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A Cappella

Japan, Japanese, 132 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Hitoshi Yazaki
  • Writer: Mariko Koike; Chiai Takeda
  • Producer: Hideki Kawamura; Tomoharu Kusunoki

CGiii Comment

This film depicts the emotional rollercoaster of being a teenager. Love, hurt, betrayal and rebellion all play a role. 'A Cappella' is a coming-of-age tale, where one finds something important and grows up by losing it.


Cast & Characters

Riko Narumi as Kyoko Noma;
Sosuke Ikematsu as Wataru Domoto;
Takumi Saito as Yunosuke Seki;
Nina Endo as Emma Takamiya;
Wakana Matsumoto as Setsuko Domoto;
Tomoko Fujita as Aiko Chiba;
Ken Mitsuishi as Koichi Noma

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