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Deal with the Universe (A)

UK, English, 90 mins

  • Director: Jason Barker

CGiii Comment

To be perfectly honest, this was not a film high on our must-see list!

One lesson we should all learn: Never judge a film by its premise...A Deal with the Universe is - indeed - and without argument - a must-see, totally immersive film.

So what brought about this massive turnaround? Jason Barker himself. He introduced the film with such sincere warmth and infectious charisma that hearts started to warm and melt in the tiny cinema. Rarely, do you witness a director sell his film with such passion. Jason Barker did just that. And, everyone bought into it!

This [really] is a video diary...quite like no other. Yes, technically, it is a little rough...but, once Jason and his partner start to tell their story...all [technical] gripes, winges and moans simply dissolve into thin air. As the absorption of their story solidifies and takes hold...physically, you will find yourself inching towards the edge of your seat...this is an emotional rollercoaster like no other.

Life can certainly throw a few curve-balls...sadly, with Jason and Tracey, these narrow misses avoided them...they faced the full force...of a full-on strike-after-strike, over and over again!

Crivens...it sounds too, too depressing! It's not. Really, it's not. The levity, love and humour that resonates throughout this film is what makes it special. And then...BAM...there's the deal with the Universe! The silent screams filled this tiny cinema.

Silence. You would have heard a pin drop...but, no-one moved. There was a collective, agonising paralysis.

There was no way to come back from this...but, jason did, Tracey did...together. The result is this film...thank you [both]...for sharing, for the honesty.

If ever there was a film that could break hearts and [profoundly] change minds...this is it.

Again...thank you.


The(ir) Blurb...

An empowering autobiographical documentary feature film, using a unique archive of video diary footage to tell the incredible story of how a Trans Man came to give birth to his child. The film follows Jason, the filmmaker and his partner Tracey's lives over 18 years and is a hugely honest and personal insight into gender, told alongside the struggle to have a child.

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