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Cassanova Was a Woman

USA, English, 113 mins

  • Director: Kevin Arbouet
  • Writer: Jezabel Montero
  • Producer: Peter James Iengo; Jezabel Montero

CGiii Comment

Cassanova Canto is a 5'7', blonde, blue-eyed Cuban-American struggling actor who has fallen in love with a woman, while still married to her husband. Throw in a famous Spanish soap star mother, a homophobic sister, a yogi therapist, and a naked guy, and her dilemma takes a twist. Can you be a free-spirited, sexually fluid, pansexual, bisexual, metrosexual, monogamist and...also be Latin?


Cassanova Was A Woman - Official Trailer from Jezabel Montero on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Jezabel Montero as Cassanova;
Margo Singaliese as Lola;
Paolo Andino as Fantasy Man;
Chaz Mena as Peter;
Monica Steuer;
Carolann Valentino;
Jessica Blank as Dr. Weinstein;
Gene Gabriel as Jose;
Zully Montero;
Shahn Christian Andersen as Beleaguered Waiter;
Amanda Bear as J.Lo Look Alike;
Francis Brooke as Elevator Passenger;
Amy Freinberg as Casting Director;
Tasha Guevara as Evelyn;
Francisco Huergo as Gay Man #2

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