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Baghdad in My Shadow

Country: Switzerland | Germany | UK, Language: Arabic | English , 105 mins

  • Director: Samir
  • Writer: Samir; Furat al Jamil
  • Producer: Jo*l Louis Jent

CGiii Comment

Among the regulars at the Abu Nawas café — a hangout for the Iraqi expat community in London — are Taufik (Haitham Ali), an aging poet haunted by his past; Muhannad (Waseem Abbas), a young gay IT specialist, who is trying but failing to keep his relationship with a German man a secret; and, working behind the counter, the mysterious, early-morning jogger Amal (Zahraa Ghandour), a once promising architect in hiding while on the run from a controlling husband who worked for Saddam Hussein’s secret service. But the arrival of a new Iraqi cultural attaché and the incitements spouted by a radical Islamist preacher soon threaten the safe haven for this diverse group of friends in this suspenseful, multi-layered ensemble thriller from Swiss-Iraqi director Samir (Iraqi Odyssey, PSIFF 2015).


Cast & Characters

Waseem Abbas as Muhannad
Haytham Abdulrazaq as Taufiq
Daniel Adegboyega as Officer Mason
Shervin Alenabi as Nasseer
Haitham Ali as Taufik
Kae Bahar as Zeki
Taro Bahar as Aro
Ken Bones as Graham Foster
Helen Bradbury as Simone Beecroft
Brooke Conroy as Dan
Gaston Dellaferrera as Mosque mob
Farid Elouardi as Sheick yassin
Kerry Fox as Maude
Zahraa Ghandour as Amal
Ali Daim Mailiki as Ahmed