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USA, English, 85 mins

  • Director: John G. Young
  • Writer: John G. Young
  • Producer: Daniel Armando; Howard Bernstein

CGiii Comment

What a curious film! Certainly divisve! It's either love or hate, no in-between.

Most of the 'action' is played out on a computer screen...via a two-way conversation, via Skype!

It embraces the idea of...you can be anyone you want to be online. A dating profile is a little like a CV [résumé], full of tweaks and embellishments. The trick is to keep it believable...more importantly, manageable. Who hasn't shaved off a couple of years?!? Upped their salary by a few thousand? It's safe to assume...if one person - in a virtual relationship - is lying...then, the other is not too far behind! This is Bwoy's greatest weakness. These gullible men believe each other...and, even more worringly, in their own lies...just to get what they want. One wants sex, the other wants money!

It doesn't take a genius to surmise on how it's all going to end! In tears!!!

John G. Young has thrown every single contentious issue at this...notwithstanding all the issues surrounding a virtual inter-racial, inter-generational relationship. But...bisexuality, poverty, grief, trauma, loneliness and prostitution [or, is it survival-sex-work?] all are addressed...with glaring inadequacies. There are even undertones of an incestuous surrogacy, a wild imagination of being aggressively dominant - it's all just a little too much...becoming more bamboozling and mind-boggling than The Times' cryptic crossword...puzzling, frustrating and incomplete.

That said, the actors certainly keep the momentum going...how could they not with this amount of material?!? Oh what a tangled web Mr Young has woven...but, one that certainly grabs the attention and never lets go. It is an ordeal to see it through to the end...which we all know will end in tears. But, whose?!?

Certainly, a film that will elicit many a fiery post-screening discussion.


bwoy Trailer from John G. Young on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Following the accidental death of his young son, Brad O’Connor (RENT’s Anthony Rapp, DO YOU TAKE THIS MAN) finds himself drifting from his wife and becoming obsessed with a sexy young man he meets on a hook up site for Jamaican gay men. Writer-director John G. Young’s erotic drama morphs into a thriller that will have you guessing the outcome from the moment of the first encounter between Brad and his online infatuation.

Cast & Characters

Anthony Rapp as Brad;
De'Adre Aziza as Marcia;
Jermaine Rowe as Demetrius;
Drew Allen as Boss;
Jimmy Brooks as Yenny;
Ashton Randle as Benjamin

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