel. Yoav is left with two choices  – either save himself and his relationship or embark on a journey of self-destruction that may well cost him everything he has built over the years.



Cast & Characters

Ruti Asarsai as Alma
Oded Leopold as Yoav
Udi Persi as Dan