• March for Dignity
  • Summer of 85
  • Breaking Fast
  • I'm Moshanty. Do you love me?
  • Miserere
  • Mucho Mucho Amor
  • Making Sweet Tea
  • Standing on the Line
  • Stray Dolls
  • Aerialist (The)
  • Transformation
  • Denise Ho - Becoming the Song
  • Emilia
  • Detroit Evolution
  • We Are Who We Are
  • Old Guard (The)
  • 50 Jahre nach Stonewall
  • Double Income, Kids
  • Mrs. Fletcher
  • Anna
  • Cold Pursuit
  • Five Feet Apart
  • Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles
  • Charlie's Angels
  • Good Boys
  • Captive State
  • Good Liar (The)
  • Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
  • Boys State
  • Pray Away
  • Fight (The)
  • One in a Thousand
  • Tahara
  • Ende des Schweigens (Das)
  • Dwitiyo Purush
  • Dog Valley
  • Same-Sex Attracted
  • Tal como soy
  • Aviva
  • Getting It


Country: USA, Language: English, 96 mins

  • Director: Dennis Iliadis
  • Writer: Adam Alleca
  • Producer: Jason Blum; Jennifer Davisson; Leonardo DiCaprio; Michael Hampton; Tim Headington; Graham King; Steven Schneider

CGiii Comment

A man recently released from a mental institute inherits a mansion after his wealthy parents die. After a series of disturbing events, he comes to believe it is haunted.


Cast & Characters

Topher Grace as Tom
Patricia Clarkson as Brody
Genesis Rodriguez as Lynn
Callan Mulvey as Alex
Robin Thomas as Father (as Robin Thomas Grossman)
Harry Groener as Psychiatrist
Daisy McCrackin as Mother
Jorge-Luis Pallo as Police Officer
Cody Sullivan as Young Alex
Braden Fitzgerald as Young Tom
Josh Harp as Mental patient