• Girl
  • Support the Girls
  • Third Wife (The)
  • Star is Born (A)
  • If Beale Street Could Talk
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  • Do Women Have a Higher Sex Drive?
  • Krays: Dead Man Walking (The)
  • Boys


Slovenia, Slovenian, 93 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Darko Stante
  • Writer: Darko Stante
  • Producer: Andraz Jeric

CGiii Comment

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The(ir) Blurb...

17-year-old delinquent Andrej has a serious chip on his shoulder. When his antisocial behaviour lands him in a youth correctional facility, he quickly falls in with a bad crowd, led by volatile and unpredictable Željko. As the pair of inmates form a tentative friendship, Andrej senses a strong physical attraction is also blossoming. But are Željko’s feelings real, or is he just using Andrej as a pawn in a far more dangerous game? Driven by a commanding performance from rising star Matej Zemljič, who imbues the conflicted Andrej with a palpable sense of silent longing, Darko Štante’s bracingly homoerotic drama resists the familiar traits we might expect from a queer teen narrative, instead offering something more distinctive and seductive.

Cast & Characters

Matej Zemljic as Andrej
Timon Sturbej as Zele
Gasper Markun as Niko
Lovro Zafred as Luka
Lea Cok as Svetlana
Rosana Hribar as Mother
Dejan Spasic as Father
Blaz Setnikar as Teacher Zoran
Iztok Drabik Jug as Teacher Janez
Matjaz Pikalo as Director
Igor Matijevic as Teacher Igor
Maja Sever as Judge
Jette Ostan Vejrup as Social worker
Urban Kuntaric as Mitar

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