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Dark Days

Brazil, Portuguese

Original Title

Os Dias Eram Assim
  • Director: Carlos Araújo; Walter Carvalho et al.
  • Writer: Angela Chaves; Alessandra Poggi et al.
  • Producer: Ana Gabriela

CGiii Comment

The plot brings fiction and reality together to show how a country's political context affects the lives, dreams and paths of ordinary people.


Cast & Characters

Sophie Charlotte as Alice Sampaio;
Renato Goes as Renato Reis;
Daniel de Oliveira as Vitor Dumonte;
Gabriel Leone as Gustavo Reis;
Cassia Kis Magro as Vera Reis;
Marco Ricca as Delegado Amaral;
Carla Salle as Maria Reis;
Natalia do Vale as Kiki;
Susana Vieira as Cora Dumonte;
Maria Casadevall as Rimena Garcia;
Mariana Lima as Natalia Andrade;
Barbara Reis as Catia Andrade;
Marcos Palmeira as Toni;
Julia Dalavia as Nanda Sampaio;
Leticia Spiller as Monique

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