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Action Point

Country: USA | South Africa, Language: English, 85 mins

  • Director: Tim Kirkby
  • Writer: Mike Judge; Johnny Knoxville; John Altschuler; Derek Freda
  • Producer: Bill Gerber; Adam Schroeder; Johnny Knoxville; Jon Kuyper

CGiii Comment

D.C. (Johnny Knoxville) is the crackpot owner of Action Point, a low-rent, out-of-control amusement park with dangerous rides. Just as D.C.'s estranged teenage daughter Boogie (Eleanor Worthington Cox) comes to visit, a corporate mega-park opens nearby and jeopardizes the future of Action Point. To save his beloved theme park and his relationship with his daughter, D.C. and the Action Point staff risk everything to pull out all the stops..


Cast & Characters

Johnny Knoxville as D.C.;
Eleanor Worthington-Cox as Boogie;
Chris Pontius as Benny;
Dan Bakkedahl as Knoblach;
Johnny Pemberton as Ziffel;
Brigette Lundy-Paine as Four Finger Annie;
Eric Manaka as Rodney;
Joshua Hoover as Hot Headed Pete;
Conner McVicker as Stiv;
Michael Everson as Slappy;
Aidan Whytock as Ron;
Matthew Peterson as Travis;
Aidan Scott as Bobo;
Ashley Dickerson as Steffi;
Matt Schulze as Killer;
Camilla Wolfson as Mia;
Patrick De Langhe as Lumpy;
Stephanie Hough as Helicopter Parent;
Michael A. Heyns as Helicopter Kid;
Kevin Otto as Mayor