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  • 7 minutes
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7 minutes

Country: France | Italy, Language: French, 78 mins

  • Director: Ricky Mastro
  • Writer: Ricky Mastro
  • Producer: Ricky Mastro; Leon Diana

CGiii Comment

The film takes place in Toulouse and tells the story of Jean, a 55 year-old policeman who discovers his son, Maxime, and his son's boyfriend hanged in a hotel room. The autopsy shows that he died from an overdose of GHB, just seven minutes after his boyfriend. During an evening organized by Maxime's friends, Jean discovers the club BISOU, where his son used to go. There, he meets Fabien. Trying to know more about what happened, Jean goes to the club several times over and is quickly welcomed by the Bisouers. Fabien becomes attached to him, and Jean starts mixing his mourning with the desire to discover his son's world.


"Seven Minutes" - by Ricky Mastro TRAILER from theopenreel on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Yohan Levy as Bisouer David
Paul Arvenne as Kevin
Thibault Filippi as Garçon en salopette
Kevin Gourrand as Jumeaux Kamil
Romain Gourrand as Jumeaux Romain
Aïda Grifoll as Réceptionniste d'Hôtel
Antoine Herbez as Jean
Sylvain Jouret as Bisouer
Nicolas Lainé as Thierry
Robin Larroque as Astrid
Valentin Malguy as Maxime
Augustin Moureau as Serveur
Clément Naline as Fabien
Martine Nograbt as Bernadette
Roman Picard as Agent d'accueil