• Moroni for President
  • Cola de Mono
  • Wild
  • Doozy
  • Family in Transition
  • Genesis
  • Rainbow Bridge Motel (The)
  • Aan Niets Overleden
  • Abrindo o Armário
  • Code Name: Dynastud
  • Cynthia
  • En/Femme
  • Gender Derby
  • Green Book
  • José
  • L'amour flou
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • Nothing to Hide
  • O Que Resta
  • Terror Nullius
  • Chunta (The)
  • Other Side of the Wind (The)
  • Ranger (The)
  • Wedding (The)
  • Until Porn Do Us Part
  • Absolument Trans
  • Divine Being : Essere Divina
  • Fabiana
  • Island
  • David's Secret
  • Paradise Lost
  • Sócrates
  • Sol Alegria
  • SuperPina
  • Kinematics Theory
  • Deutschland 86
  • Skam France
  • Building Bridges
  • Élite
  • Personal Statement

Damned Summer

Portugal, Portuguese, 127 mins

Original Title

Verão Danado
  • Director: Pedro Cabeleira
  • Writer: Pedro Cabeleira
  • Producer: Pedro Cabeleira; Marta Sousa Ribeiro

CGiii Comment

Idling afternoons, drugs, heartbreaks, psychedelic moods immersed in music. An adrenaline rush with Lisbon as the backdrop of a drifting youth.


Cast & Characters

Pedro Marujo as Chico
Lia Carvalho as Maria
Ana Valentim as Tânia
Daniel Viana as Telmo
Sérgio Coragem as Nando
João Robalo as Quartafeira
Luís Magalhães as Hélder
Maria Leite as Catarina
Ana Tang as Carlota
Rodrigo Perdigão as Miguel
Jack Ilco as Galáxia
Cleo Tavares as Clara
Isac Graça as Thierry
Victor Yovani as Gamito
Nuno Melo as Manuel

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