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Country: USA , Language: English, 83 mins

  • Director: Mark Blane; Ben Mankoff
  • Writer: Mark Blane
  • Producer: Mark Blane; Carolina Gimenez

CGiii Comment's that old nutshell [again] man's [sense of] comedy is another man's poison.

It all hinges on Mark Blane - co-director, screenwriter, producer...and, star - playing a rather off-putting, pill-popping, porn-doodling, man-child. Not someone you would want to invite round for dinner...and, most definitely, not a person you would want to look after your child. And yet, that is exactly what happens, he becomes a 'manny' to a wealthy kid [Joseph Seuffert]...who manages [magnificently] to upstage 'Mark' in every scene.

As you may have realised, the major problem with Cubby is Mark and Mark alone [let's hope he's acting!]. He is so goddamn goof-ball awful. As irritating as an overly persistent mosquito preoccupied with sucking the last drop of blood out of you...Mark will fritter away your very will to live.

Look...if it is 'quirky' that you desire, you could do a lot worse than Cubby - this has 'quirky' seeping out of every orifice...there's even a fantastical leather-man popping up here,  there and everywhere. But...too many lines were crossed to even have a smidgen of empathy for porn in a kid's room, care-giving under the far from 'funny' can you actually go? Well, Mark Blane certainly pushes it to breaking point.

Without one redeeming feature, Mark [the character] left a particularly unpleasant flavour in our collective mouths...definitely, a film for the acquired taste!


The(ir) Blurb...

Cubby is a 16 mm coming-of-age movie directed by Mark Blane and Ben Mankoff. It is the story of Mark, a gay, misanthropic artist, who, after lying to his mother about a job in an art gallery, unwittingly finds himself in New York. Desperate to make ends meet, he finds a job as babysitter to Milo, a sensitive 6-year-old. Their trusting relationship and the faith Milo has in the depressed and disoriented babysitter will restore hope and self-discipline to Mark, also thanks to the superhero 'Leatherman', who mysteriously appears from a psychedelic cupcake.

Cast & Characters

Lucy DeVito as Alexis
Patricia Richardson as Peggy Nabel
Zachary Booth as S - Art Gallery Receptionist
Naian González Norvind as Briahna
Donna Mitchell as Cora
Jeanine Serralles as Annie Tao
Matthew Shear as Lars
Peter Y. Kim as Charles Tao
Blake DeLongas Mitch -The Bartender
Rebecca Brooksher as Grace
Mark Blane as Mark Nabel
Keisha Zollar as Mrs. Pinkerton
Rodney Richardson as Russell
Christian Patrickas Leather-Man
Violet Tinnirello as Penny
Joseph Seuffert as Milo Tao