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Country: Uruguay | Spain | Mexico , Language: Spanish, 74 mins

  • Director: Federico Veiroj
  • Writer: Federico Veiroj
  • Producer: Charles Barthe; Juan Jose Lopez

CGiii Comment

It looks like things could hardly be better for the just over 40-year-old artist Belmonte. His male nudes are selling well, good-looking women are vying for a date and preparations for his big exhibition at the National Museum of Montevideo are in full swing. Belmonte's fascination with male bodies is a reflection of deep yearning and despair. While Belmonte's mind is occupied by his ex-wife's pregnancy, his beloved ten-year-old daughter Celeste, his rock in life, seems to slowly be slipping away from him. Uruguayan director Federico Veiroj is a master of quiet, subtle humour. His wonderful new film BELMONTE explores the secrets of a man who can only express himself through his art.


Cast & Characters

Gonzalo Delgado as Javier Belmonte
Olivia Molinaro Eijo as Celeste Belmonte
Jeannette Sauksteliskis as Jeanne
Tomás Wahrmann as Belmonte Father
María Noel Gutiérrez as Bemonte mother
Marcelo Fernández Borsari as Marcelo Belmonte
Alejandro Castiglioni as Antonio
Enrique Aguerre as Aguerre
Giselle Motta as Mónica
Cecilia Caballero Jeske as Mrs. Conde
Rodolfo Vidal as Rodolfo
Carolina Penadés as Teacher school
Gabriela Pelenur as Graphic Designer
Ramiro Pallares as Rodrigo
Toe Gillman as Juanse

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